Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Thornhill and the Jewish “Peace Solution”

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Anti-Semitism is spreading rapidly in Canada. The neo-Nazis have long ago become museum rarities, but their place is already filled by thousands of Muslims, sharing a Jew-hating religion, and the New Left, which sees Jewish bankers and

Mossad agents at the bottom of all misfortunes of mankind.
Earlier today I received two pics (h/t Meir Weinstein) of anti-Semitic graffiti. The photos had been taken at a bus stop in Thornhill, Ontario, at the intersection of Bathurst and Atkinson.


The perfect combination – Nazi swastika and “Fuck Israel.” No matter how threatening they seem, the grim new realities in Canada, where Muslim fanaticism is encouraged as a healthy expression of our “cultural diversity,” would most likely make that type of anti-Semitism more common. Canada, and especially Toronto, is no longer a place ruled by common law, but a stinky hub of repulsive and intolerant third-world religions and ideologies, which are protected by our human rights industry.

I don’t know what coverage the graffiti are going to receive. However, a similar event that happened a few days ago was covered extensively in our mainstream media. Somebody wrote something on a sign in front of the Jaffari Centre in the same area. We don’t know what, but it was something offensive to Islam.

Writing anything offensive on signs, walls, windows or public property is to be condemned. Normally, it is a good idea to wait for the investigation to be completed before expressing a major reaction. This approach is valid especially when a Muslim entity is involved – there had been many cases where graffiti and vandalism had been the work of the Muslims themselves as a futile attempt to prove “Islamophobia.” Such caution is necessary especially when a sinister and anti-Semitic organization like the Jaffari Centre is involved.

But for the brave new Jews of Thornhill caution is a foreign word.

A few of them started an initiative to prove to the Jaffari Muslims what nice and wonderful people the Jews are. The esteemed Mr. Bernie M. Farber is promoting the initiative with passion.

2014-07-23 14_28_21-(5) Bernie M Farber

What a touching compassion! I’m gonna cry! But wait, it gets better – the organizers outline in an additional letter, shared by Mr. Farber, what exactly they are going to do:

Many of you will have by now heard of the hate crime committed outside the Jafari Centre in Richmond Hill. While I feel mostly powerless against the devastating bloodshed happening overseas, I cannot allow that hatred to spill over into our communities here. I have spoken to some friends at the Jafari Centre and I have suggested that a group of us could come out to show solidarity with community and send a strong message that such horrifying racist acts will not be tolerated here.

It was suggested that we could meet outside the mosque around 7:00 and perhaps bring flowers from Shoresh’s nearby Kavanah garden, containers of dates and other packaged goods that the community could partake of at iftar. This mosque hosts about 2,000 every evening for iftar, so it was suggested that it would be less chaotic and our presence would be more noticeable if we arrived earlier in the evening to present our ‘gifts’ to the mosque administration. I was also thinking it would be great if some of us could arrive with posters with messages like “Conflict will not divide us”, “In the GTA, we celebrate diversity” or perhaps even the golden rule in multiple languages (I know it is a bit of a cliché, but Love thy Neighbour seems particularly apt here!).

Anyway, please feel free to circulate this through your networks! The more people we are able to get out to show support the better…

The Jafari Centre is located at 9000 Bathurst, Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7.

Thanks so much in advance for your help with this…



How stupid can you get?

If those people ever controlled the government of Israel, the country would’ve been wiped out from the map long time ago.

The Jaffari Centre is not your corner Christadelphian church with its sweet old ladies (the United Church also comes to mind but its crazy old ladies are far from sweet). The Centre is hostile against Jews – they have been investigated for using anti-Jewish teaching materials and publications.

They also wanted to build a Muslim-only housing development, which would bring irreversible changes to the demographics of Thornhill and multiply the anti-Semitism in the area.

Is it possible that Shari and Bernie never heard of all that?!

And what’s the deal with “the containers of dates and other packaged goods that the community could partake of at iftar”? Is it some kind of dhimmi tax?

Long time ago, when the Turkish Empire occupied and pillaged the Balkan countries, the local Christian leaders were supposed (on top of all other taxes they paid) to go every year to Istanbul with generous gifts for the sultan. Their loyalty was measured by the size of the gifts. Are the Thornhill Jews resurrecting that disgusting custom?

I can guarantee you that the Jaffari Centre is not going to knock on any synagogue’s door with gifts to show “solidarity” with the Jews over the bus stop graffiti. Most likely they’ll be laughing behind your backs. As of the Jewish gifts – they even may dump them into the garbage for not being halal.

The most hilarious part is that the Muslim asskissing is going to take place on Thursday and two days later, on Saturday, the Jaffari Centre is going to hold (along with other Muslim organizations) the annual Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park.

This is an event, which every year calls for the destruction of Israel and Arab occupation of Jerusalem, complete with anti-Semitic signs and Hezbollah flags. Last year a keynote speaker from Palestine House called for shooting the Jews of Jerusalem. And this year they are doing it again.

So Shari and Bernie think that such people deserve full support and free gifts. If the majority of the Thornhill Jews shares that way of thinking, the best course of action would be to turn all synagogues into mosques and get over with it.


© 2014

Canadians for Israel – Rally at Queen’s Park, July 27 at 2 p.m.




Canadians for Israel

This Sunday, July 27th in Toronto, 2 p.m.


Please make and bring your own signs with positive messaging only, flags BOTH Canadian and Israeli, and get the info into your synagogue or club newsletter, email list, friends circles. We are reaching out to the Canadian community at large – people of all religious views are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Make sure to “invite” all of your friends on Facebook!

Shocking Pics – Calgary Police Let Arab Savages Kick and Punch Jews and Christians



The weird cult of Islam finds itself more and more often in the spotlight of the world’s attention. Unlike other religions, which are known for their boring theological discourses, Islam is famous for its complete intolerance to different opinions. I have always tried very hard to believe that its extremism is caused by a few wack jobs, but it becomes more and more difficult for the Muslims to maintain that lie.

The horrific atrocities that Muslims perpetrate against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists (but most often against each other) are hard to blame on an unruly minority within the religion. The silent support of the “moderate” Muslims make those atrocities possible. Those horrors are already coming to Canada, because of the idiotic immigration system, which floods us with fanatics, who have no place here. Things are deteriorating with a horrifying speed.

Over the last few months I witnessed how a person was almost lynched by Muslims for holding the satirical “Draw Mohammed Day” in Toronto. Then there was a rally in support of the terrorist Omar Khadr. Muslims in Mississauga filed a human rights complaint for the right to park illegally on private property to attend ISNA, their extremist mosque. Earlier this month a gang of “Palestinians” attacked and assaulted Jews at a peaceful vigil in Mississauga.

Last Friday the city of Calgary became the new target of Muslim rage. At a mass pro-Hamas demonstration, a handful of Jewish and Christian counter-protesters were attacked, punched and beaten by Muslim savages. The event was completely ignored by the mainstream media – if it weren’t for the activists, who contacted a few bloggers, nobody would’ve known about the incident.

By today, Sun News has already publicized the case, bringing to light many disturbing details. Despite the fact that the event took place near City Hall, no police were present. The police and the Mayor of Calgary tried to cover up the incident. Because of the undesired publicity, the police were finally forced to say that they are investigating. The organizers of the anti-Semitic event are frantically trying to save their image by stating that none of them took part in the violence (they forget the fact that they are responsible for controlling the people invited to their event).

Saima Jamal, the main honcho, stated that she was going to issue an apology to the victims (at yesterday’s coverage of the events at Sun News, the Jewish activist Sarah Bergamoff said that no apology was received; that is not a surprising Muslim behaviour). It looks like the promise was done to keep the Jews quiet.

The purpose of this article is to make the readers aware of what happened, who organized the event and why everything went so wrong. I am going to introduce Saima Jamal and then show you in pictures how the tiny group of counter-protesters were assaulted.

All pictures are stills extracted from movies posted by participants – all Muslims. You never know when movies could disappear from YouTube or other sides – it’s better to make them into pictures. Sorry for the “Zapruder film” quality, but none of the people was a professional photographer.

I thank Muslims for posting them; their narcissism still forces them to post things that can incriminate them. Since there were so many people with phones and cameras, there is probably more footage. If you wish, you can provide links or pictures to the contact address of this blog.

As many enemies of Israel, Saima is a prominent lefty, working at a university in Calgary. She was ecstatic when Barry Hussein Obama got re-elected:

2014-07-22 13_30_45-(3) Saima Jamal

She attends important functions, including at City Hall:

Nenshi’s hippy gang

Nenshi’s hippy gang

It’s great to see her next to Nenshi. With his big face resembling an apple pie with a smile permanently etched in it, he looks almost likable, if it weren’t for his anti-Christian bigotry and the dead silence about the Muslims assault I am writing about.

When I was looking at Saima’s public profile, I had the premonition that I was going to see there Canada’s Goon Number One. I was right – Justin Trudeau popped up with her at a Muslim Eid event at Calgary City Hall:

Saima and Justin – love at first sight

Saima and Justin – love at first sight

Trudeau has the uncanny ability to appear at the strangest events with the most questionable people. Below he is with Darshan Kang, a Liberal MP candidate from Calgary, who incidentally was a keynote speaker at the pro-Hamas event organized by Saima. Small world.


As you may expect, Kang’s turban in the red party colour looks as phony on him as the cowboy hat on Justin’s head.

A few days before the rally, Saima inspired the troops with a disturbing dispatch from Gaza:

2014-07-22 13_17_08-(3) Saima Jamal

I almost saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse – the evil Israel is going to bomb Gaza out of its existence. And the horror – Israeli soldiers are shooting Muslims on Temple Mount! I know that the “Palestinians” and their supporters are some of the most shameless liars on earth, but Saima’s idiotic propaganda is beyond anything seen before.

It’s no wonder that a liar like Saima is going to attract to her event mostly violent kooks, who believe that dead Muslims bodies have littered Al Aqsa Mosque. It is even less surprising that they’ll be looking for Jews to punch.

The rally started with the usual deranged Arabs, who chant in different ways their basic intention to destroy Israel. Any Jew in the vicinity would have on them the effect of red cloth on a bull. It didn’t take long for a Muslim to run to the Jews and snatch an Israeli flag. The person, who tried to retrieve it got a punch in the neck and was kicked to the ground.


One of the interesting things to watch at such events is that Muslims always bring kids – in their circles violence is seen as a wholesome entertainment, which would make the children act in the same way in the future. Take a look at the little girls below, who watch attentively how the Muslim idiot with the shaved head rips the Israeli flag. Also, when the Christian gets up, another deranged Muslim laughs as if this was superb fun.


What can you do – this is the standard level of the barbaric religious cult.

After finishing off this group, the Muslims crossed the street, where they found another group, which naively thought that they were attending a peaceful protest.


Jake Birrel and Samantha Hamilton

Jake Birrel and Samantha Hamilton


The smiles didn’t last very long – after seeing the defenseless group, the rabid Muslims decided to act.

The guy with the red t-shirt was quickly attacked and punched:


Then the Muslims moved to a more worthy target – a girl. The followers of the Islamic cult have never created anything in science worth mentioning, but they are the world’s best-know specialists in the field of wife-beating, expertly outlined in the Koran by Old Mo. Sam happened to be on the receiving end of the beating.

Muslim concentration

Muslim concentration



The target is hit

The target is hit

Another try

Another try

The result

The result


Sarah Bergamoff and Sam Hamilton (right) in better times in Toronto

Isn’t Islam the most repugnant religion, worthy of inspiring only the worst savages?

Next they went after Jake. He had an Israeli flag on his back, attached to his neck. The Muslims made a good use of that. A creepy little Arab, who looked like a pedophile in a cartoon, approached him sneakily from behind and pulled the flag.


Inspired by that, a fatso resembling Muslim villain from a James Bond movie, rushed in to get a piece of the action.


The target is hit

The target is hit

His next move was an attempt to strangle Jake with his flag.



Pull harder – another guy getting involved

Pull harder – another guy getting involved

Strangled and about to get another punch

Strangled and about to get another punch


Going to the ground

Going to the ground

But they were not finished with Jake yet – a small black guy, acting like a Chihuahua dying of rabies, managed to kick him a few times.


Did I say that Islam is the most repugnant religion, worthy of inspiring only the worst savages?

The black guy then joined another group, busy with beating women and kicking a guy, who was dragged to the ground.


To finish with the Jew-hunting fun, the Muslim savages then chased a guy with an Israeli flag across the street.

PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall30PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall31The goal was accomplished – they didn’t kill the enemy as Hamas would do, but in the end the small group of Jews and Christians were standing there, humiliated, injured, bruised, with ripped clothes.

PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall29It looks like the Muslim thugs have significant influence in Calgary – after all, the Mayor, who refused to acknowledge the incident, is one of their own. For several days the victims couldn’t get the attention of the police and were unable to retain a lawyer. Any action against Muslims probably scares the authorities. Only after the coverage and intervention of Sun News and Ezra Levant, they could finally get a criminal lawyer to lay charges.

The whole incident is disturbing – Canada is no longer the country, where everybody can express an opinion and be protected. Flooding the country with intolerant savages, whose idea of discussion is to punch their opponent, makes it a horrible place, not different from the third-world Muslim shitholes, from which most of the people in the pictures crawled out.

This is just the beginning – it is only a matter of time before Muslims start slaughtering people in the streets, the way they do it in Europe. Do any of our politicians actually care about that?

© 2014

Machete Trouble in the Multicultural Paradise of Toronto



Twenty-five years ago Toronto was a dull city – dead quiet on Sundays, thanks to the Sunday shopping ban. LCBO worked like Chinatown, accepting only cash for its liquor, and unless you went to Chinatown, it was hard to find an ethnic restaurant among the diners. Not much was happening to write about in the papers – I remember how in the early 1990’s a serial cat killer made front page news in the Toronto Sun.

However, our fine federal government, starting with Brian Mulroney, had been working diligently behind the scene to make our lives more exciting. The policy of accepting over 250,000 new immigrants every year, with very little background checking, turned Toronto into something unrecognizable. Attracted by the generous benefits and the affirmative action policies, many people, who can’t function in a normal society, firmly established themselves as the new face of our fair city.

Now we can find every imaginable ethnic restaurant. Wandering in certain parts of the city makes you wonder if you haven’t been magically transported into Mogadishu – a complete experience including the stench of dirty clothes and stale sweat in the summer. Other parts are populated by people from countries where violence is a normal way of life. Instead of being transformed by the “progressive” Canadians, who welcomed them with open arms, they continue their old ways encouraged by the gullibility of the locals.

An example of the latter is the Jane/Finch area – the quarter around those two streets has gradually turned into one of the most dangerous parts of Toronto. The daily violence rarely finds coverage in the press, because it is committed among the Jamaican and Somali gangs of robbers and drug dealers, who assault mostly their own ethnicities. The proximity of York University to the area has resulted in numerous crimes against the students, like sex assaults, robberies and even shootings. Yet when the Toronto Police started to investigate seriously the crimes, the York University lefties went into a whining mode and even held a rally against the “police racial profiling.”

That confrontation explains accurately the downward spiral, which gradually leads Toronto to the position of a Canadian Detroit. The refusal to see the results of the policy of multiculturalism, which sees people as members of groups, most of which (usually the worst ones) must be protected, tramples the rights of the individual and our ability to deal with crime.

A fine contributor to the multiculturalism in Toronto

A fine contributor to the multiculturalism in Toronto

Yesterday we were “blessed” with another fine multicultural moment, straight from the diverse Jane/Finch area. Four people were stupid enough to go there and inspect a car for sale on Kijiji. Of course, there was no car in the underground garage and they were attacked with weapons by a gang of the Jane/Finch finest:

Police are searching for a man who forcibly held and beat four young people while threatening them with a machete after they met him in response to a Kijiji ad.

Police said an 18-year-old man, along with three friends, went to meet another man in the Jane Street and Grandravine Drive area about a car for sale on the website Kijiji on Monday, July 14.

It is alleged that the four met the man in an underground garage and were shown the car before being surrounded by a group men who appeared quite suddenly.

Someone produced a gun and the four were robbed of all their belongings, stripped and beaten.

During that time they were also forcibly held, beaten with rocks and threatened with a machete.

The men forced the victims to call their friends and family to raise money in order to let them go, but the victims were able to make their escape four hours later and call police.

Alhaji Kabba, 18, of Toronto is wanted for:
- Robbery with a Firearm
- Forcible Confinement
- Extortion
- Assault with a Weapon
- Aggravated Assault
- Fail to Comply Recognizance

He is described as black, 6-1″, 180 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. His photograph has been released and is shown above.

Police are urging the public to call 911 if they see him and not to approach the man as he is considered armed and dangerous.

We have definitely gone a long way from the cat killer to that Somali gangster. We are conditioned to think that things like these happen in Chicago or some backward Arab or African country, but they are already here. Thanks to our impotent media, which ignore everything that is not related to diversity or homosexual parades, the public is kept in the dark, as the case of those naïve four people shows.

It is unfair to blame only the federal politicians for that criminal invasion. The local politicians have also contributed according to their level of stupidity. The ignorant Olivia Chow, who yearns to be our next Mayor, recently called for a ban of handguns in Toronto. It remains a mystery how that measure would take the guns from the hands of that Muslim gang – I don’t think they bought it with their hard-earned money from a gun shop. Most likely it was stolen or smuggled from the USA. And shouldn’t Olivia demand a machete ban to deal further with the problem?

Things are even worse than that. Last year the idiots from the Toronto City Council voted to make Toronto a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Earlier this year they even voted to request that the provincial government extend welfare benefits to the illegals. The core group of lefty dimwit Councillors like Perks, Vaughan, Wong-Tam, Layton Jr., etc., managed to influence the rest and pass that insanity.

Unlike the refugees and legal immigrant, who are checked at least symbolically, we don’t know anything about the illegals. We don’t know how many killers, hookers, rapists, robbers, or con artists are there among them. And we will be scolded by the Human Rights Commissions, if we dare ask to deport all of them, because that would make those “vulnerable” groups feel uncomfortable.

We already see open Muslim political violence and if we add it to the gang violence and other crimes, there is not much to cheer about in the future of Toronto.


© 2014

The Palestine House Criminals Were Ready to Massacre Jews



The Arab anti-Semitism is not limited only to attacks against Israel. The Jews and their supporters are targets in many other countries in the world. The supposedly peaceful and marvelous Canada, where we “enjoy” the wonders of the multiculturalism is not an exception.

Case in point – the peaceful vigil for the three Israeli teens killed in Judea and Samaria, which was attacked by the rabid Arab thugs from Palestine House. If you read the Muslims account of the event, you remain with the impression that the Jews had a small army that attacked and tried to take over that nest of terrorist supporters. It’s no wonder – the Koran encourages the Muslims to lie when that is beneficial to their cause.

The Pallywood phenomenon, common in Israel, pictures the Arabs through fake footage and photos as perpetual victims. Things become ridiculous when the same tactics are attempted in Canada. The events in front of Palestine House were filmed by plenty of people and it is hard to conceive that somebody may try to misrepresent them. Yet the Arabs tried to do precisely that – although in an article in an Arab-language newspaper.

Thank to the blogger Jonathan Halevi, the shameless lies of the Muslim terrorist supporters are exposed.

Dr. Nazih Khatatba, editor of the Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper and a member of the Palestine House in Mississauga argued that situation was on verge of “massacre” had the Police not intervened in time with large forces.

The following are excerpts from the editorial (Issue 108, July 11 2014, page 6, translated from Arabic) penned by Dr. Nazih Khatatba, who is also a former senior official of the Palestinian Authority (1994-2002):

“The hostile position of the Conservative government and the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, towards the Palestinian people and its legitimate rights of resistance, are not new and likewise its absolute bias to the Israeli right wing, and the covering over the war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces and the settlers’ gangs.

“It [the Conservative government] gives the Jewish lobby [meaning The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs – CIJA] a free hand to control the Canadian policy and to run it in a way that serves its interests and the interests of Israel.

“It [the Conservative government] even allows terrorist Jewish organizations, such as the Jewish Defense League [JDL], to operate freely in Canada in contrast to most countries in the world, which regard it as a terrorist organization.

“This policy encouraged the members of the [Meir] Kahane gang to attack the head office of the Palestine House last Thursday [July 3, 2014] in Mississauga, and to terrorize the children and the Palestinian families, who were defending the head office.

“The members of this group brag that they are behind the [decision] of the Conservative government to defund the educational programs, which were held at the head office, because it [the Palestine House] carries out anti Israeli activities.

“Had the Police not intervened with very large forces, a massacre would have occurred, as the Palestinians were very provoked, because of the slogans and the slurs uttered by the members of the gang, who arrived riding motorcycles and dressed with chauvinistic clothing and who refused to abide by the instructions of the Police to refrain from parking their motorcycles next to the Palestine House.”

More about the case here. (H/t SK and SassyWire)

This is a troubling development – not only do the Muslim fanatics slander JDL-Canada (they should be sued for that) but they openly threaten peaceful people with murder and mass terrorism.

And it is a sad situation – our politicians, who are desperate to get every extremist vote they can, are going to ignore the issues for as long as possible. Only when the Palestine House thugs graduate from beating Jews with sticks and start actually killing them (as they threaten) we finally may see some action.

© 2014

Rooting for Hamas in Toronto (with Judy Rebick)



This afternoon downtown Toronto witnessed the second installment of screams and chants in defense of Hamas’ “right” to attack and harass Israel without any consequences. Today’s rally differed from the previous one because this time there were no Jews to kick around in front of the Israeli Consulate.

The crowd, which gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum, was smaller but that fact didn’t reduce the noise they were making. The lack of originality and innovation in their message was clearly displayed again – the anti-Semitic slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” was being repeated ad nauseam along with the equally unoriginal “Harper, Harper, you will see, Palestine will be free!”


Same old, same old

Even the majority of the durable signs had been displayed at many protests before.

Since this was a pro-Hamas rally, the main target was Israel and the Jews. The ridiculous accusation of genocide against Gaza was prominently shown in the signs. I wish the idiots at the rally had the same zeal in defending Muslims and Christians slaughtered by the thousands every day by organizations similar to Hamas.


The usual “genocide” with fake pics

According to the Facebook listing, the event was supposed to start at 2 p.m. and finish at 4 p.m. It started late and finished at 3 p.m. Looks like they couldn’t keep shouting longer than that. It appeared that the lefties at this demonstration outnumbered the “victimized” Arabs. The kapos from Independent Jewish Voices were present as always and in the end they were even recommended as an organization that could help those who are against Israel.


Jewish Voices for Hamas

The communist underbelly of Toronto didn’t miss the rally either – they dispatched the International Socialists:


International Idiots for Hamas

As with any public event, this one was enriched by the presence of celebrities. True, those were just the unglamorous lefty celebrities, but they still deserve coverage. On the event’s Facebook page I spotted the name of Judy Rebick – the Jewish super-feminist, who considers Israel a racist state declared her intention to attend the event. I was wondering how I was going to find her in the crowd, but suddenly she popped up in front of me – she crossed the street to take a few pictures of her people.


Judy Rebick with Zach Ruiter (she is the person who looks like a woman)

The person who joined her was Zach Ruiter – another lefty activist, who played a major role in intimidating and bullying Jewish students in York University last year.

Another unannounced surprise was Naseem Mithoowani – if the name doesn’t ring a bell, let me remind you that she was one of the three Muslim “students” who, with the help of the anti-Semites from the Canadian Islamic Congress, started a few years ago a vicious extortion campaign against Maclean’s Magazine for publishing an article by Mark Steyn about the potential threat of Islam to the West.


Naseem Mithoowani (the “shame on Harper” gal)

This “lovely young woman,” as the lovely mainstream journalist Christie Blatchford described her when she appeared to testify against Ezra Levant during the libel trial started by one of the other “students” – Khurrum Awan – has gone through an enviable evolution. From the naïve young girl defending the noble Islam (as the equally naïve Christie saw her) Naseem has transformed herself into a full-fledged anti-government activist, who sees the support for Israel’s right to defend itself as a shameful act. Nothing new here – people who go out of their way to suppress freedom of speech often end up supporting much worse causes.

This is the way Islam is ready and willing to ruin Canada. Seeing this totalitarian cult being supported by misguided Jews, lefties and other outcasts doesn’t make its cause more credible.

© 2014

Muslim Scorpion in the Knesset – the Weird Case of Jamal Zahalka



Israel’s Knesset is an unusual place – due to the low election threshold (2% per party) it often hosts strange political parties, which don’t always have the best interests of the country in mind. Sometimes things get even worse – there are politicians and groups, which are openly hostile toward Israel.

Such is the case of the “Israeli Arab” Jamal Zahalka and his little Muslim party. I had the misfortune of meeting him last year, when he was invited to Toronto by Palestine House, a sinister pro-Hamas organization.

It was the same group, whose former director called for the Jews in Jerusalem to be shot. Just a few weeks ago the Palestine House criminals attacked with sticks the participants in a peaceful Jewish event. And last week they proudly displayed Hezbollah flags at an anti-Israeli demonstration in Toronto.

It was no wonder Zahalka felt among those people like fish in water. During his “lecture” at Beit Zatoun the “distinguished” Member of the Knesset didn’t hide his hatred for Israel. He even called for a third intifada and the destruction of the country. When a young Jewish kapo (willing to support the “Palestinian” cause) asked Zahalka how the progressive Jews could collaborate with the “Palestinians,” the “Israeli politician” replied that they can’t work together with their oppressors. (It certainly sucks to be a progressive Jew.)

When the latest confrontation between Hamas and Israel started recently, I had the premonition that we may hear of Zahalka once again. And I was right – a friend of mine (h/t IS) alerted me to a new escapade of that Muslim character:

Again, I am bewildered by the patience of Israel, which keeps in its parliament somebody like Zahalka during a war. Actually, I am not just bewildered – I find it hard to understand why the Israeli politicians are so lenient and accommodating to their country’s enemies.


© 2014

Jews Harassed at a Pro-Hamas Rally in Toronto



The rally against Israel, organized by Palestine House, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and other Muslim and leftist organizations, was supposed to protest the recent confrontation between Hamas and the Jewish state. Proudly waving Hezbollah and other terrorists flags, and showing signs with swastikas comparing Israel with the Nazis, the participants yelled at the Jewish group gathered across the street. Several times Arabs tried to infiltrate the Jewish crowd and at the end of the event even attempted a physical confrontation.

© 2014

Video – Arabs and Leftists Hold an anti-Israeli Protest in Toronto



On July 11 a large crowd held a protest against Israel in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. This video (shot from within the protest) shows how the supporters of Hamas labelled Israel a terrorist state. They confronted and chased the journalist Michael Coren. You can also see a passionate monolog of a big fan of Ayatollah Khomeini and even the speech of a completely crazy person.

© 2014

JDL-Canada Organizes a Counter-Protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, July 2014



JDL-Canada held a counter-protest against the pro-Hamas rally on July 11. The event was attended by many Jews and supporters of the state of Israel. Chanting and singing under the sounds of music, the participants held Canadian and Israeli flags. In their speeches Meir Weinstein and Julius Suraski talked about the problems Israel is facing now after being attacked by hundreds of Hamas rockets. Weinstein expressed his conviction that the country will successfully defend itself and thrive, despite the attempts of the Arab extremists to destroy it.


© 2014

Toronto – Anti-Semites and Terror Supporters Rally against Israel



A large rally against Israel took place yesterday in front of the Israeli Consulate in response of the new developments in the Middle East. After being bombarded for months with Hamas rockets, Israel finally responded and decided to liquidate the terrorist bases in Gaza. Naturally, anything that Israel does (other than roll over and die), causes an enormous rage in the hearts and minds of those who hate the country. And there are plenty of them.

According to the event’s Facebook page nearly 3,000 people were supposed to show up, but the actual number was probably around 1,000. After the fiasco during the demonstration at Palestine House a few weeks ago, the Toronto Police took the issues more seriously – they started building a buffer zone between the rally (at the Royal Ontario Museum) and the counter-rally of Jewish groups and their supporters across the street. The police presence was heavy, with plenty of officers, vans ready to transport the arrested, and even horses.


The Jewish rally was attended by more people than you usually see in such situations. Although it was organized by JDL-Canada, many supporters from other organizations, as well as students, showed up. The mood was upbeat, with plenty of singing and dancing. After the event started, Meir Weinstein and Julius Suraski spoke to the participants (that will be shown in video).


One of the students brought a replica of a Hamas rocket to show to the other side:


However, the anti-Israeli rally was the amazing part – as always, looking at those people, it was incomprehensible how they could be gathered at the same place. Their goals, ideas and platforms are so different and often opposite to each other, yet they were united at the rally. That is the power of anti-Semitism. That irrational prejudice is such a strong adhesive that it can bind together totally incompatible people (albeit temporarily).

The event was organized by Palestine House and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, which was hard to figure out, considering the negative stance of Hamas on homosexuality (though the useful Western homosexual idiots like John Greyson are tolerated).


United homosexuals for Hamas

There were unions present, like CUPE, which don’t mind wasting their members’ dues on anti-Semitic events. Even our old friend Ali Mallah showed up.


The CUPE flag is at home near the terrorist flags


Comrade Ali Mallah graced the event with his presence

The far left was also heavily represented. It was funny to see the flag of the Communist Party of Canada flown near the Iranian flag and the pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini. The murderous Ayatollah personally took care of destroying the communist movement of Iran. However, the communists are too square to catch the irony.


Khomeini and the communists

The communists at the rally did their best to promote their cause. They had a table with a few of their propaganda booklets and periodicals for sale. It was strange to see that one of their activists peddling the literature was a woman with hijab.


Long live communism!


The new Pravda for Canada




Even more propaganda

The communist woman even preached her ideas to a few veiled gargoyles:


Veiled Muslimas for communism

There were plenty of lefty weirdos at the event, like the Independent Jewish Voices, the kapos from Neturei Karta, and even Atheists Against Ethnic Cleansing. Sadly they were mostly staffed by leftover hippies, who try to relive their glory days by taking part in rallies organized by Muslim fanatics, like the Allen Ginzberg fan below.


Atheists Against Ethnic Cleansing


All the way from Montreal – the kapos from Neturei Karta


The ancient fan of Allen Ginzberg, who…


…blends perfectly with the sweaty Muslimas

Of course, the useful lefty idiots were accidental to the event – needed only to show a pan-Canadian solidarity with Hamas. The Muslim fanatics were the real driving force behind the event and that wasn’t hard to notice.


The raging gargoyles

The Muslim fanatics even conducted prayers in their usual arrogant way, taking public space. I still wonder why the communists at the rally didn’t use the occasion to explain to the Muslim Marx’ maxim that religion is opium for the masses.


Look at us, we are Muslims!


Let’s kneel and…


…do some asslifting for everybody to see

Naturally, there were plenty of the flags of the non-existent state of “Palestine.” That wasn’t enough – to show their loyalty to terrorism, the participants brought plenty of Hezbollah’s and other flags and pictures.


Hezbollah, Turkey and Iran



Even more Hezbollah


Hezbollah and “Palestine”


Hezbollah and Khomeini


More of the same…


Proudly posing with his idol’s pictures


Khomeini is popular among this crowd


The Al-Quds flag


Another terrorist flag

The Muslims didn’t limit themselves only to bringing flags. They also brought plenty of signs, in which they loudly and clearly announced their positions on Israel and the Jews, like the one that Israel is a Nazi state:

Nazism=Zionism; Not Another Dime for Israel’s Crimes

Nazism=Zionism; Not Another Dime for Israel’s Crimes


The swastika speaks for itself


Holocaust in Progress; Zionists=Nazis; Fuck Off Israel


“35 Palestinians kidnapped daily” – are you out of your mind?


John Baird’s hate speech







The police managed to keep the peace during the event, although a few Arabs attempted to infiltrate the Jewish side a few times. At the end both groups were escorted in different directions, but a group of violent Arabs tried to start a fight with a small group of Jewish students (that will be in the movie). It was hard to believe, but the police actually stopped the Arabs.


Minutes after the police stopped the Arabs from attacking Jews

In conclusion – that was one of those repulsive events, which show how quickly Canada is deteriorating. The broken immigration system, which, in the name of multiculturalism, is bringing to our country fanatics, savages, murderers and God knows what else, will eventually turn Canada into the same shitty place they left.

Contemplating that terrible Muslim/lefty event, a police horse made the best possible comment:


More about the event at BCF and Eye on a Crazy Planet.


© 2014

JDL-Canada against the anti-Israeli Demonstration – July 11, 5:30 p.m.

JDL Canada to Counter Protest Arab Propaganda at the Israeli Consulate – Toronto



FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014.
5:30 PM








On Friday July 11 at 6 PM, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid will be demonstrating against what they call “the ongoing collective punishment of Palestinians.”

They are calling for supporters to gather in front of the Royal Ontario Museum at Bloor and Avenue Road, a location directly across from the Israeli Consulate.

JDL Canada invites supporters of Israel to join us outside the Consulate at 180 Bloor Street West, at 5:30 PM.

We will counterbalance the defamatory disinformation being spread by the Coalition, and present the truth about the current situation in Israel.

Cars will be leaving the Toronto Zionist Centre at 4:30 PM. If you need a ride from the Zionist Centre, please confirm by contacting:


Palestine House + Meshwar Newspaper Slander JDL Canada. Details here.

The participants in the demonstration are ready to confront JDL-Canada:

2014-07-10 17_10_47-(3) Take action_ Protest the assault on Palestinians More about about their anti-Israeli and anti-Canadian views here.

Anti-Semites March at the Annual Homosexual Parade in Toronto 2014

The representation of the anti-Semites in this year’s homosexual parade in Toronto (which was supposed to be an international event) was as lackluster as usual. In certain aspects it was even worse, because they didn’t even bother to reproduce the signs with photos and quotes from well-known haters of Israel like Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, Mahmoud Abbas and countless others.

Even the grandiose intentions of John Greyson, the York University homosexual film professor, who last year got stuck in an Egyptian jail on his way to help Hamas in Gaza, didn’t materialize. In an interview with a major Canadian news magazine he described how he was going to build a big anti-Israeli float, with a drag queen dressed like Scarlett Johannson on top. The popular actress earned his rage (and animosity from all other anti-Semites for becoming a spokesperson for the Israeli company Sodastream).

There was no Scarlett and no drag queens. Instead, the homosexual anti-Semites completely missed the tranny parade. At the dyke parade they presented a few well-aged dykes with a recycled sign and a large “Palestinian” flag. At the main parade they added two more large recycled signs and a sad semblance of a float.

Although the black truck of Palestine House showed up as a sign of discrete support, it didn’t help with the float. The latter consisted of a large bedsheet with the map of the “vanishing Palestine” on it, carried by a few anti-Semitic queers, who used the dubious help of large pink balloons attached to it. Obviously, the balloons didn’t help that much, because by the the time they reached Yonge/Dundas from Yonge/Bloor, the queers were too tired and their “float” was almost touching the ground.

Here is the sad picture:


© 2014

Vimeo Bans a Video Exposing Muslims Who Assault Jews



A few days ago I posted a video at Vimeo showing a despicable event, during which Jews were assaulted by Arab Muslims in the Toronto area for the “sin” of holding a vigil for three Yeshiva students kidnapped and shot by Hamas activists. The vigil took place across Palestine House in Mississauga, the main institution, which represents the “Palestinian” community and its ruling organizations, PLO and Hamas. The violent Arabs used the occasion to beat up and send to the hospital a few Jews, calling in the process an Asian lady, who showed up to take part in the vigil, “Fucking Chinese.”

That type of behaviour is not surprising when you deal with Muslims. However, after a few days of hosting it, Vimeo suddenly decided to ban my video (and I pay them to host my videos). Earlier today I received a notice from them saying:

Your video “Palestinian Crowd Attacks and Beats Jewish Protesters in Toronto” has been removed for violating our Guidelines.

Reason: Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred or depict excessive violence.

For more information on our content and community policies, please visit

If you believe this was an error, please reply to this message as soon as possible to explain. (Please be aware that Vimeo moderators take action as violations come to our attention. “I see other people do it” is not a valid explanation.)


Vimeo Staff

Well, despite the extraordinary circumstances of the event, which would make the blood of even an indifferent person boil, I kept my description short, factual and devoid of emotions when I posted the video. The title was:

Palestinian Crowd Attacks and Beats Jewish Protesters in Toronto

And in the description I did my best to be impassionate and objective (though the Arab violence didn’t warrant much of impartiality):

Earlier tonight a vigil was held at Palestine House in Mississauga (Toronto area) to commemorate the brutal murder of three Jewish teens near Hebron. The event was organized by JDL-Canada and attended by members and many supporters. The people from Palestine House (defunded by the Government of Canada for supporting extremism) responded by attacking the participants. A Japanese lady was pushed; somebody had his shirt ripped; a few of the Jews were beaten with sticks and one was sent to the hospital. Although there were plenty of police officers, none of the assailants was arrested, but one of the participants was taken into custody for no apparent reason.

The video itself was simply showing rabid Arabs attacking the Jews. There was nothing more and nothing less than that.

Yet Vimeo shut me down on the ground that “Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred or depict excessive violence.”

The only violence shown was initiated by the Arab racists against the Jews, but that was not good enough for Vimeo.

I am not sure if it is because of the Ramadan, but obviously anything that deviates from the carefully polished image of Islam as the perfect peaceful religion, is going to be wacked. I had similar experience at YouTube, where my videos covering the sadistic Muslim violence against Jews and Christians got me banned.

Cases like this one always make you think what’s wrong with this world.

I hate to bring up the Holocaust, because the indiscriminate use of the term has cheapened the nature of one the most disastrous events in history. However, I can’t help but notice that precisely before the Holocaust Jews were attacked and abused and the world was willing to discard those atrocities as something random and not worthy of attention. History tells us what happened just a few short years after the world ignored the initial signs.

Vimeo is an American company; the beating of the Jews took place in Canada. Both countries boast to be places where Jews are safe, especially in the USA under the guardian angel Obama that most Jews voted for. Yet when you have a group of Jews assaulted in Canada and the USA refuses to make the video of the assault public, we have a problem.

The Holocaust didn’t start with Hitler suddenly attacking the Jews with police or army forces. He was much smarter than that – everything started with dehumanization and ridicule, combined with a ban of criticizing the anti-Semitic doctrine. Once the Jewry was morally destroyed, there were just a few short steps left to descend to the level of Dr. Mengele and Auschwitz.

Covering up the Arab anti-Semitism doesn’t help anybody. The world is not getting a better place by sweeping the Jews under the carpet. People, who are hostile toward Jews, always have bigger goals, which will affect negatively all of us.

After Vimeo banned my video, the embed code on the website displays a cute cartoon of a field and waterfall that’s almost touching – the only things missing from it are elves and unicorns. That is probably the ideal world, which the owners of the website imagine. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. If we forget the assaults and the gas chambers, the perfect world that many are trying to build by ignoring the reality is going to self-destruct before it becomes a reality.

Here is the ideal world of Vimeo:

And here is the real world, where people are beaten and abused, but it must be excluded from the beautiful politically correct illusion:

Be brave.

Take your pick.


© 2014

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