Toronto Muslims and Leftists Rally in Support of Palestinian Terrorists


Yesterday, downtown Toronto saw another odd example of diversity, which, according to the incessant rants of our equally odd Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is the major source of Canada’s strength.

That segment of diversity was delivered by a mixed group of about 500 Muslims and members of various leftist groups who rallied in support of Palestinian terrorists, currently housed in Israeli jails. Of course, the people walking near the screaming crowd would’ve never guessed that the rally was about terrorists. The signs held at the rally created the impression of innocent political prisoners, held in dungeons by evil Jews.


As it is often the case with radical Muslims and frustrated lefties, telling the truth is not their strong side. The “political prisoners” are actually vicious terrorists, jailed after fair trials convicting them of hundreds of murders of innocent people. Unlike their victims, who will never have a second chance, those murderers live with conveniences in their cells, although in most other countries, they would be put to death for their crimes. CIJNews has covered in detail the horrific crimes those people have committed.

Now, many of them have started hunger strikes to demand even more rights, but even those strikes are fake. The convicted PLO terrorist Barghouti was caught on film eating a candy bar when he was supposed to starve to death.

I don’t recall Canadians rallying in support of the rights of serial killers like Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson or Cody Legebokoff, but under the compassionate rule of Justin Trudeau, rooting for murderers may become the new normal.

The participants displayed everything they always bring to such rallies. You could see the map of the “disappearing Palestine”, plenty of Palestinian and Jordanian flags. A few guys proudly flew the banners of two communist parties: the regular Communist Party of Canada and the Communist Party of Canada-Marxist-Leninist. Islam and communism are two genocidal doctrines that go well together (until the Muslims take over and exterminate the communists, as it happened in Iran and Afghanistan). Also, a few familiar faces, like union activists and people from the anti-Israeli Palestine House could be seen in the crowd.

Union activist Ali Mallah (right) with the former head of Palestine Houe (middle)

A Scottish Palestinian or Palestinian Scotsman (depending on your taste)

“Freedom and Dignity for Palestinian Political Prisoners”

Communists and Muslim fanatics – two sides of the same genocidal coin

A Muslim fanatic who loves Che Guevara – who could’ve guessed that?

Usually, when radical Muslims and their lefty enablers rage in the streets, the only organization that confronts them on the spot is JDL-Canada. Once again, JDL gathered a large group of supporters, Jews and Christians, who took a stand against the pro-terrorist rally on the side of the street where the Israeli Consulate is located. Both rallies were separated by the Toronto Police.

JDL Director Meir Weinstein addresses the participants

Former Muslim Sandra Solomon speaks against Islamic fanaticism

Sandra again…

The tensions flew high, but the Jewish counter-rally kept things under control. The same can’t be said about the Muslim side, which sent several people to provoke a confrontation. A woman with a PLO’s trademark scarf and a sign “Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners,” stood for hours on counter-rally’s sidewalk. From time to time, she tried to sneak into the group, but the vigilant police and the JDL marshals managed to keep her at a distance.

Another infiltrator was more successful. It was a woman from EAPPI, The World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, who managed to cross the street with her large sign and start an argument. Those seemingly sweet ladies are fiercely opposed to Israel, though you can see them preaching openly their hatred in Israel. She didn’t last long – the police had escort her out. In an eerie case of déjà vu, she JDL member she confronted, had the same type of argument with members of her organization in Jerusalem (though it was 5 years ago).

The seemingly sweet anti-Israeli lady from EAPPI

The pro-Palestinian rhugs’ supporter had to be escorted out

The same JDL guy faces the same ridiculous anti-Semitic crowd in Jerusalem 5 years ago

However, the encounter with the notorious Samia Hoque was most interesting. I saw that Muslim activist during the free speech rally in downtown Toronto on March 19 this year. It was called to oppose the parliamentary motion M103, which will gradually criminalize criticism of even the most barbaric practices of Islam. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Muslim girl in hijab on the side of free speech. As it usually happens with Muslims, it was a deception – it was later discovered that she was spying on the infidels with a cell phone and a camera in her struggle to fight “Islamophobia”. On Facebook, she didn’t even hide promoting confidential consultations to anybody willing to embrace the Muslim cult.

Promoting Muslim intimidation and violence

Spreading the Islamic cult, one person at a time

In a true James Bond fashion, a few days later, she went to a public meeting of JDL-Canada, disguised as a secular person. Immodestly dressed in a t-shirt, without her hijab, and wearing a Canada baseball cap, she pretended that she loved Canada’s freedoms but was busted again, as you can see in the video below. She even stated that she was not religious, which shows how far the lying Muslims would go to advance their crappy cult.

It was amusing that she tried that stunt for the third time at yesterday’s rally. She was either too stupid to think that she could do it again or was too confident that in Trudeau’s Canada Muslims can get away with any type of bullying or intimidation. The Muslim fanatic crossed the street and started to take pictures of people with her camera, hoping to start another fight. Busted again, she didn’t have the chance to continue, because the police escorted her to the pro-terrorist side. These are the people that confront anybody who tries to protect Canada from the barbaric sharia. And if you are not willing to surrender to their psychotic cult, you may end up like the Christian landlord who got fined $12,000 for not taking out his shoes in the apartment he rented to a Muslim family. The Human Rights Commission would destroy anybody on behalf of the disgusting Islam.

Samia’s smirk…

Samia back with her pro-Palestinian terrorist supporting crowd

Despite those attempts, the vigilance of the police and JDL-Canada managed to preserve the order. The Muslims didn’t have the chance to provoke a violent confrontation, as they have done it many times before during similar events.

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Easter in Bordeaux

Happy Easter to all Christians!

Here is a video from an Easter celebration I attended at the St. Andre Cathedral in downtown Bordeaux, France. The way things are going on in Europe, it will be more and more difficult to celebrate the Christian holidays.

Black Man Arrested after Struggle with 9 People in Toronto’s CBC Building

Black Man Arrested after Struggle with 9 People… by Blogwrath

Also available here.

The video shows an odd event that happened on April 13, 2017, at the CBC building in Toronto.

Some time in the afternoon, a small group, led by the free speech activist Eric Brazau, showed up to protest the Islamist bias of the broadcaster (I covered this in a previous post and video).

The CBC types roaming the lobby met the group with hostility and the security quickly surrounded it. The only person to raise a voice in defense of the protesters was a black man (or maybe an African Canadian, to be exact). He confronted the dour guys in blazers, saying that the CBC should allow people to express their opinions.

Soon after that, Brazau’s group left, but the black man, whose name I don’t know, stayed, willing to continue his argument with the security. He definitely didn’t want to leave.

He sat on the stage, with four guys around him, and a female member of the security kept talking to him. It looked like they got along – the conversation seemed lively and he was smiling. But that was probably just a ploy to keep him quiet until the police arrives.

And so it happened, two police officers climbed the stage and jumped on him trying to handcuff him. He resisted and the four guards joined the cops. He kept resisting and they could barely contain him. Finally, two more police officers arrived and the 9-men strong law enforcement group finally managed to subdue him.

I am not sure what the criteria for using force are, but it seemed to me excessive to have nine people handling the situation. Hopefully, that will be sorted out in their reports.

That was not the end of it. The guy was dragged out of the building, handcuffed and with chains on his legs. He lost his pants in the fight. Instead of locking him in a police car, they kept him for a long time outside, with his head tightly pressed to the hood, even after an ambulance arrived. He didn’t seem to resist at that point.

It was a bizarre event and I hope we will eventually get more information about why a person that was not violent was treated that way.

Here are a few pictures in addition to the video:

black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-1black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-2black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-3black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-4black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-5black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-6black-man-arrested-at-CBC-April-2017-7© 2017

Eric Brazau Protests the Islamists Bias of the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s government-subsidized news provider, was founded as a tool to unite Canadians by sharing the news about events happening in the vast country. Today, that function of the CBC is a distant memory. It seems that promoting the currently fashionable progressive agenda is what matters most to that overpaid and underworked corporation.

The monster of multiculturalism is worshiped with exclusive zeal. Everything coming from outside that can undermine traditional Canada is more than welcome in the CBC universe. Islam, even in its most outrageous forms, is a major sacred cow in that universe.

A few weeks ago, a few Canadians held a protest in front of the downtown Masjid Toronto mosque. The mosque was spreading vile Islamist propaganda not only among the “believers” attending their prayers, but also through recorded sermons posted on YouTube. They openly called for extermination of Jews and other “infidels”. Predictably, the Canadian press condemned and demonized the protesters, while giving free pass to the Muslim fanatics.

Though this is not a news anymore, people are not willing to forget that inexcusable bias. The CBC still hasn’t apologized for demonizing ordinary Canadians who object to the genocidal Islamism.

Yesterday, the free speech activist Eric Brazau, participant in the original demonstration, visited the CBC building in Toronto to deliver a letter. Accompanied by a couple of supporters, he wanted an explanation of their bias from Peter Mansbridge and the other high-ranking journalists. The group carried signs with direct quotes from the genocidal sermons preached at the mosque.

As one could expect, there was no meeting with Mansbridge. The group stood with their signs in the common area of the foyer, while Brazau was yelling his critical points. He wasn’t received well by the typical downtown lefties in the area. Several people shouted back that he should take his “hatred” elsewhere.

The security quickly surrounded the group, pressuring it to leave the building. The only person, who voiced his support for the protesters, was a black man. He argued with the security that the CBC is a public corporation and it should allow people to express their opinions in the building.

Brazau’s group left, jeered by the CBC progressives. The black man refused to leave and was later arrested.

The multicultural nirvana of the CBC was restored.

You can see the video here.

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Convicted Terrorist Omar Khadr’s Canadian “Oscar” and Other Cultural Oddities

Muslim Terrorist Omar Khadr Receives a Canadian… by Blogwrath

The existence of the Canadian Screen Awards, our country’s version of the Oscars, must be one of the best kept secrets in Canada. So far, I haven’t met a person to admit seeing the show. I caught its latest edition purely by chance, while flipping the channels on a boring Sunday night, dominated by replays of news shows.

There was some element of premonition in what I saw at that show. I guess, that’s the bottom to which the US Academy Awards are sliding. The Oscars have been steadily deteriorating, with excessive politicization and promoting causes that no one, outside of Hollywood and the censorship zones known as universities, is supporting. However, the producers still care about money and viewers and try to keep people interested.

Canada’s cultural elites are above commercialism. Most of their movies are produced with government subsidies and tax breaks, so their commercial success is irrelevant. What matters is the cause they are promoting. The result is a flow of unwatchable movies and TV shows, ranging from boring or irritating social or “queer” opuses, through native-themed programs made at high school level, to Quebec-style oddities that at the end make the viewer ask himself: “What the hell did I see?”

The carefully written jokes of the host Howie Mandel were structured to avoid offending anybody. So, they were patently bland. (If I haven’t seen him before, I would think he is the worst comedian in North America.) Equally bland were the jokes of the presenters.

A lesbian won the Canadian public’s award. I am mentioning her sexual orientation because she made sure to declare the award a win for the “queer” community. This explains who watches that obscure show, especially considering the commercial breaks. Each and every one of them promoted an upcoming documentary about how the comedian Colin Mochrie was thrilled that his daughter “transitioned” into a man (or vice versa, I couldn’t get this right).

The same people who clapped at the revelations of the queer actress, clapped with equal enthusiasm when it was announced that a documentary about Omar Khadr, the convicted Muslim terrorist and murderer, titled “Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr”, won the highest award. Queerness and Islamic extremism don’t mix well, but that doesn’t matter to the brainless Canadian cultural elites. The only thing that matters to them is that both destroy traditional Canada from within.

It was another disgraceful episode of the decline of the Canadian culture. You can see this in the short clip, but the makers of the documentary were well aware of what they were doing. One of them boldly stated that she was not deterred by those who considered the movie “fake news”. The second one thanked the CBC and Al-Jazeera for their help and even called the terrorist Omar Khadr a “lovely Muslim Canadian boy”.

He should have also praised his “lovely family” – a bunch of terrorists, murderers and welfare parasites. This morning, it was reported that Omar has been in intensive care after a 19-hour shoulder surgery. It was done to heal the wounds from fighting against Canada and the West on the side of Muslim terrorism.

During the show, many people repeated Justin Trudeau’s platitude about “diversity as our strength”. It looks like bringing to Canada people who want to destroy us is also part of our wonderful diversity.

Talking of diversity, one of the TV shows that received an award, was the CBC’s “Kim’s Convenience”. It is another mediocre show, depicting the life of a Korean family in Canada that runs a convenience store. The funny part is that the CBC is exploiting here the same stereotypes that it regularly fights from the position of political correctness.

And those real stereotypes are the only source of “humour” in the show. The Korean family runs the stereotypical corner store. They speak with stereotypical funny accent. They react with stereotypical bewilderment to people and events that they don’t understand, etc. etc.

Obviously, when the CBC rallies against “cultural insensitivity” or “cultural appropriation”, they consider themselves exempt from attacks.

Here is an idea – when Omar Khadr gets out of hospital, he can make a cameo appearance at “Kim’s Convenience” and discuss the Koran with the family. It would be another display of diversity. And Justin Trudeau may shed a tear watching the episode…

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Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Delivers Letter to Mayor John Tory and Visits Masjid Toronto – Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Delivers Letter to Mayor John Tory and Visits Masjid Toronto

Last Friday, March 10, free speech activist Eric Brazau, with a few supporters, visited Toronto City Hall to deliver a letter to Mayor John Tory about sermons calling for genocide of Jews and other ‘i

Last Friday, March 10, free speech activist Eric Brazau, with a few supporters, visited Toronto City Hall to deliver a letter to Mayor John Tory about sermons calling for genocide of Jews and other “infidels”, posted online by Masjid Toronto. That was a follow-up to a demonstration at the mosque that took place in February and was declared a hate crime. Both Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne condemned the demonstration as “Islamophobic”.


Eric Brazau interviewed by David Menzies


Signs brought by the group (the signs in quotation marks are quotes from the sermons)

In a tweet, Premier Wynne expressed her displeasure with those who dare criticize the extremism of her constituents (her riding is a home of large Muslim population):

A day after the anti-radical Islam demonstration outside Masjid Toronto Mosque on Friday (February 17, 2017) with signs that read “Ban Islam” and “Canadians Against Islamization”, Premier Wynne tweeted the following:

 “There is no place for Islamophobia in Ontario. Thankful for those who stand with the Islamic community against hate.”

    — Kathleen Wynne (@Kathleen_Wynne) February 18, 2017

But then, the genocidal sermons received public attention after being transcribed and published by a few smaller news sites. Canadian mainstream media did their best to cover up the Islam-related incident. Here is a short excerpt from one of the sermons:

“[O Allah!] Give us victory over the disbelieving people… O Allah! Give victory to Islam and raise the standing the Muslims. And humiliate the polytheism and polytheists. O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! Give them victory over the criminal people. O Allah! Destroy anyone who killed Muslims. O Allah! Destroy anyone who displaced the sons of the Muslims. O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews! O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!

No matter how hard our political whores try to resist any criticism of Islam that tarnishes its image as a “religion of peace”, it is still impossible to find the context in which that Muslim genocidal rant is acceptable. As a result, even several members of the Canadian Parliament (a few of them Muslim) issued a statement against the sermons. However, Tory and Wynne still haven’t condemned those anti-Semitic statements. Brazau’s letter was calling Mayor Tory to take a clear position about the case.


What makes the case even more scandalous is that Eric Brazau is on trial for “hate speech” and “incitement for genocide” over a rant at Toronto’s Dundas Square on the day of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November, 2015. He was arrested and spent nearly a year in jail. He didn’t say anything even remotely close to the sermons. One of Crown’s arguments was that he incited hatred by saying “Muslims killed 500 people in Paris”. He was supposed to qualify the statement as “Muslim extremists” or “Muslim supporters of ISIS”, etc.

In this case, the preachers at Masjid Toronto tell you directly that they want Allah’s help to kill “infidels” and “filthy Jews”. Allah doesn’t have his own squads of angry devils, he uses his followers to destroy his enemies. This is an incitement to genocide and it is as clear as it gets. Yet, at this point none of the preachers, the leaders of the mosque or the worshippers who stood silent were charged with crimes.

The video from the event highlights the most important moments. It begins with a short statement by Brazau at City Hall. Then he is interviewed outside by the journalist David Menzies from Rebel Media.


Eric Brazau tries to deliver the letter to the receptionist

After that, Brazau and his supporters went to the mayor’s office and tried to deliver the letter personally to the mayor. As one could expect, the staffers claimed that he was not in his office. At that moment, the City Hall security guards showed up. They were very polite, but still told the group that they should get out of the area. So, they sent Eric Brazau to the mail room in the basement, since that was the only way to deliver the letter. The mail clerk accepted the letter.

Then, the group marched to Masjid Toronto. One of the most important moment occurred at the 11:40 mark in the video. Brazau was confronted by an ignorant but aggressive downtown hipster who denied that the mosque did anything wrong. He didn’t know anything about the genocidal sermons and didn’t want to know. He kept rambling how that was his neighbourhood and he didn’t like how Muslims were confronted. Such clueless useful idiots are the best allies of Islamic extremism.


At Masjid Toronto

Naturally, the police were called – one police officer showed up, trying to figure out what was going on. One of the mosque’s staff, a guy with a dreadful henna-dyed beard, came out and tried to start an argument, but the police officer managed to keep both sides at a distance.

Now, we could only wait for a statement from the mayor about the sermons, but don’t hold your breath. He will say nothing. John Tory is not going to offend Muslim extremists who could vote for him in the next election.

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