Iraqi Christian Rally in Toronto (with a Khomeinist Guest)

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Last Sunday a large rally against Israel was held in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. The same set of fanatical Muslims, lefties, and plain anti-Semites called for a new Intifada, condemning the “Rothschild robbers” and inviting the “Khazar fraud killers” to go back to hell. A counter-rally across the street (organized by JDL-Canada) promoted the anti-Hamas point of view.

After shouting for a couple of hours, the Hamas fans continued with their anti-Israel chants while marching on Bloor Street. Most of the people from the JDL-Canada rally headed south toward Queen’s Park to support a gathering of the Iraqi Christians. Not a single one of the Hamas guys joined them.


Iraqi Christian rally at Queen’s Park

iraq-christians-rally-toronto-2014-7iraq-christians-rally-toronto-2014-4It took a while for the mainstream media to notice, but the Christians, along with other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq, are being slaughtered en masse by ISIS, a group created by sadistic Muslim fanatics, whose goal is to establish a new Caliphate. They should be credited with doing their job in strict accordance with the original “pure” Islam as it was practiced by Mohammed. Just like the founder of the cult, they rely on brutal force, beheading people (including children), turning women and little girls into sex slaves and forcing “infidels” to convert to Islam.

The only small difference is that Old Mo beheaded and enslaved plenty of Jews, but ISIS can’t do that, because the Jews in their area have been exterminated or chased away long time ago. (They still plan to do that once they capture Israel, in their dream of expanding the Caliphate.)

Naturally, that disaster caused a reaction from the terrified Arab Christians. Many of them still have families in the affected areas. Their plight is routinely ignored by the Canadian media – the only time they could come out of their journalistic lethargy is when the victims are Muslim Palestinians or homosexuals.

The participants were very concerned about the future of Christianity in Iraq under the yoke of the Muslim extremism. That was clearly visible in the messages they communicated through their signs.


“No Christians=No civilization, Stop ISIS”


“No to the Caliphate… Yes to the Freedom… Yes to Democracy”


“Stop ISIS, Save Iraqi Christians! They are murdering/raping our women and children”


“Indifference=Genocide” “Stop ISIS”



“Stop the Christian genocide in Iraq now”

I mentioned in the beginning that none of the hundreds rallying against Israel came to the rally to support the Christians. I spotted a tiny group of Muslims (3 guys to be precise) declaring their support for the Iraqi Christians. On the other hand, JDL-Canada and their supporters had no problem attending the Christian event.


The Muslim trio


JDL-Canada at the Christian rally

The organizers had invited many speakers. There were Orthodox and Catholic priests and representatives of other churches; even the former MP Jim Karygiannis spoke at the event. However, I have an issue with one of the speakers – the Iranian shia imam in the picture below.


Khomeinist among Christians – fox in a henhouse

He delivered a speech in foreign language (either Arabic or Farsi) without translation so I am still waiting to find out what he said. He looked very familiar and I recalled that I have seen him before at another rally (thanks to BCF for pointing that out).

He was at last year’s Al-Quds rally held at the same place. That event, founded by Ayatollah Khomeini, is organized every year to call for the destruction of Israel and complete Muslim takeover of Jerusalem. Below you can see the imam proudly marching with other Khomeinists from Queen’s Park to the US Consulate at Al-Quds 2013 in Toronto.


From Khomeinist march to a Christian rally

I don’t know how the cause of the Iraqi Christians benefits from inviting this despicable guy to their rally. We are talking not some pious impartial cleric, but an active participant in an openly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian event (the participants carried Hezbollah flags). Just minutes before the picture was taken, the imam stood quietly listening to the speaker Elias Hazineh (from Palestine House) who said that the Jews in Jerusalem should be given a two-minute notice and then shot, if they don’t want to leave the city.

The Middle Eastern Christians don’t need to be reminded how their Christian brothers are treated under the totalitarian Muslim regime established by the Khomeinists. Jailing and murders are common. They are even subjected to the ridiculous sharia law. Just recently a Christian in Iran was sentenced to have his lips burned with cigarettes for eating during the Ramadan. If the Iraqi Christians want support, they may consider excluding Khomeinists from their events. Associating with enemies, who are equally hateful of Jews and Christians, could hardly be considered Christian love.

There is another related issue, which needs to be addressed. Some Canadians think that such events shouldn’t become the focus of discussion. Last week Lawrence McCurry left a comment under my coverage of the Israeli Consulate rallies:

Here’s my problem with this article and your point of view. First the bombing and murder of innocent noncombatants is wrong under any justification and both sides in this conflict are guilty of it. Second not everybody who criticizes the state or government of Israel hates Jews, nor are all Muslims who support Palestine terrorists. Part of the problem on both sides is the lack of separation of church and state. As a Canadian with no skin in this game on either side I resent people from other parts of the world bringing their conflict to the streets of my city and my own government supporting either side. Had this protest been at Queens Park with the focus on the position the Canadian government has taken in this conflict I could understand it. Any article that supports either side is nothing more than propaganda in my opinion.

I agree with many of his points – Canadian laws, values and traditions should dominate Canada and people from other parts of the world should be expected to leave their conflicts in their old countries. However, the reality is different – mass immigration with little control, coupled with the policy of multiculturalism, has brought us to the point that even speaking about Canadian values is considered racist. The immigrants are encouraged to bring with them all of their prejudices, hate, weird customs, etc. and we are expected to “celebrate” them as some kind of “enrichment.”

I also agree that most of the conflicts brought to Toronto should be ignored. They are mostly regional and concern only the people involved – like the civil war in Sri Lanka, although the Tamils in Canada did their best to get Canada involved on behalf of the terrorist organization Tamil Tigers. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine is another example of a regional conflict we should stay away from (despite Harper’s involvement). Both countries are ruled by equally corrupt political classes and clash over issues that have originated in the old Soviet Union. Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin and no amount of Western involvement is going to resolve their problems. Besides, I have yet to see Russians and Ukrainians clashing with each other in the streets of Toronto.

What I don’t agree with is his point about Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. This is not a regional conflict, but a manifestation of Islam’s war against the West, the Jews just happen to be its most hated target. It is true that the lack of separation of church and state is a problem, but in Islam such separation is out of the question. Islam is a complete social, legal, ethical, and religious doctrine, which aims at complete control of the society and the individuals.

It is absurd to imagine that the Tamil Tigers would want to establish a world government. It is equally ridiculous to think that Russia would force some kind of “Russian law” on the West. However, Islam has a very clear program to establish a worldwide Ummah by imposing its principles on everybody.

That’s not about terrorism. Terrorism is but a small part of the project. The big issue is to impose gradually the Muslim norms. Muslims in Ontario were a tiny minority in 2005, yet they organized an effective campaign to introduce sharia law in the province. In September 2012 thousands of Toronto Muslims rallied in support of introducing sharia blasphemy laws in Canada. That is not necessary, because the human rights commissions already persecute viciously anybody who criticizes Muslim barbarism. Muslims demand special sharia banking to suit them and treacherous corporations like CIBC already provide it for them. They introduced gender segregated Muslim prayers at the Valley Park School in Toronto – in a school system that was supposed to be proudly secular.

Many schools in Toronto already use only halal meat from barbarically slaughtered animals at a higher expense for the taxpayers. (I have yet to find Russians demanding mandatory pelmeny and selyodka for our schools.)

The fact that not all Muslims want that is irrelevant – the Islamization is conducted by the most aggressive among them, who always call the shots in Islam. And they are very successful.

That brings us back to Mr. McCurry’s comment – the conflict between Muslim and Jews is not regional, it affects all of us. The fact that the Iraqi Christians invite to their rally (expected to make Canada act in their defense) a repulsive Khomeinist is not their internal issue. Getting “support” from a totalitarian cult doesn’t help anybody – it only strengthens a bitter enemy, who would gladly see all of us destroyed.

It’s time to re-establish the Canadian values.

It’s time to get rid of multiculturalism.


© 2014

Better Late Than Never – Charges Laid in Calgary Against Violent Muslims



The events in Calgary last month shocked many people in Canada (other than the mainstream media). As I wrote at the time, violence erupted during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in the downtown area. A small group of peaceful Jewish and Christian counter-demonstrators was attacked and viciously beaten by the Muslims.

After weeks of silence, the only reaction from the authorities, now we are told that some of the perpetrators have finally been arrested:

After a “complex and thorough investigation,” police have charged three men in connection with three assault victims.

Aziz Mohammed Madi, 18, of Calgary, is charged with two counts of assault. A 16-year-old male from Calgary, who cannot be named, is charged with one count of assault. And Arlsan KHAN, 27, of Calgary, is charged with one count of assault.

As the investigation into the rally continues, police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who may have more information.

Police have released a photo of the man, who is described as having an olive skin tone, dark hair, with a slim build and speaks with an accent. He was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with a DULUX logo on it, with white runners and a tan baseball cap. His clothing and hands were stained with white paint.

Though this is supposed to be a happy news, too many questions I was asking myself while watching that debacle, still remain unanswered.

The brave new rulers of Canada (from all political parties), who encouraged indiscriminate immigration from many countries, have always been touting their own horn about how smoothly the Canadian multicultural mishmash works. Now they are strangely silent when faced with an ugly reality of street political violence, which is still a novelty in Canada, but a daily way of life in most Muslim countries. Are Harper, Trudeau or Mulcair going to do anything about it? Or maybe they will postpone their reactions until we reach the level of Western Europe?

Nobody from the mainstream media was interested in the incident when it occurred. The information spread through citizens’ journalism in the social media. If that happened before the invention of the Internet, the incident would’ve been swept quietly under the media rug. The only entity that made an issue of it was Sun News, and specifically Ezra Levant, although making noise and rocking the boat is looked upon with disdain in many circles in Canada (which is supposed to be a “peacekeeping country”). However, when in 2010 Sun News was about to launch, the Canadian Left generously supported by Avaaz (behind which lurked the demonic face of Soros), Margaret Atwood and countless bike-riding, tar-sands-fighting, progressive-justice-peddling little foot-soldiers, did their best to shut down the station before it even started.

The City of Calgary did nothing to prevent the violence. There was no police at the place of the altercations. What is even worse, some of the police treated in a condescending way some of the victims, telling them that they shouldn’t have been there. Is this going to become the standard way of policing in Calgary? I wonder if they are taking lessons from Julian Fantino, who allowed for years Indian terrorists in Caledonia to beat and assault the local people.

Mayor Nenshi has yet to react in any way to the incident. Does he protect his Muslim brethren? With a permanent smile glued to his face (just like the Joker in Jack Nicholson’s edition) he is busy sending heroic tweets about lost cats and dogs. Since non-Muslim people are of lesser concern to him, I can see in his future a breathtaking career as the friendliest animal shelter proprietor in Alberta.

Nenshi’s good friend Saima Jamal, the organizer of the pro-Palestinian demonstration, showed during the events the double face of some “Muslim community organizers”. Writing to her supporters, she expressed her joy that people were beaten and only after she was caught, she made her theatrical apology for the violence. Can’t the Calgary Muslims find better leaders? Or maybe they are a perfect match?

Canada is deteriorating rapidly. Finding politicians (or even police officers) willing to face reality becomes harder and harder. It is up to us to confront barbarity.


© 2014

Israpundit’s Ted Belman Speaks in Toronto



Last week I had the chance to see a live presentation by Ted Belman in Toronto. He is known for publishing Israpundit – one of the best blogs that cover the issues of Israel and the conflicts in the Middle East. Originally from Toronto, after moving to Israel, he dedicated his time to maintaining that website.


Ted Belman speaks

Opinionated and outspoken, he avoids clichés and political correctness to tackle problems that many others are not willing to talk about. For example, a main point of his lecture was to debunk the myth that the USA since the very beginning has been fierce protector and defender of the “Zionist Entity.”


The registration desk

On the contrary, the USA was reluctant to support the re-establishment of the Jewish State and even maintained an arms export embargo until 1967. That has been the policy of several consecutive administrations. The Israeli nationalism and national state was seen as a nuisance on the way to establishing globalism and world government (Belman illustrates that in the video with the opinion of the Dallas Council on World Affairs about Israel).

That led to constant attempts by the USA and Europe to interfere in Israel’s affairs. The State Department has been against the Jews in Israel, because there are millions of Arabs and they don’t want to ruin their relations with them. Saudi Arabia’s influence has been much more powerful, starting from the oil embargo – they forced a deal in the Middle East conflict acceptable to Arabs. Now things are getting even worse with the increased Arab immigration to Europe (also forced by that influence).

The 9/11 events are another evidence of that reality. The role of Prince Bandar and the ties of the hijackers with Saudi Arabia revealed how powerfully the Arabs affect the US policy.

The US pressure on Israel to make more concession in the name of an elusive peace solution is a direct result of that policy. Although in the Oslo Accords the issues of the settlements and Jerusalem were not discussed, during the Intifada in 2001-2002, leading American politicians voiced opinions that the settlements were the main problem. In 2003 Saudi Arabia supported the invasion of Iraq in exchange for support for Palestine.

Obama started flirting with Hamas and PLO even before he was elected and pushed Israel on the settlements issue. A new trend in the USA is that the left tried to discredit the traditional Jewish organizations and introduce new “progressive” ones. George Soros financed J Street, which went out if its way to show that Israel doesn’t know what is good for it. Such organizations, despite the overwhelming evidence, downplay the role of Hamas and its intention to destroy Israel and the Jews.

After he was elected, Obama embraced the Muslim Brotherhood – during the speech in Cairo he wanted them in the audience, and as a result President Mubarak refused to attend. Despite their eventual failure, they are still supported by countries like Qatar and Turkey. Within the USA, the administration removes any references to Muslim terrorism and encourages Muslim immigration. The western media is silent about that. With the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a new situation emerged, where Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel practically formed an unlikely union to confront it. On the other side are the USA, Qatar and Turkey.

Belman also covered the issue of the current war in Gaza and its implications. The Arab radicalism is only getting worse – any suggestions that the Arabs could be integrated in Israel are baseless. The same applies to returning of the refugees to a future Palestinian state. That would only destabilize the area more. The only sensible solution is to help the Arabs (politically and financially) to resettle in safer and more stable areas.

These are just a few highlights from Ted Belman’s lecture. You can see his entire presentation in the video:


© 2014

Justin Trudeau to Let Indian Chiefs Steal As Much As They Can



One of the few good things that Harper’s government has done to resolve the horrible mess created during the decades since the Indian Act was adopted, was to introduce a legislation requiring some transparency about how the Indians spend the money paid to them by the taxpayers. I wrote about that a few days ago, noting that the first revelations have been nothing to brag about. A chief of a tiny tribe was making nearly a million dollars a year; some other chiefs were doing just as well.

Since that writing, things didn’t get better. Many tribes refused to comply with the transparency legislation and decided to hide the chiefs’ income. Accusations of racism are flying just because the majority of the Canadian people (including many members of the Indian tribes) want to know where the money goes.

It was just a matter of time before Dumbo Justin Trudeau came to the rescue. Used to his pattern of supporting questionable groups (like Wahhabis and other extremist Muslims), he took the side of the chiefs, who want to keep misusing their tribes’ money with impunity. He clearly stated that he was going to scrap the legislation designed to keep track of the Indian expenses:

Despite its success, Justin Trudeau says that a Liberal government would scrap the bill.

“I wouldn’t keep the legislation in place,” Trudeau – whose party voted against the bill in the House of Commons – told the Vancouver Sun.

“I would work with First Nations to make sure that a proper accountability act that would have disclosed any excesses we see, but is done in a way that is respectful of the First Nation communities.”

While he didn’t say what he would replace it with, the Liberal party’s new star candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould – a B.C. regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations – suggested that salaries could be made available to community members but not the Canadian public at large.

“Of course salaries/remuneration should be disclosed to community members, and by virtue of that disclosure it is public, as the band members can do what they please with the information received,” she told the Sun.

Justin is not the sharpest tool in the box and we may need to credit his position to his handlers, who want to satisfy every special interest group in sight. The really disgusting part is the proposal of the chief he picked for his campaign. Jody Wilson-Raybould (who probably is in the loop with the other chiefs) is actually saying that only the regular Indians would be allowed to know how much their chiefs are stealing from the taxpayers.

The taxpayers, who foot the bill for everything related to the reserves, must be kept in the dark. Not only are they being robbed, but they also should keep quiet and be happy that the Indian chiefs steal their money. How much longer are we going to allow that blatant robbery?

It’s time to scrap the Indian Act and dissolve the Reserve Mafia. Enough is enough.

Everybody should work for their money – even Justin and the Indian chiefs.


© 2014

JDL-Canada and Friends Confront Hamas Fans at the Israeli Consulate



The big pro-Hamas demonstration in Toronto took place today in front of the Israeli Consulate. As I mentioned in my previous post about the event, Barry Hussein’s administration issued a letter to the US citizens in Toronto to stay away from the place, because over 8,000 Muslims were expected to show up.

As I correctly predicted, Barry’s wet dream of seeing 8,000 Muslim fanatics in Toronto didn’t materialize. There were much less than 1,000 people and the bulk of that number consisted of the usual downtown losers, who fight carbon, poverty, Illuminati, and any other stupid cause you can imagine. Even the speakers were the same, led by parasites like Judy Rebick and Sid Ryan, who wastes the dues of his union’s members on that type of events.


“Israel is a terrorist state”


The cavemen’s squad arrives

Some of the anti-Semites found it funny to desecrate Israeli flags with some stupid writing. One of the Muslim jihadists, who did that, was quite prominent two years ago in the demonstrations about the TDSB Muslim prayers.


Jihadists defile Israeli flags

Another anti-Semitic piece of garbage proudly displayed her sign: “Khazar Fraud Killers Go Back to Hell.”


The NDP activist Ali Mallah truly enjoys the sign

As if this was not enough, she found it necessary to write on the other side: “Rothschild Robbers – [Star of David]=Fascism.”


Mallah enjoys the other side as well

Everything was well-prepared and organized, with standard signs, which even had on them the list of the event’s Jew-hating sponsors: Palestine House, Canadian Arab Federation, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Canadian Peace Alliance, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Al-Quds Committee, Independent Jewish Voices Canada (yes, they are Jew-haters), International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network Canada (even worse), Women in Solidarity with Palestine, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.


List of the institutional Hamas fans

Even the chants were printed out and distributed on leaflets:


Even the chanting of stupid slogans requires preparation

The same lefties appeared in a very predictable way, including the losers from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. A member of that rabble displayed in a picturesque way their worldview – wearing a flag with the image of the mass murderer Che Guevara, the pins of his hat were expressing their philosophy – from “Stop Ford” through the Idle No More symbol and a ridiculous Indian flag to Now Magazine (the favourite advertising rag for tranny hookers). I am sure Hamas appreciates the support.


Talking of tranny hookers, it was hard to miss the presence of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a group which probably unites the dumbest homosexuals, because they constantly demonstrate against the only country in the Middle East, where they will survive for more than an hour.


Those queers are probably not the smartest ones

The Indians were also there, with their Mohawk flag, carried by the fake chief Davin.


Playing chief

Some old Muslim friends showed up, like the ubiquitous Jihad Boy:


Jihad Boy with new makeup

A nasty Arab, who last month took part in the fight against the Jews at Palestine House, was also there, close to Ali Mallah.


Fighting Jews at Palestine House


Supporting Hamas at the Israeli Consulate

No good pro-Hamas demonstration is complete without a few Jewish kapos. The fake rabbis from Neturei Karta made again a few bucks for their appearance at the Jew-hate fest.


Ali Mallah loves the kapos


Zach Ruiter interviews the self-hating Jews

There were few attempts to provoke a fight and blame it on JDL-Canada. The phony journalist Zach Ruiter (pictured above), who has a long record of such activities, tried to do it. So did a few other people, including the innocent-looking hijab girl below. (I have more on that in the video footage that is coming soon.)


Sending hijab girl to the Jewish side, conveniently followed by a Muslim photographer

As I said in the beginning, the event had far less than the 8,000 attendees projected by Barry’s administration. The chants were pre-printed, most of the signs were standard and pre-printed as well. The only genuine thing was the hatred for Israel and the Jews.


It feels like an October Revolution demonstration in the Soviet Union


The same

The counter demonstration across the street was organized by JDL-Canada. However, not only its members showed up – ordinary people (Jewish, Christians and other ethnicities and religions) also came to make a point against anti-Semitism and Hamas.


Rev. Majed el-Safie, Mark Vandermaas and Julius Suraski


Meir Weinstein and Mark

The crowd was large, most of the time rivaling in numbers the Hamas side.


Standing against Hamas

JDL-Canada-counter-protest-08-10-2014-1JDL-Canada-counter-protest-08-10-2014-5Naturally, the home-made signs lacked the skills and “sophistication” of the Hamas propaganda, but they still delivered the message clearly.


“Jihad=Zombie Attack”

JDL-Canada-counter-protest-08-10-2014-isis-hamasJDL-Canada-counter-protest-08-10-2014-signBy the end of the rally, both of the sides were supposed to take different paths, but since they crossed, that caused a few minor altercations (mostly shouting).

JDL-Canada and its supporters planned from the beginning to join the large Christian rally taking place at Queen’s Park. Organized by Christians from the Middle East, it was supposed to alert Toronto to the plight of the Christians in Iraq and Syria, who are now being slaughtered by the Muslim terrorists from ISIS. Most people walked the short distance without problem (other than the jeering coming from the Hamas guys). I will cover that in a separate post.

Ironically, not a single supporter of Hamas joined the Christian rally. After whining for hours about the plight of Gaza, they didn’t find any compassion for the Christians, who have been subjected to slaughter for over a year. Obviously, in those monsters’ minds, when Muslims do the killing, they are always right.

This is the kind of people that we import into Toronto. God help us all.

© 2014

Condescending “Now Magazine” Article Attacks Rob Ford’s Black Supporters



Last month I, along with thousands of other people, attended the Rob Ford Fest in Scarborough. It was widely publicized that city officers were going to watch like hawks whether he campaigns (hoping to get him into trouble with the election laws). It didn’t work. A small group of homosexuals also showed up, determined to disrupt the event. That worked.

Carrying insulting and slanderous signs they managed to enrage Ford’s supporters. I caught and filmed some of the altercation that followed, but had to leave earlier and missed the rest.

Otherwise, I would’ve caught the breaking of the signs and the moment when one of the homosexuals and Ron Banerjee (a Hindu activist) got confrontational. In the article that I wrote later, I expressed my displeasure with the way the homosexual group intruded and showed complete contempt for the guests of the event.

Shortly thereafter somebody going under the name “Bastion of Common Sense” from Richmond Hill (IP: expressed very succinctly what he/she thought about my article:

Jesus Christ you people are fucking retarded. Please take your homophobia and leave this country you hateful Ford worshipping fucks.

I am not complaining – after writing a political blog for a few years, I am as immune to criticism as a cat to chicken pox. I simply want to illustrate the way of thinking of those people – instead of feeling embarrassed to have ruined a family event by promoting their peculiar lifestyle, they throw fire and brimstone on somebody, who thinks that the action wasn’t a good idea.

Obviously, kicking out all “Ford worshipping fucks,” so that the tiny 2% rainbow minority could reign over the country from Nunavut to Windsor, is not a realistic task. But they have been very successful on a smaller scale. Last year, Andrew Ciastek, a REMAX real estate agent, was fired and deprived from livelihood, because in his newsletter he quoted research stating that children raised in heterosexual families are much more likely to be employed than those from homosexual families. Those few lines ignited a vicious homosexual campaign against him and he naturally lost. (Truth doesn’t matter when dealing with special interest groups.)

Something similar has been feeding the vicious campaigns against Rob Ford as well. My little blog wasn’t the only target – the mainstream media also got involved by making the point that people are fools for following Rob Ford instead of the homosexuals.

That’s how I found Now Magazine’s coverage. The downtown rag, which has been engaged in a vendetta against the Mayor for years, published two of the most condescending and racist articles I have ever seen in a mainstream Canadian publication to cover the Ford Fest events.

For those of you, who live outside of Olivia’s bunker, let me explain that Now Magazine is a free newspaper that lists daily events in Toronto, mixed with a few VERY progressive articles covering our city’s issues. However, the most distinct feature of the paper is its adult section with classifieds and space ads. Thanks to the hard work of the Now staff, in it you can find a hooker to satisfy (for a fee) any perversion you may like – straight, homosexual, tranny, chick-with-dick, BDSM, dominatrix, you name it…

I probably shouldn’t use the word “hooker” – Now may accuse me of “hookerophobia.” They call those people “sex-trade workers” in the beginning of the section. I suspect that Karl Marx is banging his head against his coffin’s lid for not coming up with such a clever term to justify his philandering ways. Saying that you do “sex work” with somebody definitely makes cheating sound better.

The largest part of the adult section – over two pages – is occupied by ads for “Asian Escorts & Massage.” It is known that another prominent Marxist – the Glorious Leader of the NDP Jack Layton – had a sweet spot for that group of the sex proletariat.

Everybody familiar with human trafficking knows that the women from the Far East are some of its main victims, even in Canada. Often brought here illegally, many of them don’t even speak English. Now Magazine has in the section “resources for sex-trade workers,” but somehow I doubt it that the pimps and the gangs that place the ads care to explain those to their Asian victims.

With practices like these, Now Magazine has no authority to make any moral judgments, but they do and they do it loudly. The front page was intriguing: “News – Ford Nation: it’s a black thing; it’s an anti-gay thing.”

now-magazine-ford-fest-2So what was on page 12? Two articles.

now-magazine-ford-festThe one at the top – “Queeruption at Ford Fest” – was trying hard to convince the world how stupid the Ford followers are. The one below – Breaking Ford Nation’s Colour Code” – was doing exactly the same thing, but applied to Ford’s black supporters.

In the first piece the author Jonathan Goldsbie comes up with a revolutionary revelation about the nature of the people, who vote for Rob Ford:

… Ford is, if anything, more of a religious figure around whom his fans’ cosmology revolves.

… He offers straightforward answers to difficult questions, not knowing or caring about facts. To contrast what he says with observable reality is to miss the point: for him and his followers, truth is derived from conviction

What a stupid statement! It is the author, who misses the reality; unlike the people who spend their lives in gay bars filling out grant applications, the regular family people are very conscious about where their tax money goes. Rob Ford has consistently followed a policy of cutting unnecessary expenses in all areas. People have been noticing that ever since he has been a City Councillor. Every penny not spent on extravagant useless projects is one penny more in the pockets of those who actually work for their money.

This is incomprehensible to the downtown parasites, who rely on the socialist generosity of Olivia Chow and Kathleen Wynne’s gang of crooks.

Next, Goldsbie laments the rude way, in which Crazy Sarah’s entrance on a horse was accepted. Then he moves to “Queeruption” – he is not afraid to say that the homosexual group went to the fest with the specific goal to disrupt it:

The Queeruption folks, however, aren’t prepared for the worst-case scenario. The half-dozen activists, who arrive after Thomson has left, wear rainbow leis and carry signs on colourful paper: “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid,” “Ford #1 Hater,” etc.

Then he describes with disbelief how badly the homosexuals were treated (did he expect Ford Nation to meet them with open arms?). After that comes something worse:

… In 2012, a different group of queer activists contemplated a similar intervention at Ford Fest, which that year was held in the Ford family’s Etobicoke backyard. Once they arrived, they had second thoughts, sensing it wouldn’t be a safe space for a visible action.

Can you imagine that? The obnoxious homosexuals were planning to take advantage of Ford family’s hospitality to trash the Mayor. It’s hard to imagine anything more disgusting – it’s no wonder nobody likes them.

Back to Ford Fest:

…After a 10-minute buildup, the confrontation turns physical when a man grabs a sign from an activist’s hands and tears it to pieces. The crowd goes wild.

The word “faggot” finally emerges, from Ron Banerjee, best known for conducting anti-Muslim activism under the banner of a “group” called Canadian Hindu Advocacy.

…Cameras capture Banerjee putting his hand around the neck of an older man draped in a rainbow flag.

…Eventually, police step in to extract the Queeruption protesters and escort them away from the mob.

When somebody reacts to the arrogant behaviour of the intruders, it’s time to belittle him. All of them were white; Banerjee is a brown Hindu. If it was the other way around, Now Magazine would cry racism. In this case the only option is to insult him – they hint about his anti-Muslim activism (implying “Islamophobia”) relying on the fact that few know how much the Hindus have suffered (and still suffer) from the Muslim extremism. And of course his group is “group”, something fake. If it was called Canadian Hindu Queer-Advocacy, they would probably call it THE GROUP.

There was not a single word of condemnation for the behaviour of the arrogant homosexual group.

The second article is much worse. As I said, I have never seen such a racist approach. Maybe to avoid the accusation of racism, Now Magazine has picked a black guy – Desmond Cole – to do the dirty job of putting down Ford’s black supporters. The downtown Left has always been perplexed that the minorities don’t flock after its progressive, enlightened, socialist, homosexual ideas.

The subtitle sets the tone:

At Ford Fest, low expectations among black supporters make Ford a hero for offering a hamburger and a little attention

So, it appears that the black supporters are a monolithic group of idiots, who sell their votes to a guy, who offers them once a year a picture with him and a hamburger. I had no idea that the secret of politics was so simple. Then Karen Stintz can easily beat Rob Ford – just offer a hamburger once a month and a picture every week. This is not some random conclusion, the author supposedly made it after many interviews:

I set out for Ford Fest on July 25, the latest in a series of public picnics held by Mayor Rob Ford, with a mission: to engage black Ford supporters, and only them, in conversation about our mayor’s consistent expressions of anti-black racism.

First he tried to instigate outrage over Ford’s “racism” – Ford doesn’t have the finesse of a member of Academie Francaise, and he speaks like the common people who vote for him. They are not picky about the language and care much more about the job he does:

But of the 30 or so I spoke with, very few were willing (or able) to problematize Ford’s use of the word “nigger,” his description of blacks as “fucking minorities” or his claim that no one has helped black people more than him.

… A young man named Mark and his friend Steve were similarly eager to explain away Ford’s bigotry.

Said Mark, “I use the same words and I’m black, so how am I going to knock him for it?”

When I asked if white people have licence to call blacks “nigger,” he said, “It depends on what context they use it in.”

Then Cole moved to another seemingly impossible case – a successful black teacher, who likes Rob Ford:

… Kevin, who came across the city from Etobicoke with his wife and young children, said he’s supported Ford since his early days on city council. His son clung to his leg and listened as I asked about Ford’s discriminatory remarks.

“I’m a teacher, and I’ve heard a lot of other teachers use the N-word at school,” he offered. “I say it’s more ignorance… a lack of knowledge. Rob Ford probably doesn’t know the meaning of the word. People use it as a friendly term.”

Kevin added that the media are out to get Ford “because he opposes gay marriage,” a stance the teacher said he appreciates.

Horror! A black teacher, who is expected to admire our progressive masters doesn’t care much about “gay” marriage!

Cole doesn’t miss the opportunity to trash the “Man”

Everyone who spoke with me suggested that our politicians and the system they serve are generally corrupt and specifically racist or indifferent toward black people.

Such low expectations of public service make Ford a hero for offering his black supporters a hamburger and a little attention. A woman who gave her name as Flavour told me passionately, “I’ve been living in Scarborough for many years, and this is the only mayor I’ve ever gotten to shake hands with.”

The magical hamburger appears again as the elegant and simple solution appreciated by the black people, who don’t know any better. If a white person wrote this article, he would’ve been fired.

But Cole is not done yet – he finds two more occasions to throw the race card:

… Black Torontonians are, we cannot forget, facing a disproportionately grim set of social and economic circumstances: as children we’re more likely to be kicked out or suspended from school; as adolescents we’re the targets for non-investigative stops by police; as adults we’re less likely to find good jobs. Many blacks identify with Ford as victim, as someone whose behaviour is over-scrutinized, and they jump on his bandwagon.

Another paragraph of whining that is passed for social analysis. A black kid is as likely to be suspended from school as a white, yellow, blue, orange or green kid, if they do something very wrong. If a black person is qualified, he or she can find a good job, especially when in Ontario numerous commissions watch like hawks over any potential violation of the rights of the minorities. Cole creates the impression that Toronto is governed by cruel Jim Crowe laws. Now Magazine’s race baiting is beyond disgusting.

The last attempt at race baiting takes the cake:

This is civic engagement Ford-style, and the mayor has employed the same rallying cry against black people in different circumstances. Only two years ago, he used a shooting in Scarborough to propose his race-baiting suggestion that the city deport people convicted of gun crimes. This is how Ford repays the unwavering loyalty of his black supporters, but many of them are too caught up in his game of patronage to fight back.

I also want people convicted of gun crimes deported. How is that a black problem? There are only two ways to understand Cole’s statement. The first is that all black people are members of armed gangs and all of them would be deported, if such a law is enforced. The second one is that black people enjoy so much gun violence and being shot at, that they find it unthinkable to deport any of those criminals. Both meanings are quite offensive.

But the most offensive is the way, in which institutions like Now Magazine try to “help” the minorities. The article painted the black people as a mass of idiots, who can’t think for themselves and sell out for a hamburger. The progressives from Now are furious that their picture of the minorities doesn’t work – instead of accepting with gratitude the progressive solutions prepared for them, they follow a rube whose only message is to save taxes. The downtown elites have such grandiose plans for people’s taxes – they can go toward building lesbian express bike lanes, buying hundreds of ugly sculptures, or just stealing it.

The urban elites can’t imagine that people are individuals, who follow their interests and dreams, and don’t give a damn about how the world is perceived from a gay bar or an art gallery. And the same applies to the black people – they are all different and don’t want to be confined to the Procrustes bed that those elites have prepared for them. As of Rob Ford, this shameless attempt to humiliate his supporters speaks volumes about the forces he is up against.

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JDL-Canada to Confront a Toronto Anti-Semitic Rally on August 10



Tomorrow, August 10, the usual suspects – extreme Muslims, equally extreme lefties and a few Jewish kapos – are going to hold a large anti-Semitic rally in Toronto in front of the Israeli Consulate, 180 Bloor Street West (I’ll tell you in a moment why I think it’s anti-Semitic). JDL-Canada and many other people are going to confront the rally at 2:00 p.m.

A new twist is the involvement of the US Consulate. For a first time ever, they issued a warning to the US citizens not to visit the area for the sake of their safety. The letter states that over 8,000 anti-Israeli protesters are expected. I am skeptical about the number – as of this writing, the event’s Facebook page boasts about 1,000 attendees, which usually means that fewer people will show up. Even if the mosque buses take to the event all veiled gargoyles under the threat of being “tapped” with sticks for disobedience, they still may not make 8,000. The important thing is that Barry Hussein’s administration treats Toronto as a dangerous third world joint (maybe Barry would secretly shed a tear of joy seeing that his people in Toronto are already a force to be reckoned with.)

Thanks to the invention of the politically correct Jew Mark Zuckerberg, the anti-Semites now can freely post their thoughts on Facebook. It is very enlightening to see what they post about this event. A few days ago they had a large rally on Dundas Square in Toronto, also promoted on Facebook.

It was the same rally, where one of the leaders of Palestine House (Ontario’s most prominent terrorist nest) openly called for an intifada to be started in Israel and in the Palestinian diaspora, which was a plain call for terrorism in Canada. His speech was applauded by the prominent union bosses Sid Ryan and Fred Hahn.

After I noted the anti-Semitic posts in the event’s promotion, which included a Starbucks blood-label themed post, a Muslim Sherlock Holmes from Mississauga (IP: noted:

I like how you snapped a pic of that antisemitic comment on Facebook a mere 17 minutes after it was posted, almost as if you posted it yourself to prove your own case. Well played, blogwrath.

If somebody has studied at a madrassah, he may not know that it is not hard to find who posted what and from where on the Internet. But that’s not the point – the actual issue is that in Canada Muslims can’t swing in full force (yet). They can shoot, cut heads and hands, rape and maim in other ways their enemies in the Middle East (with Israel as the only country that consistently resists them, which makes them madder). At this point lies and slander is the best they can do here (with occasional beating of Jews and Christians). A very good illustration of how they think is the speech of their activist Eva Bartlett at the latest Al-Quds rally in Toronto. She is a fine specimen of that type of human garbage:

I will comment again on their vicious anti-Semitic event planned for tomorrow, based on what they post on the Facebook page trying to energize their followers. I am sure that the retarded version of Sherlock Holmes from Mississauga would try to blame it on me again.

While several wars have been raging in the Middle East for years, with hundreds of thousands of people killed, the organizers of the event are obsessed with depriving Israel from the right to self-defence. Of course, the universal pictorial language of cartoons is used. The evil Mossad is taking over the USA by placing a menorah in the hand of the Statue of Liberty:

2014-08-04 12_05_56-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchNetanyahu is smirking above, but here he is caught and charged as a “war criminal” and even looks like Hitler:

2014-08-04 12_07_47-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchAnd the evil Jews determine how the USA sees the world:

2014-08-04 12_06_49-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe poster of those cartoons, “Malik Bey,” is the most active member on the event page, which tells you how important his views are. Just like the other piece of garbage, Eva Bartlett, he is proud of his views and states: “ZIONISTS ARE NEO NAZI TERRORIST PIGS AND SCUM.” That tells you enough about the kind of people, who will show up tomorrow.

2014-08-04 11_59_26-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchNaturally, in his view, there are no more real Jews – all that’s left are the pale-skinned Khazars, who are the usurpers in Israel. Anybody, who disagrees with his opinion, is a “JDL agent.”

2014-08-04 12_01_31-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & march1He is even ready to prove it through another “article”:

2014-08-05 15_01_19-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchDamn, even Scarlett and Woody are not real Jews!

But the spokesman for the “Out of Gaza” event has even more to offer to his bloodthirsty comrades in their struggle against the Jews. The anti-Semite is about to receive albums with the pictures and bios of Jews, who defended Israel, so that they could be tried in the future by the Muslim sadists:

2014-08-04 12_05_02-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe Hamas terrorists are ready and willing to try their enemies with the help of the docile western lefties:

2014-08-05 14_58_42-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchThe comparison between the Israeli military and the Hitlerists continues below. Naturally, it never comes to his mind that the Muslim terrorists are the ones deserving prosecution. However, as long as world organizations and political parties are governed by airheads like Ban and Justin Trudeau, the Muslim murderers can sleep at night undisturbed.

2014-08-05 14_59_50-(3) ALL OUT FOR GAZA! Toronto rally & marchAs you can see, those evil people are free to spread their threats, anti-Semitism and hatred any way they want.

There are no repercussions.

There is no backlash from the media.

Very soon they will start killing their opponents and the media would shrug it off, just as they did it in Theo van Gogh’s case: it’s bad, but if he didn’t enrage the Muslims, he would’ve been alive. Gradually, the mainstream media prepares us for the acceptance of Islam, the world’s most repulsive and violent cult.

Tomorrow’s event is not just about Israel – the destruction of Israel is simply a tiny step toward the establishment of Islam’s supremacy in the West. Acknowledging the danger and confronting it is crucial, if we want to survive as a civilization.

The least we can do is to attend a rally and confront the barbarity. Sure, it is not going to change the world, but it will show the Muslim thugs and their lefty sidekicks that people are not willing to surrender. They don’t want to live in a medieval society with stonings, genital mutilation, paying taxes for not being Muslim and all other consequences, which follow when a civilized country falls under the blows of Muslim savagery.

Let’s make a stand tomorrow.

Let’s show that Canada is not going to surrender.


© 2014

The Montreal Police Allegedly Forces a Blogger to Remove a JDL-Canada Related Post


It came to our attention that the police in Montreal have strongly “influenced” a blogger to remove a post. The post covered a meeting of JDL-Canada, which took place in Montreal – the organization considers expansion in several major Canadian cities. The reason is not vanity, but necessity. The Muslim fascists in the past limited their actions to drawing swastikas on synagogues. Now they beat and kick Jews; it is only a matter of time before they start killing.

Our government has done little to curb the violence. During the beating in Toronto, the police refused to arrest the perpetrators. They reluctantly started to act only after being forced by the public outrage. The recent case in Calgary was worse – women were punched and kicked by Muslims, but nobody so far has been arrested. JDL-Canada can provide at least some protection.

The blog post was completely benign – it simply provided information and nobody would’ve been mad at it, other than the Muslim fascists. It was deleted, but it still survives in the Google cache (thanks, BCF). During the last elections in Ontario, the Toronto Police told us who to vote for. Now the Montreal Police tells us what we can write about. The restriction of freedom of speech is a major sign of a totalitarian police state.

Therefore, the post is republished here, first as a text and then in its authentic form as a screenshot from the original site:

Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal

Over 50 people attended a meeting with leaders of the Toronto chapter of the Jewish Defence League at a secret location in Montreal.

The meeting was a response to the recent string of anti-Semitic incidents that had taken place in Montreal and the surrounding areas, which included a French tourist getting sucker punched in the face, fireworks thrown at Tosh Chassidim, and a swastika-bearing car driving through the streets of Montreal.

The meeting was very secure, with at least 10 members of Toronto’s JDL keeping watch outside and all attendees going through a metal detector.

Julius Suraski opened the event by announcing that the JDL is not a vigilante group. Rather, it’s a socially conscious group of Jews from all different backgrounds whose objective is to change the mentality of the Jewish community from one of ‘sha shtill’ to ‘never again’. “In Toronto we work together with police services and with all levels of government, both provincial and federal,” said Suraski. “We are dealing with an enemy not interested in sitting at a table to work out a solution. They are interested in genocide and they clearly state it in their charter and at their demonstrations.”

Meir Weinstein, National Director of the Canadian Branch of the Jewish Defence League, briefly shared the history of the JDL in Canada, and spoke about the former and current enemies of the Jewish community. “In the 80s we were fighting neo-Nazi groups and Nazi war criminals,” said Weinstein, pointing out the JDL’s successes in harassing Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, shutting down Neo-Nazi organizations, and exposing Nazi war criminals hiding in Canada. “Nowadays we are battling Muslim extremists.”

According to Weinstein, the JDL was successful in organizing the cutting of funding to the Palestine House in Toronto, who was receiving over a million dollars in Federal Grants and were fundraising for Hamas. In Canada, it is a criminal offence to raise funds for listed terror organizations such as Hamas or Hezbollah. “In Montreal we have identified two similar organizations,” noted Weinstein. “We would like to expose them with rallies, to bring awareness to their illegal activities. We need to shine a spotlight on those who call for the extermination of Jews so they don’t grow and gain more support.”

During the Question and Answer period, Weinstein asked people to contact the JDL if they would like to help. He also announced the need for someone to take on a leadership role in the founding of the Montreal chapter of the Jewish Defence League, and discussed the JDL’s reputation as a terrorist organization, which he claims was “created by our enemies, when in fact the only correlation of the JDL to terrorism or any vigilante activity comes from a leaked memo listing the personal opinion of an FBI agent.”

By Zvi Hershcovich

2014-08-05 23_38_48-Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal - Bill 613.com2014-08-05 23_39_28-Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal - Bill 613.com2014-08-05 23_40_03-Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal - Bill 613.com2014-08-05 23_40_40-Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal - Bill


Olivia Chow Hangs Out with Scary Muslim Fanatics



I probably shouldn’t say that, but I am concerned about Olivia’s campaign. Not because she may lose the election (that’s given), but because she makes a fool of herself with regularity, which is as predictable as the movements of the planets. I am not sure, if we owe this to her own “genius” or her inept campaign manager, but it works.

We saw her flying to communist China to beg for votes; getting the endorsement of the mentally disturbed Iron Sheik (who hates Hulk Hogan for supposedly being homosexual); even using the World Cup to trash Rob Ford.


Olivia Chow with the Iron Sheik (source: Sun News)

With the ending of the Muslim Ramadan seen as another chance for publicity, Olivia didn’t miss the opportunity to do again something weird. At a “community Eid dinner” she was hosted by Imam Omar Sudebar (The Islamic Society of Peel, Brampton) and even posed for a photo with him, which she later shared proudly with her Twitter followers.

omar subedar with olivia chowAgain, in her zeal to go after every vote that could go her way, she failed to do her homework. Thanks to people like the journalist and security expert Jonathan Halevi, who follow characters like Imam Omar, I can give you more information about Olivia’s new friend.

When the horrible terrorist group ISIL (a.k.a. ISIS) conquered a large part of Syria and Iraq to create the new Muslim “Caliphate,” Imam Omar shared the exciting news with his Facebook friends. One of his pious followers asked a question about the new Arab state: “In your opinion are they setting up an Islamic state properly according to the ruling?”

Now, if you haven’t lived under a rock for the last year, you would know that ISIS represents the most disgusting and sadistic forces of Islam. They have beheaded, burned, shot, maimed, crucified, buried alive and expelled thousands and thousands of Christians and Muslims. Even a large number of Muslims abhors them. The question about whether they set up a “proper” Islamic state is absurd.

The Imam’s answer speaks for itself: “There’s too little that we really know of them to really tell.”

He doesn’t feel the need to condemn the world’s most violent terrorist group.

omar subedar isis facebookAnd that Muslim monster is Olivia’s new friend.

Way to go, Olivia!

But wait, there’s more!

Imam Omar was one of the people, who in 2012 published a Muslim declaration on women’s rights. How does he see the rights of women in Islam? In an article on the same topic he explains (quoted by Halevi):

If for some reason the wife becomes stubborn, arrogant or disobedient even after the husband is doing his part then Allah has introduced a three point dispute resolution plan, by mentioning, “But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance then;

… 2. Forsake them in bed: If the problem persists after exercising the first measure then the husband should refrain from having sexual relations with her.

3. Strike them: If the problem still does not get resolved then as a final resort Allah has permitted the husband to discipline his wife by striking her, however this does not imply that Allah is promoting domestic violence. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has made it very clear that the beating should not be agonizing in any shape or form. He mentioned in his sermon during the ‘Farewell Pilgrimage’, “…and hit them lightly.” Ibn Jareer has recorded in his ‘tafseer’ that `Ataa asked Ibn Abbas (R.A.) to define ‘hitting lightly’. Ibn Abbas (R.A.) explained, “(To hit) with a miswak (a wooden tooth stick) or something similar.” If one were to practically experiment hitting himself with a miswak he would immediately come to realize that he can barley even inflict any pain on himself let alone others. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has also instructed, “Do not strike the face and do not censure (your wife)…” (Sunan Abu Däw?d). This clearly shows that verbal and physical abuse is not being encouraged in this verse at all and that they are clearly prohibited in Islam. On one occasion many women had visited the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) family to complain about their husbands beating them. Consequently the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) admonished their husbands publically by stating, “Many women have encircled Muhammad’s family complaining about their husbands. Those men are not the best of you.” (Sunan Abu Däw?d)…

The objective of striking her lightly is to discipline her and to make her realize that what she is doing is unwarranted.

Should I remind you again that this wife-beating fan is Olivia’s new friend? I thought she was a feminist.

She probably picked up some of his “Muslim feminist” advice, because she showed up in another mosque dressed like a real obedient Muslim woman (h/t Ho Hum).
2014-08-06 00_09_22-Twitter _ oliviachow_ Great exchange with friends ...She is complete – with hijab and a Muslim robe. However, the most ridiculous part is the tweet: “Great exchange with friends in Etobicoke this afternoon. People are looking fwd to progressive change.”

Well, I understand the necessity of fake politeness among politicians, but that is going over the top. The two guys next to her look like they just crawled out of Osama’s cave. If they are “looking forward to progressive change,” I have a nice piece of swampland in Florida to sell you.

Maybe her new Muslim buddies would be interested to know that the pious hijab woman with Chinese accent, who visited their mosque, organized just a month ago the biggest, baddest drag queen show in the history of Toronto’s Gaytown. And she pimped out expertly her “performers” on Facebook.

olivia-chow-drag-queen-party-10Then, at the Dyke March, she posed with a few very liberated voluptuous girls:


What would Imam Omar say about this?

I wouldn’t repeat what the Imam and the weird guys in the mosque would say about the drag queens and the topless girls before stoning them to death. (And they may save a few stones for the NDP Queen.) I don’t think that Olivia is so stupid that she won’t know how Islam treats such activities.

Nothing surprising here. Once again we see a politician without conscience and morals, who could do and say anything to get elected.

This is the new normal in Canada.


© 2014

Rob Ford and the Amazing Caribana Girls



This year’s Caribana Carnival was held right in the middle of the Mayoral campaign in Toronto. It was natural to expect most of the candidates to show up. And they did! Rob Ford’s presence wasn’t a surprise – he had said many times that he loves the festival and he attends it every year.

And why shouldn’t he? It’s a cheerful event with normal people, who really enjoy fun and dancing. As usual, the Mayor blended quite well in the festivities, surrounded by all those girls, who were happy to dance with him.


Dancing with the girls


The fun continues

And surely, the same thing happened as at every place where Rob Ford goes – people lined up to take pictures with him.

2014-08-03 22_49_13-Rob Ford, mayoral rivals draw attention at Caribbean Carnival parade - The GlobeHow did the rest of the candidates for Toronto’s top job fare?

Well, David Socnacki was present. In the picture from his tweet (included along with some of the other pictures in the Globe and Mail coverage) we see him posing with three guys. I am not sure whether he paid to pose with them. With the charisma of a wooden Indian totem pole, which his personality emanates, attracting girls is probably out of the question. Maybe the guys felt sorry for him and decided to show up in the photo before joining the girls.

The old charmer David Socnacki

The old charmer David Socnacki

John Tory didn’t fare much better. He didn’t attract even guys, maybe because, with the odd jewelry he was wearing, he looked like a reject from a voodoo school. Unfortunately, if a stiff white guy tries to look like a Rastafarian, the harder he imitates a black guy, the more ridiculous he gets.

All dressed with no place to go

All dressed with no place to go

I should admit that I secretly hoped that Olivia Chow would miss the festival. Something or somebody maintains in her the delusion that she is an artistic and creative person. She apparently designs her costumes, which look atrocious (like the one she wore last year). In the picture that the hijabed correspondent of the Globe and Mail tweeted (didn’t her imam informed her that the Caribana is a godless haram festival?), she says that Olivia got up at 6:30 a.m. to put together the top of her costume.

I could’ve assembled that monstrosity in twenty minutes.

The Caribana scarecrow

The Caribana scarecrow

It seems that Rob Ford was the only person, who didn’t pose and had genuine fun just being himself.

The other stiffs are simply not suited for such environment. They felt much better at the homosexual parade, where many people just like them tried very hard to look happy. It is not easy to have fun when you are surrounded by naked fat guys with pimples on their asses, who find it perfectly normal to flaunt their penises in front of children in downtown Toronto.


The parade that Chow, Tory, and Socnacki loved

The floats that the three of them paid for with campaign money competed with those naked perverts. The fact that Rob Ford has always said that he felt uncomfortable in that freak parade, has been constantly used against him.

In the comments to the article the grumpy lefties expressed their displeasure with Ford having fun.

“Junction citizen” complained: “Middle of the afternoon on Saturday, beautiful day… Where were Ford’s wife and kids, again? Oh, no, he’s busy grinding on half-naked strange women… Class act, that Rob Ford.”

Of course, if Ford was grinding on naked homosexuals (like Chow or Tory), he’d become the downtown idol. And were Ford to skip the Caribana, the same guy would comment that he is a racist. Speaking of racism, another Globe and Mail leftard didn’t miss the opportunity to throw that accusation at Rob Ford.

Somebody, who perceptively calls himself “Ratbag1,” says:

Well, Ford is either very brave or extremely stupid, or perhaps both. But anyone who’d show himself at Caribana after having been videotaped using the “n” word possesses a minimum of one of these qualities.

Another ignorant idiot – the stupid accusation of racism deserves a separate article (coming soon).

Seeing the Caribana parade and Rob Ford in it, is a pleasant distraction from the dreary politically correct reality in Toronto.


© 2014

Reserve Thieves – Indian Chiefs Rip Off Canada



The Indian reserves are some of the most worthless institutions in Canada. Created to preserve the traditional lifestyle of Stone Age tribes involved in hunting and gathering, they have outlived any usefulness they ever had. The enviro-wackos outlawed hunting and fur trade long time ago. All self-respecting and industrious Indians left the reserves ages ago. Those who remain are the weak, who can’t cope with the real world, or the junkies and addicts.

Nevertheless, those 600 Indian villages are referred to as “First Nations,” which creates the false impression that they are sovereign states, but their most valuable advantage is that through the reserves the government siphons billions and billions of dollars to the Indians. And where there is money, another group of people appears like fruit flies around peaches – the politicians.

Theresa clarifies the issue of the missing millions

Theresa clarifies the issue of the missing millions

The Indian politicians – chiefs, councillors, advisers – are a class of their own. They can operate like the Italian Mafia, but with none of the repercussions that could threaten the Mafia. The secret is simple – any time a federal bureaucrat catches them with their hands in the jar, they can cry racism, discrimination or a trauma suffered by their granduncle in a residential school.

When an auditor discovered last year that over $100 million disappeared from Grand Thief Theresa Spence’s reserve, nothing happened to her and her clique, just as almost anybody expected.

The chief can distribute the money coming to the reserve from the taxpayers like a dictator. That explains the constant fights among the Indian chiefs. Recently a revolt led by Crazy Pam ousted the grand chief Atleo; somebody else needed the access to the money.

When last year the Harper government came up with the transparency law, which makes obligatory for the Indian politicians to reveal their salaries, Crazy Pam and the whole Idle No More movement got their panties in a twist. Harper was labeled a racist, who wants to humiliate the proud keepers of Turtle Island. The simple truth was that any transparency was going to expose the thieves, who control the reserves.

That’s exactly what happened – the information started already to come out and the revelations are outrageous. And as of now, we still don’t have all the numbers; things will get worse.

But Metro Vancouver’s Kwikwetlem First Nation has published, and the website shows that economic development officer and Chief Ron Giesbrecht was paid $914,219 in remunerations and $16,574 in expenses for the financial year ending March 31, 2014.

Unlike the regular Canadian suckers, who provide their tax money to the reserves, the reserve Indians don’t pay taxes; they only take. In order to keep that much money after tax, a regular sucker should make nearly $2 million gross. He must work hard for that much dough, while the lazy chief gets the money for doing nothing. I said for doing nothing, because the information reveals another scandalous fact:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada reports the Kwikwetlem band has a registered population of 37 and 33 people living on the reserve.

So the lazy chief steals over $900,000 to manage a tiny group of people… ooops, nation.

This is how Canada is going down the drain.

But the greedy tribe is not going to stop its mooching activities:

Earlier this month, the Kwikwetlem claimed title to all lands associated with now-closed Riverview Hospital in Metro Vancouver and other areas of its traditional territory, citing the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Tsilhqot’in v. British Columbia.

They are well on their way to extort tens of millions of dollars from the City of Vancouver. If you remember, the idiots of the City Council declared that all the city land belongs to the Indians.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg that is about to hit Canada. Other chiefs also grab whatever they can:

The O’Chiese First Nation of Rocky Mountain House, Alta., reported Chief Darren Whitford received remunerations of $164,453 and travel and meeting expenses of $100,778. The First Nation’s six councillors reported remunerations starting at just over $102,261 and expenses starting at $27,433.

The band’s total population reported by Statistics Canada in the 2006 census was 450.

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation in the northwestern, B.C., community of Atlin also published a document showing a salary of $72,800 to band spokesman John Ward and travel expenses $6,400.

The solution is simple – the Indian Act must go. It is an outdated colonial and racist law, which gives undeserved privileges to the Indian tribes. Although the chiefs receive billions, nobody knows how much of that reaches the ordinary Indians (judging from the pictures of their houses, it’s probably not that much).

The reserves must go, along with the Indian Status and the “First Nations” charade. The Indians must live like everybody else, with the same rights and obligations. That way they’ll be able to achieve success on their own, instead of waiting for the mercy of crooks, who wear feathers on their heads.

We all are Canadians.

© 2014

Muslim Fascists Shout “Heil Hitler” at Calgary Demonstration



After witnessing an ugly scene of Muslims punching and kicking Jews and Christians at a Calgary demonstration last month, we just learned about another repugnant display of Muslim bigotry. At another demonstration a group of faithful Islamists got into an argument with the opposite side. When they ran out of things to say to make their point (logic and persuasion has never been a strong point of Islam), they started shouting “Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!”

h/t LRC via BCF

It is hard to believe that this is happening in a Canadian city. The myth of Canada as a country, where we love each other and live in a beautiful multicultural paradise, is being shattered daily and only the mainstream media and the wilfully blind idiots don’t want to notice that. Even the traditional scarecrows, the white supremacists, for whom the hate speech laws were created, haven’t had the courage to shout in public such open praise to Hitler and Nazism.

The white supremacists in Canada have almost disappeared, but it looks like before that, they had successfully passed the torch to the Muslims. Islam and especially the Muslim Brotherhood have been staunch supporters of Adolf Hitler. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was his good friend. Muslims truly admired his anti-Semitism. When you look at the Muslim fascists in the video, you can’t miss the fact that they copied even their haircuts from the anti-Semitic skinheads. That’s probably part of the continuity.

There is something, which is hard to ignore in both events. It’s the lack of police. During the first demonstration they were simply missing, which gave the Muslim terrorists enough time to punch and beat women. Now you can see them in the video, but when the Muslims start shouting, the police are watching them benevolently, as if nothing happened.

If that was a skinhead event with the same chant, we would see batons flying toward their heads. However, Muslims are immune to any hate speech law. No Muslim has even been charged under those laws, regardless of how repugnant his or her views are.

Even Saima Jamal, under whose watch people were kicked and punched at the first demonstration, wants to see herself as an angel of peace, appearing with the Muslim Mayor Nenshi and his lefty friends. She even apologized for the violence, but only after she got caught. Before that she didn’t miss the opportunity to express on Facebook her joy from assaulting the small group of protesters.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMGloating over the Jewish misfortune, she wrote with a true Dr. Evil enthusiasm: “Bahaha… after today, they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live. Atleast [sic] not Merle and his friend.”

So what happens, if they show up again? Are Saima’s goons going to punch and kick them again?

And what happens after “Heil Hitler”? Yellow Stars of David painted on Jewish businesses? Bullets?

In his post about the event Blazingcatfur wrote a bitterly critical piece about our immigration policy. And he’s correct – it seems that the government goes out of its way to bring to Canada people, who don’t have even the slightest intention to adapt or share our values. Islam has always been based on violence and suppression of everybody, who doesn’t agree with that cult.

As a result, we see violence and vitriolic hatred. The Jews, as usual, are just the beginning – the real purpose of Islam is conquering the world. Beatings and “Heil Hitler” chants are just small steps toward achieving the main goal. Calgary is already a major source of Muslims terrorists, who go to fight Christians abroad. In a recent ISIS video, a Muslim from Calgary, fighting in Syria, honestly said that they were coming here to destroy Canada.

There is no reason to doubt his and his cronies’ intentions.

Meanwhile, such events are considered too insignificant to disturb the pleasant slumber of the government, the media, and the mainstream Jewish organizations.

Is there anybody out there?

© 2014

Ted Belman – the Editor of Israpundit – in Toronto on August 7

Ted Belman is one of the best bloggers, who covers the issues about Israel and the related problems of the Middle East. His blog – – is an invaluable source of useful information. Ted is sought after as a political expert in his field.

Originally from Toronto, he is coming back to his hometown to make a presentation about the latest developments in the Middle East. You will have the opportunity to hear him on August 7, 2014, at 7:45 p.m. at the Shaarei Tefillah Congregation, 3600 Bathurst St., Toronto.

Please see the attached ad for details.



Toronto Rally against the Israeli Jews with Sid Ryan, CUPE Fred and NDP Communists



Another rally was held yesterday in Toronto with the demand to stop Israel’s actions against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The use of the phrase “against the Israeli Jews” in the title would probably cause a fierce reaction from the participants – after all, they’ve worked hard for years to master the little trick of attacking “Zionists” in public to distance themselves from the classical anti-Semitism. They even employ token Jews to enforce their point (like the kapos in the Warsaw ghetto under German control).

The situation reminds me of what Jesus said: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20) Regardless of how hard those people try to use the “anti-Zionist” trick, it is more and more difficult to hide their animosity against the Jews at large, which is the true nature of their views. Israel is the home of over 6,000,000 Jews and if all the demands of the demonstrators against the Jewish state are fulfilled, the latter would quickly disappear.

Here is the movie from the demonstration, but please first read this article to get more details:

For starters, on their event’s Facebook page they went for the old and tried “blood libel” charge – the evil Jewish cannibals truly enjoy Palestinian blood. The new twist is that now they do it through Starbucks coffee. A participant was quick to add: “I did not know that Starbucks is owned by the bloody Jews?”

Here is a screenshot of the “witty” ad (saved in case they delete it):

2014-07-30 15_04_03-(1) Solidarity With Gaza_ City-wide Protest and March, July 30th, 6pm, Yonge-DunSome even thought that the government was involved in an elaborate weather conspiracy to spoil the anti-Semitic fun: “Through cloud seeding done by Canadian Air Force you can be assured there will be thunderstorms today at the time of this much awaited rally and demonstration. The fascists will “spoil the party” – CSIS insider.

It seems that CSIS should work harder on that type of sabotage – the thunderstorm came at 3 p.m. and ended quickly, missing the demonstration.

2014-07-30 15_11_46-(1) Solidarity With Gaza_ City-wide Protest and March, July 30th, 6pm, Yonge-DunThe chants that dominated the demonstration clearly called for the destruction of Israel (you can see that in the movie from the event). “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” If Arab “Palestine” is expanded from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, there is no other choice but to push the Jews into the sea. How isn’t this anti-Semitic?

2014-07-31 13_03_34-(1) Solidarity With Gaza_ City-wide Protest and March, July 30th, 6pm, Yonge-Dun

Also, the professionally printed signs that the demonstrators carried called for boycotting the Israeli “apartheid”; boycotting Israeli products; halt to the arming of Israel; military embargo against Israel. If all those boycotts are put into practice, you don’t need to be the Prophet Daniel to foresee what is going to happen to the tiny Jewish state in the sea of Muslim savagery. How isn’t this anti-Semitic?


A prominent guest of the event was Judy Rebick, a person, who has called Israel a “racist state.”

2014-07-30 15_30_24-(1) Solidarity With Gaza_ City-wide Protest and March, July 30th, 6pm, Yonge-DunOK, you may say that Judy and the other loons are not representative of the mainstream. However, a look at the list of the official endorsers of this anti-Semitic event tells a different story:
HOPE21 (Korean Progressive Network in Canada)
Arab Palestine Association
Canadian Iranian Coalition for Peace
Coalition For Tamil Rights (CTR)
Committee of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) – Ontario
Communist Party of Canada
Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC)
Faculty for Palestine
Graduate Research Association of Students in Public Health (GRASP)
Greater Toronto Workers Assembly (GTWA)
Health for All
Independent Jewish Voices Toronto
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN)
NDP Socialist Caucus
No One is Illegal (NOII)
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Ontario Public Interest Research Group – York
Palestine House
Philippine Solidarity Network – Toronto (PSNT)
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA)
Ryerson Students’ Union
Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste
Socialist Project
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – McMaster
Students Against Israeli Apartheid – York (SAIA-York)
Syrian Revolution Club at York University
The Organization for Afrikan Struggles and International Solidarity (OASIS)
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
Toronto Forum on Cuba
Toronto Students for Justice in Palestine (UofT Scarborough)
Women in Solidarity with Palestine
York Federation of Students (YFS)
York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA)
Along with fringe organizations like Independent Jewish Voices, you see two large student unions. There were also representatives of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Canada – the NDP. The same could be said about the influential labour unions. Not only did the powerful union bosses Sid Ryan and Fred Hahn attended, but they also delivered fiery speeches against Israel (you can hear them in the video).


CUPE Fred is happy


The fiery Sid Ryan

One of the bosses of Palestine House (which was involved in assaulting Jews earlier this month) also trashed Israel with a true Hitleresque passion.


The Palestine House guy

The participants gathered on Dundas Square at about 6 p.m. For nearly half an hour they had to compete with the lively Caribbean music from a dancing event nearby. Unlike the Al-Quds rally last Saturday, which was dominated by Muslim fanatics, the lefties and “secular” Muslims dominated this one.


The old sign recycled


Another recycled sign


Jihad Boy arrives

Another old chum, who attended the demonstration was the OISE pride Jenny Peto, who has miraculously transformed herself into a man called Ben.


Ben/Jen Peto leads the masses


Liposuction may help

Another champion of gender fluidity also dropped by. The guy below is a staple at all gay and dyke parades, where he appears naked (as shown in the insert) and promotes the idea that a man with a penis could be a 100% woman, if he wishes so. I wonder if the veiled gargoyle walking next to him would agree with his progressive views.


Trans woman with a penis (this time clothed)

The Iraqi tranny Natasha also found its place in the march, despite the suspicions he/she caused among the participants – supposedly burning an Israeli flag:

2014-07-31 12_52_32-(1) Solidarity With Gaza_ City-wide Protest and March, July 30th, 6pm, Yonge-Dun

In addition to the freaky people, you could see plenty of progressive lefties. Communists of different stripes and a few people from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) were there:


The ancient communist’s pin reads: “Capitalism Is Organized Crime”


OCAP, I don’t think that lying on the ground fights poverty

The signs those people carried, with their swastikas and comparisons between Nazis and Jews, left very little doubt about the nature of their views.


“Gaza = Oschwitz” (why didn’t you learn how to spell?)


“Israel Is a Roguestate” (spelling!)


“One Holocaust Doesn’t Justify Another!”


“It Was Wrong in Auschwitz; It Is Wrong in Gaza!”


“Israel – noun: Rogue state created by ethnic cleansing; specializes in state-terrorism and humanitarian crimes; sponsored by the United States”

After enjoying a few speeches amidst their screams, the participants headed north for a march on Yonge Street. The procession stopped from time to time, so that another guy could jump on top of the truck and deliver another inspirational anti-Israeli speech.


The march

So what did we learn from the demonstration? The lesson is simple:

Be afraid, be very afraid…

We have reached the point, where the “anti-Zionist” mantra can’t hide the true anti-Jewish sentiments. As I said in the beginning, nothing short than the destruction of Israel could comply with the demands of those, who took part in the demonstration.

And despite the media presence at the event, I can guarantee that nobody will cover what was said and shown at it. The symbiosis between the radical Left and the Muslim fanaticism appears to be complete. If many Jews and their supporters keep pretending that nothing happened, because the papers didn’t cover the demonstration, that is not going to help. (Just like bringing flowers and boxes with dates is not going to transform the anti-Semitic organizers of the Al-Quds rally.)

It’s time to take a strong position against that menace.


© 2014

The Three Israeli Rallies in Toronto

Sunday was a long day. A large pro-Israeli rally was scheduled for the early afternoon at Queen’s Park (at exactly the same place, where the day before the Khomeinists held their Al-Quds event). A few hours before I left, I learned that a rally in support of Gaza-Hamas was about to take place at the same time nearby. Its organizer, the notorious Jenny Peto (author of an OISE thesis on Holocaust education as manifestation of “white privilege”) now goes under the name Ben Peto – she mysteriously transformed herself from woman into a man.

I went to his/her rally expecting to see some action, but all I saw were a few lethargic downtown types standing in front of a large sign. Even the bicycle police, who were “guarding” them, looked bored.


The Jenny/Ben (or maybe Jenben) Peto rally

Disappointed, I headed toward Queen’s Park. The picture there was completely different – I saw a large crowd with Israeli, Canadian and even Georgian flags and many signs in support of Israel.


I am approaching the rally


There were people of many nationalities at the event



Jerusalem’s flag


Support Israel


“Jihad: World’s Cancer; Israel: World’s Light”

Many speakers were invited to talk to the participants. All of them emphasized the importance of the defense of Israel as the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East. One of them read a letter from the Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


“Canada stands with Israel”


“Bravo to PM Stephen Harper for Supporting the Truth”


The Sun News reporters


Mark Vandermaas (from Israel Truth Week) speaks


“Turn Hamas into Hummous!”

I met there an elderly handicapped gentleman, who told us how he was attacked the previous day by several Arabs going to the Al-Quds rally. I filmed his talk and will include it in the upcoming movie about the Sunday events.


The person who was attacked

The rally was peaceful – unlike the Al-Quds madness the previous day, there was very little police presence. The order was maintained mostly by JDL-Canada and the Parliament Building’s security. However, it is difficult for an event about the Middle East to remain completely peaceful. On the opposite side there was a handful (no more than 5-6 people) of Arab protesters.

Their loud screams more than compensated for the low numbers. An interesting moment was when Mark Vandermaas proposed a minute of silence for the Arab victims of the conflict – the Muslims ignored it and kept screaming. An especially offensive display was the swastika sign brought by one of them (part of a mock Israeli flag).

Only a dumb Arab scumbag would do something like that at a Jewish rally. When the security tried to remove him, he resisted. In the altercation that followed he was kicked – naturally the police arrested the Jew who did it, placing the anti-Semitic piece of garbage under protection.


The Muslim scumbag proudly posing with his swastika


Under police protection


The Hamas mini-brigade


The anti-Semites moved to the end of the park


Anti-Semitism is perfectly acceptable

This incident didn’t do much to disrupt the high spirit of the pro-Israeli rally. However, the next day the mainstream press didn’t miss the opportunity to make it a major point. That was the same press, which ignored the anti-Semitism and harassment, witnessed at the Al-Quds rally the day before. Looks like the fear of Muslims contributes to the deceptive coverage.

When the rally ended, many participants decided to go to the Israeli Consulate to make their point again. (That was the place, where the Jenny/Ben Peto rally was supposed to finish, but none of them was there.) That second rally attracted many Jewish students and other supporters.


At the Israeli Consulate in Toronto


Singing for Israel


“Israel Has a Right to Exist!”


Honking for Israel



A view from across the street

At about 6 p.m. I left the event and headed toward the Japanese Festival, taking place at Dundas Square. I was surprised to see that the participants in the original Queen’s Park rally had reached that area as well. Some of them were standing in front of the Eaton Centre, a place reserved for preachers and performers of all stripes.


In front of Eaton Centre

The problem with that location is that it is monopolized by a group of wife-beating experts, who peddle there their Islamist propaganda.

Seeing an Israeli flag in the vicinity works on them like a red rag on a rabid bull. They were quick to start an argument, but for some inexplicable reason the police didn’t arrest the Jews for disturbing the Muslim propaganda.


You’re not wanted here


The argument continues

Finally, after listening to that tiny third rally, I crossed the street to see what was going at the Japanese Festival. Even there I saw a few people from the original rally – a few of them took pictures with Mayor Rob Ford, who dropped by.


Rob Ford with IDF supporters

That was a long and tense week. The conflict revealed new sides and facts about both sides. On one hand, it appears that the Jews are waking up. I have never seen before so many of them willing to get on the streets and get their voices heard, outside of the safety of closed halls. On the other hand, the same events revealed how rampant anti-Semitism in Toronto has become. The Muslims make their case for the destruction of Israel openly, without any fear of repercussions.

And why shouldn’t they? The media and the police avoid carefully any confrontations with them and try to blame anything that goes wrong on the other side. It seems that we are approaching a dangerous situation with unpredictable consequences and as history has shown many times, the Jews won’t be the only ones to be affected.


© 2014

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