Miscarriage of Justice – Libel Judgement against Ezra Levant

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The decay of Canada’s values continues with full speed. There is already a judgment in the high-profile libel trial against Ezra Levant, which took place earlier this year. It was started by one of the three Muslim students, who a few years ago tried to destroy Maclean’s Magazine through the human rights commissions with the help of the anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress. The judge in the case just awarded $80,000 plus legal costs to the plaintiff Khurrum Awan.

This monstrous miscarriage of justice will make it easier for every Muslim extremist or anti-Semite to go after his or her critics. With the help of judges who don’t give a damn about the values and the future of Canada, Islam is gradually winning in Canada. Ezra Levant is not going to roll over and take the abuse – he has already expressed his determination to appeal the unjust decision:

Today I lost the lawsuit against me brought by Khurrum Awan, the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

You can read the full ruling here. The judge awarded Awan a whopping $80,000 plus legal costs.

I am reviewing the technical aspects of the ruling with my lawyer. But there is something terrifying, buried in this ruling, that I already know I simply must appeal — all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

On paragraph 166 of the decision, the judge ruled that calling Awan an anti-Semite is defamatory, and that’s one of the reasons I lost, and have to pay him so much money.

But Awan was, at one time, the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, an anti-Semitic organization. At the time Awan was its youth president, the CIC was led by a notorious anti-Semite, Mohamed Elmasry. Elmasry famously went on national TV to state that any adult in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorism. The CIC has publicly called for the legalization of anti-Semitic terrorist groups.

And yet the judge ruled that it is defamatory to call the former youth president of an anti-Semitic organization, anti-Semitic. Because he denied it in court, and said he never knew about his organization’s infamous misconduct.

This is a shocking case of libel chill that should concern anyone who is worried about radical Islam, the right to criticize it, and the right to call out anti-Semitism in the public square.

Read the rest and learn how you can help Ezra here.

Ben Levin’s Child Porn Trial Begins amidst Dead Silence



Before I started attending trials and hearings earlier this year, I never knew that there were so many courthouses in Toronto. This morning I had the chance of visiting a new one, way up north at 1000 Finch Avenue West. It was the place where a hearing concerning Benjamin Rubin Levin, a.k.a. Ben Levin was about to be held.

Ben Levin with the Liberal Royalty in 2013

Ben Levin with the Liberal Royalty in 2013

You may remember that last year, shortly after he appeared in the picture above with Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, and Bob Rae at the annual homosexual parade, Levin was arrested. Shockingly, he was charged with possessing and producing child pornography.

What made the case even more shocking was the status of the accused. Levin was a high official of the Ontario Liberal Party with strong connections to its leadership. He was a Deputy Minister of Education in McGuinty’s government. When Kathleen Wynne took over, he became a member of her “transition team.” Even worse impression made the fact that he was a professor of education at OISE (University of Toronto).

After waiting for over a year, the case finally started moving through the courts. Today’s proceedings were supposed to be a preliminary hearing, but shortly after it started, Levin’s lawyer Clayton Ruby asked for an immediate trial. The request caught the Crown by surprise – they learned about it the night before and didn’t have the time to prepare. There was a recess to sort out the issues, but eventually the Crown agreed to proceed. The main news is that Ben Levin was arraigned and he pleaded not guilty. There were 7 charges in total, all linked to child pornography.

The judge imposed a publication ban to protect the witnesses. The proceedings will resume on Friday at 10 a.m. in room 304 (1000 Finch Avenue West). Ruby appeared with Gerald Chan, partner in his law firm. Ben Levin looked calm and collected; he was accompanied by a male friend (or relative).

Here is the worst part – other than the prosecutors and the lawyers, the courtroom was empty. One may expect that with such high-profile case of alleged sex transgressions against children by a prominent educator (involved in creating the new sex education curriculum) the journalists would be flocking the court, willing to inform the Canadian public about the extraordinary case.

Nothing like that happened. The only representative of the mainstream press was Faith Goldy from Sun News. After the hearing she tried to interview Levin while he was walking toward his car, but he kept his mouth shut with the resolve of a Zen monk.

The fact that a trial with such importance could be ignored by all prominent journalists is not a big surprise. The media in Canada is morally bankrupt; they have given up on their most important purpose – to inform the public on vital issues. They are much more interested in manipulating the public’s mind according to questionable and often harmful principles. They are ready to spend thousands of dollars to find out what Rob Ford smoked after work or at which tree he peed late at night, instead of following the case of a potential predator, who might have harmed children (of course at this point nothing has been determined – Mr. Levin may turn out to be as innocent as heaven’s angel or guilty as hell, that’s why he is having his day in court; however, the media must report about it).

I suspect that the media’s passionate love affair with the Liberal Party is at the bottom of that indifference. They would crucify a conservative for the smallest transgression, but will give a free pass to the crooks of Queen’s Park, who squandered billions of dollars on cancelling gas plants, eHealth, global warming scams and countless other schemes. The extended halo of the Liberal Party is big enough to protect Mr. Levin from being discussed in the press.

And there are so many questions to be asked. The scandalous sex education curriculum, which was shelved in 2010 after strong protests, is being brought back under the pressure of many “progressive” and homosexual groups. Only this time everything is done in secrecy – the curriculum hasn’t been published and only “select” limited number of parents will be allowed to see it and comment on it with only 30 words (h/t Marvin).

What do Kathleen Wynne and educators like Ben Levin have to hide? Is the curriculum so outrageous that it has to be imposed in secrecy to avoid backlash?

Judging from the stuff they teach kids at OISE, Mr. Levin’s employer, they have quite a few things to hide. At a conference last year aimed at promoting the homosexual school clubs – “gay-straight alliances” – to over 100 underage children, OISE promoted things that no reasonable person would see as appropriate.

Right in the middle of the library, two black gay guys were holding a workshop with underage girls on how to put a condom on a rubber black penis (if you don’t believe it, there is a video of that in the linked post); an organization was recruiting gay kids for intergenerational fun with old homosexuals; there were even booklets by the Government of Ontario with tips on how to work as a tranny hooker (with the disastrous economy under Kathleen Wynne that could become a viable job option).

The largest workshop at the conference was taught by a sex pervert, who was into BDSM, plain sadism and erotic choking (no, it wasn’t Jian Ghomeshi).

And of course you’ll never find that anywhere in the media – protecting children from perverts and predators is not a trendy cause; it may offend and enrage the homosexual lobby.

Is it any wonder that the alleged sex crimes of Ben Levin are being met with dead silence by the Canadian media?

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Tense but Peaceful Standoff – JDL-Canada at Palestine House



As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Nazi Khatatba, one of the head honchos of Palestine House, said about the planned JDL-Canada vigil “you are welcome in the Palestine House if you didn’t learn the lesson from [your] last visit.” Despite the implied threat, yesterday’s event was peaceful. Apparently, the Arabs were those who learned the lesson that beating Jews in Canada is not a very profitable venture.

The event started at 2 p.m. when the JDL-Canada members and their supporters gathered across the street from Palestine House. Unlike the last time, when the Arabs brought in a huge violent crowd, very few people opposed the vigil.


Palestine House (with the reflections of the protesters)

The supporters of Hamas were hiding inside and you could see them behind the glass door and the windows – grumpy and unfriendly, but avoiding direct confrontation. A few of their photographers walked in front of the House diligently taking pictures and filming the protesters.


Hamas and Che Guevara are a perfect match

I spotted just one “friend” from the previous fight. Despite the quasi-military camouflage jacket, this time he was peaceful – nervously smoking and “patrolling” the parking lot.



Peacefully walking…

…and attacking Jews in better times

…and attacking Jews in better times

The lack of physical confrontation was compensated by something that resembled a musical duel. The Arabs placed near the sidewalk powerful loudspeakers, which blasted horrible Arab music and jihad rap. JDL matched the challenge with its own source of music, which was just as loud. Still, this was much better than a fistfight.

There were more representatives of the media at this protest and they kept walking around with their cameras and microphones trying to figure out why the two groups stood against each other. From listening to their questions, it was painfully clear that most of the cute reporters knew very little about the Muslims extremism that caused the protest. And I don’t think that the “Palestinian” side explained the situation.


“I know nuthin’”

JDL-Canada and their supporters brought Canadian and Israeli flags. The signs they carried condemned the Arab terrorism and opposed the destructive work of Palestine House, which for years has been a major support centre of Hamas, PLO and other anti-Semitic terrorist organizations. Some of the leaders of the House have personally expressed anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist ideas.


“Shut Down Palestine House”


The flags



“Criminal Charges against Palestine House”

After singing the Canadian National Anthem and Hatikvah, the JDL-Canada Director for Ontario Julius Suraski explained why the group organized the protest – to oppose the harm done by Palestine House. Then he introduced the National Director Meir Weinstein, who gave an emotional speech. He exposed the devious nature of that institution, which, under the guise of “cultural centre” promotes hatred. That doesn’t help education or integration. Even the defunding of Palestine House (which used to get $1 million yearly in government funding) didn’t serve as a wakeup call. They continued to do exactly what they were doing before. The only solution is to shut down that harmful institution.


Julius Suraski and Meir Weinstein

Weinstein was followed by a few words by Vera Held and a short speech by Mark Vandermaas (the founder of Israel Truth Week). He reminded the participants that organizations like Palestine House obfuscate and distort the truth about the Middle East. Their main target is Israel, which they want to delegitimize, hiding the fact that its land was recognized by the international community in 1922 as a home of the Jews.


Mark Vandermaas

Here is a short movie, which shows highlights from the event:

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Why JDL-Canada Will Hold a Protest at Palestine House Tomorrow



On Sunday, November 23, JDL-Canada is going to hold a vigil for the latest victims of the Palestinian terrorism in Israel – the four Jewish rabbis and the Druze policeman, who were killed by Arabs in Jerusalem. This is the third similar event in the last few years. The first one was to commemorate the extermination of the Fogel family by Muslim terrorists, the second took place just a few months ago after the kidnapping and brutal murder of three Jewish teenagers in Judea and Samaria.

The vigil will start at 2 p.m. across the street from Palestine House and the address is:

It is not an accident that the event is held in front of that “institution.” Palestine House is a well-known nest of supporters of the Muslim terrorism and Hamas. Anti-Semitism is the norm at that place. Last year, at the annual Al-Quds rally in Toronto, Elias Hazineh, former official of the House, called for the Jews in Jerusalem to be shot. This summer at a pro-Hamas rally another official called for a third intifada, which has to be carried out by the “Palestinian” diaspora as well, thus promoting terrorism in Canada. Naturally, in our politically correct society both of them got away with promoting violence.

It was a disgrace that this anti-Semitic institution was receiving millions of dollars in federal funding. It took years to stop that. The lack of taxpayers’ funds did little to curtail their vicious propaganda. A major mouthpiece of that propaganda is the newspaper published in that place (in Arabic) – Meshwar. Thanks to its editor Dr. Nazih Khatatba the Arabs can enjoy what is considered humour in their circles, like the blood libel cartoon, which appeared recently in Meshwar.

meshwar3After the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Palestine House’s officials made sure to make public their joy that Jews have been killed. In an editorial Khatatba called for an armed fight against Israel (the quotes, which follow have been translated by Jonathan Halevi and posted on his blog):

“While confronting the Israeli racist activities in al-Quds [Jerusalem] and the repeated incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque, the people of al-Quds and the Palestinians in the [West] Bank and the areas of ’48 [meaning the State of Israel] had to react and even with primitive ways available to them according to the circumstances in order to counter the occupation. The security apparatuses of the Palestinian Authority and the occupation cannot spot [in advance] and thwart the newly innovated modes of operation like the ‘run-over’ and stabbing operations in al-Quds, Tel Aviv and the West Bank. [Based on that] observers believe that its [‘run-over’ and stabbing operations] scope will expend into a new intifada…”

“The adherence to the heritage of Yasser Arafat [founder of Fatah, PLO and Palestinian Authority], his principles and fundamental positions, for the sake of which he and tens of thousands were martyred, will come through continuing the path of national reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas] based on sound foundations, achieving national unity [between Fatah and Hamas], supporting and assisting the national unity government and adhering to the option of all-out struggle with the rifle, which for its protection Yasser Arafat and thousands of martyrs died.

“There is a need to reconsider the functions and missions of the [Palestinian] Authority in a way that its first and main mission will be supporting and assisting the all-out struggle and this requires the immediate cessation of the security coordination [with Israel] and the security cooperation with the occupation…”

And of course to make sure that the call for turning the Palestinian Authority into a Hamas-like entity (not that there is a big difference at this point) that will deal with killing Jews, the mad doctor adds another dose of Arab humour – cartoon where a tiny Jew is about to be crushed by the jihad wheel.

run over cartoonThe fans of Muslim terrorism are good at using the social media to promote their cause or simply to make threats. The same doctor wanted to convey to the Jews the message that what he promotes as the fate of Israel also applies in Canada. Referring to the planned vigil on the 23rd of November, he warned JDL-Canada on his Facebook page:

The Jewish [Defence] League [JDL Canada] decided to hold a sit-in in front of the Palestine House next Sunday to protest against comments posted on Facebook with regard to the events in al-Quds [Jerusalem]. It [JDL Canada] blames Nazih Khatatba and Monira Kitmitto [both are board member of the Palestine House] of incitement of terrorism and antisemitism. You are welcome in the Palestine House if you didn’t learn the lesson from [your] last visit [on July 3, 2014].”

The previous event (on July 3) that the mad doctor refers to was the previous protest, where the Arabs crossed the line of verbal anti-Semitism and physically attacked the participants. A Japanese woman was pushed and the racist Arabs yelled racist slurs at her. A few other people were beaten with wooden sticks and one had to be taken to the hospital.

MVI_0217015MVI_0217102As if that wasn’t enough, Khatatba even boasted in another Meshwar editorial, published in issue 108, July 11 2014, page 6 (translated from Arabic by Jonathan Halevi):

“Had the Police not intervened with very large forces, a massacre would have occurred, as the Palestinians were very provoked…”

Evidently, the rabid Arabs are bringing their intifada to the streets of Canada.

Proving that in those circles women are as evil as men, another Palestine House celebrity joined the Canadian intifada. I mentioned that in another post, but let me say again that the board member Monira Kitmitto used Facebook to praise the two Muslim terrorists.

monira kitmitto facebook postHer comment (translated by Halevi) was:

“In al-Quds [referring to the massacre of Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem synagogue on November 18, 2014] like in the Galilee, the [West] Bank, Gaza and the Negev [referring to similar terrorist attacks carried out recently by Palestinians], in spite of the consecutive tragedies there is a spirit of manhood in the air and heroism on the ground. Ghassan and Udai Abi Jamal [the Palestinian cousins who murdered with a handgun, an axe and a knife 4 rabbis and wounded 8 in Jerusalem massacre], you are role models and an example [for others]. Glory to both of you and to all [others who committed similar operations].”

In the poster showing a man holding a long knife in front of the photograph of the two terrorists there was the following caption: “[Ghassan and] Udai Abi Jamal, you are the pride of our nation.”

However, the fiery Monira didn’t stop there. A few days later she posted another sample of Muslim “humour” – a cartoon openly threatening the Jews. An Orthodox Jew is surrounded by the tools that the Muslim savages will use to kill him – axe, knife, car, AK-47.

monira kitmitto nov 19, 2014She added her opinion to the cartoon: “All land under your feet is hell.” Maybe the land under her feet has also become hell, because soon after that she shut down her Facebook page.

Those are truly evil and dangerous people. Make no mistake – if they had the numbers and the weapons, they would slaughter everybody who opposes their satanic cult. Hatred is the only thing that gives a “meaning” to their lives.

I am not saying that to scare you – those people should be exposed and stopped. The same old saying applies here – for the evil to triumph all that is needed is the good people to do nothing.

Let’s all do something, let’s be there tomorrow with JDL-Canada.

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Bill Warner Discusses Political Islam in Toronto



On Monday Dr. Bill Warner, founder of PoliticalIslam.com and one of the most prominent critics of Islam in the USA, had a presentation in Toronto. Trained as a physicist, he brought to the research of the often contradictory and elusive subject of Islam the methods of natural sciences. The result was a clear and meticulous analysis that is very difficult to refute. If you think that his results brought him respect and recognition in the Muslim circles, you are wrong (more on that later).


Bill Warner speaks in Toronto

The event was organized by JDL-Canada. Other than being one of the very few Jewish organizations to confront anti-Semitism openly on the street and in the university halls, JDL-Canada has been inviting to Toronto for years personalities involved in affirming free speech and fighting against Muslim extremism. Those were people, who, according to the mainstream media in Canada didn’t exist or shouldn’t have existed.

That gave us the opportunity to meet the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (attacked and persecuted for drawing the “prophet” Mo) and the Danish free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard, who was nearly killed in his home by a Muslim terrorist. We also met the outspoken British politician Paul Weston, fighter against Islamization, who recently was arrested for quoting Sir Winston Churchill.

Also from England came Gavin Boby – the “mosque-buster” – who is a lawyer working against the Muslim takeover of neighbourhoods. His experience in stopping fanatics from gradually ruining whole areas and buying the houses at very low prices might be soon useful in Canada, especially when we already have attempts at “parking jihad.”

And of course, we will never forget Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. The vilest Muslim fanatics organized a campaign against them and JDL-Canada to ruin (unsuccessfully) the event.

There has never been a dull moment and Dr. Warner was not an exception. The event was sold out; even Tarek Fatah was in the audience and had a discussion with Warner after the lecture.


Bill Warner in discussion with Tarek Fatah

He speaks calmly (though he has a great sense of humour); he is respectful to Muslims and his findings are backed by thorough research, which involves even statistics, yet for years he has been the target of attacks and persecution. He explained that with the deterioration of the public discourse in the USA. While in the past people would’ve said “I disagree with G.W. Bush’s policies, because…” and explain why, now the most common statement would be “Bush is an idiot.” Blackmail is the most common approach, that’s why The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Bill Warner among the top 10 hatemongers of the USA.

(Behind that odious name is hiding a money-making scam. Some scammers push you into MLM, others sell time shares, and SPLC makes money by scaring people. They collect tens of millions of dollars tax-free to “monitor” hate groups. With KKK and neo-Nazis being active many years ago that probably made some sense. Now they have to go after odd targets to justify their existence, like pick-up artists, who teach guys how to seduce girls. Their targets are also the pro-family organizations and of course Bill Warner. However, you won’t find in their list any Muslim organizations, even those that have been indicted and punished for supporting terrorism, like CAIR.)

Maybe the main reason for the leftist blackmail is Bill Warner’s rationality – he always emphasizes that he deals with a rational study of political Islam. He doesn’t deal with Muslims and is only interested in their ideology. In an age, where reason is shunned and feelings and imaginary constructs (like gender fluidity or that you can consider yourself a woman even with a penis) are the “scientific” norm, the rationalism of Bill Warner is an unforgivable sin.

That distinction between the scientific method and the politically correct apologetics was clearly covered in his presentation:

bill-warner-presentation-2Warner sees Islam as a political doctrine – the goal of its creator Mohammed was political expansion. In the early period, while he lived in Mecca, he basically tried to present himself as a new prophet, who continues the Jewish tradition. The result of that was the Meccan part of the Koran, which is more tolerant and humane – Mohammed was trying to attract new followers through persuasion. In the 13 years he spent in Mecca he convinced only 155 people. After he moved to Medina, he turned to violence, jihad, which brought him the real success. That period is reflected in the parts of the Koran that promote violence.

bill-warner-presentation-4bill-warner-presentation-5However, the Koran is not the only source of Islam. There are other scriptures, which contributed to the formation of that ideology and without them the Koran can’t be fully understood. Those are the Sira, interpretations, and especially the Hadiths, a very detailed description of the life of Mohammed and his companions. The Koran comprises only 14% of that, with the Sira being 26% and the Hadiths 60% of the Muslim scriptures. Here Warner emphasized again that he was interested in analysis and criticism mostly of the doctrine of Islam, not in criticizing Muslims.

bill-warner-presentation-6bill-warner-presentation-7Mohammed is the central character of those scriptures. The doctrine is built and revolves around his personality. For example, his early attempt to present himself as a Jewish prophet turned into hostility and rejection of the Jews when the latter rejected him. As a result, he divided the people in the world into two groups – those who follow his religion and the unbelievers, the kafirs. Very large portions of the Muslim trilogy are dedicated to dealing with kafirs. According to Warner, dealing with the kafirs is the essence of the political Islam.

bill-warner-presentation-10bill-warner-presentation-11The political doctrine, which aimed at conquering the world and converting the kafirs, rapidly grew in the Muslim scriptures. In the Meccan part of the Koran, its main tool – jihad – was not mentioned at all, but it dominates the Medinan Koran and the later scriptures. Also, the hostility toward Jews is almost invisible in the Meccan period, but grows later.

bill-warner-presentation-12bill-warner-presentation-13The violent methods adopted by Mohammed and later continued by his followers and heirs achieved great success in converting very large number of people. Islam has a peculiar feature – the doctrines from the early, “peaceful” period coexist with the concepts of the later “jihadist” time without any attempt to reconcile them. That creates a dualism in Islam, which is difficult to understand in the West, where logic is expected to dominate science or any other doctrine. It makes impossible to refute the ideas of Islam – they are simply foreign to consistency or logic.bill-warner-presentation-15

bill-warner-presentation-14The dualism creates ethics, which is inconsistent and justifies deception in the name of advancement of Islam. When we add to the mix the lack of the Golden Rule, i.e. the idea of moral reciprocity, the result is an ugly doctrine, which is destructive and hardly fits in the West.

bill-warner-presentation-16In the end Dr. Warner signed a few books and responded to the questions of the participants.

bill-warner-in-toronto-2© 2014 Blogwrath.com

Muslim Terror and Depravity in Jerusalem



Islam is one of the most peculiar cults on the face of the earth. More of a political ideology than a religion, it lacks even the simplest moral rules that most other religions observe. Instead of the principles of ethics, followed by most people to harmonize their relations, in Islam we find an odd collection of thousands of “fatwas” (religious edicts), which control every aspect of a Muslim’s life.

Since most people are totally ignorant about the nature of that cult, they assume that Islam is just like the other religions, preaching love and acceptance. Many Muslims are aware of that and try to maintain the peaceful façade – you have heard numerous times that “Islam is peace” (in reality it is a mindless submission to allah and Old Mo). At the same time, its true violent nature lurks behind and from time to time cracks the façade. The outbursts of jihad are difficult to ignore by even the most naïve Western admirers of the cult. That’s why Islam has such nightmarish PR problems – even for the greatest masters of taqiyya (the Muslim deceit) it is very hard to reconcile both sides.

The relations between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East (even before the restoration of Israel) are a prime example of that conundrum. No matter whether the Arab organizations fighting Israel consider themselves secular or Islamist, they follow exactly the same path of deceit and ruthless expansion established by the fake prophet in the 7th century.

While Israel time after time had compromised in the name of the elusive “peace” and the even more elusive “two-state solution,” the Arabs have gone through a string of intermittent actions of fake acceptance, complaints, more demands, and, what is essential, even more violence against the Jews. In an individual, those would be the signs of schizophrenic behaviour, but few realize that whole peoples can suffer from the same malady.

The Arabs, who live in Israel and Judea and Samaria have the unique opportunity to benefit from the co-existence with the most prosperous country in the region, which has achieved everything through talent and hard work, not by selling oil. In other Muslim countries those “Palestinians” are treated like slaves, starved or even killed. Yet the crippling mental disease of Islam has closed their eyes – all they can think of is how to continue their jihad and inflict more damage to Israel without realizing that they cause even more damage to themselves (after all, even if they destroy the Jews, they still won’t be able to eat Kassam rockets and knives).

Many outsiders are incapable of understanding that collective schizophrenia and probably think that the odd Arab actions must be a response to some diabolical, Elder-of-Zion-style Jewish plot, which is hard to figure out.

The events, which started this summer with the Hamas rockets against Israel, culminated this morning with an attack against a synagogue in Jerusalem. Two Arab terrorists attacked the praying Jews with a gun, axes and cleavers.

terror-har-nofThe two Muslim animals hacked the people in the synagogue. Four of the injured – Moshe Twersky, Aryeh Kupinsky, Cary William Levine, and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg – died from their wounds. The police were quick to respond, but the terrorists turned against them as well. As a result, the police officer Zidan Sayif, a Druze, was also killed. More than 20 kids became orphans because of that terrorist act.

As one may expect, the coverage in the West was ambiguous and it looked like the words were carefully selected in order not to offend the Muslim extremists. When broadcasting a statement by the Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, CNN used a caption stating “Deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque.” It is hard to determine whether this was an attempt at dark humour or the “great” CNN reporters believed the Arab lies that only Jews can attack in Jerusalem.

cnn181114iiOur Canadian media, which have very little sympathy for Israel, followed close behind. The CBC, which still suffers from the damage caused by its own Muslim sex pervert, covered the terrorist attack in an “unusual” way (h/t Sarah B.). They titled their online coverage “Jerusalem police fatally shoot 2 after apparent synagogue attack.”

Truly strange choice of words – in the body of the story it is stated that two “Palestinian” men armed with axes and knives wounded people in a synagogue. I am sorry, but when two Arab savages start hacking Jews with axes, this is not an “apparent” attack – it is very much a REAL terrorist attack. But the good old lefties from CBC simply can’t fault two Arabs, who are shot by the police. Arabs are always innocent.

cbc-attack-report-2Naturally, the supporters of Muslim terrorism in Canada went even further. Monira Kitmitto, Palestine House board member praised the terrorists in a Facebook statement. (Palestine House is an anti-Semitic Arab club in Mississauga, near Toronto, which has been involved in violence against Jews.) According to the security expert Jonathan Halevi, here is how Ms. Kitmitto expressed her support:

Monira Kitmitto is a Palestinian activist, resident of Oakville who serves as a board member of The Palestine House in Mississauga (Ontario) and is also a member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA). She has worked in Palestinian refugee camps Lebanon and was an active member in the Union of Palestinian Women.

Following the news reports on the massacre carried out by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem synagogue, Monira Kitmitto posted (November 18, 2014) the following on her Facebook page (translated from Arabic):

“In al-Quds [referring to the massacre of Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem synagogue on November 18, 2014] like in the Galilee, the [West] Bank, Gaza and the Negev [referring to similar terrorist attacks carried out recently by Palestinians], in spite of the consecutive tragedies there is a spirit of manhood in the air and heroism on the ground. Ghassan and Udai Abi Jamal [the Palestinian cousins who murdered with a handgun, an axe and a knife 4 rabbis and wounded 8 in Jerusalem massacre], you are role models and an example [for others]. Glory to both of you and to all [others who committed similar operations].”

Monira Kitmitto also posted a poster featuring a man brandishing a long knife and the pictures of terrorists with the caption: [Ghassan and] Udai Abi Jamal, you are the pride of our nation.”

monira kitmitto facebook postThis is the type of snakes that the lenient policies of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” allow to flourish in Canada. Make no mistake, they are waiting for their chance to strike.

And as usual, the Muslims forgot that they are supposed to project the image of compassion and tolerance – in Gaza they started celebrating the massacre with sweets and dances (probably in Palestine House they did the same).

2014-11-18 16_33_41-4 JEWS MURDERED IN SYNAGOGUE TERROR2014-11-18 16_34_59-4 JEWS MURDERED IN SYNAGOGUE TERRORNot much new here – we witnessed the same on September 11, 2001, after the attack in the USA. At the time the leading Muslim PR liars went out of their way to convince us that only a few stupid people did that. With every passing year, after many more terror acts, it became more and more difficult to hide or explain the Muslim jubilation in response to death and terror.

This brings us to our starting point – there is no morality in Islam. Depravity is a norm in that murderous cult. Maybe not all Muslims follow those “principles,” but those who do are strong enough to impose their view on the rest. Islam is incompatible even with the simplest norms of proper behaviour – anything that is different is going to be stomped on and destroyed by its jihad machine.

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Bill Warner on Political Islam – Presentation in Toronto



The prominent American critic of Islam Bill Warner, founder of PoliticalIslam.com,  will have a presentation in Toronto on Monday, November 17, 2014. The event is sponsored by JDL-Canada.

He will speak in detail about the political role of Islam, which through its violent concept of jihad, has been responsible for the murder of over 270 million people.

The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. at the Toronto Zionist Centre, 788 Marlee Avenue (at Lawrence and Allen Expressway). The fee is $15 at the door.

For more information, please call 416-736-7000.


Justin Trudeau Explains How Smart Justin Trudeau Is



Justin Trudeau had an appearance in Toronto earlier this week to promote “his” memoirs “Common Ground.” I already covered the bit where he was confronted by a bunch of crazy anti-oil environmentalists.

However, the most interesting (though boring for most people) part of the presentation were the lengthy reminiscences about his lacklustre childhood and family life, which he unsuccessfully tried to make challenging and exciting. He was desperately pushing the image of an undervalued gem that is as good as any other politician in Canada. Justin went too far praising himself.

In the short video segment below he filed obliged to tell his audience what a great mind he is. During a few seconds missing from the beginning, he said that he wanted to share a secret – his opponents thought that he was not an intellectual and didn’t have deep thoughts, but he was extensively schooled at the dinner table by his famous father.

Father and son delved into philosophy and history, wrapping their minds around problems big and small. So now he has the confidence to confront anybody on an intellectual level.

Well, one can only envy his narcissism, which towers Mount Everest. Normally, advertising your own great mind rakes of desperation – the best policy is to leave to the others to appreciate your greatness by your deeds. But since Justin has not done any deeds worth respect, other to ride the Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s nostalgia to win the Liberal Party leadership, he has no choice but to praise himself. With every passing day he looks more and more like Obama in 2008, when the latter was still able to fool plenty of people.

For starters, to prove his great mind, he could write his own memoirs, instead of outsourcing the task to an almost communist collective of journalists (which included even the “conservative” Jonathan Kay). Another hit for him would’ve been to finally formulate his elusive vision for the future of Canada, which he wants to build after ousting Harper. At this point, the women infatuated by him are influenced mostly by his beautiful hair than by any actual political views (and so is the “anybody-but-Harper” camp).

Enjoy the deep intellectual mind of Mr. Trudeau:

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CIJR Colloquim in Toronto: Gaza and the Media Wars against Israel



Canadian Institute for Jewish Research – Toronto presents the Annual Sabina Citron International Colloquium:

“Gaza and the Media Wars against Israel”

Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Prof. Sally Zerker (York U.)

Steve Emerson –Director, the Investigative Project on Terrorism
Richard Landes – Historian, (Boston U.), “Pallywood” & theaugeanstables.com websites
Diane Bederman – Distinguished Israel-issues journalist
Jonathan Halevi – Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Barbara Kay – Nationally-syndicated National Post writer
Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post)

Shaarei Shomayim Congregation
470 Glencairn Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5N 1V8

$36.00 per person – seniors $ 18.00 – students free; Coffee, Lunch served.
RSVP: 1-855-303-5544, or nelli@isranet.org

For more information, please visit www.isranet.org

CIJR Nov 16 2014 Toronto Media Flyer

More Sharia Justice – Calgary Prosecutor Protects Violent Muslim



The summer of 2014 was marked by mass Muslim demonstrations in Canada in support of Hamas while the terrorist organization was launching hundreds of rockets against Israel. Those demonstrations were far from peaceful – the participants openly displayed terrorist flags, yelled ant-Semitic slogans and even physically assaulted their opponents.

We saw Jews being beaten in Mississauga in front of Palestine House by rabid Muslim Arabs. A few days later we saw a similar event in Calgary, where Muslims punched and kicked women. The mainstream media tried their best to cover up both stories – after all, in the multicultural paradise of Canada such things never happen. Even the police allowed things to deteriorate through their inaction.

Thanks to a few courageous journalists like Ezra Levant and many people, who scoured the internet for video evidence, some of the Muslim barbarians involved are going to face justice. But what kind of justice is that?

It was just reported that one of the accused Muslims has had his day in court in Calgary (h/t BCF):

One of four pro-Palestinian protesters charged in connection with a dust up with Israel supporters in Calgary pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday for sucker-punching a woman.

The offender, who was 17 at the time and can’t be named, admitted striking Samantha Hamilton once in the face as she went to assist her brother, who was being attacked.

As the recent terror attacks in Israel showed, when a girl was killed with a knife, the Arab cowards don’t shy away from assaulting infidel women. Samantha was an easy target for the young Muslim jihadist from Calgary. According to the court records she was assaulted when she tried to help her brother while he was being kicked on the ground:

“As Samantha Hamilton went to her brother’s aid, she suffered one blow, a punch, to the front left side of her face which was delivered by (the teen).”



Samantha Hamilton (right) in Toronto

One may assume that the young criminal would receive what he deserves to help him understand that punching women in Canada in the name of a violent cult is not tolerated. Unfortunately, the prosecutor taught him a very different lesson:

Crown prosecutor Carla MacPhail, who said she will not be seeking any jail time, read in a statement of agreed facts signed by Katrib and his client.

She said the altercation took place during a rally supporting Palestine in the early evening of July 18.

“In view of the protesters, the Israeli military action in Gaza was unjustified and had resulted in the deaths of innocents, including women and children,” MacPhail said of the highly charged event.

A few days ago I wrote about the case of Eric Brazau, a free speech activist, who is going to spend at least five months in jail over a heated discussion about Islam. No violence of any kind was involved in his case.

Such atrocity is possible only under sharia law, where blasphemy is punished severely (Brazau isn’t even sentenced yet – they keep him in jail by refusing bail). Frankly, I didn’t expect that just a few weeks later to witness another case of surrender to the barbaric Muslim law. While somebody is locked up for talking, a violent Muslim gets a free pass after beating a young Christian woman.

Under the existing Canadian laws, that should be considered a hate crime, but they are never applied to Muslims. Can you imagine if it were the other way around – Christian or Jew punching a Muslim? The army of media cowards would cover the event for months, trying to instill guilt over “backlash” against Muslims and the perpetrator would spend years in jail.

But Ms. MacPhail goes even further by trying to whitewash the Muslim crime – the fact that the participants in the pro-Hamas rally hated Israel should have no effect over the way that criminal was treated.

What kind of an excuse is this? Maybe Ted Bundy should’ve been spared, because he was killing women due to his belief that they didn’t like him and his rage was justified. The same principle could’ve been applied to the Nuremberg’s trials – Goering, Hess, Rosenberg and the rest sincerely believed that the Jews controlled everything in Germany and the only way to get rid of them was to exterminate them.

A Crown prosecutor with such views would fit much better in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but disturbingly, she is not afraid to apply them in Canada. Such decision would have devastating consequences – it will embolden every Muslim anti-Semite, because any perpetrated assault would be ignored without any consequences. These were not just a few rogues at the rally. The whole spirit of the event was marred by hatred and hostility. Displaying the trademark Muslim hypocrisy (taqiyya) the organizer of the event Saima Jamal first put on her most compassionate mask to apologize for the violence, then in a Facebook discussion expressed her joy that protesters were beaten.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMIf the leader of the rally is not afraid to express such hatred, is it any wonder that the rest found it perfectly normal to punch women? Maybe next time they’ll bring knives. Those are the people that the prosecutor exonerated.

Well, the problem is that Saima is not some semi-literate veiled gargoyle – she is a prominent Muslim figure in Calgary, who is revered by the Muslim mayor Nenshi and even Justin Trudeau. None of those politicians condemned the Muslim violence and racism in Calgary.

Is beating Jews and Christians part of your peace?

Is beating Jews and Christians part of your peace?

Saima with the Lord Protector of Islamists in Canada

Saima with the Lord Protector of Islamists in Canada

A few years ago Jamal Badawi, a prominent Islamic “scholar” and promoter of the Islamization of Canada, made the point that Muslims should take over the judicial system in Canada:

“He [A Muslim] can use his judicial discretion to achieve the greatest amount of justice as compared to a non-Muslim or a person who does not believe in Shariah.”

That despicable Muslim extremist meant that judges from his own faith have to sneak into the system and apply sharia. After the cases of Eric Brazau and the Calgarian jihadist, I am sure that Badawi was pleasantly surprised to see that there was an easier way – non-Muslims in the judicial system of Canada now cheerfully apply the barbaric rules of sharia.

We may add the fact that the stinkiest piece of Muslim garbage in Canada – the convicted terrorist Omar Khadr – is now a columnist for a national newspaper. I don’t recall Rudolf Hess authoring any newspaper columns during his capture in England or while he was a lifer in Spandau.

Make no mistake – the Islamization is advancing rapidly and the courts are depriving from justice those who have been wronged by Islam. We are losing Canada.

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Global Warming Nuts Confront Justin Trudeau in Toronto (with Video)



Yesterday the Dauphin of Canada, Heir Apparent of the Prime Minister’s Throne, graced with his presence the lowly city of Toronto.


Mr. Dreamy Eyes in Toronto

Justin Trudeau was supposed to show up in Toronto on November 10 to launch his book of memoirs. I badly needed to see him in action to form a personal opinion of the man. I was around him briefly in the summer of 2013, when he showed up at the annual homosexual parade, but at the time he didn’t say much.

His appearance in Toronto was to take place at the Metro Reference Library. Though the event was free, the library had to issue tickets and the registration started in the morning of October 14. Shortly after I registered that morning, the event sold out. That only increased my desire to solve the secret of his charisma. Due to the nature of my circles of communication, I don’t know many people, who like Justin.

My wife has an acquaintance, a Japanese lady in her 70s, who is a die-hard fan of Justin’s. Her only justification for her desire to vote for him is that he is handsome and speaks well. All my attempts to explain to her that a person willing to become a Prime Minister must have some reasonable political platform have been met by her with total indifference, as if her mind is surrounded by the Great Wall of China.

She was actually the clue to Justin’s secret. The event was scheduled for 7 p.m.; the doors were supposed to open at 6 p.m. I went there at about 5 and had to line up; the seats are not numbered, so the principle “first come, first serve” applied. Waiting in line for almost an hour, I had the chance to observe the arriving people. Although there were some men, the dominant fan of Justin Trudeau was the middle-aged downtown woman (though there were a few younger ones).

Once the doors opened, the audience anxiously waited for nearly an hour for the entrance of its idol. The introduction to the epic book was supposed to be a conversation between Justin Trudeau and Catherine Clark. The latter is the daughter of Joe “Who?” Clark. For those who don’t remember him, let me say that he was briefly a “Progressive Conservative” Prime Minister of Canada.


Children of the elites

The duo started the talk with a few remarks about the children of Prime Ministers in the Canadian broadcasting (mentioning Ben Mulroney and the possible future of Harper’s son). The chat confirmed the depressing reality that to become a media personality in Canada, one needs to be an Iranian sex pervert, flamboyant homosexual or child of the Prime Minister. The elites always win, regardless of their political parties.

The conversation revolved entirely around Justin’s book. It was discussed the whole time as his own work and no one mentioned that it was written by several journalists based on interviews with the “author” (as one of the authors, the “conservative” journalist Jonathan Kay, admitted). The situation eerily resembled the memoirs of the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who in his later years published three little books of memoirs, all written by other people. Yet Brezhnev in a very cynical way received the highest Soviet award – Lenin’s Prize in Literature (I don’t exclude something like that in Trudeau’s future).

What is even worse, it looks like the book revolved around the “difficult” childhood of Justin, defined by the conflicts between his parents in the lavish residence of the Prime Minister. It was all about the interactions with his numerous relatives and how they influenced his personality. No political topics came up in the conversation, yet Justin’s ramblings were frequently interrupted by applause.

And at that moment a revelation came to me – Justin Trudeau is the ultimate housewife. He may not have a substance or any views worth commenting on, but he can speak with empathy about practically nothing and that’s enough for a frightening number of people to see him as an exceptional politician (not only housewives with no interests). He would be the ideal guest of Oprah Winfrey, The View or the old City Line.

Ironically, it took an outside intervention to make Trudeau take a political position. In the middle of the event, a group of downtown anti-oil anarchists suddenly stormed the hall carrying a big sign.

justin-trudeau-toronto-2014-3I still have my doubts – Trudeau didn’t look surprised at all and even invited the intruders to make their point. That created the suspicion in a few people around me that the event was staged.

Later on, during the short questions and answers session, another one of those global warming nuts managed to get into the line. That was Zack Ruiter, a die-hard lefty known to me from the support for the illegal Indian occupiers in Caledonia; the G20 riots; York University’s anti-Israeli rallies and countless other extreme events. He wanted Trudeau to admit the harm caused by the pipelines that transport the “tar sands” oil.

Though Justin welcomed the questions, he tried to accommodate in his answer both sides in a soothing Deepak Chopra way. He said that the pipelines are supposed to be built by social consensus and their routes changed when necessary. On the other hand, he said that Canada’s resource industries are very important for the jobs in the country. I can imagine the disastrous consequences of his soothing approach that tries to accommodate everybody when applied in the office of the Prime Minister.

Naturally the global warming anarchists didn’t accept his reply – Zack chased Trudeau through the hall (when he had to go to the back to sign books) and even shouted at him. It was a depressing spectacle to see the potential Prime Minister allowing to be treated like that.

You can see all that in the video below:

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Toronto Remembrance Day 2014 – the Good and the Bad



This morning I attended the annual Remembrance Day commemoration in Toronto. It always takes place at the cenotaph in front of the Old City Hall.

remembrance-day-toronto-2014-9After the speeches and the prayers, different organizations and military units lay wreaths in front of the old monument. Also, following the tradition, many people leave the poppies they wore in the grass at the cenotaph.

remembrance-day-toronto-2014-10I have always found that event very sad. It’s not only because of the thousands, who have fallen for justice in the many wars we have gone through. What makes the occasion really sad is that with every passing year more and more veterans are leaving us. A few years we lost the last survivors from World War I. The World War II veterans are getting older and it is more and more difficult for them to march in the parade or even stand during the ceremonies.

remembrance-day-toronto-2014-3Among them now we can see younger people in uniforms with medals – the new veterans, who fought the menace in Afghanistan.

Remembrance Day started with a parade, in which several generations marched. The elderly veterans were followed by current army units and the young cadets.

remembrance-day-toronto-2014-1remembrance-day-toronto-2014-5remembrance-day-toronto-2014-4remembrance-day-toronto-2014-6remembrance-day-toronto-2014-8Thousands of people attended the commemoration, applauding the veterans.

remembrance-day-toronto-2014-2The event was supposed to affirm the principles and values, for which the veterans sacrificed their lives, health and time. You could see in the crowd people from various races, nationalities and ages that seemed to share the idea behind Remembrance Day.

Yet I wonder if the decay of our values, which are under a constant attack by the political correctness and moral relativism, is causing that idea to crack and disintegrate.

Yesterday we learned that the Greater Essex County District School Board, which runs 75 schools in Windsor, Ontario, and other nearby towns, has circulated a memo to its schools saying that Remembrance Day ceremonies are optional for those children whose families might object to it.

And to remove any doubt about what specific type of families are meant in the instructions, the recommended “substitutes” indicate clearly which religion is accommodated:

They told teachers that “meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies.” And the memo specifically mentioned two Muslim-oriented resources, including celebrating the first Muslim soldiers in the Canadian Forces who wore the head-covering, called the hijab.

The message couldn’t be any clearer: Canadian public schools, funded by Canadian taxpayers, no longer expect Muslim immigrants to observe Remembrance Day, or respect our war dead. It’s shocking, and it’s unacceptable. Anyone who immigrates to Canada should respect Canadian traditions, including Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

What a disgraceful decision – not only do the Muslim terrorists kill our soldiers, but now we are expected to accommodate repulsive fanatics, who benefit from the achievements that Canada has to offer, but hate our country. The hateful cult of Islam simply can’t recognize anything outside of its medieval dogmas.

But maybe the Canadian military itself has given up and tries to accommodate those who hate us. There could be some merit to that assumption. During the ceremony a chaplain read one of the most ridiculous prayers I have ever heard. It was supposed to be VERY inclusive, so he went out of his way to avoid the word “God” (the prayer was also supposed to “include” atheists).

He kept using long winding phrases about spiritual forces. It was not clear at all who was receiving the prayer. He condemned all wars. He also managed to include the absolutely stupid request to understand that our politics, religion and lifestyle are not the only ones or the best ones.

I am sure the veterans who fell defending the Western values were spinning in their graves. And it was difficult to figure out what the old veterans thought (maybe telling the truth will put them in conflict with the current army commanders). If everything is the same, why did they die? Wouldn’t it be easier to accept what the Nazis, communists or the Muslims want us to do? Judging from the Greater Sussex school board instructions, we are on our way to full surrender.

Fanatical Muslims are becoming more aggressive. Early in the morning a person I know, who regularly makes his point known through displaying signs, went to the commemoration to state his opinion about those troubling issues. It didn’t work the way he expected, according to the message he sent:

I came home early.

After 10:00 am at Old City Hall with its Remembrance Day crowds I appeared with 2 signs, which I think were appropriate. I asked a policeman I intended to stand away from the ceremony on the sidewalk. He said OK. I held them high for a few minutes. Some onlookers took pictures .

Then about 4 people 2 of which were Muslim women suddenly assaulted me grabbing my signs. There was a scuffle. There were many police but they were not in a hurry to come to my aid.

One policeman took me aside and said to me I would be arrested for incitement if I stayed! I left the scene. I did not see the police arresting the 4 for assault.

If freedom of speech is not protected Islamization will turn Canada into Canuckistan.

The media were present but I do not know if they were able to witness the scuffle due to the crowds. But some pictures of the onlookers may reach the media.

I hope that at least some of the spirit of the old veterans, who knew what they stood for, is transferred into our spineless politicians.

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Sharia Justice in Canada – Five Months Jail for Criticizing Islam



A few days ago I attended the second bail hearing of Eric Brazau. I wrote earlier about his case – in July he was arrested on the subway in Toronto after allegedly having a heated discussion about Islam. He has been in jail ever since. Though I will cover everything in detail, let me say right away that he was denied bail again and he is going to spend at least another two months in jail (until January 5 when his trial begins).

The case was scheduled before a judge from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Brazau was supposed to appear before the court on October 29. However, the court was too busy and when Brazau was brought in shortly before 4 p.m., the judge decided that he would not have the time to give his proper attention to the case. He proposed that the case be heard the next morning.

Thus I was able to spend two days in the courtroom observing the cases. It was really a busy time – defense lawyers and crown attorneys in long black robes constantly going in and out of the room, dragging behind them heavy suitcases with wheels, full of papers. The accused showed up in handcuffs, which were temporarily removed in the courtroom by the armed officers, who accompanied them.

The most interesting part was to observe the judge and his decision process. Under the British common law, applied in Canada among other countries, a judge is granted a high level of discretion. He or she can make decisions, which are not severely limited by the letter of the law, but depend on common logic and make sense to the average “reasonable person.” That flexibility has been for centuries one of the most attractive features of the British common law.

However, in order to function, that judicial system requires a society with homogenous values shared by the proverbial reasonable persons. If the values change, the system can turn into a destructive force. When the number of people, who have a very different idea of “reasonable,” increases through immigration and even the most barbaric views they hold are respected by the official policy of “multiculturalism,” it is only a matter of time before those views corrupt the judicial system. In Canada Muslims have the strongest negative influence – their barbaric sharia law, which is an essential part of their religion, already finds its place in the Canadian legal practice. Further in the article you will see why a person like Brazau has such severe problems, while even the most repulsive Muslim extremist can get away under the hate crime laws in Canada.

An interesting example of how the corruption of values destroys the due process was the way the judge handled a person involved in three armed robberies. That was during the first day.

The officers brought in a big black guy in handcuffs with intricate braid hairstyle (the one you can see on the gangsta rappers). I had no idea Canadian jails provided complicated hairstyling services. He was wearing an expensive suit (in contrast, the next day Brazau appeared in the same worn shirt and jeans he had the day he was arrested).

The reason why this fine fellow appeared before the judge was because the court had to respond to a joint submission of the Crown and the defendant’s lawyer. Since the accused had been in jail since the day he was arrested after committing the robberies in 2011, the Crown wanted a 4.5 years sentence and since he spent 1090 days in jail, according to their math, the accused had to spend only 7 more days to comply with that and walk free.

The accused, let’s call him Mr. V., because I can’t use his full name, immediately pleaded guilty on four counts – the three robberies and weapon possession.

The part that shocked me was when the judge read the actual charges that Mr. V. admitted to be true. He committed three armed robberies in November 2011, just a few months after being released from jail in April for other violent crimes.

Mr. V. lived in Mississauga, where he went to a convenience store wearing a face mask and told the woman clerk he had a gun. The Crown quoted his demand: “Give me your fucking money or I’ll fucking kill you.” At the time the clerk was on her cell phone, talking to her mom. Upon hearing the multicultural call for sharing, she put the phone on the counter, while responding to the robber. Her mother was listening to the developing horror. The clerk managed to give a signal to the security company and her mother called the police from another phone. She couldn’t open the safe, so the robber had to get what was in the cash register – about 400 dollars. Because of the signals he was apprehended quickly and the weapon he carried was found.

The day before that he robbed a Pizza Nova location, where he waited at the back entrance for the delivery drivers to take their cash. From there he pushed his way in, demanding the cash in the register, then the cash from the pockets of the other employees. Then he ran away, carjacking the car of one of the employees, while his wife was in – Mr. V. literally kicked out the wife (the car was found later abandoned). The third robbery was not discussed in detail.

The judge felt uncomfortable – he said that the people affected by the robberies were damaged, they feared public interaction (he read this from the victims’ statements). He also considered a victim Mr. V.’s mother whom he invited to sit at a table not far from his bench. He was concerned that just like after the probation restrictions imposed in April 2011 didn’t change the defendant, the new sentence may have the same result. He even emphasized that for such crimes judges are allowed to impose life sentences.

Yet despite the robberies, despite the victims, his bleeding heart accepted the joint submission and paved the way to free the robber within the next few days. It really pays to be a black criminal in Toronto.

Eric Brazau didn’t have the same luck.

He was brought in the next day shortly after 11 a.m. and he didn’t look that good, wearing the same shirt and jeans he had the day he was arrested. A long white beard made him look somewhat like Santa Claus.

I should mention here that the judge’s mandate during a bail hearing is very limited. He needs to consider only one major question: assuming that the allegations are true, what is the worst thing that could happen if the inmate is released?

The judge, the Crown and Brazau’s lawyer discussed the issues concerning his previous conviction, which I already covered.

The lawyer argued that at the first bail hearing the charge of spreading hate speech was on the table, the Justice of Peace’s decision was based in part on it. Subsequently, the Crown decided not to pursue the charge, and since the circumstances had changed, Brazau shouldn’t be held in jail on the basis of the lesser charges (mischief and probation violation).

The lawyer, Mr. Micha, then stated that the Crown was objecting to the bail. Their reason was the high chance that Brazau may reoffend, but they didn’t explain how his actions were endangering the public. He explained the circumstances surrounding Brazau’s arrest. From the allegations it was clear that Brazau was having a conversation with somebody regarding Islam while riding the subway. At certain point, a Muslim individual (not part of the conversation) approached him and interfered. Brazau didn’t initiate a conversation with him and allegedly only stated that he hated Islam.

The judge interrupted the attorney and stated that according to the records presented to him, that information differs from the transcripts of the August 11 hearing, where it was indicated that Brazau kept approaching people asking about their religion. Such behaviour, according to the judge was intrusive – though we have freedom of speech in Canada, it still has its limits. (He switched here to politically correct mode.)

The lawyer showed the photocopy of a police notebook, on which he based his statement, and the judge read the document. Then he said that the Justice of Peace might have been misinformed. Still, he was inclined to give more weight to the materials presented at the first bail hearing. Then the judge read the notes out loud, emphasizing that a passenger approached Brazau and asked him to stop offending Islam, but Brazau said that he hated Muslims and that the Koran was inspiring terrorism. The judge noted that this was not a normal conversation.

The lawyer argued that the individual approached Brazau, he didn’t start the exchange.

The judge countered that after the conviction Brazau should’ve known what was expected from him. Mr. Micha replied that now Brazau is not charged with a hate crime. The judge said again that according to the allegations, Brazau was speaking against Islam, claiming that it kills.

Mr. Micha objected that in the new case the Crown decided not to proceed with the hate speech venue and it is important to consider that. Obviously they didn’t have enough evidence.

The judge replied that this fact doesn’t matter – although the charges now are different, they still contain the element of spreading hate.

The judge then noted that the Justice of Peace thought that there was substantial likelihood that Brazau would commit another hate crime.

The judge asked the lawyer, if anybody can control what his client does. He read the parts of the transcript discussing where Brazau was going to live, if freed, and the problems with supervision and access to public spaces.

The judge continued – after the recent events in Canada (implying the terrorist acts), if somebody goes to an area in the city where people of a certain religious group reside and makes provocative comments, their retaliation may result in tragedy. Brazau is entitled to share his views, but not in vehicles of the public transportation. A confrontation may endanger the public and have tragic consequences.

(This was a revealing remark. Unlike the judge who convicted Brazau a few months ago and called him a hatemonger with repugnant ideas, while seeing nothing wrong with Islam, the Superior Court judge abstained from qualifying Brazau’s views. I am not sure whether he realized it, but he implied that many Muslims are dangerous people, who can’t control themselves when their religion is discussed in an unflattering way. All that is true, but it didn’t help Brazau’s case.)

After a recess, the hearing resumed at 2:15 p.m. when the judge announced his decision.

He emphasized that at the bail hearing, there was one more charge – spreading hatred, but the Crown didn’t have the consent of the Attorney General to lay it. The Justice of Peace decided to keep Brazau in custody because of the likelihood that he would reoffend.

Now according to his lawyer, the Justice of Peace erred that the charge of hate speech was on the table. Also, if Brazau were to be held until January 5, when his trial begins, that is alleged to be injustice, if he stays in custody longer than the possible sentence.

Mr. Micha’s arguments are not acceptable – the Justice of Peace was correct that Brazau was likely to reoffend and cause another confrontation on TTC, which could result in violence. In that sense the hate crime charge was properly considered in her decision. As of the bail conditions, though the judge assumed that the sureties were responsible people, considering Brazau’s history and convictions, it is doubtful that the sureties would be able to control him. Based on all that, the argument about injustice, if he is kept longer in custody, should also be rejected.

Therefore, Eric Brazau’s application for granting bail was dismissed.

Isn’t that swell justice?

A violent black robber gets to spend only 3.5 years in jail, while a poor white sap whose only crime is that he expresses some inconvenient ideas, is going to rot in jail for at least five months.

Our judicial system is a joke.

Things become even worse when you consider that no radical Muslim has even been convicted or even charged with spreading hatred. Those are the real darlings of the police and the judges.

After Muslim terrorists killed recently two Canadian soldiers, our equally corrupt media rushed to defend Muslims, portraying them as the ultimate victims.

The best they could come up with to show as a backlash was a broken window:

The prime minister has not publicly uttered one word of support for Canadian Muslims following the incidents, which Harper and the RCMP have labelled acts of terrorism.

He’s remained silent despite an apparent backlash against Muslims , including the defacing of a mosque in Cold Lake, Alta., racist slurs against Muslim candidates in Toronto’s municipal election and threats against the B.C. Muslim Association.

In the latest incident, windows were smashed early Friday morning at the Assunnah Muslims Association mosque in Ottawa.

Those professional whiners offended most Canadians by suggesting moral equivalency between terrorist murders and smashed glass (and it is yet to be determined who did that – the mosque’s cameras were conveniently switched off that day). How can they seriously suggest that the Prime Minister must make a statement over a broken window?

The Muslim circus becomes even more bizarre because of the involvement of the notorious NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims). Until 2013 the group was called CAIR-CAN and was the Canadian office of another notorious Muslim organization – CAIR. The courts in the USA proved that CAIR was financing terrorism through “charities” and several of its leaders received lengthy jail sentences. Now NCCM is even suing the Prime Minister, because an aide of his talked about their connections with CAIR.

So what did NCCM/CAIR-CAN say?

“Our leaders have a very important role to play,” concurred Amira Elghawaby, human rights co-ordinator for the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

“It’s the leaders who have to set the positive tone.”

Immediately following the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Elghawaby noted that then-prime minister Jean Chretien visited a mosque “just to show Canadians that there’s no such thing as collective guilt.”

She said her group expects Harper, “as leader of our country, to speak up for the minorities that live here.”

“He has a responsibility to represent everyone and certainly Canadian Muslim communities are extremely worried about a backlash and I think that needs to be spoken to.”

Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said it’s “very disheartening” that Harper has not bothered to speak out against the anti-Muslim backlash. But it’s not surprising to her.

“I don’t think he much likes Muslims,” Hogben said.

So now Harper is pictured as an evil racist for not catering to the imaginary suffering of the Muslims?

At the same time the media praises the airhead Trudeau, because he was quick to go after the Muslim votes by accepting at face value the fake grievances:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, has acknowledged the concerns of Canadian Muslims more than once since the shootout on Parliament Hill.

In a televised statement that night, he directly addressed “our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community,” saying that Canadians know acts of violence “committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith.”

Is the wise man from Quebec correct when he says that the Muslim crimes are an aberration of their faith?

The already mentioned NCCM recently published a booklet, titled “United against Terrorism” in cooperation with the RCMP (in Manitoba). It was supposed to establish the major principles of treating Islamic extremism. It looks like the RCMP had outsourced its editing talks to the local insane asylum, because the Muslims who wrote for the booklet managed to include some really shocking extremist views.

muslim-bookletFor example, on p.26 in the chapter “WHAT DO I DO WHEN APPROACHED BY THE RCMP OR CSIS?” (provided by NCCM) they openly suggest that the Muslims should sabotage investigations by refusing cooperation:

You should be polite and be aware that:

1) Your cooperation with CSIS/RCMP is voluntary. You have no obligation to talk to CSIS/RCMP, even if you are not a citizen. Refusing to answer questions cannot be held against you, nor does it imply that you have something to hide.

2) If you choose to answer questions, it is advisable to have a lawyer present. It is best to arrange for a lawyer to contact the agent on your behalf.

3) You do not have to permit CSIS/RCMP representatives to enter your home or office. They must possess a search warrant in order to enter your property. If they say they have a warrant, ask to see it before allowing them to enter. Even if they have a warrant, you are under no obligation to answer questions.

4) You are not required to provide personal information about friends and family. You should feel free to tell the officer that you will not provide information about others without their consent.

5) Never lie to CSIS/RCMP. If you fear misunderstanding, it is better to refuse to answer questions. Lying to a law enforcement officer is a crime.

In another chapter – “RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INTELLIGENCE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS” – they demand from the RCMP to abolish any considerations of the link between the Muslim religion and terrorism. Page 34:

Muslim Canadians continue to make important positive contributions to all aspects of Canadian society. They are, as all Canadians, committed to ensuring the safety of Canada and its inhabitants. In order to maintain and continue to develop trust and positive cooperation between the Canadian Muslim community and intelligence and law enforcement officials, the following important recommendations should be considered:

1. Do not conflate religiosity with radicalization or conflate religious devotion with a propensity to commit acts of violence.

2. Abandon public terminology that creates false linkages between Islam and terrorism in favor of consistent language that contextualizes threats and accurately identifies the perpetrators of violent extremism. Avoid terms such as “Islamist terrorism”, “Islamicism”, and “Islamic extremism” in favor of more accurate terms such as “Al Qaeda inspired extremism”.

3. Discontinue any inappropriate information gathering techniques including (but not limited to) showing up at workplaces, intimidating newcomers, questioning individuals religiosity and discouraging legal representation.

6. Do not refer to terrorist as” jihadis.” This only emboldens them and gives them a legitimate status in the eyes of the vulnerable. Terrorism is not jihad. Jihad is a noble concept in Islam.

7. Muslims are very diverse culturally, in religious observance and ethnicity. Do not brush them as one monolithic group and assign guilt by association.

This is much worse than anything that Brazau is ever going to say or do. Whitewashing the most violent pillar of Islam – jihad – is absolutely disgusting. For the whole history of Islam the “noble concept” of jihad (what a moronic term) has been the cornerstone of Muslim violence. “Al Qaeda inspired extremism” is another pearl of stupidity – Muslim terrorism is justified by the Koran. It existed long before Al Qaeda and still will exist after the organization is forgotten.

There are many other similar ideas in the booklet and all of them had the same goal – to criminalize the criticism of Islam and especially of its most violent varieties. In its nature, this is introduction of sharia principles in policing, which sneaks blasphemy laws through the back door.

Judging from the way Brazau was treated, those principles are already well-established in the judicial system of Canada.

The ignorant representatives of the RCMP almost accepted the principles of that disgraceful booklet. They would’ve put the Muslim extremists and terrorists under full protection and, as it is the case with the legal precedents in Canada, those principles would’ve been quickly adopted at all Canadian institutions.

NCCM is considered by many a “moderate” Muslim organization (although in the same booklet they claim that the term “moderate Muslim” is an oxymoron). Yet they wanted to shield the militant Islam and make criminals of all who criticize it. If this is a “moderate” platform, I shudder at the thought of what the other Muslim organizations in Canada want to introduce.

The critics of Islam often speak about “creeping Islamization” in North America. It seems to me that Islam is far beyond the creeping stage – in Canada it is marching in fill force, with the zeal and rage of a North Korean soldier. The mistreatment of people like Eric Brazau is a living proof.

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Perverts Rejoice – Kathleen Wynne to Introduce Advanced Sex Education for Ontario Kids


They’re baaaaack!

The social engineers, who wanted in 2010 to introduce explicit sexual education with homosexual slant in the elementary schools of Ontario, are at it again. At the time the obscene sex curriculum pushed by the then Premier Dalton McGuinty was met with outrage by parents and religious groups. No matter how hard the Crook-in-Chief tried to blackmail those groups, eventually he had to give up the idea.

Never mind – the defeat is never final. Dalton’s sidekick Kathleen Wynne recently won a majority government thanks to the downtown idiots and the project is back on. As Ontario’s first lesbian Premier (as she reminded us hundreds of times) she owes a favour to the groups that supported her victory. The project is back on and the minor detail that one of its architects was arrested and charged with child pornography is forgotten.

Wynne plans to introduce the explicit curriculum in 2015. However, her troops have worked quietly for years by introducing new and weird things, like the Gay-Straight Alliances, currently pushed on all schools. Recently the Toronto Star proudly published on its front page picture of underage girls, members of such an alliance. Since the presence of a GSA assumes that there are gays and gays are gays, if they practice sex, does that mean that the underage girls are introduced to lesbianism?

2014-11-09 01_15_47-Toronto school board sets higher improvement targets for students based on race, Why are our children exposed to something like that?

Under Kathleen Wynne’s wise guidance things will only become worse. The blog Subway to Damascus has published a scathing expose about children will be groomed under the new policies introduced by our irresponsible provincial government:

As the Toronto Sunreports, the opposition to this new curriculum is being led by Parents As First Educators, a conservative parental rights group.  An online petition they published has garnered almost 10,000 signatures in a week.

But if Ontarians were aware as to some of the radical organizations who are influencing this curriculum and the way it will be implemented, that petition would have a lot more signatures.

A LifeSiteNews article says that the “main activist group lobbying for the curriculum’s return is the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea), which partners with homosexual organizations such as Queer Ontario and Jer’s Vision, and abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood Toronto.”

Jer’s Vision is a homosexual activism organization that is touring Canada holding conferences for students.  They recently held three events in Toronto (in collaboration with the TDSB) within the span of one week.  Their conferences, among other things, train students and staff to lobby for gender-neutral (or all-gender, or unisex, whichever term you prefer) washrooms in schools.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is listed on the Jer’s Vision website as a gold sponsor.  Jer’s Vision also got a plug on Twitter from the Catholic teachers union for their week-long homosexual activist training event for students in Toronto last May, in which they told students to “campaign to create a unisex bathroom at your school.”

Like Jer’s Vision, Queer Ontario also appears to have some influence as to how sex-ed is taught in schools.

In 2011, they organized a forum on sex ed and gay-straight alliances.  Speakers included NDP politician Rosario Marchese, J. Wallace of the Toronto District School Board, and a teachers union activist.  The forum was sponsored by a teachers union and the Toronto District School Board.

You can read the rest of what the Wynne is planning for your kids here.

City Elections 2014 – the Stench of the Annex Permeates Toronto



One of the unforgettable events of David Miller’s rule was the garbage strike in 2009. At the time, the city tried to negotiate the union contracts and save money. One of the issues was to abolish the little scam of cashing the unused sick days upon retirement, which kept the taxpayers on the hook for millions and millions of dollars, but the public union parasites decided that the arrangement was their sacred right and went on strike. Its most visible effect was the garbage.

They stopped collecting garbage – in the Annex, where I live, it started to pile up and the stench was unbearable (it was July). The progressives inhabiting this Toronto enclave kept stoic silence about the problem and eventually their man in City Hall capitulated and accommodated the union demands. All the garbage was picked up, but the stench remained.

The stench of the Annex is eternal – you can’t remove it like a pile of garbage; it comes from the ideology, which controls the thinking of those people. Its results are the moral decay; support for bizarre social engineering projects and dangerous experiments in education. Moral norms like decency and humility are ignored and the politicians elected here to put into practice that ideology are equally bizarre.

The stench of the Annex was especially strong during the last municipal elections. Near the end of the campaign, on October 24, the CBC scandal of Jian Ghomeshi erupted. The national broadcaster covered up for years the sadistic escapades of their favourite Muslim sex pervert. And why not? In the downtown hierarchy a progressive Muslim trumps everything, even his own perversion.

Every progressive idiot rushed to support him. Margaret Atwood, the Canadian Literary Duchess of Yawn and a fellow Annex dweller, sent a supportive tweet.

ghomeshi-atwood-620x295In her world the hatred is reserved for Christians as she shows it in her boring epic The Handmaid’s Tale. However, there is always a place in her heart for a violent Muslim.

Under that climate it was not surprising that every bizarre downtown politician was elected – the councillors Joe Cressy, Layton Jr. and even the notorious Ausma Malik. Olivia Chow lost Trinity-Spadina to John Tory – she must be really terrible politician to lose an area, which was considered her castle.

Still the progressives were whining that the city didn’t fall under their wise control. A letter to the editor published in this week’s Now Magazine, Toronto’s most reliable whore directory, lamented Tory’s win:

Somewhere Mike Harris is laughing

Mike Harris wins T.O. mayoral election! Of course, history has no place in the headlines, but with 750,000 votes for conservative candidates in the mayoral race (NOW, October 30-November 5) out of almost a million ballots cast, I’m sure the cockles of Mikey’s black heart are glowing white hot. And old papa Stephen Harper? He’ll be able to take a few moments away from furrowing his brow over all those pesky terrorists and smile at the prospects of further inroads into Ontario’s radical heartland next year. Pass the Tums, please.

This is a refreshing perspective, if you assume that Flip-Flop Johnny is a conservative.

One thing is true – when going through the election results, it is not hard to see that very little has changed. And if it weren’t for the unfortunate turn in the health of Mayor Ford, he would’ve been re-elected. Johnny’s pep talk about “uniting” the city, which he gave just after his victory, remains a curious fantasy, but not because the unification is impossible. The problem is that “unification” in the downtown lingo means complete submission of the suburbanites to the whims and wishes of the deranged “bike-riding pinkos,” as Don Cherry once perceptively defined them.

The election results showed that not only isn’t Ford Nation finished, but it has been invigorated, especially when they see how the downtown is sinking even deeper in its own stupidity.

Ausma’s election as a school trustee was a living proof – the NDPers were crazy about her, despite her lack of abilities and accomplishments and her shady past. Despite all the information revealed about her, the Annex sheeple stubbornly voted her in. Her opponents were blackmailed in the media. I and other people published screenshots of her attending a pro-terrorist rally for Hezbollah. The NDP gang responded with threats of legal action for showing the pics. At the same time, they kept the whole gallery showing who-is-who of the Muslim anti-Semitism and extremism, on Flickr, where you can still see what kind of people the NDP associates with.

Ausma’s questionable role in rigging a university election (covered in the U of T paper Varsity) didn’t stop the Annex from voting for her. There’s nothing new here – socialists support people who screw the rest of us.

So the progressive Islamists made a breakthrough into the Toronto school system. Something like that seems too weird to be true, but don’t forget – we are talking downtown Toronto here. Now, Ausma appears to be a devout Muslim – I can’t see why else a young woman would wear that hideous hijab and baggy clothes, which make her look like a Russian babushka, who has come straight from Siberia. (Are we still allowed in Canada to critique fashion?) Also, in her previous career as a student leader (was that election rigged as well?) she fought for more prayer space and halal food. The promoters of the website placing her platform had a great sense of humour, claiming that vote for her is “voting progress.”

2014-08-26 16_04_00-VOTEPROGRESS - Elect Ausma Malik!And now we have another problem – everybody who follows the TDSB knows how important the sex curriculum and especially the promotion of homosexuality are. Years ago, in 2004, the NDP ran another Muslim experiment. Monia Mazigh was their MP candidate for Ottawa. She is the wife of Maher Arar, the Muslim, who won a $10 million jackpot from the “war on terror” by suing the Canadian government for something that the USA did (but despite his wealth, which can buy any lawyer, he still can’t solve his alleged Islamist problems in the USA). So lo and behold, like a good Islamist Monia found herself on the NDP list. At the time, the NDP and the Liberals were pressing in the Parliament the issue about the legalization of the homosexual “marriage.”

It turned out, Monia was against it. Now, I am also against it on religious grounds – I find it a ridiculous charade, but I am not a progressive legislator (neither do I want to be one). Despite that, the NDP was going to betray its homosexual backers by promoting her:

The Ottawa Citizen, 2004.06.05

In an unconventional alignment, both the Conservative and New Democrat candidates for Ottawa South have declared their positions on same-sex marriage — an unequivocal no.

NDP hopeful Monia Mazigh told a meeting of the Citizen editorial board that she cannot support her party’s position on the issue because as a Muslim, she is prohibited from doing so.

“I’m going to tell you my position is clear on same-sex marriage — I’m not the best person to support it because of my religious beliefs,” said Ms. Mazigh, whose decision breaks with NDP policy of equal marriage rights for all Canadians.

If elected, Ms. Mazigh said she would abstain from voting on the issue in Parliament, saying, “I cannot tell you that I am going to vote for same-sex marriage because I cannot contradict my religious beliefs; however, I’m not going to vote against it.

“For me, it’s very clear. I’m going to remain neutral.”

Ms. Mazigh said she would not vote against gay marriage because the NDP position of respecting equal rights amongst all minority groups is a good one — just not one that she can support if forced to vote.

What is Ausma going to do in a similar situation? Next year Kathleen Wynne is planning to introduce in the schools the highly explicit sex curriculum (with heavy homosexual elements). Is the pious Ausma going to resist it? Is her imam going to stone her, if she resists it? Is she ever going to march in the homosexual parade? I am very interested in her response.

Unlike the shy Ausma, her guardian angel Joe Cressy (elected a councillor for Ward 20) had no problem taking part in the homosexual parade. He was at this year’s freak show, jumping up and down like a palace fool on the NDP float, behind the socialist royal couple of Horvath and Mulcair.



The freak trio

Another bit of information that this clown doesn’t give a damn about anybody outside of the special interest groups was in his pamphlets, which flooded the neighbourhood almost every day. Some of the endorsements contained in them were in Chinese.

That was a show of total disrespect for his country, where the official languages are still English and French (China Joe may not know that). But that’s normal for that treacherous political party – NDP – the interests of the Canadians are the least important on their agenda. Early in her campaign, Olivia Chow even went to China to solicit votes for her mayoral bid.

joe-cressy-pamphlet-2Another candidate for councillor, Terri Chu, who is Chinese, had all of her promotion literature entirely in English, which deserves admiration. Thanks to pathetic opportunists like Chow and Cressy, who cater to the multicultural madness, we now have ghettos in Toronto, where people speak only their mother tongue, lack employment opportunities and become an easy prey to fellow Chinese exploiters.

Dr. Joseph Wong, whose endorsement in Chinese Cressy didn’t bother to translate, heads a political organization – ALPHA – disguised as a historical research society, which keeps alive animosities between China and Japan over events that took place over 70 years ago (like the ridiculous “comfort women” issue). His group also endorsed Olivia Chow:

Addressing the modest crowd mostly in Cantonese and Mandarin (they added comments in English for the benefit of one reporter), the speakers touted Ms. Chow’s record of pushing for Toronto’s multilingual 911 service, helping the Vietnamese boat people, and pressing Japan to apologize to its “comfort women” of the Second World War.

Lead organizer Joseph Yu Kai Wong called on the Chinese community to stand united behind Ms. Chow.

“We are not asking people to vote Olivia because she is Chinese,” Mr. Wong, a prominent figure in the community, said in an interview. “We are asking people to vote for her because she has the quality, the integrity, and the honesty and the leadership, and the heart in the right place to bring the city forward. And because she is also a Chinese woman it would also reinforce my belief that we should have someone from the minority community [as mayor]. It’s about time.”

As you can see, every minority group is pushing its own stooge and in that frenzy the idea of Canada is totally lost. However, they wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the stupid white people from the Annex and the rest of downtown, who’d rather vote for an incompetent member of a minority out of white guilt than bringing in someone who can get the job done.

Another “warrior” in that special interest group crusade is Kristyn Wong-Tam. She was re-elected as a city councillor in Ward 27. Just like Joe Cressy, Layton Jr., Ausma and Olivia, she is not qualified to do any honest work, let alone rule, but being linked to the right groups has helped her hit the political jackpot.

While we are still on the Chinese wave, I would like to get back to an event from Wong-Tam’s career. In December 2012, the already mentioned Chinese organization – ALPHA – had an event commemorating the so-called “Nanking Massacre” of 1937 at OISE (Toronto’s Marxist heart). The massacre has been a subject of bitter dispute between China and Japan for decades. China and its supporters abroad didn’t care much about it until the country became a major industrial competitor of Japan. Then China started using the 75-year old event as a way to discredit Japan. The offensive was led by Iris Chang – a mentally disturbed US journalist (she eventually killed herself), who wrote a poorly researched book, which included many factual inconsistencies and fake pictures.

I know that I am boring the readers with this expose of something that happened between two Asian countries 75 years ago. I don’t care about that either – let the historians of the two countries sort out the truth among themselves. And what is the most disgusting in this case is that the Chinese (and many other nations for that matter) bring to Toronto all their hatreds, quarrels and animosities to the streets of the city. If this continues, eventually Toronto will explode.

But that’s not how the supporters of China like ALPHA, Olivia Chow and Kristyn Wong-Tam see their destructive activities. They want to shove the whole faraway Asian mess down our throats. At the ALPHA event Wong-Tam held a long, whiny and pathetic speech about how she harassed Mayor Ford to sign a proclamation about the “massacre.” (I recorded it, so if he denies it, she is out of luck.)

The Mayor was very reluctant to sign such a proclamation, because that was a controversial political event with arguments still raging about it. And actually there is a clause in the rules that prevents announcing proclamations on controversial issues. However, the Chinese lobby and Wong-Tam kept bombarding the Mayor with videos, booklets, and books that he was expected to read or watch. In the end he was forced to give up and sign the proclamation, which only created more animosity between the Chinese and the Japanese communities in Toronto. I have information that Japanese children at Toronto schools were assaulted and harassed by Chinese kids over the publicized event.

That’s another evidence that creatures like Wong-Tam plant only hatred in Toronto. I wonder why ALPHA, Olivia and Kristyn didn’t lobby for a proclamation against the policies of the Chinese fascists in Tibet. The genocide there is well documented and there are thousands of Tibetans in Toronto, who can testify.

But that is your typical downtown politician – if he or she is not a part of a certain ethnic minority, they at least have contempt for the interests of the ordinary people. Wong-Tam has another special group advantage – she is a professional lesbian. That means that whatever criticism she receives, she can easily dismiss it as “homophobia.” That idiotic term scares almost every journalist or mainstream politician.

Wong-Tam has been pushing the homosexual card for as long as she has been a “politician.” We will never forget how she publicized the hoax threatening letter from “Ford Nation” that she revealed during the campaign.

Also during the campaign she tweeted an interesting picture from the conference of homosexual political activists:

2014-09-30 23_42_35-Kristyn Wong-Tam_ Twitter

Seeing Flip-Flop Johnny, who according to the Now rag is conservative, is quite a surprise. But even bigger surprise is the presence of Barbara Hall, the commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. I know that the OHRC is a kangaroo court, but it still is a judicial institution, which has the power to impose punishments in the form of big fines and even jail, if you ignore their decisions. As such, it should at least create the impression of being impartial. Yet Ms. Hall openly supports a homosexual political group (the same way she supported in 2008 the three Muslim extremists, who tried to extort money from MacLean’s Magazine). If you don’t support the homosexual agenda, which she defends, Hall has the full power to destroy your life. And of course Wong-Tam is a major part of the plot again.

And the famous lesbian has insured her political life by supporting many other special groups – like financing the anti-Semites from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid or inviting the lice-ridden bums of Occupy Toronto to move their tents to City Hall.

wong-tam-city-hall-occupyCompare the useless downtown parasites to Ford Nation. The latter may not be that educated in knowing the principles of Marxism or the names of the nine fluid genders or the fifty positions of homosexual anal sex. However, they know one thing for sure – we are in this city together and regardless of our races, ethnicities and nationalities, it is our job to make things work no matter what the downtown perverts say.

And we need to find our solutions in the reality we live in. Rob Ford is not a sophisticated hipster, but he knows what we need to make things work. The gallery described above, comprising of unemployable ignorant losers and their equally ignorant electorate are not going to solve a single problem for the city. If we let them have their way, we will end up like Detroit.

It’s time we woke up. Open your windows, get rid of the downtown stench.

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