Freelance Journalist Harassed by Vile Feminazis at Anti-Roosh V Rally

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Yesterday I went out to check the last Paralympics events at the University of Toronto. Then I wandered into the park near Hart House. It was a beautiful day with tourists walking around; families relaxing on blankets under the trees, and another heat wave building up. At the south end of the park I spotted a small group with signs (probably 30-40 people), obviously there was some event going on. I am not the type of person who would miss something interesting, so I approached them.


The mini-rally against Roosh V

It turned out, that was a rally against the “pick-up artist” Roosh V. I have been following his case for the last few days and I am writing a longer piece analysing why an unremarkable guy, who dispenses dating advice to men, unleashed a level of leftist insanity in Toronto (displayed by feminazis and sorry politicians like John Tory and Norm Kelly), which is unlike anything I have seen before.

Though there are dozens of people like him, involved in that business, he is being attacked and slandered over a blog post he wrote a few months ago, where he “advocated” the legalization of rape on private property – it was a satire written to show that some reckless women would take responsibility for their actions only when faced with extreme situations. It looks like sarcasm is his strong side – just three days ago he released a video monologue, where he complained of the militant feminists and Norm Kelly, “a dying old man, who is a politician in Toronto,” over their “Islamophobia” (Roosh V is of Iranian background), which forced him to hide in a mosque and pray to the Prophet Mohammed to survive and be able to promote his pick-up arts that were based on the Koran. Squares like Kelly and the feminazis don’t understand sarcasm. The outrage over rape jokes is also selective – years ago the icon of the Left George Carlin had a routine in one of his HBO specials on how hilarious rape was. He was pondering questions like, does the rapist leave his house every morning with a hard-on or does he get it later? I don’t remember feminazi crowds and ancient politicians protesting Carlin.

When looking at the signs and listening to the speeches at the rally, one could get the impression that Roosh V was bringing with him all the Muslim savages from ISIS, who were going to rape every woman in sight. In reality, the rally was just an event to demand fascist censorship over his speech teaching guys how to get more dates, neither Roosh V nor his followers promoted rape (and he stated it publicly clear enough).

The idea they were fighting was the “rape culture,” an imaginary rape epidemic destroying the women in the West, perpetrated by white Western men. Only feminazis can come up with such insanity – if that was the case, it is safe to assume that the Playboy, Penthouse, and Victoria’s Secret models will be prime rape targets, making them the natural leaders of such anti-rape rallies. The sad truth is that such women are never interested in that manufactured nonsense. Looking at the participants of the Toronto rally, I can calm their fears and swear that a rapist will never be interested in them (even though now in Islam they allow hallucinogenic drugs to make ugly wives seem acceptable).

If anybody still tried his “luck,” he could be sorry – some of the girls were of size that could handle an average grizzly bear, let alone fend off a rapist. As of the guys, they were your average beta males, simply trying to get liked by the feminazis and no amount of Roosh V’s advice could help them.

anti-roosh-v-rally-1You can see in the picture above the philosophy of the average loser, who attends such events (and most of them are serial attendees). He is fighting tar sands, pipelines, abelism, black lives matter, poverty and every other imaginable stupid cause.

There was a huge sign “CONSENT” between two trees, where the fiery man-hating speeches were held, applauded by feminazis and their submissive guys.



Free t-shirt ad for Roosh V

Around it the participants formed a circle, displaying their signs.


How do you decolonize rape? Do you outsource it to the Indians?


A somber rally – their parties are probably the same

As I said, it was not hard to figure out why most guys were at the rally – getting laid wasn’t their most successful activity.


This could be a “trans-woman” or a hopeless guy


“Fuck Rape Culture” (and nobody will do the same with him)


The irresistible kilt


Arrived straight from 1928

The whole thing was quite boring and after taking a few pictures, I was ready to go. I should mention here that I saw quite a few people taking pictures. The rally was so tiny that you will see the same people in the pictures posted by the media and on Facebook – none of those photographers was harassed.

However, as I was about to leave, an angry black girl walked toward me and asked me why I was taking photos. I explained in my most pleasant voice that I was a freelance journalist, have covered various events for years and I found this public event in a public park interesting enough to take a few pictures.

That didn’t satisfy her – she said that my photography was making the girls feel uncomfortable and I had to erase all the pictures. “I am not erasing anything,” I said and stepped back. She made the same demand again and stepped toward me with poorly veiled threat in her eyes.

At that moment I realized that I was probably a target of racist feminazi harassment. After saying “no” again, I stepped back – in the politically demented Toronto when a black person is harassing a white guy and that causes a confrontation, whitey will almost always be charged (regardless of who is at fault), so limiting contact is a good idea. Then the threat moved into her voice (though she kept it low): “Delete the fucking pictures!”

“No.” The black activist: “Delete them or will call the cops and have you arrested!”

There were a few policemen observing the rally from the side and two of them, when they saw that something was wrong, headed toward us. When they asked about the problem, she angrily repeated that I didn’t want to delete my pictures. I was little worried, because the police have been known to take the side of anti-white racists, but one of the cops (dark-skinned himself) patiently explained to her that we were in a public park and the event was open to everybody, so everybody could take pictures. She walked away fuming and the cops told me that I could stay, walk around and take pictures, but avoid communications to keep the peace. I thanked them for their help and said that I saw more than enough and left.

It was a bizarre situation – if that woman could organize the rally, she probably had enough brains to know how photography is handled in public spaces (if she is too stupid and doesn’t have a clue, I apologize for overestimating her intelligence). Most likely, that was an attempt of racist intimidation, coming from some of the “black lives matter” idiots. And what better target than a white guy, who can easily be blackmailed by a feminazi? Toronto’s militant lefties are sick losers.

Later that day I learned that the Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo was involved in organizing the rally – it was enlightening to see what fascist methods of intimidation the followers of that party condone. Maybe if Tom Mulcair becomes a Prime Minister, in a similar situation I and my family will be beaten with baseball bats or simply arrested by the police. God save us from the NDP fascists and their racist followers.

© 2015

Muslim Anti-Semites March in Toronto on Al-Quds Day 2015

This year’s Al-Quds Day was a disappointment in many ways. The holiday was established by the bloodthirsty Ayatollah Khomeini with the purpose to provide an annual venue to the Muslims to demonstrate their determination to re-conquer the capital of Israel – Jerusalem (Al-Quds) – and get rid of the Jews in it. A final solution to the problem was proposed at Toronto Al-Quds 2013, when the keynote speaker Elias Hazineh recommended that the Jews be given a two-minute notice and then shot (he wasn’t criminally charged and got away with incitement thank to the Muslim-pandering government of Kathleen Wynne). I covered the previous rallies here and here.

Last year at Queen’s Park they received a permit for the anti-Semitic event and managed to bring a few thousand noisy Muslims by mobilizing the mosques. The organizers even boasted that they attracted 30,000 people, which is physically impossible, if you are familiar with the size of the park (but lying in Islam is perfectly acceptable to impress or defeat the infidels).

2015-07-06 13_14_18-(76) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto-aThis year the turnout was far below 2,000 and the enthusiasm wasn’t that high. They didn’t get a permit for Queen’s Park – the provincial government didn’t have the guts to call them on their anti-Semitism, so the excuse was the Pan-Am Games. They assembled in front of the US Consulate and after a few hours of shouting marched to the park behind the Parliament building. When Blazingcatfur wrote about the event, the issue of the low turnout was discussed by the readers.

There were different theories – from the traffic mess that the games caused in Toronto, through the Ramadan fast (still going on) to the guess that many previous participants have gone to fight in Syria. The low interest was reflected even in their Facebook page for the event – disappointingly, they managed to throw in only one Jewish conspiracy, about the Jews owning everything, as you can see in the screenshot below.

2015-07-06 13_23_32-(76) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoAnother reason for the decline that I can see is the difference that a year could make in history. Last year Israel was fighting against the Hamas terrorists, which is always used in the anti-Semitic propaganda. However, over the course of a year, many people learned about Islam things they didn’t know. The ISIS Caliphate expanded the frontiers of the Muslim methods for dealing with infidels and disobedient Muslims. They kindly televised their activities and we learned that just like the Nazis, Muslims can shoot in ditches nearly 2,000 people in one day. They throw homosexuals from high buildings; conduct mass beheadings; let their children behead people; burn alive their enemies of drown them in cages; use anaesthesia humanely to cut off the limbs of criminals; use kids as suicide bombers, and, naturally, stone adulterers. And all that is done in strict compliance with the Koran and the Hadiths, which shows once again the depravity of that violent religion.

No matter how hard the Muslims try to censor the coverage through courts and the fascist Human Rights Commissions, it becomes more and more difficult to hide the barbaric nature of that death cult. They can’t even pretend to be united anymore, because right now the ISIS animals are locked in a bitter fight with the equally barbaric mullahs from Tehran. There was nothing uplifting to be said at the Al-Quds rally this year, so they recycled the old anti-Israeli “genocide” posters from the last year, even though now Israel is the only place where the “Palestinians” can live in peace (as opposed to their slaughter in Syria at the hands of their fellow Muslims).

Before going into the details, let me just mention that the organizers tried to present the event as if there was no decline. The notorious anti-Israeli activist Zafar Bangash published on his website a cheery article about Al-Quds 2015 (some points in it were already covered by Eye on a Crazy Planet).

Zafar’s fiery speeches and screeds are a prime example of unintended humour. He looks to me like a Muslim version of the stone-faced Buster Keaton – Zafar never smiles, but many of his points are absolutely hilarious. When commenting on the counter-protest, organized by JDL-Canada, that opposed the Al-Quds rally, he writes:

This stood in sharp contrast to the Zionist thugs, the erroneously named Jewish Defence League (JDL)—actually the Jewish Offence League—that shouted obscenities at Quds Day rally participants. They had even brought some scantily clad Zionist sluts thinking this would detract committed Muslims. What these enemies of humanity do not realize is that committed Muslims are not attracted to such filth.

I should give him some credit here – this is a new bit in his repertoire, before Bangash has never accused JDL-Canada of running a team of Judith’s to seduce the virtuous Muslim head-bangers and divert them from their mission to blow themselves up and meet the 72 virgins. The day was very hot (over 30 degrees Celsius, nearly 90 Fahrenheit) and in such conditions the free Canadian women, especially the younger ones, wear shorts and skirts, as opposed to the Al-Quds female squads who showed up with headbags and winter clothes.


Culture clash: headbags vs. shorts

Of course, repulsive Muslim fanatics like Zafar Bangash and his fellow Al-Qudnics dream of the day when they’ll be able to lock all Canadian women into the body bags worn by the average devout Muslim gargoyle. His points also show how obsessed Islam is with sex – the Muslims must be guarded from any, even the slightest, temptations, otherwise they will start acting like bonobo chimps, raping every “exposed” woman – and such reaction in that demented religion is a perfectly acceptable excuse. (No wonder you can’t see any Muslims at the feminist Slut Walks.)

A few paragraphs later, Bangash delivers another comic bit:

It must, however, be stated that some Queen’s Park politicians have become Zionist puppets and try desperately to prevent any criticism of its atrocious record. Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario premier and an apology for a woman, is an arch-Zionist. She has become a regular fixture at the ‘Walk for Israel’ march.

To define Kathleen Wynne as “Zionist puppet” and “arch-Zionist” is as credible as calling Madonna virgin (especially after all the Muslim pandering that Wynne has done). Calling her “an apology for a woman” may refer to her sex orientation, but in her defense I should say that Wynne proved that a lesbian politician can be just as mean, incompetent and corrupt as any “straight” one (though there is a bonus – she can silence her critics by calling them “homophobes”).

Despite the big words in Bangash’s article, the rally wasn’t very exciting – the starving attendees were yelling apathetically “Shame, shame, Israel!” and “From the river to the see Palestine will be free!” but had no desire to confront Blazingcatfur, who entered their “compound” and roamed around for a while (though they recognized him).


Fried Muslim girls


The men resist the Jewish temptresses


“Free Al-Aqsa Mosque” by kicking out the Jews

Among the organizers and activists, it was hard to miss the same old faces.


Trade union and NDP activist Ali Mallah (left)


One of the leaders of the anti-Semitic Palestine House

A Muslim Nazi, who flaunted a swastika at the rally in support of the terrorists from the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, held last April in front of the Israeli Consulate, tried something similar this time as well, but the police neutralized him quickly.


Swastika in April


Nothing this time

Unlike the last year, we didn’t see any Hezbollah flags, but the portrait of the wild Ayatollah Khomeini was a favourite accessory.


Loving the shia monster


Another Khomeini fan


Smiley face eclipses the grumpy Muslims

Contrary to Zafar’s opinion, the opposite camp didn’t include any thugs and didn’t have many “scantily clad” Jewish temptresses. The signs promoted various “achievements” of the Muslim extremists in the field of terror.



“CSIS Is Watching!!!” (Zionist project of Jon Hammond)

In addition to the members of JDL-Canada, the counter-protest was attended by many other supporters.


Meir Weinstein (National Director JDL-Canada)


The cool look of Julius Suraski


Mark Vandermaas (Israel Truth Week) gives a speech


Yazidi Sheikh Mirza Ismail (centre) and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Though not part of the counter-protest, a few people stopped by on the sidewalk to make their point with cartoons of Mohammed.

al-quds-rally-toronto-2015-19al-quds-rally-toronto-2015-20After all the speeches and the shouting, the Al-Quds people marched to the park behind Queen’s Park. As it is customary in the misogynist cult of Islam, the march was gender-segregated, with the men walking first, followed by the inferior group of the women. In front of the march were again the quasi-rabbis from Neturei Karta, who never miss any anti-Semitic rallies. They probably make a pretty shekel through their Rent-a-Kapo program.


The march


Zaid Hamid – Pakistani Taliban supporter jailed in Saudi Arabia


The two groups in confrontation

The march brought the two groups together and they took the chance to make their points, mostly by yelling at each other, so the police had to keep them separated. You can see the whole march in the video (it wasn’t that long). They lost quite a few of the participants on the way, while the enthusiasm for shouting “Free Palestine” gradually disappeared.


The rally dies in the park

And here is a short movie, covering some highlights from the event (especially the clash during the march).

Though the police stopped the JDL-Canada supporters from following the marchers, I still managed to get to the park. It was even more boring with a few more speeches. The last speaker said that now they can go back to the Consulate to board the buses, but should be careful, because the Zionist thugs might be waiting around to ambush them (nice fearmongering).

Let’s wait and see what they are going to do next – especially after the treacherous Barack Obama struck a deal with the mad mullah of Tehran, giving them carte blanche to build their bomb.

© 2015

“Climate Justice” for Turtle Island with Hanoi Jane, Communists and Unions

Toronto’s progressive loons held last Sunday another rally for “climate justice” and more “green jobs.” It was another one of those events organized by the fringe Left to promote their agenda of social control under the guise of concern for the “future of the planet.” The large crowd at Queen’s Park included mostly members of numerous leftist organizations, which the Canadian public at large isn’t even aware of. The main attraction were the appearances of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda and “fruit fly” Dr. David Suzuki, which were advertised in advance. In reality, the rally turned into a bait-and-switch event – Hanoi Jane appeared briefly (and I missed her) and Suzuki was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, in the short coverage provided by the media (mostly CBC) the far-leftist nature of the event was carefully ignored, again. The Toronto Star even lied in their coverage that Fonda and Suzuki marched with the participants.

Hanoi Jane was interviewed later the same day at the CBC. The only good thing I can say about her is that she looks great for a 78-year old woman (money can buy you the best plastic surgeons). Other than that she kept beating the old tired drum about the huge numbers of hurricanes, storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes that are currently devastating the planet due to the global warming. The fight against it gave meaning to her life and 99% of the climate scientists confirm her position (she is losing it – the correct number in that propaganda lie is 97%). She also admitted that she was proud of what she did in Vietnam – thanks to her activism, the USA reduced its financing of the government of South Vietnam. And she is probably proud that the incapacitated government eventually fell under the control of the murderous regime of North Vietnam.

The people who attended the “climate justice” rally probably also made her proud. It was impossible to miss the Marxists and their table covered with booklets and pamphlets on how to turn Canada into an exemplary socialist state.

climate-justice-rally-2-marxistsTheir spiritual brothers, the Trotskyists, were thinking in a much bigger way, peddling a workers’ socialist revolution throughout the Americas. They even felt the need to protect the remaining communist dinosaurs: “Defend China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam against imperialism and counterrevolution!”



“Eco Socialism or Extinction” (tell that to China)


The die-hard communists


Gay Greenpeace

The various home-made and professionally printed signs left no doubt about the nature of the participants’ views. The doomsday warnings dominated the landscape, telling us that we have just a few years left before the climate disaster (we’ve heard that so many times already, with ever changing final date); attacking agriculture from vegan perspective; trashing Harper and his government, and even people like Kathleen Wynne, despite her dutiful support for every possible green scam.


The doomsday is near


“Hey Naomi Klein, Say No to Capitalism? Then Say No to Animal Agriculture “Organic” or Not!” (Even the sacred cow Naomi can’t get away)


“Harper – Climate Criminal” (courtesy of the communists)


The statue looks better than the real Kathleen Wynne


Even the very progressive lesbian Wong-Tam is not liked


“Only 5 Years Left to Avoid Climate Catastrophe” (how many times have we heard that since the 1990’s?)

The rally even accommodated people distributing promotional flyers for the upcoming anti-Semitic Al-Quds event in downtown Toronto.


Promoting the Al-Quds rally

climate-justice-rally-9-al-quds-promotion-1The speeches were a good match to the creepiness of the rally. They sounded like a competition for who will make the most stupid points. Fred Hahn from CUPE squealed a passionate attack against the evil Harper government and its transparency law (which is seen as an enormous threat to the unions for exposing their dirty laundry). Two young girls from the University of Toronto gave a joint speech about their initiative to force their university do divest from any oil or mining stocks – they claimed they had wide support and hoped to spread the movement to other universities. It is hard to believe that the institution would survive on income from green scamming companies from China and South Korea (no matter how hard Kathleen Wynne’s gang of crooks tries to support them).

Especially funny was the speech of the leader of No One Is Illegal – this is an organization, which has elevated schizophrenia into their main principle. On one hand, they believe that Canada is Turtle Island, a sovereign Indian territory, where all settlers should pay the Indians for doing nothing. On the other hand, they maintain that everybody from anywhere in the world has the right to come here and go, using all the benefits normally reserved for the Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. They must be influential, because their signs outnumbered everything else at the rally (confirming its insane nature). We even listened to an Indian woman, best known for being a spokeswoman for the terrorists of Oka in 1990’s, who demanded all lands and energy sources (apparently when Indians are polluting as new owners, that’s a good pollution). She didn’t forget to mention that 3,000 Indian kids have been viciously murdered in the residential schools (that questionable grievance is turning into another never-ending source of money for the Indian chiefs).



Fred Hahn trashes capitalism


“No One Is Illegal” wants to bring anybody to Turtle Island

After the end of the speeches, the crowd was supposed to march to a downtown park, where the unions were to provide some lousy vegan meal and everybody was expected to listen to the music of fringe bands. Before the start, the MC announced that the march will be segregated – the Indians, as “keepers of the land” and owners of Turtle Island will lead the crowd in a separate group. Obviously nobody cared about that racist arrangement. Shortly after the march reached University Avenue, a white activist, who is an almost constant presence at those events, tried to join the Indian group, but was pushed and shoved by them (you can see a video in a separate post). The owners of Turtle Island are not big on tolerance.

During the march even more weird people and signs emerged.


The No One Is Illegal gang


White settlers for Turtle Island


The vegan losers


“Stop the Insane Holocaust of Animals, Go Vegan” (Is everything a Holocaust now?)


The “black lives” enterprise

The “black lives” enterprise supporters shown above tried to engage a few policemen after the event into a provocative conversation about “carding” and “police brutality” in Canada. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the cops saying that they were not interested in it.


Multicultural support for the socialist Queen Linda McQuaig

A trusty fan of Justin Trudeau. The pothead is going to vote for the Liberal airhead, because Harper “likes sodomizing young people with his crime policies” (as his sign says).

climate-justice-rally-15-potheadThe next guy was probably certifiably insane, but that wasn’t a big surprise. According to his sign, “Stephen Harper is fascist, terrorist and war criminal, who orchestrated a terrorist attack in Ottawa on October 22nd”.


Fighting the fascist Harper


Compared to the rest, this earth angel looks almost normal

In a free country everybody has the right to parade his insanity as long as he doesn’t harm the rest. The insanity displayed in this rally is of different nature – it is taken seriously by the media and may affect party political platforms and public policies that could devastate Canada. And the gains of the NDP in local elections make very real the danger of the incompetent Left taking over the federal government (many of the participants in the march carried the signs of such loony NDP heavyweights like Peggy Nash and Linda McQuaig).

We all saw what the decades of practical socialism did to Greece – the lack of any real industry and the lavish lifestyles of the ruling bureaucrats and the ordinary socialists, maintained on borrowed money, eventually caused the disaster we are seeing now. Closing the oil and mining sectors in order to rely on windmills and the solar panels fed by the meager rays of the Canadian sun would bring us a much worse disaster. The Greeks could still survive on tomatoes and olives, which they can easily grow and can even sell their beautiful islands to make ends meet. Canada, on the other hand, can’t even feed itself without importing food and we have nothing to sell – I doubt it that anybody would be interested in buying the Indian wastelands (the Indians may try to sell them when in the “green economy” the money flow from Ottawa stops) or the vast snowfields with the occasional Eskimo living there.

We already saw the results of the “green revolution” in Ontario – McGuinty and Wynne chased away most manufacturers, who have operated in the province for decades. Now the “climate justice” idiots are working on devastating the rest of Canada.

© 2015

Deported Canadian Pro-Hamas Losers Greeted by JDL-Canada at Toronto Airport

The anti-Semitic scumbags, who participated in the latest campaign to provoke and discredit Israel by boarding boats destined for Gaza, ended up in the same way as the other “missions” from previous years. Their attempt to express their support for the terrorist entity Hamas was met again with the presence of the Israeli border authorities. Unlike the Turkish terrorists, who tried to kill the Israeli border guards with metal bars and knives, causing a real fight, this time the boats were staffed with the wimpy protesters that you can see at most pro-Hamas demonstrations in Toronto. They are good when they have to shout obscenities in front of the Israeli Consulate, but lose their speech when confronted with real people while attempting to enter a country illegally. That made the situation much more manageable than at the time of the Turkish confrontation. Their boats were captured and redirected to the port of Ashkelon and Prime Minister Netanyahu jokingly told them that they might have taken the wrong turn.

Soon after that the sorry group of armchair revolutionaries was deported to Canada. Expecting a hero’s welcome (that they’ll surely receive from the numerous supporters of Hamas in Toronto), at the airport they were met by a group, which wasn’t very impressed with those Israel-haters. JDL-Canada was waiting for them. Unaccustomed to such reception, the Hamas fans had to use the services of the airport guards, who did their best to silence the members of JDL-Canada. Here is a short video of the confrontation:

Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day to all friends, foes and lukewarm visitors of this site! We may adore or dislike each other, but we can express openly our thoughts and feelings thanks to the tradition of respect for the individual’s sovereignty, established during the long period of time, which started with Magna Carta (and received a serious blow in Trudeau’s Charter). Let’s keep our freedoms and have respect for the country, in which they still survive.

Fundraiser for Doug and Rob Ford with Mike Harris and Patrick Brown

Earlier tonight we attended a fundraiser for Doug and Rob Ford, organized in a banquet hall in Vaughan. Its purpose was to raise money in order to retire the debt from last year’s municipal campaign. The hall was full and among the guests were several politicians – I saw the federal Minister of Labour Dr. Kellie Leitch, former Premier Mike Harris, the leader of the provincial conservatives Patrick Brown, Councillor Frances Nunziata and a few others.

Rob Ford looked in good health and high spirits (though not dressed formally). He definitely has lost quite a bit of weight. In a short speech he shared his recent experiences at the hospital and said that the prognosis is very good – the doctors told him that he could return to City Hall in September, but he said he will try to get back to work much earlier. He also shared his plans for the future:

In his speech former Premier Mike Harris condemned the Liberal policies – in the last ten years Ontario has turned from a prosperous industrial province into a have-not place. The government sector has increased its size significantly, while the private sector has declined. Even though they say that those are still jobs, every government job relies on taxes that have to be collected and redistributed. You can see the rest of his speech in the video:

Patrick Brown agreed with the assessment of Mike Harris and said that his goal would be to bring Ontario back to the economic basics – he is going to do everything in his power to improve transportation and communications, reduce the price of electricity and eliminate red tape. Those are basic requirements to ensure the best conditions for developing private businesses in Ontario.

Here are a few pictures from the event:


Doug Ford with Julius Suraski


Mike Harris at the fundraiser


The PC Party leader Patrick Brown


Rob Ford with a supporter


Signing bobbleheads


Rob with another supporter

© 2015

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