MK Basel Ghattas from the Arab Fifth Column in Israel Speaks in Toronto

Last Thursday, Toronto’s downtown “Palestinian” club Beit Zatoun hosted the outspoken anti-Israeli member of the Knesset (MK) Basel Ghattas.  The venue is known for its hostility against Israel. Such events are the norm there – a few years ago they hosted another loudmouth from the Knesset, Jamal Zahalka. Earlier this year they provided platform for the virulent anti-Semite Ken O’Keefe.


Basel Ghattas arrives at Beit Zatoun


JDL-Canada pickets the event

The only Jewish organization to confront the event was JDL-Canada. Its members and sympathizers stood across the street from the club with police officers dividing both sides. That didn’t stop a few lefties from provoking confrontation.

Toronto-Beit-Zatoun-Basel-Ghattas-picket-3Basel Ghattas didn’t miss the chance to condemn the “ugly Zionists” in a Facebook note that he posted after the event:


Ghattas came to Canada to promote the latest “initiative” against Israel, the newest “flotilla” to Gaza, which this time will be known as “Women’s Boat to Gaza”. As it was the case with the previous boats, this will be another attempt to “break” the blockade of Gaza. Toronto was Ghattas’ second stop, a few days earlier he appeared at a leftist event in Montreal, which was also picketed by JDL-Canada.

Such presentations attract many more extreme lefties than actual Arabs. The audience consisted almost exclusively of white leftists who are seen time after time on similar occasions. A person, probably a woman, attending the talk is a constant presence in the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid group. This year they marched with the extremists of Black Lives Matter in the annual Dyke March.


At the Ghattas talk


With QuAIA and Black Lives Matter at the Toronto Dyke March 2016

Another old anti-Semitic “friend” showed up as well. Here he tried again to attack the Jews but the police stopped him from crossing the street, as they did during some of his previous escapades.


The angry anti-Semite


Taken away after a clash at an Israeli rally in 2014

JDL-Canada had a few supporters inside Beit Zatoun willing to engage Ghattas in an argument over his views. However, as soon as they started, they were promptly kicked out.

The best news from the event was that Beit Zatoun, the anti-Semitic club, will be closing its doors in November, 2016, but they will hold plenty of events until that time. That was stated in the introduction by one of the organizers.


So, what are the views that Dr. Basel Ghattas advocates and why do they cause such a reaction from the non-leftist segment of the Jewish community?

I obtained a recording of the event. When listening to it, it becomes clear that Mr. Ghattas is very open about what he wants politically. I’ll go into the details soon, but the summary of his ideas is that he considers Israel an occupying force. The victims of the occupation are not only Gaza and the West Bank, but also the so-called “Israeli Arabs” in Galilee (even though they are Israeli citizens). Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are pathetically inefficient in opposing the sinister right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Negotiations have not worked and the end of occupation (or rather the end of Israel) will be achieved either by war or social activism and sanctions. The BDS movement and actions, like the flotilla to Gaza, are major elements of that strategy.

Here I should note that these are not the ideas of an extreme PLO functionary. Mr. Ghattas is a parliamentarian – he is one of the leaders of the Arab bloc in the Knesset. Elected politicians are expected to serve their country, yet he doesn’t hide his efforts to destroy the country that let him reach such a high position. He is paid by his homeland that has entrusted him with legislative power. When such a person consistently sabotages his country, his behaviour, in plain language, is called treason. I don’t think that any member of the parliament in a European country would be allowed to do for long what Mr. Ghattas does. It looks like the Israeli government is either excessively tolerant or completely blind. Both options are disturbing.

In his speech he outlined the basis of his struggle. He said that though Israel doesn’t comply with the UN resolutions, it is still very sensitive to international reactions to its policies. Ghattas gave as an example a case heard by a Hague tribunal involving Palestinian water rights. Many countries ignore that judicial institution, but Israel sent government representatives to defend its case. The same applies to the flotillas – while the boats are small, Israel’s reaction is as if it has been invaded. Such actions have psychological effect on Israel. The BDS movement, which is international, has similar effect. The Canadian group that supports it is big and plays a leadership role. They are his heroes.

At that moment, somebody from the audience interrupted him to defend Israel. In the heated verbal exchange that followed, Ghattas insisted that the Canadian BDS supporters want peace and democracy in “Palestine”, that’s why they were his heroes, while the person who interrupted him was on the side of the occupation.

After the commotion ended and the offending lady was kicked out of the lefty lair, Ghattas continued on the same topic. The Canadian BDS groups support his cause and now, with the new government, there is a potential to change the policies toward Israel despite the efforts of the Jewish lobby. (Justin Trudeau always pays lip service to supporting Israel but maybe Ghattas knows more about the true intentions of the new government.)

He added that BDS is very important not just because of the economic impact but also because of Netanyahu government’s reaction. They try to turn the tide around through propaganda using the world Jewish organizations – billions of shekels are allocated in Israel’s budget for the purpose. The pressure must continue because Israel is sensitive to accusations of human rights violations. Ghattas didn’t like this government. It is the most right-wing government in decades, formed with Likud’s majority. It has included extreme right-wingers like Lieberman that nobody thought possible years ago. (Maybe the consistent “Palestinian” violence despite all compromises changed Israelis’ minds…)

Ghattas sees this as the Israeli reality. This government will last and it cannot be changed – no hope for resolving the conflict, Netanyahu will maintain and manage it. The Palestinian society is divided between Hamas and Fatah. Criticism – the Palestinian Authority depends on Israel. Ghattas asked Abbas to stop the security agreement with Israel. But he knows that without Israel’s support the PA will collapse within 24 hours. No political force in the Palestinian society exists that can reach reconciliation. At least, he can’t see this happening within the next few months. If that happens, it will have serious impact on the Israeli government. In 2014 Netanyahu stopped transferring taxes to the PA as well as the release of prisoners. Unfortunately, Europe has other priorities and doesn’t deal with that when they deal with Syria, Iraq, Islamophobia, terror. International organizations can play a role in ending the occupation. Members can bring attention to the continuing oppression of 4 to 5 million Palestinians, deprived of their basic rights. Gaza Palestinians live in the largest prison in the world.

(I should note again that Ghattas is an “Israeli Arab” and Israeli citizen, so his dealings with Abbas, citizen of the future “Palestinian State” raise a few questions. As we will see below, some “Israeli Arabs” are ready to demand land in Israel, which at this point is not disputed officially by the PA).

Two things need to be the main focus: international activities, where the BDS movement and the flotilla are a major tool. The second tool are the Palestinians inside Israel. There are 1.5 million of them, they have their own political parties, even though the Zionists didn’t want them to remain in 1948 after the partition. Israel occupied more territories after the war and some Palestinians remain there. The Nazareth area should be Palestinian.

Then he went into the usual litany about the apartheid treatment in Israel. Still, Ghattas admitted that the freedom of speech in Israel can be used against the country. Because of it, the Palestinians in Israel can be much more active than the Palestinians in general. However, they all are Palestinians and have to unite and resist. The Palestinian diaspora, Palestinians in Israel and even the Jewish supporters can work together. They won 13 seats in the Knesset – showing the world that they can unify and manage their differences, Islamists and communists came together to share a common ground.

After Ghattas’ speech, a previous participant in the Gaza flotilla explained the purpose of the movement. They are often asked why they don’t enter Gaza through the Israeli checkpoints, but the idea is to challenge the situation because the indigenous people never ask the oppressor for permission. The members of the flotilla are the freedom fighters of today, solidarity demands going back. It’s like the civil rights movement in the USA in the 1960’s. And of course, he asked for money to finance the venture.

Then came the questions and answers session. In one of his responses Ghattas stated that the division of the Palestinian politics was so disastrous that it could be called a second Nakba. Palestinians must start a reunification by throwing away the old movements.

Then he went into details about how he saw the process of destruction of Israel. In a colonial society change can be achieved in two ways. One of them is war, military resistance, which means a lot of blood and killing. He doesn’t see it happening and doesn’t want it to. He is against war and killing. The Palestinian people in their 100 years of resistance saw that only popular resistance might bring results. The other way is boycott and sanctions, the same that happened with South Africa. Iran surrendered after sanctions, the same could be done in Israel’s case. It is difficult, the world is not ready, Canada tries to criminalize BDS, but imposing sanctions on South Africa was also difficult. Nancy Reagan considered the idea crazy. Yet without boycott and sanctions, the apartheid regime couldn’t be dismantled. That’s what should happen, it is hard, but piece by piece, with incremental pressure from the ground, they can do it from the campuses in Europe and the United States. This will break Israel; he knows the Israelis very well. He worked in Israeli technological institutions. If much lighter sanctions are imposed on Israel, not like those imposed on Iran, that will have stronger effect that will be felt faster than in South Africa. The Israelis react like oxygen to the actions of the world. During the war in Gaza, the Ben Gurion Airport was closed for 24 hours, the Israelis went crazy, they were stuck in Europe and Istanbul. It was a sign of what might happen if there are sanctions on Israel. A Canadian newspaper wrote about his statements at the World Social Forum about BDS and the Israeli newspapers started sending him questions. What do you want? He replied: I am a man of peace. The other option – war, killing, what do you expect, the Palestinians to continue living under this situation with no resistance? If the world doesn’t help them, what are they to do? People who do not resist occupation, do not deserve to be people.

In another answer he criticized the citizenship law that prevents the Arab family reunification. It is promoted as a measure to fight terrorism but it is discriminatory toward Arab women who don’t participate in terrorism. (People who regularly read the news will have some disagreements with the last statement.)

A question about the Palestinian Authority brought up the issue of Mahmoud Abbas. Years ago he threatened to resign; he should have, if he had self-respect. He can’t live forever. What happens when he goes?

Ghattas replied that currently there are various institutions in the West Bank, unlike in the times of Yasser Arafat when everything was much more centralized. He stated that he didn’t know what to say and I didn’t care about the PA. The PA is a structure that has no real authority in the region, the Israeli Army has the power and goes anywhere, into Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem. What authority is this?  What agreement of peace is this? Abbas was interviewed a few months ago on Channel 2 and he gave the most insulting interview. Ghattas: And I wrote about it, that my leader, the Palestinian nation’s leader, even under occupation should show some pride, some dignity. But he was saying give us one week and we can show you that we can make order in our cities, not in Area C, but in Area A. So, whatever happens with that structure, is not going to make a difference. The only question that matters is whether the PLO with its current structure would continue or change. But the Palestinian movement and the diaspora would add new points of reference to the Palestinian struggle. If you give up struggle and accept only negotiations, you have only one strategy – negotiations. We cannot win through negotiations. Can you convince Netanyahu to give up the West Bank? No. To take out 300,000 settlers? No. It’s like the provincial governments you have in Canada. All the Palestinian people want to change the nature of the Palestinian leadership.

That was a disturbing statement. Abbas, with all his hypocrisy, still wants to create the impression that he plans to curtail the terrorist activities. Ghattas outright rejects that as a weakness. Probably, the violent “resistance” is a preferred option. And I should say again, those are the views of a Member of the Knesset, not of an obscure PLO operative.

In 2014, the Israeli journalist Caroline Glick published the book “The Israeli Solution”, where she proposed the unification of Israel and the West Bank under the control of the government. The idea caused serious objections because the annexation could bring more violent Arabs into the country. Listening to Dr. Basel Ghattas makes it clear that even without that action, things are getting worse in Israel. Even the Arabs who benefit from all the privileges of the Israeli citizenship are turning against their country in the name of an uncertain extremist future.

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Obama’s Voters Kill a Good Samaritan Who Helped Them

Treating with respect those who help you is a trait shared by all civilized peoples in the world. Disrespecting such helpers shows a crisis of society’s values. If such a person is killed by those who received his help, it is a sure sign that the laws of the jungle have taken over the country.

That’s exactly what happened in supposedly the most civilized country in the world, the USA. A few days ago, the press reported the arrest of Deon Frasier, 17, and Michael Dupree-Tyler, 19, in connection with the murder of Chadwick Garrett, 45, all from South Carolina. The duo robbed and killed Mr. Garrett right after he helped them haul their vehicle out of a ditch. All three of them were black.


Deon Frasier and Michael Dupree-Tyler. If Obama had two ugly sons…


Chadwick Garrett

Yesterday, further details about the case emerged after the murderers appeared in court.

It was late evening when the two scumbags somehow got their Dodge Durango in a ditch. Garrett saw them and stopped his car there at 11 p.m. and offered to help them for $20. They agreed. After he removed the vehicle from the ditch, he inquired about the money. At that moment, Frasier pulled out gun and fired multiple shots at Garrett who soon died. Needless to say, the gun was stolen.

After that, both drove away to their apartment without any remorse. A witness who identified the car helped the police to track and arrest them.

Frasier has a long rap sheet of arrests for theft, burglary, and assault. At the time of the murder, he was free on $10,000 bail for possession of a stolen vehicle.

The victim, Chadwick Garrett, was an ordinary working man who lived with his family and have been working for years for a temporary staffing service providing skilled and unskilled labour. Apparently, permanent jobs for common people are quickly disappearing in South Carolina, as everywhere else.

The newspaper covers a conversation initiated by Chadwick’s father during the court hearing:

His father, Moses Garrett, spoke at the teens’ bond hearing with several family members behind him to show support.

“It’s so sad; these young babies here, they’re getting more and more terrible out there on the streets,” he said.

“You guys killed a man. Only cowards carry guns.”

Dupree-Tyler briefly responded to the family before being cut off by the judge. Frasier, whose hearing was after his co-defendant’s, tried to respond but was not permitted to speak.

“With all due respect to the family, they coming at me the wrong way because I haven’t murdered anyone,” Dupree-Tyler said.

Garrett said he took pity on the teens because of their age.

“I don’t think it was so much (a) robbery as it was hatred of your own brother,” he said, adding that he wished he could have had a better father.

It was well put – “hatred for your own brother” means complete breakdown of the moral code of a society.

Unfortunately, this will receive very little attention from the press and the elites. If one of the sides were a policeman or a white person, the usual suspects would have been all over the case. Obama, Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers will be frothing about the “unfair system”, “systematic racism” or the “nasty crackers” who mistreat the “brothas”.

Since all players here are black, the social justice warriors are not interested. For sure, none of these problems will be resolved in the foreseeable future…

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Japanese Summer Festival in Ontario

The pictures below were taken at a Japanese festival that we attended last month. It’s an annual event taking place every summer in Mississauga, near Toronto. The festival was a nice distraction from the political events that I usually go to.

The fun went on for nearly a day, attracting thousands of people. It amazing to see so many fans of Japan from different nationalities. Some of them even wore traditional Japanese kimonos. The festival had everything – Japanese food, sake and plum wine, kimono fashion review, dances, taiko drum performances, and even a few very nice dogs.

The photos show little bit of everything…


Thousands of people attended the event


Fans of Japan from different nations



Soap stand – Japanese products sometimes have strange names


Cooking Japanese yakitori


The sake stand


As it often happens in Canada, weird people pop up at most events

And this is the performance of the traditional Japanese taiko drummers. The Japanese are not the only nationality prcticing this art.

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-taiko-drums-1japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-taiko-drums-7The kimono review:


And that was a dance that was supposed to include everybody at the festival:

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-2japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-3japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-5japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dance-7And, finally, two nice and friendly dogs we met at the festival:

japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dog-1japanese-festival-mississauga-july-2016-dog-2© 2016

Obama’s Sons and Daughters Hunt White People in Milwaukee

Over the weekend, the city of Milwaukee had become the center of the latest wave of black violence directed against whites and their businesses. As we had seen that several times before, the actions of the idiots from Black Lives Matter have probably been stirred by rich white liberals and especially by the filthy little hands of Satan’s only begotten son, George Soros.

That level of destruction is new to Milwaukee. Years ago, the city became world famous due to its most “outstanding” citizen, Jeffrey Dahmer. The quiet young man, who lived in a predominantly black area, had the nasty pastime of killing and dismembering his homosexual lovers. He kept their body parts in plastic containers or in his fridge and even ate some of them. The stench of decomposing human flesh finally gave him up and he was caught. I don’t recall any riots erupting as a reaction to his cannibalism.

After he was convicted, Milwaukee slipped into oblivion once again. But the calm was deceptive. The place, like many other towns, was going through a deep transformation (or should we say fermentation) toward leftism and “social justice”. The driving forces behind it soon clashed with the state government. You probably remember the union unrest and the recall of Governor Scott Walker. Where the leftists become dominant, racial riots would follow inevitably, though with some help from creatures like Soros. The result of that urban fermentation stinks worse than Stilton cheese.

The white cannibal, who killed and ate mostly dark-skinned people, was not enough to cause a riot, but a shooting of a black criminal by a black police officer triggered a mind-blowing unrest. Of course, the glorification of black criminals by Obama’s administration also played its role to cause that reaction.

After the young thug Trayvon Martin was killed while attacking a security guard, President Obama observed that if he had a son, he would look like Travon. That wasn’t just a sentimental remark, it became Obama’s policy. Later he started to promote the criminal gang Black Lives Matter, their leaders regularly visited the White House. Obama’s presumed successor, Hillary Clinton, even invited the mothers of young black criminals killed in confrontation with the police to the Democratic National Convention. The group became known as “Mothers of the Movement”.

When evil politicians absolve black criminals of any responsibility for their actions and blame everything they do on the cruel world of the White Man, it is not hard to predict that the criminals would feel entitled to the goods they steal. And let’s not forget that, just like Detroit and Baltimore, Milwaukee has been ruled for decades by the Democrats, with the predictable catastrophic consequences.

The incident that started the present riots didn’t fit strictly the narrative of racism because, as already mentioned, the black thug was shot and killed by a black officer. The initial report that he was unarmed turned out to be a lie – he had a large gun, stolen along with ammunitions during a previous robbery. It appears he was killed after trying to shoot the officer. On top of that, Sylville Smith had a long rap sheet of various violent crimes and 13 arrests. Several black people were killed in the city the week before, yet none of the activist bothered to question their deaths.

It looks like that truth doesn’t matter anymore, the criminals from Black Lives Matter are ready to loot and set things on fire for any reason. And the looting and destruction started right away:

Video footage shows violent mobs of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters targeting white people for brutal beat downs during last night’s unrest in Milwaukee.

The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.

“Yeah they white!” states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.

“Yeah they white, get their ass!” screams another.

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter.

“He white – beat his head – bitch!” he adds.

The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

With the caveman’s English that those folks speak, it is not hard to imagine the dismal quality of the schools in Wisconsin. The riots continued over the weekend and the situation became even worse. Even reporters were beaten and robbed. Governor Walker had to call in the National Guard to prevent the total destruction of the city.


Savagery and destruction in Milwaukee (photo: Fox News)

As it is customary in such cases, the lefty media brought forward the dead guy’s relatives with their “message of peace and reconciliation”. Syville’s sister reportedly called for calm and end of burning down businesses.

However, the media outlets didn’t share the whole message. She pleaded for peace in the black areas but was very much in support of destroying the predominantly white suburbs:

“Burning down shit ain’t gonna help nothing. You’re burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn their shit down. We need our shit. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

Another product of Wisconsin teachers’ union, with enviable proficiency in Ebonics, a language where the word “shit” can express endless nuances of reality.  Another guy tried to express a more philosophical view on the situation, still in Ebonics, but with the surprising lack of the term “shit”:

“It’s sad because you know, this what happened because they not helping the black community, like you know, the rich people they got all this money, and they not like, you know, tryin’ to give us none.”

Still, that’s the basic idea that has kept the black people down – it’s never their fault, everything happens because rich people refuse to share their “shit” with the poor folk.

Syville’s father was more articulate and came closer to revealing the true reasons, maybe because he spent years in jail and, unlike his son, learned something from his ordeals. He got out of jail two months ago and was involved in drug dealing and pimping and definitely didn’t see himself as a role model:

“What are we gonna do now? Everyone playing their part in this city, blaming the white guy or whatever, and we know what they’re doing. Like, already I feel like they should have never OK’d guns in Wisconsin. They already know what our black youth was doing anyway. These young kids gotta realize this is all a game with them. Like they’re playing Monopoly. You young kids falling into their world, what they want you to do. Everything you do is programmed. I had to blame myself for a lot of things too because your hero is your dad and I played a very big part in my family’s role model for them… When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. They got us killing each other and when they even OK’d them pistols and they OK’d a reason to kill us too. Now somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable.”

It is sad, but there is no solution in sight. The common values of a strong family, faith and self-reliance have been destroyed long time ago by the “progressive” paternalistic government measures created to improve people’s lives by various handouts. The likes of Soros, Obama and Black Lives Matter don’t add anything good. By promoting violence and fake justice, they dig even deeper hole for the black people.

© 2016

The Anti-Semitic Al-Quds Rally Attracts Thousands of Muslims in Toronto

The 2016 edition of Canada’s largest anti-Semitic fest, the Al-Quds Day, took place in Toronto last Saturday. Named after the Arab word for Jerusalem (Al-Quds), the event has a simple and straightforward message: Jerusalem must be conquered by Muslims to “liberate” the Al-Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount and in the process the whole State of Israel should be wiped out.

Started years ago by the bloody Ayatollah Khomeini, the Al-Quds Day has grown in popularity. It is odd that such an anti-Semitic event is tolerated by the police and the Provincial Government, while they will go out of their way to condemn any phony anti-Muslim “hate crime” or even legitimate criticism of Muslim extremism. Speakers at the rally have been known for expressing extreme anti-Jewish views. One of them, the Palestine House’s Elias Hazineh, called two years ago for shooting the Jews in Jerusalem, yet Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Attorney General somehow found that acceptable and refused to file hate crime charges.

Here is a video with some highlights from last Saturday’s Al-Quds event:

This year’s rally promoted the same extremism. The participants, heavily guarded by the police, gathered in the park north of the Parliament Building of Ontario. A few hundred meters away, a counter-rally took place. It was organized by JDL-Canada and attended by their members and supporters.


Al-Quds rally in the park


JDL-Canada’s counter-rally in the same park


The police keep a distance between the rallies


The counter-rally was also attended by a few opponents of the Al-Quds propaganda. There were a few Iranian dissidents, vocal critics of the Islamist regime in their country. Also, I noticed Sheikh Mirza Ismail, leader of the local Yezidi community. Yezidis have been one of the main targets of the genocide perpetrated by the Muslim terrorists from ISIS, yet that fact has so far escaped the attention of the Canadian Government. Raheel Raza and her husband Suhail, from Muslims Facing Tomorrow, were also at the rally.


Mirza Ismail and Raheel Raza

Also present was a group carrying signs “Queers against Islamic Apartheid” that brought attention to the mistreatment of homosexuals in the Muslim countries. Ironically, the notorious anti-Semitic group “Queers against Israeli Apartheid” was marching at the same time in the Dyke March a few blocks away.

It was nice to see at the event the famous scholar and critic of Islamism Robert Spencer. He came to show his support and oppose the anti-Semitic Al-Quds message. His speech, which will be presented in a separate post, covered the history of the Islamist fight against Jews and Israel.


Robert Spencer speaks

After about two hours, the Muslim group marched to the US Consulate. The Jewish group was held for a while by the police before it was allowed to follow the same route. As you can see in the video, the Muslims kept yelling about the destruction of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” The bystanders could also get their propaganda leaflets and even Al-Quds Water – bottles with labels promoting the anti-Semitic message.


Muslim fanatics against Israel


The new Canadian flag


Clash of cultures



Al-Quds Water


The Jewish group

At the consulate, the Al-Quds event continued with more chanting and speeches. A keynote speaker was Ken Stone from Independent Jewish Voices. Despite the soothing name of his organization, he didn’t leave any doubt that he fully supported the rally’s platform. He called Israel a Zionist project that ruined the tranquility in the Middle East, where, before the country was established, Jews and Arabs lived for centuries in peace. Therefore, Israel had to be destroyed to restore the balance.

The participant yelled in agreement while flying Palestinian flags and displaying signs equating Israel with ISIS. Quite a few of them carried portraits of the murderous Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei.



Fans of the murderous Ayatollahs


Cranky Al-Quds beauties


“Liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque”



“Swastika Guy” (left) with the union activist Ali Mallah

Needless to say, there were no representatives of the CBC or the Toronto Star to cover the event. The Muslim barbarians and their open anti-Semitism didn’t fit into the multicultural narrative of the lefty mainstream media, so the media took the only way out they knew: they pretended the event never happened.

A few days ago, a small rally of Pegida Canada was demonized and labelled racist by both the CBC and the Toronto Star for daring to point out the Islamist danger to Canada. It is the same danger that was so clearly on display in this Al-Quds rally.

The media and Trudeau’s government condone and cover up for the Muslim extremism. It is not hard to see that the Muslim Jew-hating fanatics, who meet no resistance to their extremism, are ready to transform Canada to accommodate their murderous cult.

© 2016

Black Supremacists Lead Toronto “Trans” Parade 2016

The tranny parade in Toronto has always been known for its odd characters. The common denominator that unites all those people is their conviction that they are something they are not. That’s why every year we watch, as a part of the “pride week” or “pride month” as it is called now, a procession of men who sincerely believe they are women and vice versa.

Normally, that could be seen as a harmless quirk but, with the active help of politicians and educators, we are forced to consider that madness an unquestionable truth. Soon things are going to get much worse. A law has been proposed at federal level that will force all educational and other institutions to treat men like women if they sincerely believe they are women, regardless of the presence of a penis.

Even worse – everybody who questions that insanity will be liable under the hate speech laws for trying to stop those burly “women” from showering with their little girls. It is a sad sign of the complete deterioration of our civilization. From a beacon of progress and prosperity, we are turning into a poorly managed mental institution where the inmates run the asylum.

This year’s tranny parade wasn’t different, as you can see in the pictures below. A new twist was the inclusion of the group Black Lives Matter in the event. This racist fringe group is responsible for riots and looting in the USA, where they have been generously supported by the former Nazi apprentice and current globalist hell raiser George Soros. In Canada their activities haven’t reached such magnitude. However, some of their leaders have openly expressed racist views. They have also dedicated their time to sabotaging the work of the Toronto Police by accusing them of racism. As a result, the violent crime in Toronto has skyrocketed and as of this writing has nearly doubled compared to the last year.

It is ridiculous to have those people lead a homosexual event, especially when homosexuals use every opportunity trying to convince us how peaceful they are. It is hard to reconcile that opinion with the obnoxious narcissists of Black Lives Matter who sincerely think that the world revolves around them.

You can see this in the video:

And here are a few pictures:


Black Lives Matter play Black Panthers


Leading the parade



Politicians would support any insanity – the NDP leader Andrea Horvath


NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo followed by her own portrait just like Kim Il Sung


Breathtaking ladies


100% woman


No comment


Tranny communists


Classy messages


“Tits don’t make me a fucking girl”


Exploited children…


…and their teachers


Moderately successful sexc workers


Tranny Anglicans

© 2016

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