Homosexual Bullies Stalk Doug Ford at a Mayoral Debate

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Last night I attended for the first time a debate in the current mayoral campaign. It was probably debate #324 – there are way too many of them and since everything that could be said by the candidates has been already said, the only value one could derive from these events is to observe the behaviour of the participants and their supporters.


John Tory, Olivia Chow and Doug Ford in debate

The event took place at St. Andrew United Church in downtown Toronto. I am hesitant to define the United Church of Canada as a religious institution – it has banished Jesus Christ to its basement long time ago and now its individual church buildings resemble the neighbourhood clubs in the communist countries, where everybody was obligated to go and listen to lectures that trashed the world imperialism. The only difference is that the remaining followers of the United Church visit their “clubs” voluntarily.

St. Andrew’s is a notorious meeting place of militant environmentalists and equally militant homosexual activists (from the nearby Church Street community). In a way, that’s in the middle of Olivia Chow’s turf, which was reflected in the audience, dominated by her supporters.

I am going to post later a few movie highlights of the debate, but as I said nothing much was added. Olivia felt like a fish in water and used the opportunity to spew her slogans about compassion, social justice and more buses under the applause of her die-hard fans. She also mentioned how before the Rob Ford scandals she was working on making Toronto a trading hub for the Chinese yuan. (It remained a mystery how Toronto would benefit from getting involved in trading the manipulated currency of a totalitarian state.)

John Tory was in his usual mood – walking on eggshells to make sure that he is not too far to the left the right, so I have no recollection whether he had a position on anything. Doug Ford kept hammering his simple message about low taxes and responsible government, which didn’t resonate with the downtown crowd, which relies heavily on handouts from taxes. He was repeatedly jeered and interrupted and even blamed for his brother’s addiction (Doug handled all that very well).

This article would deal more with the behaviour of the supporters than with the debate itself. I spotted a sole protestor, who brought a large sign to bring attention to Olivia’s careless association with Muslim fanatics (like Zafar Bangash and Ausma Malik, who was in favour of introducing sharia rules at our universities and now wants to run schools as a trustee).

mayoral-debate-toronto-2014-1The guy with the sign kept a respectful distance – he stood at the end of the sidewalk, far away from the church and didn’t even try to get inside.

That was not the case with the lefties – not only did they get in, but they tried their best to disrupt and stalk Doug Ford. Two guys that you can see in the video below caught my attention. They kept blabbering inside the church about “gay rights,” so it wasn’t difficult to figure out where they were coming from. One of them wore a t-shirt with the image of Doug Ford, so initially I mistook him for his supporter.


“Folks” guy #1


Guy #2 with Olivia’s row

Only later did I find out that their purpose was to keep track of how many times Doug Ford used the word “folks.” I am not sure if they were collecting material for comedy skits in-between the drag queen contests at Woody’s or other gay bars (Olivia is an expert in the field) or the activity was considered serious political action aimed at destroying Doug Ford’s political platform.

olivia-chow-drag-queen-party-9I realized that I saw them at last week’s Ford Fest, where they had a large sign – “Folks” – but I had no idea who they were (though the media surrounded them). They even tried to approach Doug Ford’s family when all of them arrived.


The “folks” duo at Ford Fest


Trying to intimidate the Ford family

Regardless of the real reason, the case speaks volumes about the activists of that community. They are so shallow that they prefer to count words (which isn’t even funny) instead of engaging in a real discussion. The two guys kept listening and from time to time interrupting Doug, but what’s most important, they continued recording the words he was saying. For some strange reason, one of them kept putting post-it stickers on his shirt.

As soon as the debate ended, they sprang into action – first, by telling everybody who would listen what a horrible person Doug is. When Doug Ford finished his encounter with the hostile media, the “folks” guys jumped on him, trying to hand him some papers and verbally attacking him.

It was a pathetic display of the methods the lefty parasites use to degrade their “enemies.” The only problem is that those methods don’t bring anything positive to their cause (whatever it is). They may earn them an honourable mentioning in Now Magazine, but the main result is that outside of the downtown core they are seen as nothing more than boring dropouts from a clown school. Once the NDP was supposed to be the voice of the working people, now it relies on freaky marginal people, who have no clue about how the real world operates.


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Hong Kong People Protest China’s Totalitarianism in Toronto



Living in the vicinity of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto gives me the unique opportunity to witness how disliked the People’s Republic of China is. The much-praised hybrid between communism and capitalism has turned into a monster, which displays clearly the worst sides of both social systems. The communist ideology, with its strong grip over the media and the daily lives of the people, coexists with a wild type of capitalism, which has no respect for the environment, the people or even the basic laws.

Totalitarian China does not limit itself to mistreating only its people or occupied territories like Tibet. It consistently bullies all of its neighbours over the control of waters and islands. Every week we see in front of the Consulate groups of angry people from the countries and territories that China has wronged. Tibetans, Uighurs, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and even the Buddhist sect Falun Gong – they all show up with signs and flags and protest in front of the building with closed dark windows.

Earlier today I had the chance to see a new group – people from Hong Kong.


Hong Kong protest in Toronto

It is strange to see them demonstrating – not only is Hong Kong a part of China, but it is also a very prosperous area with income much higher than that of the rest of the country. Ever since the territory became a British colony, the unique combination of British rule of law and Chinese entrepreneurship created wealth beyond anything seen before in China.


During the transition of the territory from British to Chinese power, that uniqueness was duly noted. The Chinese government took upon itself the obligation to respect the order and the system of government in Hong Kong for the next 50 years. It looked like a no-brainer – the income going into Beijing’s coffers seemed well worth the compromise.

At the time many expressed skepticism, saying that China is not going to respect the agreement. And they were right – an agreement with a communist country is worth less than the paper it has been printed on. It is just a piece of paper that nobody takes seriously. Long before the 50 years expired, China started to bully Hong Kong the way it bullies Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, and other countries.

That caused large demonstrations, during which the citizens of Hong Kong took the streets in defense of their basic freedoms, now under threat by the central government. Unlike previous events, which were tolerated, this time China brutally dispersed the demonstrations with tear gas (although it still uses the local Hong Kong police).


The brutality was noticed in the rest of the world and that’s what brought the protestors in front of the Chinese Consulate. After standing there for a while and making their demands for freedom known, a few of them attempted to enter the Consulate to deliver a petition with their concerns. After long talk with the police, they were refused entry.

As everything related to the life in communist countries, the erosion of freedoms is likely to continue. Communism can exist only under full control over its subjects. In the case of China things are even easier, because the insatiable desire of the West for cheap goods allows international corporations to exploit the cheap labour of the country, thus providing the communists with means to cling to power.


The participants in the demonstration brought a petition protesting the violence in Hong Kong. They wanted to hand it to the Chinese diplomats in the Consulate. Naturally, with the help of the ever friendly Toronto Police, who are always eager to “protect” odd people and institutions, the delegation was refused an entry and advised that they shouldn’t even try to do what they are doing.

You can see part of the demonstration and the verbal exchange in the video below.

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Rob Ford at Ford Fest 2014 (with Videos)



Ford Fest has always been a meeting place of the thousands of Rob Ford’s supporters. United by the principles of frugal and responsible government, which have been at the centre of Mayor’s policies, they remind Toronto every year that there are people who matter even outside of the downtown core.

At the previous Ford Fest, the participants were provoked by the usual suspects (see the details here and here). Since then, the mayoral race has been a real roller coaster, especially after Mayor Ford was diagnosed with cancer. The brave man committed himself to fighting this new battle with the same decisiveness and consistency he applies when implementing his policies.

As one may expect, the difficult circumstances in his personal life didn’t stop the media from bashing him. On the contrary, with a false compassion to his health problems, they urged him to resign and withdraw from politics. The more extreme of his enemies went even further by making cruel jokes about his condition.

2014-09-19 15_12_05-RobFordsTumor on Twitter_ _Vote for me! I'm better than #DougFord and #JohnToryWhen, due to his condition, Rob was replaced by his brother Doug in the mayoral race, the “prominent” Canadian journalist Christie Blatchford compared their family with the murderous Kim dynasty in communist North Korea.

2014-09-13 11_37_38-Christie Blatchford_ Ford family’s multi-pronged takeover bid has Toronto feelinFor anybody, who has followed the Toronto politics during the last few years, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Downtown Party sees the new parts of the city, which joined Toronto after the amalgamation, only as an expansion of its tax base and source of funds to finance their mindless social schemes, while ignoring the needs of the people who live there.


Ford Nation



Cool all the way

The Ford Fest, held last Saturday, showed that people were not willing to compromise and give up. Thousands gathered again in a park at the West end. Other than expressing their support for Doug Ford’s campaign, they were excited about the expected appearance of Mayor Ford. He was released from hospital just a few days earlier after going through his first round of chemotherapy treatment.

As you could expect, the Toronto media swarmed the event, trying to uncover and exaggerate anything that could hurt Ford’s campaign. The lefties decided not to risk another idiotic provocation this time, so the media had to work with a limited material. The best they could come up the next day was that that the event was “sedated” as they wrote in the Toronto Star. Journalists were roaming the crowd with microphones, cameras and recorders trying to “expose” Ford Nation.


Fishing for bad news

Despite the concerns about Mayor’s health, the lively music kept the mood upbeat. When Doug Ford showed up with his family, he was surrounded by many people willing to shake his hand and take a picture with him.


Doug Ford greets his supporters


Taking pictures with fans


Family power

Many of the supporters brought signs to express their positions or simply wish well to the politicians they support.


“Rob Ford Get Well – Toronto Loves You!!!”


“My Family Supports Ford Nation”

Of course, the most important part of the event was the anticipated appearance of Mayor Ford. I am not familiar with chemotherapy and its consequences for somebody’s health, so all kinds of dark scenarios were playing in my head. I expected to see Rob weakened and rolled in in a wheelchair or in other way showing his poor condition. It didn’t help when Dan Jacobs announced from the stage that the Mayor would be here any minute and people were advised not to approach him, shake his hand or give high-fives for the sake of his health.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Rob Ford going to the stage – smiling and energetic, on his own feet. It looked like he really was fighting the disease. Other than his raspy voice when he started to speak, nothing showed any signs of defeatism. Maybe the love of his family and the outpouring of support in Toronto made him stronger.


Rob Ford at Ford Fest 2014

In his speech Rob described in an honest and clear way his fight with cancer. He also made sure to mention that regardless of what the media writes or talks about him (and it is very often bad stuff), he is not concerned, because his main concern is how to fulfill the promises he made to the Toronto taxpayers. On that note, he covered in detail what his administration has achieved. After that he introduced Doug Ford, who now runs for Mayor. Then Doug spoke about his life and negative campaign launched against him by John Tory.

You can see both speeches in the videos below.


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Crazy Naomi Klein Peddles Fear to Gullible Urban Imbeciles in Toronto



Last week, Naomi Klein, the High Priestess of the global warming scam (pardon me… “climate change”) summoned her flock in the central library of Toronto. They were supposed to be administered the next dose of indoctrination through her new book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.”

Naomi is a living proof of the old maxim that nobody has ever gone broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public. In her case the influence goes beyond the USA to encompass a wide audience in many countries. In delivering her message of doom and gloom (if we don’t follow her way), she has mastered the best traditions of the snake oil salesmen and the tent preachers of the American South.

What kind of an audience would be receptive to that kind of message? It’s not hard to figure that out – it’s mostly the sheltered urbanites, who know very little about the real world.


Naomi Klein in Toronto

While waiting for the chance to get into the hall where the book launch was about to begin (the all reserved seats tickets were all taken, they are free) I observed the crowd in line. There was the notorious “progressive” lawyer Clayton Ruby in dark blue suit, leaning against the wall (probably there is some legal benefit in the “climate change”). Then I spotted Kyo Maclear, a fiction writer, member of Naomi’s hipster inner circle. It was strange she didn’t have a seat reserved. Kyo was with her husband David. I shuddered when I saw him – last year Kyo’s father had a book signing event (his new book on the Vietnam War). Without any connection to the event, David made an appeal for the release of his friend John Greyson, the homosexual filmmaker, who was jailed in Egypt on his way to help the Hamas terrorists. In his honour, David performed his cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Song of Isaac.” It was one of the worst renditions of a Cohen song I have ever heard, it still haunts me.

The ordinary folks, who came to worship Naomi, varied, but saving the world definitely was their unifying characteristic. There were quite a few students. It was impossible to miss the bicyclists, carrying their helmets with the attitude of moral superiority attached to them. They were complemented by the older people, who usually need a cause to make their lives meaningful (like the conviction that if you always carry the same stained grocery bag, you are saving the planet).

It’s no wonder that Naomi’s snake oil sells well among those people. Though she takes real facts and situations, she derives from them conclusions, which are not only far-fetched, but also completely wrong. In “The Shock Doctrine” she made the observation of how the globalists tried to expand Western capitalism into the former communist countries through the so-called “shock therapy,” which failed miserably and brought to prominence shady oligarchs. However, then she made the insane extrapolation that the “disaster capitalism” is the modus operandi of the West.

In the book she was promoting at the library she went even further, declaring capitalism the root of all evil. Didn’t a grumpy bearded German, who spent most of his life in London mooching off the profits of his capitalist German buddy, hold the same view?

After Naomi received a standing ovation from her cultists, she began her presentation with reading a long list of acknowledgements to her publishers, editors, her relatives from the “Landsberg clan,” who occupied a few rows (I wonder if those noble socialists pedaled to the event to reduce their carbon footprint).

Naomi has a moose obsession – I have heard her talk about those big annoying animals before, but she managed to squeeze them again into her library talk. She said how she was discussing a moose picture book with her child and thought that she would never be able to see a moose again. (If she lives in Toronto or Vancouver, she is correct.) Then she explained how she heard from Alberta Indians (pardon me… “first nations”) that the moose meat in the province is turning green from exposure to the “tar sands” pollution. Naturally, she didn’t provide proof.

Then she entered her preacher mode and accused Stephen Harper of waging a war against science for not taking the global warming seriously. He was a criminal, because he ignored the hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and all other scary things that were caused by capitalism. (There is no proof that ice melting or disasters have increased and we all remember the cold earlier this year, but that means nothing to the Naomi mob.)

After the introduction, the presentation continued as a conversation between Naomi and a CBC journalist. Her views became clear – the “climate change” worldwide disasters (existing mostly in her mind) are caused by the relentless pursuit of profit by the world capitalism. To avoid the imminent disaster, we have to abolish the principles of capitalism, give up the idea of profits and create a completely new society. It will consist of small communities, where the spirit of cooperation will reign. The basis of the new society will be the full abolishment of fossil fuels and the dominance of renewable energy sources (at this point in history that means solar and wind scams).

Her point of view is so insane that some people may have doubts about my reporting. Fortunately, Naomi also granted an interview to Now Magazine (Toronto’s best hooker directory), where you can read:

Let’s try leaving fossil fuel in the ground instead of emitting it, offsetting it, trading it or trying to find another form of fossil fuel like natural gas. Let’s actually switch our economy to decentralized renewables. That doesn’t mean crashing the economy, but it is a challenge to the hyper-profitable model of fossil fuels. The good news is that the profits stay in communities. That’s the model we’re starting to see in places like Germany, which has encouraged hundreds of new energy cooperatives and publicly controlled utilities. This is inspiring.

In the title I called her audience “imbeciles” – I should’ve used a harsher word, because the stupidity of those who believe that woman is truly endless. She is peddling the anarchist fantasies of Prince Kropotkin about replacing the state with smaller, self-sufficient communities.

Her followers believe that when the idea is put into practice, they will still be able to have their lattes, government grants and welfare cheques, with the only difference of more solar panels on the roofs and a few windmills “diversifying” the city landscape. Wrong!

The success and power of a civilization is always measured by the amount of energy it can produce and utilize. If we abolish mining, “fossil fuels” and nuclear energy as wise Naomi demands, that will cause a domino effect of destruction of the most industries. How are we going to produce and maintain solar panels and windmills, if we can’t get from the earth the metals and other materials needed for them? Even “biofuels” like corn need huge fields, which cannot be maintained without machinery and processing plants.

In the case of Canada, those perspectives chart a bleak future. Canada is dead without its resource industries. Without resources there will be no transportation (unless we rely on the Mennonite buggies). The urban hipsters will be unpleasantly surprised when all exotic fruits and other imported goods disappear from the supermarkets. Then the supermarkets will disappear to be replaced by street merchants selling the limited produce, which the climate of Canada can provide, at exorbitant prices.

Another one of Naomi’s fantasies is that the new minimalist society will be controlled by enlightened environmentalists (the snotty type seen at Whole Foods – thinking that by buying phony organic food they are “saving the planet”). Wrong again. In a grim society, which has deliberately destroyed itself, those types would have really tough time because of lack of survival skills. An urbanite with a degree in gender studies, social justice, world peace or medieval lesbianism, has a very little chance of survival in an environment where you need to work hard just to stay alive. But they are not going to suffer that long – due to the lack of gas and oil for heating, most of them would die the first winter after Naomi introduces her sweeping reforms. (Before that they may still chase her with pitchforks.)

That will be the gloomy world of Mad Max or Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slapstick.” In the latter, the destruction of the economy caused by the Chinese control over gravity has created a society that is truly “carbon-neutral” (in modern terms). The 107-year old President of the USA must compete with the Duke of Oklahoma and the King of Michigan over can supplies and meager crops. The prediction is not that far-fetched – Obama is working on this scenario by threatening an “executive action over climate change.”

I am not sure if Naomi Klein believes what she preaches. If she does, she truly is out of her mind, which is not that strange – there were many like her in history, who found people crazier and more stupid than them to cause an irreparable damage. Like the “global cooling” and “new ice age” from the 1970’s, the global warming is another mass psychosis, which persists despite the failure of all theories “supporting” it and all empirical material proving things didn’t work that way.

It seems that mankind is condemned to walk in circles, never learning anything from history. Those delusions guarantee that we always would be surrounded by big and little Naomi Kleins, able to charge top bucks for their false doomsday sermons.


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Muslim Savage Beheads a Woman in Oklahoma


The “religion of peace” strikes again. And it is not in the Islamic State amidst the mayhem of the Middle East. It is not in the sharia-compliant Western Europe. This time it happened in the heart of America, in the state of Oklahoma. A Muslim barbarian attacked his co-workers at a plant, where he used to work, and beheaded one of them:

Police say a woman who was killed by a co-worker at a food distribution center in suburban Oklahoma City was beheaded and that witnesses have said the suspect had been trying to convince co-workers to convert to Islam.

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Friday that 30-year-old Alton Nolen had been terminated from Vaughan Foods in Moore, where he worked as a production line employee, shortly before the incident took place on Thursday afternoon.

Lewis said Nolen exited the building after being fired and went to the parking lot where he drove his vehicle to the front of the business and hit another car. Nolen then walked into the front office and began attacking a woman with a standard knife used in the business, Lewis said.

Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded and another woman, 43-year-old Traci Johnson, was stabbed. Both victims were employees of Vaughan Foods, but according to Lewis, it appeared the women were not targeted and were instead stabbed at random.

Mark Vaughn, an off-duty officer who also serves as chief operating officer of the business, shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson.

Sgt. Lewis touted Vaughn as a hero Friday and said he saved Johnson’s life.

“It could have gotten a lot worse. This guy wasn’t going to stop,” said Lewis.

Johnson and Nolen were still hospitalized Friday and were said to be in stable condition.

So here we have a guy, who converted to Islam, and the first thing he did was to urge his co-workers to convert to his cult. Notice that though he was not raised Muslim, he quickly internalized the Muslim habits and especially the favorite pass time of the fanatics – separating people from their heads.

Islam rocks

Islam rocks

Grand Ayatollah Barry Obama famously said two years ago that the future doesn’t belong to those, who slander the “prophet” of Islam. And he was damn right. The poor woman in Oklahoma became a living proof of Barry’s ominous prediction. Had she converted to Islam, as that Muslim animal at her plant suggested, she would’ve been alive, singing praises to America’s first affirmative action president and his gang of Muslim Brotherhood fans.

I am sure that within hours Obama is going to make an official statement that what happened was an unfortunate workplace incident, which had absolutely positively nothing to do with the beautiful cult of Islam. Finding people to take his Islamist lies at face value becomes more and more difficult. And he has nobody else to blame, but Islam, which persistently works on showing its true colors and goals.


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Doug Ford and His Enemies – Notes from a Fundraiser



Last night I attended the first fundraiser of Doug Ford’s mayoral campaign. Having taken the place of his brother Rob, who battles cancer, he hopes (along with many other people) to continue the struggle against the organized tax theft in our fair city.
It was a pleasant evening, starting from the volunteers, who registered the guests and collected the donations. It was nice to see well-dressed, smiling and attractive young people, who differed substantially from Olivia Chow’s vegan losers that roam our neighbourhood. Their grumpy faces, expressing dedication to redistribution justice, make them look as if lemons are the main part of their staple diet.


Doug Ford


The guests

Since we arrived early, I had the time to check the news in the newspaper apps on my phone. Sure enough, I found something related to the campaign. It was Christie Blatchford’s report about Doug Ford’s first debate the other day. In the article she penetrated the mind of John Tory with am empathy to his difficult situation:

I suspect, rather, that he was so stunned and disheartened by this debacle of a debate that he didn’t know how to respond, that on some super-secret level he probably couldn’t believe that he was expected to engage with Mr. Ford, his intellectual inferior by a country mile and a dishonest yahoo-cum-snakeoil-salesman to boot, and Ms. Chow, a perfectly nice person who kept ineffectually mewling about “the children” with the abrasive piety that was the hallmark of the old New Democratic Party with which she has been aligned much of her life.

I love the National Post’s rules of style – it requires that people be called “Mr.” and “Ms.” but allows Ms. Blatchford to describe their actions with the hysterical language of a drunken sailor, who just found out that the harbour whore he picked up has a penis. This is not her first escapade in the campaign – when Doug Ford announced his run, she compared the Fords with the murderous Kim dynasty of North Korea.

I wonder what turned Christie, once one of the most respected Canadian journalists, into a bitter harpy, who doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality, especially when she describes Doug as a semi-retarded crook who inexplicably stumbled into the campaign. Maybe she is compensating for her fall out with the Left after she published “Helpless” – about the struggle of the heroic people of Caledonia against a gang of Indian junkies, who terrorized the town for years with the protection of Crook-in-Chief McGuinty and his OPP praetorians. She took a lot of beating from the “progressive” crowd, which thinks that the reserve Indians should be provided with all tax money they want regardless of what they do.

Taking a revenge on Rob and Doug elevates her status in the downtown maze of gay bars, struggling art galleries (which always need more of your money) and unions that have built their own private communist paradise with our taxes. She continues:

…A child of considerable privilege himself, whose notion of its rightful burden is to hand out $20 bills to the poor when the spirit moves him or God forbid “meet with the youth” — if Doug Ford doesn’t fell a tree personally, apparently it doesn’t fall — Mr. Ford nonetheless accused Mr. Tory of having “everything handed to him on a silver platter,” urged him to “bring your chauffeur down” and get down with the people, and was dropping his Gs (“We ended up stoppin’ the gravy train”) with abandon.

Another dishonest opinion; another failure. Doug’s family worked in a business that was built from nothing. Everybody had to work their butts off to make Deco survive and expand. John Tory has always been a corporate employee (most of the time under the benevolent protection of Big Papa Rogers). Survival has never been an issue and whenever he had to lead (especially as a politician), he failed.

Besides, the “liar” accusation with regard to Ford’s financial record is hard to maintain. The Mayor always claimed the he saved $1 billion of city money and the Left always laughed at him.

However, in a recent report released by Roberto Rossini, DCM & Chief Financial Officer of the City of Toronto, it was officially stated that the Ford administration saved $972 million. Truth can never shake the fraud of the Left – they may

say that the report is another devious scheme, which Rob Ford hatched from his hospital bed. But those, who support him, can’t be fooled about what he has achieved financially.

doug-ford-fundraiser-2014-3However, Christie and her circle simply can’t understand that. They live with the perception that Ford’s supporters are a bunch of ignorant imbeciles, incapable of understanding the grand plans that the downtown party has for their money. It is incomprehensible to Christie’s type that people actually want to be taxed less, when in downtown Toronto you can see many idiots wearing pins saying “Tax me to end poverty” (tax money never ends poverty).

Those who attended the fundraiser paid at least $125 each – professionals, small business owners and others, about 200 people in total. Unfortunately, their views are not hip and not politically correct enough to get a sympathetic coverage in the Toronto Star, but the Fords understand them and that’s why they have their support.


Giorgio Mammoliti


Frances Nunziata

The event started with an introduction by Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (I guess Christie could write another vitriolic article about him). He spoke about the health problems Mayor Ford is facing and why Doug took his place in the race. He was followed by Doug Ford, who presented his simple and straightforward platform: keep taxes low and spend responsibly whatever is collected from the taxpayers. He announced in the end that the next Ford Fest is going to take place next Saturday.

After him on stage appeared John Nunziata and Councillor Frances Nunziata and Vincent Crisanti. They declared their support for Doug Ford.

You can see Mammoliti and Doug Ford in the video.

The event showed that the silent majority that wants respect is not afraid to make its views known, regardless of how hard the mainstream media tried to prove that such people don’t exist.


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Toronto Rally in Support of Christians and Religious Minorities in the Middle East



Earlier today Raheel Raza’s organization Muslims Facing Tomorrow held a rally near the parliament building at Queen’s Park. The reason for the event was to support the plight of the Christians and the other religious minorities in the Middle East, who suffer under the blows of ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups.

muslims-facing-tomorrow-rally-2014-2The rally coincided with the annual book fair – there were dozens of large tents hosting well-known and obscure publishers, magazines, libraries, clubs, etc. As it is normal in Toronto, the fair was dominated by “progressive”, socialist, and even communist exhibitors, with e few Muslim propagandists giving away free Korans and other junk. Near the south end of the park, a tiny group of self-hating Jews with signs and Palestinian flags were calling for the boycott of the bookstore chain Chapters Indigo. (Why – it wasn’t clear.)


Self-hating Jews boycott Indigo

I am mentioning that, because with so many people with progressive views walking around, it was reasonable to expect that a rally with a clearly defined humanistic purpose would attract many enthusiastic supporters. Yet that wasn’t the case. As Raheel Raza noted, after sending thousands of e-mails and other promotional materials, not many showed up. There were probably about 80 attendees.

That “moderate” Muslim event was in stark contrast with other Muslim gatherings. In his coverage this afternoon Blazingcatfur observed:

On July 26 2014 Toronto’s Shia community mustered over 6000 participants for their Al Quds Day Anti-Israel Hate Fest held at Queen’s Park.

On September 21 2014 Muslims Facing Tomorrow managed to attract some 80 participants for their rally held on behalf of persecuted Christians.

It was hard to ignore that difference. Still, I noticed some progress. Last year the event attracted fewer people. Today it was supported by more organizations like Canadian Thinkers’ Forum Forum for Learning, Muslim Committee Against Anti-Semitism, Progressive Muslims Institute Canada, Western Canadian Muslims for democracy, Quest for Learning Centre, International Christian Voice, Speakers Action Group.


Listening to the speeches

There were also representatives of other organizations, like Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose director Avi Benlolo was one of the speakers. I also spotted several members of JDL-Canada, who came to support the rally, as well as Benjamin Dichter, candidate for Councillor Ward 27 in the upcoming municipal elections, and Al Gretzky from the Freedom Party.


Avi Benlolo and Raheel Raza


Members of JDL-Canada with Benjamin Dichter

The participants carried many signs, which expressed support for the targets of the terrorist attacks in the Middle East and condemnation of the perpetrators of the terror.


Condemning terrorism

Another positive sign was that the event finally caught the attention of the government. Maybe because the issues raised have become so urgent that it’s impossible to ignore them anymore?

Three current members of the House of Commons attended the rally and even spoke: Bernard Trottier (MP, Etobicoke-Lakeshore), John Carmichael (MP, Don Valley West), and Brad Butt (MP, Mississauga-Streetsville). Even the federal Minister of Multiculturalism Tim Uppal delivered a short speech.


Tahir Gora with Minister Tim Uppal (right)


Organizers and speakers

Condemnation of terrorism was the common thread in all speeches, though that was expressed in many different ways. The politicians, as one may expect, threaded carefully, trying not to offend too many people or disturb the sacred cow of multiculturalism. The Muslim speakers were more direct. Some of them (especially Raheel Raza) didn’t miss the opportunity to express their disappointment of the silent Muslim majority, whose fear or indifference make things more complicated for everybody.

Prof. Salim Mansur delivered the most passionate speech, calling for taking clear positions against terror and inhumanity.

Though I admire the dedication of those Muslims to the idea of justice, it is hard to escape the fact that their influence is modest, to say the least. Many of them still don’t want to admit that the problem is in Islam itself – that rigid ideological doctrine doesn’t allow different interpretations and as it is now, some of the points in the Koran and the other Muslim scriptures justify what the terrorists in the Islamic State are doing. There is no way to resolve the difficulties without a deep theological and political reform in Islam. But again – any such attempt is met with hostility by most Muslims and those who propose reforms may literally lose their heads.

It’s a vicious circle, which has no solution within Islam. Probably only a total collapse of Islam as a political system may finally deprive it from its ambitions to take over the West and confine it to the mosques. The places of worship are where religions belong.

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Meet Ausma Malik – the Sharia Marxist Who Wants to Run Toronto’s Schools



With little more than a month left before the municipal elections, the race in my progressive corner of downtown Toronto is heating up. After the Grey Ghost Vaughan floated away to Ottawa to represent us in Trudeau’s little dictatorship, Trinity-Spadina is wide open to contenders, I’d say too wide – there are already 28 of them registered. Last Friday, Sarah Thomson (transformed from mayoral candidate into a potential councillor) knocked on our door and handed me a pamphlet with promises (like creating urban farms and rooftop gardens and extensive martial arts training for the police).

With so much going, it is easy to miss important people and events. Case in point – a few weeks ago the blogger Socialist Studies wrote about the candidacy of Richard Klagsbrun as a school trustee for Trinity-Spadina. In the same article he mentioned his opponent Ausma Malik – supported by the NDP – for taking part in a Marxist conference. Soon after that I passed by the NDP campaign office and saw the pictures of Layton, Cressy and Malik plastered behind the window.

ndp-trinity-spadinaThe problem was that Ausma wears a hijab, which is not your ordinary Marxist headgear. Such discrepancies always deserve a second look.

I found out that she was endorsed by the local NDP luminaries Mike Layton and Joe Cressy.

2014-08-26 22_10_44-I support Ausma Malik for TDSB Trustee _ Mike LaytonGreat endorsement! “I am certain she will get results for children, parents and schools in our neighbourhoods.” What kind of results?

Ausma has been active in her students union at the University of Toronto. In 2006 she was one of the speakers at a large Muslim rally in front of the US Consulate in Toronto. You may remember that at the time Israel was attacked with rockets by Hezbollah and a few Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. Israel fought back, but the Muslim-Leftist alliance didn’t like it. So the Toronto Muslims went to the consulate.

Ausma speaks (not far from Ali Mallah)

Ausma speaks (not far from Ali Mallah)

At the same rally, people were openly praising Hezbollah and carrying the portraits of its leader Nasrallah. Strangely, nobody of them seemed to remember that Hezbollah had been declared a terrorist group by the Government of Canada in December 2002.

Hezbollah fans

Hezbollah fans

Terrorist portraits

Terrorist portraits

The coverage in the Globe and Mail was sympathetic:

In Toronto, some posters bore slogans that denounced Israel’s actions in Gaza, Palestine and Lebanon, while others carried an image of the prime minister with the words War Mongerer underneath.

Ausma Malik, a University of Toronto student, called Israel’s actions “state-sanctioned murder.”

“Today we unite as people of conscience . . . as people who will not be silent while a nation is torn to shreds, while innocent civilians are killed in the clear light of day,” she told a crowd assembled outside the U.S. Consulate.

Ausma wasn’t the only Israel-bashing participant:

….The Lebanese-Canadian couple have scores of family members in southern Lebanon, some of whom have had houses destroyed since the bombings started.

“We are all with the leader of Hezbollah,” said Hammoud. “God bless him and we are praying for him to defend us, and defend our children.”

….Pleas for peace at the rally were offset by cheers and jubilation at word of a Hezbollah claim that 22 Israeli soldiers had have been killed during a limited drive into southern Lebanon.

Nice people! They have no problems praising the Lebanese terrorists and cheering the deaths of the Israeli soldiers. As of her pal Ali Mallah, he became one of the major anti-Semites of Toronto. He never misses Israel-bashing events. Below he is in his full swing demonstrating last August against the “Zionist entity.”

The Khazars are sent to hell

The Khazars are sent to hell

The next year Ausma got involved in a large collective project on the situation of the Muslim students. When the report was released, the mainstream press showed high interest and covered the findings and the proposals (also covered in Toronto Star):

“A general ‘failure to accommodate’ was the most frequently identified problem by Muslim students in many facets of campus life,” said Ausma Malik, Task Force member and student at the University of Toronto. “From a lack of appropriate foods on campus and inadequate prayer space to inflexible academic policies that are often at odds with religious obligations, Ontario’s Muslim students often face a fundamentally different learning environment than other students.”

High tuition fees and the overwhelmingly loan-based student financial aid system are particularly problematic for Muslim students. “Interest-bearing loans are forbidden in Islam, which means that provincial and federal government loans are simply off-limits for many practicing Muslims,” said Mohamed Sheibani, Task Force member and the President of the Muslim Students’ Association National of the U.S. and Canada. “The Task Force is asking whether an inadequate system of need-based grants contravenes the spirit and intent of the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

Lack of halal food… Insufficient prayer spaces…. Policies that are at odds with the Muslim obligations… Trying to get away from paying interest… All that expresses something very familiar – these are all rules that are part of sharia, the medieval “judicial” system, which controls the lives of the Muslims in many countries. How is somebody like Ausma going to run the schools in Toronto’s supposedly secular educational system? Will she keep pushing sharia in them?

Later she was part of another event at the University of Toronto, where they collected money for the terrorists from the Toronto 18. Ausma kept whining about “Islamophobia” and everybody pondered the question why Irshad Manji and Tarek Fatah are in the media spotlight:

These are just some of the grievances aired at a forum for Muslim youth dubbed On Our Own Terms: Muslim Youth Speak Out, held recently at U of T, where 500 people show up on the rainy Thursday evening of June 29.

One of the first orders of business is a call for donations to support the besieged families of some of the 17 young Muslim men arrested recently over an alleged terrorist plot.

…The meeting, equal parts venting and brainstorming, has been organized by U of T SAC and Students Against Islamophobia.

SAC executive member and forum chair Ausma Malik sees it as a watershed moment for Muslim youth.

“We have few avenues to discuss the pressure we are under, so this is really important,” she says.

Many in the audience express their dismay over the media spotlight accorded iconoclast Muslims author Irshad Manji and Muslim Canadian Congress member Tarek Fatah are mentioned.

Ausma also took part in a Marxist conference, speaking together with shady characters like Wahida Valiante and the vile anti-Semite Mohammed Elmasry:

“Marxism-Festival of Resistance,” taking place in Toronto May 10-13, a conference that is designed officially to unite Islamists with the radical Left. Islamists are no friends to women, but that’s a mere bagatelle when considering the larger and more important issue to leftists of denouncing Israel. Two of the participants, Wahida Valiante and Ausma Malik, were members of the Task Force of the Canadian Federation of Students, who issued the Report on the Needs of Muslim Students that recommends, among other things, the “integration of Islamic perspectives into courses such as marketing, nursing and finance – areas where there are specific differences between Western and Islamic perspectives”. (This report, the thin end of the wedge in introducing sharia law on campus, has been given a blessing by Barbara Hall of the Ontario Commission on the Rights of the Person.)

Another speaker at this “conference” will be Mohammed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, of which Wahida Valiante is vice-president. Mr. Elmasry gained infamy when he told a television audience that it was acceptable for Palestinian terrorists to blow up Israeli civilians.

As a student, Ausma was involved in a scheme to rig an election at the University of Toronto, as The Varsity claims:

The Arts and Science Student Union is in deep trouble on three separate fronts. Documents have surfaced proving their sitting president conspired to overturn an election he lost and retake control of the union, aided by a chairperson he helped appoint and another powerful ASSU exec.

….Throughout her review, Malik consulted Hayes and Prasad on her decisions and allowed them to edit her written verdict on the disputed election that Hayes lost. Emails sent between the three show Malik’s final report on the election to be a collaborative effort between Hayes, Prasad, and a handful of others.

“I’m also coming up with an extensive list of points [sic.] consideration in terms of Ausma’s ruling,” reads an April 8 email from Prasad to Hayes and Malik. In another chat, she wrote, “Ausma’s statement in the ruling is wrong though, that’s why ill [sic.] change it.”

The three discussed how to dismiss dissenting parties. Grove-White and Adler both emailed Malik, questioning her neutrality. “I do want you to know that the choice of you as an ‘un-biased’ chair/CEO had me deeply suspicious,” wrote Grove-White. “The majority of the Executive appointed you as Chair, directly undermining Council’s decision to instate Terry as Chair at the last meeting (and breaching the Constitution.) Why do you think they are doing this? Is this equitable?”

I understand that the NDP may not have enough cadres, but this is pathetic. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Unless that woman is schizophrenic, it is impossible to follow sincerely both Islam and Marxism. Marx said long time ago that religion is the opium of the masses (and that includes Islam). On the other hand, there are no Marxists and Marxist faculties in the Muslim countries.

If that woman can’t sort out her own views, how the heck is she going to fix the education? Our crumbling educational system can’t take any more ignorance and incompetence, especially when they are mixed with two of the most violent doctrines in the world – Islam and Marxism.

Are the voters going to allow to be duped into electing another useless “progressive” activist? It’s time to vote those people out.


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The Unknown Parade – Jesus in the City



Last Saturday I attended the annual Jesus in the City Parade. I should admit that I was only vaguely familiar with the event – my Orthodox Church is not big on parades, except in very limited cases, and what’s most important, the mainstream media in Toronto maintain complete blackout of the event. It is not easy to do that – the parade attracts thousands of people, but when they have an agenda to impose, there is nothing that the media won’t do.

jesus-in-city-parade-4In our “multicultural” times, when reporters swarm even the most obscure ethnic festivals and demand from us to “celebrate” their diversity, the religion, which has united more ethnicities than any other movement and has become the cornerstone of our civilization, is treated with contempt and disdain. While Islam wants (and gets) protection from criticism in the West even for its most ridiculous claims (how does “Jesus is a prophet of Islam” sound?), Christianity is routinely ridiculed and its followers presented as mindless bigots.

jesus-in-city-parade-8jesus-in-city-parade-3I am not saying anything new here – everybody, who has followed the Toronto press, knows that. However, this year it was worse than usual. The city bureaucrats revoked the permit for the parade on two grounds. The first one was the road construction going on near the parliament building at Queen’s Park. They said that because of that, the usual itinerary couldn’t be secured and they were unable to offer another one. That was the final point of the parade – it wasn’t on the way and didn’t require some sophisticated and time-consuming re-routing of the participants. The funny part was that when the march reached Queen’s Park, it turned out that the construction works on the road have been completed, with only minor finishing works to be done on the sidewalks. It was a flimsy argument for cancelling the event. The other reason was that there was too much garbage left after the parade. Another lie. I saw that, other than some flyers on the ground, there wasn’t much of garbage left.

jesus-in-city-parade-2Contrast how this peaceful event is treated compared with other city events. The annual homosexual parade graces the downtown streets with naked exhibitionists and people, who simulate sex acts. It also leaves literally tons of garbage behind. In September 2012 over 2,000 Muslims gathered in front of the US Consulate, demanding the introduction of sharia blasphemy laws in Canada and the death of the maker of a movie about Islam. Such events have never been questioned, let alone banned. But when they are dealing with Christianity, anything goes.

When the decision to ban the parade leaked into the media and was made public (thanks mostly to Sun News), Mayor Rob Ford got involved. He demanded from the city staff to find a solution. Suddenly, it turned out that there were not that many obstacles and the parade could proceed according to the original plan. As a sign of gratitude, the participants in the parade carried a large banner thanking the Mayor for his help.

jesus-in-city-parade-7It is disgrace that in a city, which sees itself as the major beacon of tolerance and diversity in the world, Christians could be treated so badly.

Unlike the perpetually offended special interest groups, the Christians didn’t allow that adversity to spoil their joyful experience. On the day of the parade thousands gathered north of Bloor/Church area singing and praying. The march started at 2 p.m. led by Christian leaders and pastors. As one may expect, the diverse crowd included people from many ethnicities living in Toronto. Floats with Caribbean and African choirs, Chinese marching band, Jewish supporters, Asian churches – all of them were there.


Dr. Charles McVety (third from right)


Mark Harding



Chinese marching band

Thousands of people marched starting from Church St. and continuing to Bay St., then on College St. to finish at Queen’s Park, singing and dancing. The odd thing (though that’s not that odd in “progressive” Toronto) was that there were no journalists, reporters, photographers or any other representatives of the mainstream media. That didn’t affect the Christians.

An interesting part of the parade was the re-enactment of Jesus’s walk to Calvary, performed by a Korean church. It included everything – Jesus carrying His cross, surrounded by Roman soldiers; He was followed by crying disciples and even angels.


Jesus’s walk to Calvary

jesus-in-city-parade-5The parade was a nice event, showing that we still have people in Toronto, who are not ashamed to affirm their traditional faith and values.

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Day of Mourning for Christians Slaughtered in Muslim Countries – September 13


A Day of Mourning

Pray for Christians Being Slaughtered, Raped or Sold by ISIS, Boko-Haram, and other terrorists.

Before God, we will mourn the death of the innocent men, women and children. We will cry out to the Lord in prayer for His mercy and protection of those who are still under threat from terrorists.

At Parliament we will ask our government to help. At the US Consulate we will cry out for protection by the American Forces responsible for leaving a vacuum for terrorists to persecute the innocent.

The event will take place on September 13th, 2014, at Queen’s Park, in Toronto, starting at 12 noon. It will continue at 1:30 p.m. with a march to the USA Consulate.

Several prominent speakers will address the event:

Dr. Charles McVety, Canada Christian College

Rev. Majed El Shafie of One Free World International

Dr. Rondo Thomas, Evangelical Association


Toronto Film Festival – Junkies and Narcissists Condemn Rob Ford


Toronto elites continue their crusade against Rob Ford. They usually rely on local journalistic blackmailers, but this time of the year they can also get to use some Hollywood power. The possibility that Ford may show up at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has thrown their minds into complete disarray, as an article in Hollywood Reporter tells us:

Ford (mainly) has been keeping out of trouble and out of the headlines these past few months. But to the horror of many in the city — and the delight of tabloid journalists and late-night comedians everywhere — the mayor is back to resume campaigning (the election is Oct. 27) after a two-month stint at GreeneStone, a clinic in northern Ontario. That is making some in Toronto, and at the festival, very nervous. In cable TV terms, the festival is Masterpiece Theatre: all prestige and high-end class. Ford — who has admitted to smoking crack, hangs out with prostitutes and known gang members and has been known to swear and discuss oral sex in news conferences — is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Canadian Edition.

“The last thing anyone wants is to see the fat red face of Mayor Ford on the red carpet,” says one festival regular and prominent Torontonian. “Everyone will be seeing TIFF and thinking ‘crackhead mayor.’ “

It’s strange to hear this “noble outrage” from an industry that has done everything in its power to undermine what’s left of our values. Our own Atom Egoyan glorified the incest involving father and daughter in “The Sweet Hereafter”. Hollywood movies regularly admonish straight males that they lack the grace and moral superiority of the homosexuals. For the low-brow crowd they provide an endless supply of “Hangovers” convincing them it is perfectly normal to act like a pig or flood them with regurgitated fantasies in masterpieces like “Resident Evil” or “The Fast and the Furious” 2,4, 8 or 23.

Calling TIFF “high-end class” is a gross exaggeration. Selling the point that the appearance of the sweaty Rob Ford would bastardize that superior event is an even worse exaggeration. The author wants to leave us with the dubious impression that the “crack-smoking” Mayor wants to crash a saintly festival, organized by Carmelite nuns.

Ford, with all his personal vices, can’t hold a candle to most of the pillars of the movie industry. Many of the actors, producers, writers and countless others have snorted more cocaine, smoked more pot and injected more heroin than Ford has ever seen in the movies. Outstanding Hollywood luminaries like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and numerous lesser known have spent more time in rehab than Ford in his office.

The infatuation with the movie stars lets them do more stupid things than anything Rob Ford has ever done. Climate experts like Matt Damon and Leonardo di Caprio still make fools of themselves by peddling the global warming scam. Wise women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten think it is a good idea to keep their nude photos on a cloud server (if they intended to “leak” them, I apologize).

Among these people Rob Ford looks like a boring oversized character from “Leave It to Beaver.”

But the author is not done yet. He lists more reasons why the downtown narcissists hate the Mayor and some of them are priceless:

Aside from his reality-TV-star persona, Ford has politics that are antithetical to the festival’s cosmopolitan image. The mayor has boycotted gay pride events in Toronto, been caught on video spouting apparently racist and homophobic slurs and advocated slashing city funding for the arts, including money for the fest. In fact, Ford’s whole political strategy has been to pit conservative voters in the city’s suburbs against the supposedly liberal downtown core.

There is evidence that too much Rob Ford already is hurting Toronto’s international image. At the height of Ford’s scandals in 2013, Canadian analytics group Cormex Research found that the mayor and his troubles accounted for nearly half of all coverage of Toronto on U.S. news networks.

I see no reason why a straight family man should attend the “gay pride events.” Despite the best efforts of the media to cover up the truth, those events have been known for years as demonstrations of debauchery, where buck-naked men expose themselves to kids or simulate sex acts. Neither Ford nor anybody else misses any “fun” by skipping the events.


This is the fun that Mayor Ford skips

As of slashing the city funding for the arts, it should be slashed even more. The problem is the lax definition of the term “artist” – the vast majority of the Toronto “artists” are unemployable losers, who won’t be able to sell their works even if the hell freezes over. The generous grants they get are the only thing that prevents them from getting real jobs.

It is funny when such people, who are not known outside of their community hostel, complain that Ford “has hurt” Toronto’s image. I hate to break it to them, but very few people outside of our fair city care about Toronto. If Ford were to suddenly disappear, the world press won’t start writing more stories about the Toronto art grants recipients. Despite what Jimmy Kimmel says about the “embarrassing situation”, the number of tourists has increased. And if somebody wants to invest in Toronto, they are more interested in the new taxes charged by the “progressive” Council than in what the Mayor smokes.

That’s the trouble with the “progressives” – in order to preserve the mythical image of Toronto, they’ll rather have at the helm somebody like David Miller, who instead of clearing the garbage piles would rather kiss the hairy asses of the garbage collectors’ union. Unlike them, we want to live in the real world, where it is more important to get the job done. It would be nice, if TIFF comes to the realization that it also operates in the real world.


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Rob Ford Resurrects the Jesus Parade



Earlier this week we witnessed another shameful event involving the administration of the City of Toronto. They banned the annual Jesus Parade, for the dubious reason that it may interfere with the construction works near Queen’s Park.

That’s not a surprise, because Christians are considered a soft and easy target. If they are wronged, they are not going to run around trashing property and killing people. I have never heard before about such a large event (with over 10,000 participants) to be banned. On the contrary – the city and provincial authorities have provided space even to the most questionable and weird events.

Two years ago nearly one thousand supporters of the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan terrorist organization banned in Canada, held a noisy rally at Queen’s Park. Every year the same space is provided to the organizers of the Al-Quds day – a Muslim anti-Semitic event, at which speakers have called routinely for shooting Jews. The thousands of Muslim supporters of terrorism have never had trouble getting a permit for their event.

The City of Toronto gives generous grants to the yearly homosexual parade, at which naked perverts expose themselves to children; men make out with each other right on the street and everybody, who disagrees with that travesty is chased like a criminal. Even Mayor Rob Ford was treated that way when a few months ago he refused to join the “standing ovation” at City Hall for the main organizer of the freak show – Counsellor Kristyn Wong-Tam.


The Jesus Parade won’t be banned if it adds a few of the “gay” parade freaks

Talk about a double standard – the lewd public behaviour of the tiny homosexual minority is encouraged and financed, while the hundreds of thousands of Christians are pushed around like criminals.

It took the organizers days of humiliating pleading to be allowed to exercise their right to public assembly, a right that has never been denied even to the worst groups. Just like in a totalitarian state, a lot of efforts were needed to get something, which is supposed to be a basic freedom:

Citing road construction around Queen’s Park as the problem, city staff had decided to pull the permit for the parade, which was expecting 10,000 revellers.

“In view of the circumstances, the Street Events section of Transportation Services cannot approve your request to assemble the parade floats and have parade participants form up along Queen’s Park,” the city’s Rita Hoy wrote Friday to parade organizers.

The group tried to persuade the city to offer another route but, up until Thursday, they were told this was not possible.

Enter Mayor Rob Ford, who told the Sun he wanted the parade back on and called a meeting of all involved.
“He was animated” and vocal, McVety said of the mayor. “He made it clear to city staff he wanted to find a solution.”

Before noon Thursday, that solution was worked out.

“There are still some i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed but the parade is back on with an alternative route,” McVety said.

The route will now begin on Rosedale Valley Rd., make its way to Church St. and over to Bay St., then wind up at Queen’s Park.

“We are fine with that,” McVety said. “We have so many people coming in from out of town and others who have built floats that we are grateful this has been resolved.”

It looks like the parade will be held on the scheduled date, September 6. The incident leaves bitter taste – despite the success, it is frightening to see the enormous power of the city bureaucrats, who are ready and willing to tell us what we can see or do.

Again, Mayor Rob Ford turned to be one of the few voices of reason.

There is something sick in a society, where the “rights” of exhibitionists, Muslim fanatics, supporters of terrorism, and anti-Semites trump the rights of Christians.

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Throwing Goose Scat at Rob Ford



The case of Rob Ford has proven that the glorious days of the Canadian mainstream media are far behind us. When covering the Mayor’s work and his ideas, the principles of journalism are ignored and replaced by the principle that if you throw enough shit around, some of it will stick.

A few days ago the Globe and Mail – Canada’s self-proclaimed “National Newspaper” – literally went into the shit territory with the article “Threats and goose scat: The allegations behind Rob Ford’s coaching ban.” The filth they managed to excavate after diving in the news outhouse dealt with the end of his coaching career:

In the months before Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was banned from coaching high school football, he allegedly threatened a teacher, appeared inebriated for a crucial practice and at an equipment handout and forced his teenaged players to roll around in goose scat as he berated them with profanity after winning a big game.

It was interesting to see that one of the authors of the article was Robyn Doolittle. I didn’t know that she switched jobs. Lauded at the Toronto Star for uncovering the “Toronto Watergate” (what a stupid term), she is a fine specimen of the new breed of journalists, who don’t cover events, but dig for dirty information to destroy their targets. Like a Bizarro World Eliza Doolittle, she doesn’t improve herself, but helps bring down the media she works for.

Now it’s The Globe and Mail’s turn to join the tabloid crowd – Miss Doolittle didn’t start the process, but her presence there is a sure sign of the paper’s deterioration. The Globe is turning into a National Enquirer with a better Style Manual. If Michael Jackson were alive, they’d write the same dirt about him, but would call him Mr. Jackson instead of Wacko Jacko (the name the Enquirer used).

The article is a classic of the tabloid “journalism” – it has nothing to do with Ford’s policies, but covers shady allegations from documents that The Globe had to literally wrestle out of the school. The administration originally refused to provide them, but The Globe went through the courts to get them:

The same document, titled “Critical incidents involving Mayor Ford,” outlines other serious accusations: Mr. Ford allegedly offered custodians cash to keep the school open an extra hour in the summer, but the custodians refused; he delayed mandatory criminal background checks for himself and his coaching staff and then had a staffer “rush” the paperwork through police Chief Bill Blair, according to a briefing note; he showed up late and appeared “visibly inebriated” at the final practice before the Metro Bowl championship game; he took players on an unsanctioned overnight trip to play a football team in Peterborough, Ont.; and he allegedly made his players roll around in goose scat and swore at them after a game against Father Henry Carr in October, 2012.

What a string of crimes! A football game is definitely not a Swan Lake rehearsal (even though football might be banned in the future as being too harsh on trannies and intersexed). Ford evidently should be banished to the Yukon to redeem himself. It looks strange that after coaching at the Don Bosco School for over ten years, he suddenly turned into something that Miss Doolittle and her pals see as a monster. But that’s the beauty of the allegations – instead of waiting patiently for the truth to emerge, it is much easier to throw shit around, hoping that it would stick.

Nothing in the “revelations” deals with Ford’s performance as a Mayor, but who cares? The Globe Enquirer keeps pushing the same junk. The accusations are denied and still unproven:

Councillor Ford denied the allegations when asked by a Globe reporter Wednesday evening.

“You guys are nuts,” he said at City Hall. “Did you actually talk to him? He’s a friend of mine.”

He also denied uttering a racial slur against Mr. Rodrigues, calling the accusation “ridiculous.”

“It’s a lie. Ridiculous. You guys make up all this shit. That’s what you do. You’re ruthless.”

Mr. Rossi could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

One of Miss Doolittle’s points of attack is the Mayor’s statement that through his coaching he helped kids in difficult situation, who came from broken families:

Despite earlier concerns with some of Mr. Ford’s conduct, the documents reveal that the catalyst for his dismissal was a television interview he gave to Sun News Network that aired March 1, 2013.

“A lot of these kids come from gangs, they come from broken homes, the stories you would hear would bring a tear to your eye,” Mr. Ford told the host.

That evening, Mr. Rossi e-mailed his superiors. “I am a very patient Catholic but this is enough. This is our Bosco, these are our students, they deserve better.”

… A parent council meeting was held on March 25. According to a briefing note prepared afterward, parents felt the mayor was “using the school and the team for political gain.” They were angry about his comments and the media attention, although most believed he genuinely loved his players. In the end, a majority of parents at the meeting felt it was time for Mr. Ford to go.

So the school and the parents were upset, because Rob Ford supposedly embarrassed them. The pile of alleged dirt revealed in the documents can’t be proven or disproven without interviewing many witnesses. However, the condition of Don Bosco shouldn’t be so hard to evaluate. Did the evil Rob Ford really put down that “outstanding” school?

After a simple search, lo and behold, I found an article dealing specifically with that issue published in 2012 by none other but The Globe and Mail. It wasn’t even written by Miss Doolittle, which may give it more credibility.

The author complains that the Ford brothers make the school look worse than it is, but the facts don’t add up:

The high school at 2 St. Andrews Boulevard, near the corner of Islington Avenue and Dixon Road, is in the midst of a turnaround. And conversations with students and parents suggest the transformation has little to do with football victories and much to do with dedicated staff and the arrival four years ago of an energetic new principal.

Literacy scores are up. More students are on track to graduate. Suspension rates have plummeted by 48 per cent since 2008-2009.

Of course, if the victories are achieved through contributions by Coach Ford, they mean nothing. Despite of helping create structure and discipline in kids’ lives, sports should be ignored. The school had serious problems with the academic performance:

All the good news does not mean Don Bosco is problem-free. Math scores have fallen and, despite positive strides, the school’s academic performance still lags behind the board and provincial averages. Only a handful of Don Bosco parents came to cheer on the Eagles when they won the Catholic league championship Nov. 8, but as those who turned up that day pointed out, the game was at 2 p.m. on a weekday, when most people work.

Things are actually getting worse:

Scores on the province’s standardized Grade 9 math test have dropped in the past couple of years. The results are particularly abysmal for students in the less rigorous applied math stream: Only 10 per cent of those students met or exceeded the provincial standard in 2010-2012, down from 26 per cent in 2008-2010, according to official scores.

Students in the academic stream fared better, but only 50 per cent met the standard in the past two years, down from 65 per cent.

The author reluctantly admits that many students come from difficult families:

Although those scores are indeed up, Don Bosco performs well below the average for the Toronto Catholic District School Board and the province.

The school is ethnically diverse. The neighbourhood immediately to the school’s west is made up of brick bungalows with tidy lawns and double-car garages, but the school also draws students from more modest areas, including the rundown apartment blocks on the east side of Islington, and some tougher pockets of North Etobicoke.

In the stands of North York’s Esther Shiner stadium at another Eagles victory on Nov. 8, some Don Bosco parents admitted there is a grain of truth to the Ford brothers’ characterization of the football team.

The article clearly proves that the situation in the school is far from being only roses and sunshine. It has serious problems, which are hard to resolve. If during the last two years they haven’t imported a new neighbourhood of astrophysicists and doctors, the situation might be even worse now.

So Rob Ford was correct to point out the problems of the school and the administration and parents were unfair to him by attacking him for telling the truth. How many more half-truths and outright lies about Ford are we going to find in that extorted pile of documents? We will probably never know. The only purpose of revealing those documents is to smear the Mayor shortly before the elections. Miss Doolittle and her tabloid pals don’t have even the slightest interest in revealing the truth, if it benefits Rob Ford. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to get those slanderous “documents”.

Do they really think that the public is that stupid?

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