Facing Anti-Semitism – Israel Advocacy Training in Toronto

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The unprecedented rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and North America is a troubling phenomenon. Even the most optimistic Polyannas among the Jews and their supporters now grudgingly admit that something must be wrong. This is not the crude anti-Semitism of Adolf Hitler, which pictured the Jews as degenerates, who don’t deserve to live, on the contrary – the new anti-Semitism is more sophisticated. It allows the Jews to exist (as long as they behave as expected), but it masks itself as a concern for “social justice” and “equality” and rejects on that ground the Jewish national ideology and the policies of Israel. The feasibility of the Jewish state is questioned and the only solution to the conflicts in the area is seen in surrender and creating one or two states, where Jews and Arabs will live together as a big happy family.

The worst part is that many believe in these utopian dreams – if only Israel frees a few more Arab terrorists from its jails or gives away another big piece of land or introduces even stricter controls over the Jews walking on Temple Mount, the harmony they yearn for would be within their reach. Though those delusions are shared by the Israeli Left, their most ardent proponents are Westerners, who know very little about the brutal realities of the Middle East. Of course, there are also those who know the reality very well, but deliberately try to destroy Israel through weakening the country. Regardless of the motivation, both groups will eventually cause the same result – and it won’t be different from what Hitler did.

During the last couple of years, we have witnessed the horrific consequences of the brutal forces of Islam unleashed by the “Arab Spring.” Hundreds of thousands of Christians, Yazidis and even other Muslims have been exterminated or misplaced. We don’t hear about killed Jews, because those have been killed or expelled from most Muslim countries long time ago and Israel, with its experience in self-defence, is a nut that even the most fanatical Muslim barbarians would find impossible to crack.

In the times when the Jews in Western Europe are persecuted and even killed, the demise of Israel would mean that we may witness a catastrophe comparable with what happened during World War II. Under such conditions, the attacks against Israel – military or ideological – become more and more obviously part of an overall anti-Semitic strategy.

That makes the defense of Israel important, not just for the Jews, but also for all who don’t want to live in a world dominated by chaos and barbarism. Part of that defense is the advocacy on behalf of Israel with the purpose to confront the piles of lies and deception about the country.

Such advocacy training was held last Sunday at the Village Shul in Toronto, organized by Robert Walker.


Robert Walker

It was a long event, which took seven hour of the afternoon – from 2 to 9 p.m. – and included activists with first-hand experience in those issues.

The first speaker was Richard Bass, who is a teacher of philosophy and author of the book “Israel in World Relations,” which presents a comprehensive historical analysis of the Jewish state and its place among other countries. I listened to him for the first time last year at the Mark Vandermaas’ Israel Truth Week Conference. Bass discussed at the time the flaws of the two-state solution from political and geographical point of view (I should post the video of it).

In this presentation he discussed his new Israel advocacy initiative – he created a course taught at schools called “Israel Palestine for Critical Thinkers” (he noted that he used the term Palestine as a traditional descriptive name of the area and not in the sense used by the supporters of the “one state” solution). The course is supposed to provide Israel advocates with philosophical and logical background when they face critics of Israel.

In his view, it is important to evaluate the claims of those critics and determine whether they are based on facts or purely on emotions. You can have a discussion only if a person’s claims are based on facts (even if incomplete or misrepresented). It is important to clarify that point before starting the discussion and reach some common ground on the issue of what both sides consider to be a fact (theological, historical, etc.). If the person’s position is based on emotion or an irrational belief, there is no point to argue, it would be a waste of time.

Ricard Bass gave an example with an article of the Palestinian high court judge Taysir Tamimi, who claimed that the Jews have no historical ties with Jerusalem. He has given the same example to many audiences and in many cases, while they intuitively know that it is not true, they have difficulties refuting it with specific facts. The statement could be questioned through many approaches, like the Torah, records of contemporary historians, archeological artifacts or even the Koran itself – if the Jews had never lived in Jerusalem, that jeopardizes many statements and rules in the Koran, which are closely related to the universally accepted Jewish history. The important part is to choose your approach according to the opponent’s way of thinking.


Richard Bass

The second speaker was Mark Vandermaas – a veteran from the Caledonia struggle for the rule of law, where, along with Gary McHale, he opposed an illegal occupation by native extremists supported by the police. He is also the founder of the Israel Truth Week. His presentation at the training covered the Mandate for Palestine, with which the British were entrusted by the League of Nations in 1922 and its purpose was to prepare the land for establishing a Jewish state or a national home for the Jews (as it was also called in the Balfour Declaration).

He called this important document “land title deed” of the Jewish people, which recognized internationally their rights over the land of Israel. Though the document is often ignored, it is still valid and hasn’t been refuted or invalidated by any organization. It gives the Jews the right to consider themselves owners of the lands west of River Jordan. Several countries in Africa, Asia and Polynesia had been created as a result of such mandates, so denying the same right of the Jewish people is based on anti-Semitism.

Mark’s presentation was divided into two parts – first he covered the mandate and the legal rights and in the second part (in the end of the training) he explained in detail how to use the information to affirm Israel’s position and refute the claims that the Jews are occupiers in their land. It is necessary to make that knowledge sink into the minds of people before trying to find a solution to the current problems in the Middle East.


Mark Vandermaas

The schedule was quite busy – after Mark’s talk we had a short break and then had to choose among three presentations in three different locations – Frank Dimant (Christians United for Israel Canada, on how to be a trustworthy advocate), Sara Zeldman (from The E-Marketing Maven, on social media advocacy). I attended the third one – Meryle Kates from StandWithUs Canada, which was about one of my favourite themes, the campus anti-Semitism and advocacy. Over all the years I have been writing about the topic, I have witnessed first-hand those problems at the Toronto universities. My prime never-ending source of material has always been York University, which is a microcosm showing clearly what’s wrong with the Canadian academia.


Meryle Kates (right) with Zina Rakhamilova

One of the goals of StandWithUs is to combat the campus anti-Semitism through education and popularize the achievements of the Jewish state, which is not an easy task considering the enormous efforts of campus Muslim and leftist organizations to distort and mar the image of Israel. In the picture below you see the booklets, cards and other materials that are published and distributed by the organization, in addition to organizing lectures, conferences and other similar events.

Israel-Advocacy-Stand-with-Us-MaterialsMeryle brought with her two students – Zina Rakhamilova (who already graduated), who is a campus coordinator of StandWithUs, and another one who shall remain unnamed, because he is still attending York University. They both covered in detail the profoundly anti-Israel and often anti-Semitic atmosphere at the university, which makes the lives of the Jewish students difficult. It is customary that the Student Union doesn’t allow Jewish students at meetings where Israel-related issues are discussed. Not surprisingly, many members of the audience were shocked – they had no idea that such things could happen in Canada.

One of Zina’s examples of intimidation was a huge painting placed in a common area, which shows a young Palestinian clutching a rock behind his back, ready to throw it against the “aggressor.” Naturally, he is wearing a scarf with a small map showing the whole Israel as a Palestinian territory. Oddly enough, the artist sees that as an expression of “justice” and “peace” (the Arabs must have strange values).

anti-jewish-art-york-universityI remember the painting very well – at one of my visits in late 2013 a few Jewish students took me to the common area to see it. It is an area controlled by the Student Union, so the administration claims that they can’t do anything about it – it is a free speech issue. The place is always crowded due to the many fast food joints in that part of the building. You can’t find pork there; in fact it is common to see scary Muslimas dressed in black sitting at the tables, who lift their face masks from below with greasy fingers to put in their mouths pieces of Popeye’s halal chicken.

Talking of Muslimas, last month the Muslim Student Association (a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood) held a Muslim awareness week at York University.

Bear in mind that the purpose of the event was to make Islam look attractive. Yet the best they could come up with was a bunch of Muslim girls dressed like unemployed ninjas handing out the booklet “Women in Islam.” As you can see in my post about the event, that notorious booklet provides valuable tips on how to discipline unruly wives by beating them.


The friendly face of Islam at York University

Canadian universities have deteriorated, haven’t they? Once the forefront of progress, now they are places where primitive barbarians promote their misogynist propaganda. I am sure that at York the phrase “primitive barbarians” would be deemed “racist.” But what other description could you apply to people, who go against every Canadian value? And in that environment the Jews have it worse, because they are despised and destined for extermination in the Muslim end times (see Sahih Bukhari Hadith Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176).

After another break, we had the pleasure to hear the keynote speaker of the event – Ezra Levant. His trademark manner of discussing even the most controversial issues openly and boldly, without a hint of political correctness, kept the audience captive for nearly an hour.


Ezra Levant is about to speak

You can watch the whole presentation in the video below, but let me just mention that Levant covered a wide array of issues, all revolving around Islam, anti-Semitism and their misrepresentation in the media. He bluntly stated that the “media party” stubbornly refuses to identify the Muslim extremism as one of the main causes of the new anti-Semitism. The lack of action has made the situation in Europe, especially in France, almost hopeless. The least we can do is to screen the Muslims immigrating to Canada for extremist connections.

After a break, we had again three different speakers in three locations – Christine Williams (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, on Christian Zionists and anti-Zionists); Steve McDonald (The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, on tips for pro-Israel communication). I went to the third one – Georganne Burke (The Pathway Group, on how to lobby for Israel). She covered the practical details of lobbying politicians and organizations on Jewish issues. It’s quite a complicated process, where you need to watch how you are dressed; what kind of smile you show; matching your message to the personality and interests of the specific politician, etc.

The next speaker was Vivienne Ziner, an activist involved in many organizations (but at the training she represented the Israeli news agency Tazpit). She gave a really passionate speech, which she started by reading her son’s very interesting essay “Zionism is Humanism”:

“Many try to depict Zionism as a worldwide conspiracy, using the same primitive Anti-Semitic rhetoric used in the blood libels, the pogroms and the Holocaust and masquerading it behind a new façade. Many try to posit that Zionism is an imperialist and colonialist movement which revolves around an underlying desire for more and more land to be absorbed into the borders of Israel. Any empirical evidence completely substantiates the contrary; Israel’s borders have only shrunk over the years. In fact, Zionists are not interested in more land but in having their land respected. They are tired of the double standards, of the disputes pertaining to their homeland’s legitimacy and their right to inhabit it. They want boundaries they can feel secure within and they want to stop being bombarded with rockets by one of several terrorist organizations who simply feel the need to maintain the popular Jew-hating image that they have gained so much traction with.”


Vivienne Ziner

She had a few harsh words for those who avoid being involved in important issues and this let the destructive anti-Semitic forces advance with little resistance.

She was followed by the unexpected appearance of Reverend Majed El-Shafie, an internationally known Christian activist, who just came from Iraq. He visited the turbulent area to find ways to save Yazidi women and girls from violence and death with the help of the Canadian government.


Reverend Majed El-Shafie

The next speaker was the psychologist from Yale University Rimma Teper, who covered the psychological basis of persuasion and its relation to advocacy. Through examples of various psychological experiments, she outlined the effective methods of persuading people to accept your point of view. The message must be tailored to the way of thinking and the life experience of the person you are communicating with.


Rimma Teper

As I mentioned earlier, Mark Vandermaas concluded the training with the second part of his presentation on how to use practically the facts about the Mandate for Palestine to affirm their rights over the land of Israel.

It was a truly good event, where the over 200 attendees learned many things that they will be using in the future.

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Canadian Institute for Jewish Research – Toronto Israel Learning Seminar Series



The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research is an extraordinary educational organization and a think tank, which has been involved for many years in researching the most pressing political, economic and social issues in Israel and the Middle East and providing the public with their evaluation and prognosis on those issues. They must be very good at telling the truth about those sensitive topics, because if you want to visit them in Montreal, it is hard to find their location and once you are there, you’ll see no mark or sign on the door. This is simultaneously the curse and the blessing of those who dare to carry the torch of enlightenment in the sea of hostility.

Their most recent project in Montreal was a conference promoting the scientific and industrial achievements of Israel (which are routinely ignored by the media and the BDS crowd, which can’t boycott them without depriving themselves of basic necessities). Now CIJR is pleased to announce a series of lectures in Toronto. They are part of their Israel Learning Seminar and deal with important political issues affecting the state of Israel. In their own description: “The Israel Learning Seminar, given by outstanding academic specialists and open to selected students and adults, is designed to provide knowledge and skills enabling members to oppose current efforts, on and off campuses, to delegitimate the democratic Jewish state.”

The seminar will take place over several months at:

Toronto Zionist Centre, 3rd floor, Haifa Room, 788 Marlee Ave., Toronto, ON, M6B 3K1. Accepting applications until March 23rd, 2015. For information, contact cijr@isranet.org, 1 (855) 303-5544.

The following presentations have been already scheduled:

1.Tues., 24 March, 2015, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post)

2.Tues., 14 April, 2015, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Prof. Ira Robinson (Concordia U.)

3.Tues., 5 May, 2015, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Prof. Sally Zerker (York University, Emeritus), ISRAEL AND THE WORLD: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES


Dhimmi Media Crucify Canadian Member of the Parliament over Niqab Comments



It’s amazing how things have changed in the “progressive media” landscape over the years. From the 1960’s until the 1980’s they were champions of progress and liberation, but since then things went downhill. The fight for true social justice has deteriorated into a bizarre support for questionable traditions and organizations. That must be the prime result of the multiculturalism, imposed from above by the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau without any consultation with the people, who are directly affected by it.

As a result, we see leftist politicians and journalists team up with the followers of strange and destructive cultures, who are still considered equal to the customs and traditions of Canada. A very good example is the current raging ideological war over the niqab – the portable tent that many Muslim women wear to cover themselves completely. The niqab is one of the most repulsive manifestations of the Muslim barbarism. It deprives women from personality and makes you fee uncomfortable around those walking tents – are they carrying bombs under that cover?

It is beyond belief that the progressives (and even Margaret Atwood) would fight to defend such an oppressive piece of clothing, but obviously the plight of the women in the Muslim world who are killed for refusing to wear the niqab is of little interest to those people. As you can hear in Justin Trudeau’s speeches, the support for the Muslim fanaticism is seen as another tool to fight the Conservative government of Stephen Harper.

So when somebody deviates from the view that the Muslim invasion is the best thing that has ever happened to Canada, the media vultures are quick to tear such a person to pieces. Case in point – the recent comments of the Conservative MP Larry Miller:

The debate stems from a federal court ruling that deemed the Conservative government’s ban on wearing a face covering during the citizenship oath unlawful, and that the ban even contravened the government’s own citizenship laws.

But the government, and Conservative MPs, don’t seem satisfied with the ruling.

“Frankly, if you don’t like that or don’t want to do that, stay the hell where you came from,” Miller said over air Monday. “I feel most Canadians feel the same.”

“I’m so sick and tired of people wanting to come here because they know it’s a good country, and then they want to change things before they even really, officially become a Canadian,” he continued.

“I have no sympathy for her and I hope that, you know, it’s going to be challenged by our government if it isn’t already.”

Yahoo News quotes this as if it is some horrible statement. It is incomprehensible to their journalists that somebody can actually oppose the never-ending Muslim demands that gradually erode our culture and our institutions. They should go out more often – despite their conviction that the Canadians love the bizarre cult, the truth is that Miller is right. It is totally different issue that the manipulative media would always silence the dissent, often helped by the Nazi-like Human Rights Commissions, which don’t allow criticism of Islam.

Further in the article they quote the manufactured outrage of Canadian journalists, who sound more like Muslim doormats than independent thinkers.

But the best part is that they quote the arrogant niqab Muslima, who wants to change our citizenship ceremony. Not surprisingly, she wrote an article in the Toronto Islamic Star and Crescent:

If [the prime minister] had bothered to ask me why I wear a niqab instead of making assumptions, I would have told him that it was a decision I took very seriously.;

I would tell him that aside from the religious aspect, I like how it makes me feel: like people have to look beyond what I look like to get to know me. That I don’t have to worry about my physical appearance and can concentrate on my inner self. That it empowers me in this regard.;

While I recognize that it’s not for everyone, it is for me. To me, the most important Canadian value is the freedom to be the person of my own choosing. To me, that’s more indicative of what it means to be Canadian than what I wear.

No surprise here – we are expected to accommodate the member of any demented cult. While we are at it, why don’t we allow Nazi uniforms and KKK robes?

The funny part is that she repeats an important Muslim talking point – that the ridiculous niqab is a tool of women’s liberation. It is disturbing that none of the Canadian feminists, who once even burned their bras, is willing to raise her voice against such a blatant misrepresentation. The only advantage of the niqab is that women can wear filthy clothes under it (try to ride a bus near such a woman in the summer). Maybe her point about how the niqab helps her to concentrate on her inner self would spring up a new self-improvement movement, where the followers of the New Age gurus will be required to wear the disgusting garment in order to facilitate inner progress.

Larry Miller is right and it was wrong to make him apologize for his words.

Islam is an aggressive cult, which has no respect for the culture or traditions of the host country – its only purpose is the conquest. Maybe it will be able to reform itself, but for now there no signs that the process has even started. It should be treated as a destructive political ideology.

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Ezra Levant on the Islamic State, Hate Speech Laws and the Rising Anti-Semitism (video)



Last Sunday I attended an interesting event dealing with Israel advocacy, which I am going to cover later. The keynote speaker at the event was the journalist Ezra Levant. In his typical no-holds-barred style, he covered a wide range of issues, usually distorted and misrepresented by the official media in Canada. I can assure you that none of the politically correct bubbles around those issues was spared. Levant spoke about the true Islamic nature of ISIS, that few politicians are willing to recognize. He discussed the hopeless situation in France caused by the gradual victory of Muslim fanaticism and the very real threat to Canada, where extremists are supported and the few sober voices (like Tarek Fatah) are ignored.

He also covered the rising tide of anti-Semitism and the negative role that the “official Jews” play in refusing to face or even name its true causes and gave as a stunning example the way the attacks against Jewish protesters in Calgary were treated by the police, the media and the mainstream organizations.

There were many other issues, you can see Ezra Levant’s full presentation in the video:

Why Is the Canadian Government Importing People Who Want to Kill Us?



Canada’s immigration policy is conducted by politicians and bureaucrats, who act with total disregard for the safety and the future of the Canadians. Bringing into the country the followers of a demonic cult, which has turned into a living hell every country it dominates, without even screening them is irresponsible and self-destructive. The blogger Blazingcatfur has covered that issue for years and he has has some tough questions for our politicians and “intellectual elites”:

Why is my government importing people who want to kill me?

The ususal suspects will think that a horrid question, bigoted, racist, hateful etc etc etc.

I don’t care. It’s a question that demands to be asked.

The fact is my government appears bent on my destruction.

How else to explain their insistence on importing a cult that at best is hatefully intolerant of my existence and that of my family and of course your own.

A cult that routinely spawns murderous terrorists. Not “High Risk” travelers as sugar coated by CSIS and the RCMP, not “victims’ or “militants” as portrayed by our useful idiot media, but bloodthirsty murderous terrorists who seek to join the most murderous branch of their already murderous death cult.

A cult that routinely spews hate from their Mosques, here in Canada. A hate directed at Christians, Jews, Atheists, Gays and anyone else on their never ending list of people to hate on Allah’s behalf.

I would be remiss by failing to point out that Islam is a cult so hateful they expend most of their evil energy killing other cult members in an ongoing orgy of sectarian violence.

Who thought it a good idea to import this cult to Canada? Who makes these decisions? These are questions I have long asked.

Is Citizenship & Immigration Canada ideologically twisted beyond reason and even belief?

Are they in a permanent state of immoral drunkenness having overdosed on the Multicultural Kumbaya Kool-Aid?

What could possibly have motivated them to so debase Canadian citizenship?

And what of our politicians who after every Muslim atrocity sickeningly mouth the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Islam is not a religion, it is a murder cult.

Sharia law sanctions armed Jihad. Period.

Sharia law sanctions the murder of adulterers, apostates, and gays. Period.

Sharia law sanctions slavery. Period.

Sharia law sanctions wife beating. Period.

Sharia law sanctions child marriage. Period.

The only peace Islam understands is supremacist dominance meaning at best dhimmitude for Christians and Jews and worse for the rest of you. Period.

Who in their right mind could possibly have considered such a perverse belief system compatible with our own?

There is no “modern” Islam. There is no “western” Islam. There is only Islam, and it is a hateful creed.

This is an election year. Don’t ask your member of parliament for an explanation, demand it.

Demand to know who is behind our death-wish immigration policy.

Demand they end it.

God forbid the day comes, but it is almost inevitable a major Muslim terror attack will succeed in Canada.

I hope every martinet bureaucrat and every stuffed shirt politician responsible for our criminally negligent immigration policy is sued by the survivors and victims families.

I hope we can jail them.

Coloured Racists of Ryerson University Kick Out White Students from Meeting



kick-me-i-am-whiteThe high education institutions in Toronto, which are supposed to provide equal access to everybody who attends them, are gradually turning into mental asylums, where the inmates compete in introducing more and more ridiculous rules. The standard-bearer of that race to the intellectual bottom is York University, where, along with anti-Semitism, they promote some of the most barbaric Muslim customs. It seems that the downtown Ryerson University is catching up quickly. The National Post has reported (h/t Marvin) that one of their main organizations, the Racialised Student’s Collective, which is a part of the Ryerson Students’ Union, has banned two white students from attending an event:

A round of public furor has centered on Toronto’s Ryerson University after two journalism students were barred from an on-campus meeting because they were not “racialized.”

First-year journalism students Julia Knope and Trevor Hewitt were attempting to attend a meeting hosted by the Racialised Students’ Collective when they were asked to leave by a group organizer.

“She asked them if they had been marginalized or racialized, and when they both responded ‘no,’ that’s when she said the meeting was only for those who felt they had been,” said Anne McNeilly, an associate professor at the Ryerson School of Journalism.

Ms. Knope and Mr. Hewitt, who are both visibly white, had been attempting to attend the gathering as part of a assignment by Ms. McNeilly to sit in on a public meeting.

“It seemed really ironic to me that the meeting was about racialization and they were prohibiting certain people from entering,” said Ms. Knope in comments to the Ryersonian.

I am not going to delve into the reasons why two white students want to attend the meeting of a gang that acts in a racist way, despite the fact that it has received scholarships, privileges and everything else that the affirmative action entitles them to – Canada is a free country and all masochists are free to choose their their own method of torture. I just want to remind that disgusting racist group that we, the taxpayers of Toronto, foot a large bill for their repulsive bigotry. Such groups do nothing other than preparing their members to become lifelong parasites and moochers, whose only job will be the extort more goodies by exploiting the “white man’s guilt” (the way the parasites of the Obama family have done it in the USA for over 6 years).

Canada is no longer the land of brave and the free, but a place where the craftiest racists can get anything they want.

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Anarchists, Communists and Plain Nutters Protest Bill C-51 in Toronto



Bill C-51, the legislation dealing with terrorism in Canada, has been discussed in the House of Commons for a while, causing controversy mainly because of concerns about its possible consequences. Some are concerned that it may give too much power to some government agencies. Despite that, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are willing to support the bill.

Those who are against it called rallies on Saturday in different cities across Canada. In Toronto about 1,000 people showed up on Nathan Phillips Square in front of City Hall. On Twitter many participants and organizers shared ecstatic messages about the overwhelming popular resistance against the “dictatorial bill.” The reality was that the gathering was dominated by the same hard-core downtown lefties who always show up at any event, where some Harper-bashing is needed.

Looking at those odd people, it was impossible to avoid the thought that no matter what the flaws of Bill C-51 are, they’ll cause much less damage than putting into practice the plans and recommendations of the crowd that showed up. Of course, all public employees unions were represented, and some of their leaders, like Sid Ryan, were keynote speakers.


A fine elementary teacher for the new sex-ed curriculum


The Raging Grannies

Numerous organizations of the extreme left were also there – selling booklets and papers or promoting their causes. Plenty of anarchists (many of them with face masks), communists of different stripes, the Green Party (represented by Elizabeth May) – naturally the dominant mainstream party was the NDP, which sent a few MPs.


The Toronto communists are still fighting the class struggle


“The Young Communist League of Canada” wants CSIS dismantled


The anarcho-pacifists with their black/white flag


No lefty event is complete without the image of the mass murderer Che Guevara

It was easy to spot a few Indian organizations mostly because of the same old faces – anybody who has followed their activities, can’t miss the fact that always the same people show up (whether it’s Idle No More, no-pipelines-in-native-lands or any other extortionist event). They included a few real Indians and many more white people, who probably claim to be Indians, many of them smoking marijuana and burning some stinky grass that makes breathing around them almost impossible.

They were most likely concerned that their eco-terrorism may fail under the new legislation. At the rally a white girl carried around a large cardboard sign (she was wearing it) with the words “This is Turtle Island”. She was asking everybody to sign it – it wasn’t clear whether she was planning to deport the non-Indians (in that case she should start with her self-deportation).


Hijab, Mohawk flag, pot and stinky grass


Hopefully the bill will stop the Indian eco-extortionists


There is no Turtle Island (how did the Indians come up with that idea anyway?)


Davin, the mysterious Indian chief


The lunacy that dominated the protest was painfully visible in the signs the crowd carried. There were a few smaller signs (mostly opposing “Islamophobia”) printed by unions, but the majority were written by the protesters themselves and that was the scary part. The messages created a strange image of Canada, where everybody lives peacefully, there are no terrorists, but the evil fascist gang of Stephen Harper plans to introduce a legislation dealing with imaginary issues with the sinister goal to impose a brutal dictatorship over the beautiful people of Canada.


“Democracy is the working class’ main enemy”


“Harper fascists out!”


“Terrorism? What terrorism, there’s no terrorism!”


“More likely to be killed by a moose then a terrorist!” (the guy skipped a spelling class)


“No secret trials. No deportations” (let’s keep the terrorists in Canada)


“Bill C-51 Is Harper’s Road to Dictatorship!”


An example of incoherent thinking


“I am not a sheep for slaughter” (you’ll become, if we do nothing)

Surprisingly, Lenin’s Bolsheviks are still going strong in Canada under the name “International Bolshevik Tendency.” They displayed a whole program in large signs – in their opinion, capitalism can’t be fixed and we have to fight for socialism. They hate “Islamophobia” and warn us that Harper wants to establish a surveillance police state.



Of course – “climate change” is the only problem we face

Those people may look comical in their almost complete detachment from reality, but that’s what makes them dangerous. Given the opportunity, they will establish a dictatorship, which in the name of “saving the planet,” “fighting the reactionaries” or any other crazy idea would use the same methods we have already seen under Lenin, Stalin or Hitler.

That insane asylum had leaders, who were not that different from the inmates. I already mentioned Sid Ryan and the NDP MPs. The latter took time to explain that the only great leader, capable of destroying the evil legislation, was Tom Mulcair. We also had to endure the squealing of Judy Rebick, who taught the crowd a new complicated chant and assured it that Harper has no right to tell them what to wear. Next to Judy was standing the notorious Islamist Zafar Bangash (not far from his sidekick Ali Mallah).

Along with Elizabeth May’s talk, we enjoyed the “poetry” of a chubby hijab girl, which consisted of angry rants and screams. She explained that her name was Nassim, which in English meant “breeze,” but that colonial language couldn’t express the beauty of her name. That was followed by the crazy screams of Pam Palmater from Ryerson University about the terrible consequences of the bill for the “aboriginal women.”


Judy Rebick and Zafar Bangash


The veteran socialist Ali Mallah


Pam screams a point


Linda McQuaig came to support the comrades

It was strange to spot my MP Adam Vaughan, now a member of the Liberal Party. His master Justin Trudeau stated that he was going to support Bill C-51. I wonder if Adam was playing his own politics or just felt nostalgic for his office at City Hall.


Adam Vaughan with his beloved lefties

There were many reporters from the mainstream media, but as usual, it is doubtful if they are going to cover what I saw. Seeing a reporter from the new information channel The Rebel Media gave me some hope that we may see at least part of the mass insanity exposed.


Marissa Semkiw from The Rebel

That was just another day in the life of the Toronto Left. With the new federal elections coming soon and the end of the cruel winter, we can surely expect more of the same events.

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Calgary – Where Muslim Jew-Beaters Are Punished with Essay-Writing



The Muslim extremism becomes a problem that is more and more difficult to ignore in Canada. It’s not just the terrorism and the sadists, who go to fight for ISIS – those are easy to identify and punish (though the government is slow to deal with the “jihad travellers”). The majority of the Muslims in Canada claim that they are peaceful, but their increasing demands show little regard for the Canadian laws and traditions. From the request to wear the most repulsive symbol of Islam – the niqab – at a citizenship ceremony, through the proposal to segregate genders at McGill University and the Muslim prayers held in Ontario public schools, to the demand to be able to park anywhere when going to a prayer service, Islam is slowly imposing its dominance.

Of course, that won’t be possible, if it weren’t for the government and the judicial system, both crippled by the concept of multiculturalism, which would prefer to march over the rights of all Canadians rather than to inconvenience that aggressive religion. When some Muslims see that their demands are not met with quick accommodation, they may become violent.

We witnessed such a case in Calgary last summer. After a small peaceful group of Jews and Christians showed up near a large pro-Hamas rally, they were quickly attacked and viciously beaten by a Muslim mob. Anti-Semitism, which is an essential part of the Koran, simply can’t stay still; it shows in the actions of the Muslims. As you can expect, the media tried to ignore the event for as long as they could. What’s even worse, the smiley Muslim Mayor of Calgary and his police force did the same. In the multiculturally diverse Calgary such things never happen (or if they do, we’ll pretend they never happened).

Palestine Rally Calgary fight-1

Muslim multicultural dialogue in Calgary

Calgarian Muslim essayist attacks a Jew

Calgarian Muslim essayist attacks a Jew

Palestine Rally Calgary fight-3

More Muslim interfaith outreach

The disgraceful event got a little attention only after some hard work – local activists, bloggers and the journalist Ezra Levant kept pushing the issue, until the authorities grudgingly admitted that there was a problem. Even then, the people who suffered had to scour the internet for videos and pictures to identify the Muslim attackers. Shouldn’t have this been done by the police? It was even worse than that – according to recently released documents, the police and especially the Muslim Sergeant Asif Rashid were much more concerned about Ezra’s investigation than with finding the truth, cynically referring to the beaten Jews in quotation marks as “victims” and “victims of violence”.

At approximately the same time in Toronto, in a case again related to Islam, Eric Brazau, a free speech activist, was arrested. He is considered an oddball ready to push the boundaries of free speech – last year he held a Draw Mohammed Day in downtown Toronto.


Eric Brazau draws Mohammed

A couple of months later he did a social experiment, speaking about Islam on the Toronto subway while being filmed. He wasn’t rude or violent, but he didn’t avoid the deep flaws and violence in Islam either. Since few Muslims in Canada can take criticism of their religion, Muslim riders activated the subway alarm to complain, the police showed up and Brazau was arrested. He was refused bail twice and had to stay in jail until his trial on January 5th.

Was anybody of the perpetrators of the violence in Calgary arrested? After all, what they did was much worse than discussing a religion publically. As you may have guessed, none of them was arrested. What’s even worse, the organizers of the pro-Hamas rally were jubilant after learning that Jews were beaten. The chief honcho, Saima Jamal shared her joy on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMOddly enough, that strange woman is considered a “peace activist” and rubs shoulders with the progressive liberal aristocracy of Canada.

Saima snuggles with the Lord Protector of the Islamists in Canada

Saima snuggles with the Lord Protector of the Islamists in Canada

When a few months later she couldn’t get some peace award from YMCA, the people around her blamed the evil Jews for destroying her chances. (Maybe she will have a better chance of getting an award from the Niqab Society of Alberta.)

While the authorities in Calgary kept dragging the court case for many months, the authorities in Toronto kept Eric Brazau firmly in jail. When his trial date came on January 5th, only witnesses against him appeared before the court. The judge sentenced him to 18 months jail. He is still in jail. Ironically, two days after the trial, two Muslim animals attacked the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people.

Meanwhile, in Calgary it became clear that the four perpetrators charged with violence were about to get away easily. In the early 2015 rumours spread that a plea bargain was discussed. The first one to experience the leniency of the Canadian law was a guy too young to be named. That “child soldier” of Islam got away with probation.

The three “grownup” perpetrators had their day in court on March 10th. The press covered the details the next day:

Pro-Palestinian protesters who attacked an Israeli supporter at a rally were handed fines and probation Tuesday.

All three were also ordered to pen essays and write letters of apology to their victim, provincial court Judge Marlene Graham ordered.

“Each will write an essay on the Charter rights of freedom of association and freedom of speech,” Graham said, accepting a joint Crown and defence submission on sentencing.

Graham fined Arslan Razzaq Khan $500, Asiz Mohamed Madi $400 and Kamaal Maxamud Jaamac $300 for their roles in a melee last July 18 which saw each of them assault Calgarian Jacob Birrell.
All three were placed on probation for one year.

It is strange that they mention only one victim, while when you watch the videos or see the pictures, it is easy to notice that the Muslim cowards attacked several people, including women. The court must be located in a different dimension. The punishment coverage is not a joke – they actually got away with small fines and essay-writing.

Imagine if the opposite happened – a few Muslims attacked by a Christian or Jewish mob. The extremist organizations and imams, who speak for the Muslims in Canada, will be whining and shouting until the perpetrators are charged with a “hate crime”. That’s what happened to Eric Brazau for a much lesser “crime”. Islam rules in Canada.

The paper notes how the lawyer downplayed the crime:

Katrib said none of them were part of any organization.

“They’re not members of any specific types of groups, they’re just concerned with international events,” he said.

Graham accepted the three were young, first offenders “but it’s aggravating that you would engage in physical altercations that would undermine our Charter values,” she said.

Isn’t it marvelous to be a “young, first” Muslim offender in Canada?

I am sure that upon hearing the results, the organizers of the pro-Hamas rally had another orgasmic experience (and I suspect that Mayor Nenshi had one as well).

The other side was far from satisfied. The Calgary activist Ryan Bellerose was in the courtroom and later described his dissatisfaction in a colourful expose:

“I have seen some ridiculous shit in my lifetime but today’s court session takes the cake. The Judge was outstanding and clearly a very good judge, the prosecution clearly was inept and not even conversant on the basic facts of the case, I would be surprised if questioned, he was able to name all the people who were assaulted.

“The 3 asshats who were charged, all plead guilty, the Prosecutor sounded more like a defence attorney, didn’t even know the most basic facts of the case and sounded like he just wanted this over and done with.

The judge gave him multiple chances, even going so far as to ask him if he wanted to take an adjournment, and when the Prosecutor said ” I could use 5 minutes” the judge actually said ” ok I’m not sure what you will accomplish in 5 minutes but go ahead.”

“The Prosecutor said he didn’t think the protests were organised by any group and that the 3 defendants were not members of any political group, the judge asked the prosecutor if he didn’t think those were important facts. At one point I was shaking my head in disbelief at some of the abjectly incorrect statements being made and the court actually said “Are you certain about these facts because it seems the gallery has some people who disagree”? Not a single word about the fact that it was a mob attack, and only one mention of the fact that people were screaming “kill the Jews.” The judge actually had to ask the prosecution if there was any involvement of an organisation. Of course he “didn’t know”.

“Basically what it meant was that 3 men who were involved in a mob attacking 7 people, will now receive a 300, 400, and 500 dollar fine, 12 months’ probation and each has to write an essay about the charter of rights and freedoms in Canada. All I can do is shake my head and wonder how anyone can take this “justice system” seriously.”

Sad picture – it seemed that both the prosecution and the defense worked hard on getting the Muslims off the hook. I doubt it if the rabid people in the pictures of the attack would benefit from writing essays on freedom of speech and association. Most likely they’ll laugh while writing and the “punishment” will affirm their conviction that everybody is afraid of their religion and the path of violence is the right one.

Recently Syed Soharwardy, the imam who once sued Ezra Levant over publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, issued a fatwa against ISIS. It was another theatrical stunt with no practical use – it is very unlikely that the Muslim terrorist group would ever notice his fatwa. If Syed was sincere in fighting extremism, there is something much more practical he could do – why doesn’t he condemn the Muslims who organized the beating in Calgary? Or even better – why doesn’t he work on preventing similar violence in the future?

He will never do that – the violent Muslims prepare the way for the “moderate” Islam. They create fear in the victims and the latter are ready to accept every possible demand to prevent the “moderate” Muslims from becoming violent. Naturally, they never admit they are doing it out of fear; it is always for the sake of creating a “just and inclusive” society.

That approach corrupts our judicial system. When you have a gang of violent Muslims that after an attack gets away with essay-writing and a person who gets 18 months jail for criticizing Islam, this is no more the fair British common law – it is sharia. The barbaric Muslim “law code” defends only true Muslims – women and infidels always lose when it is applied.

Seeing the Western civilization crumble when its elites accept a primitive medieval code to resolve conflicts in the West is a cause for alarm. Encouraging the evil forces is not going to appease them – on the contrary, it will only make them bolder and eventually we would find ourselves in the position of France with its extreme polarization and violence. Do we really need to go that far to figure out that the only sensible way is to apply the law equally to everybody?

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Muslim Hijab Attacks McGill University



Islam’s war on Canadian traditions and values never stops. Last week we learned about a hijab woman in Quebec whom a judge considered improperly dressed for a courtroom appearance. In the mass pro-Muslim hysteria that followed the media ignored the facts that she has been a welfare parasite for years and has violated the law on several counts. Her fellow Muslims and the clueless bleeding hearts rewarded all that with a fundraising campaign, collecting tens of thousands of dollars and affirming her understanding that in Canada, if you are Muslim, you are above the law.

Now we have another hijab attack. This time the target is the gym of McGill University in Montreal. An overweight Muslima named Soumia Allalou (a second-year law student) is whining that her Muslim beliefs prevent her from exercising in an environment where men are present. So she wants the rules changed – she expects the university administration to introduce women-only hours at the gym to accommodate her demands.

Looking at that heavy girl, I can’t help but think that even if they change the rules, she is not going to lose much weight – gym is not her natural environment. (I may fall in the same category and may need to visit my gym more often, but I don’t blame “the system” for that.) This is a clear-cut case, where a Muslim uses ridiculous excuses to attack the rules that we have in Canada.

No matter how hard the mainstream media try to justify that soft Muslim aggression, fewer and fewer people fall for that crap and are able to see through the evil religion. I have mentioned that before, but it is worth noting again that Islam is a well-oiled invasion machine, with a clear “division of labour.” On one hand we have the terrorists and sadists (the likes of ISIS and the domestic Muslim terrorists in Canada) who throw our society into the grip of fear. On the other hand, we have the “moderate Muslims” – they all are innocent angels (if you believe our media) and their religion has nothing to do with terror.

Yet many “moderate Muslims” are very crafty in exploiting the terrorist fear. After all, the Chief Airhead of Canada (a.k.a. Justin Trudeau) told us that we should look for the “root causes” of terrorism, which lie in the fact that some felt excluded. So in order to prevent Muslims from going berserk and killing us, we have to capitulate to every Muslim demand.

This is the political stupidity, which people like Soumia Allalou exploit, and as a result we will have a gender-segregated, sharia-compliant environment imposed in a major Canadian university.

Tomorrow is March 8th – the international women’s day. That was a big holiday in the communist countries; it is big among the lefties here as well. On that day it is customary to list all achievements of the progressive feminism in securing equal rights for all women.

But here we have a fanatical woman, who wants to impose at a university rules established by a primitive medieval cult (started by a child rapist and mass murderer). Where are the feminists of McGill University? Are they still fighting the “white man’s patriarchy”? They must be so deeply engaged in the “queer post-colonial, post-apocalyptic transgender feminism” that they let into their university the most misogynist religious cult in the world.

The rotting university is not capable of seeing the danger. Again, outsiders have to sound the alarm (as my friend and activist for Canadian values Valerie Price did in a letter to the university):

I am writing to express my dismay at the request by two students from the McGill Faculty of Law that the McGill University Fitness Centre introduce women-only workout hours to accommodate the preference of Soumia Allalou and Raymond Grafton.

The request, which is being made in the name of gender sensitivity and, at least implicitly, religious tolerance–both very fine-sounding principles–actually runs contrary to Canadian democratic values, which emphasize gender equality, religious neutrality in the public square, and a general spirit of openness and inclusivity. If Soumia Allalou and other women like her cannot bring themselves to work out at a gym with men, they are free to work out elsewhere. Special privileges at the gym are neither necessary nor desirable for specific student groups, and I sincerely hope that you will not allow yourself to be swayed by this petition.

Another fact that receives very little attention in the coverage is that Soumia Allalou is a law student. Unless she treats her law studies like her gym workouts, she should be aware that the Canadian judicial system is based on the principle of equality of the individuals before the law (if we exclude the Nazi-like methods the Human Rights Commissions use). Insisting on introducing rules, which discriminate against people from a specific group, might be acceptable in the barbaric sharia law, where only Muslims matter, but it is contrary to anything that Canada stands for.

Once Soumia Allalou graduates, she will become a lawyer or a judge. But even now one can foretell what decisions she is going to make – if she has such a blatant disregard for the Canadian law while she is just a second-year student, can you imagine what she’ll do when she is in a position of power?

I am sure that everybody who knows her would say that she is sweet, nice, lovely, etc., person. Yet the damage that “moderate Muslims” like her cause to our society is not that different from what the terrorists do. The terrorists kill and maim; the “moderate Muslim” gently erode our judicial system and values from within by guilting us into accepting their demands.

It took the West 800 years from Magna Carta to build the society we now live in. It may take just a few decades for the Islamic primitivism to destroy it with the help of demented lefties and corrupt politicians. Are we going to allow that?

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Convicted Pedophile Ben Levin Involved in Drafting the Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum



A few days ago the prominent Ontario educator Prof. Ben Levin was convicted on three charges related to making child pornography and counselling an adult to commit sex abuse on a child. That disgraceful human being has been for years in the top echelon of power in the Liberal Party of Ontario and the Ontario Government. The corrupt regime of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne has managed to damage the economy of the province beyond repair, but what is even worse, they consistently worked to revamp the educational system in a way that would make children and easy prey to sex deviants and perverts.

The latter goal has been almost achieved through the new sex education curriculum, which will teach children from an early age about the joys of homosexuality, anal sex, and cross-dressing. The curriculum, as Wynne and her education minister said, will be introduced regardless of what its opponents think or say – of course, the opinions of the parents should be suppressed because they may offend the feelings of the perverts.

One of those perverts is Ben Levin – in the statement of facts revealed by the prosecution at the conviction hearing, he was quoted as saying that he expected his daughters to share their children with him for sexual gratification (among many other things). Levin was a Deputy Minister of Education when the curriculum was being prepared. Wynne’s gang fiercely denied that he took any part in preparing that perversion manual. Well, it turned out that was just one more item in their endless string of lies and scams. The Rebel Media (h/t BCF) caught them red-handed – an e-mail exchange, obtained through significant efforts, reveals the actual role that Levin played in creating the sex-ed curriculum. In the video Ezra Levant presents all the exclusive details:

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