Join JDL-Canada at the Annual Walk for Israel Event on May 18

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The annual Walk for Israel event will take place on May 18, 2015. Every year the event is attended by thousands of people, who express their support for the Jewish State and it citizens in their struggle against terrorism and fanaticism. Join JDL-Canada, whose members will take part in the walk. The gathering place is Prince’s Gates at 9:30 a.m. Please see the attached flyer for more details.


Time to Make the Calgary Stampede a Drag Queen Event

The political correctness is a humourless and evil destructive force with the ability to ruin anything it touches – people, events and even countries. Its most recent target became the famous Calgary Stampede, the best-known Albertan festival, which commemorates the spirit of the early pioneer days in the province. The life in those days was difficult and rough; strength and perseverance were necessary to survive.

Despite the commercialization, the festivities and competitions still show something from the past. (The stampede was the only place where somebody showed me how to throw a lasso – and it was a pretty girl with a white cowboy hat.) But as it happens to all good events in Canada, the Stampede is also on its way to be destroyed by the diversity harpies. Those are usually miserable self-hating women whose perfect employment is at the humanities department of a university – that position gives them the opportunity to indoctrinate young people into their bizarre views. Often that is not enough and they look for a wider audience.

The Stampede was targeted this year because of the ad that promoted it. Calgary Herald covered the bizarre “incident” (h/t BCF and the news was even picked up by the National Post). It was just an ordinary promotional ad yet the critics saw “sexism” in it:

A new ad for the 2015 Calgary Stampede meant to “represent all Calgarians” is drawing criticism for using a sexist “stereotype” in its portrayal of women.

The ad, a 46-second clip called “Champions Buckle Up,” shows eight people getting ready to go to Stampede. Among the actors are two adult women, one of whom is only shown in one clip while pulling on her jeans. The other woman is wearing “Daisy Duke” shorts and a tied-up plaid shirt.

Just a group of normal people preparing to have some fun. That was what the organizers said they wanted to show. But the university harpies saw it as a monstrous display of injustice:

“It is utterly beyond me what on earth Stampede thinks they’re selling with this ad,” said Rebecca Sullivan, a social sciences professor at the University of Calgary who specializes in cultural studies. She said the ad focuses too much on white, able-bodied men, at the expense of women, visible minorities and the disabled.

“The purpose of the ad is to reflect Stampede’s values,” she added. “The ad reflects some pretty awful values that I don’t think Stampede stands for.”

This is what those useless parasites from the social sciences departments do best – they are very skilled in finding non-existent problems. She is not very popular among her students: the professor rating site has some not very flattering opinions of her – “She emphasizes ‘boundaries’, ‘being safe’ and respectful, but does not lead by example. Snobby and only cares about her own opinions. Continually expressed how her life is better than all of ours (students), that we will ‘never make as much money as her’ and that her ‘childhood was so much better’ than ours. Will NEVER take a class with her again.” Pretty nasty gal, no wonder she hates the Stampede.

As of her “expert opinion,” let me say that first of all, the Stampede is not a church; it has not been designed to promote any values other than providing some fun to people who want to have good time with their kids and get away from their job routines. It takes the exceptional stupidity of a Canadian social sciences professor to see in the ad promotion of “some pretty awful values.”  That woman is barely qualified to clean the Stampede’s stables, let alone commenting on values.

And if we want to follow her advice on diversity, the ad should be probably an hour long parade of every imaginable group that expects to be included in every imaginable promotion. There must be several versions of disabilities; Down syndrome guy (and gal); girls and women of every possible age group; Somalis, Haitians, Chinese, Japanese, Samoans; drag queens; “married” homosexual couple; “divorced” homosexual couple; tranny with fake breasts; liberated tranny without breasts, and everything in-between.

I hate to break it to that ignorant professor, but the white able-bodied men were those who did most of the work during the early pioneer days and they took care of everybody else, including the women and the disabled. And as far as I know, no trannies and dancing drag queens were involved in conquering the West. However, the university feminazis would never admit that, because they hate men more than themselves.

And they even have followers, who agree with them in the comments:

This ad is totally sexist! Shame on the Calgary Stampede!! I’m disgusted. I have two teenage daughters and THAT’S how women who are part of Stampede are portrayed. Brutal.

The diversity psychosis has reached such proportions that it is not even funny anymore. Like a giant python, it slowly but surely suffocates everything that falls into its grip. And this is just the beginning for Alberta – the recent win of the provincial elections by a ragtag gang of community activists, failed students, and unemployable people, doesn’t promise anything good. (It’s no wonder that the NDP deleted the biographies of the “winners” from its site immediately after the party won.)



Other than destroying the natural resources industries, the parasitic NDP, which sees anybody making money above the living wage as a wealthy guy who should be fleeced and considers most businesses “corporate bums,” would double down on social engineering with the help of social campaigners like Prof. Sullivan.

One thing is for sure – in a few short years the oil industry in Alberta might be in shambles, but Calgary will have the biggest, baddest homosexual parade in Canada. It may even get merged with the Stampede and instead of watching those dreadful, sexist able-bodied white men taming real horses, and pretty girls throwing lassos, the local public is going to enjoy trannies and drag queens shaking their fat asses on wooden ponies. That may not attract enough spectators, but it doesn’t matter – diversity is more important than real people and money.

© 2015

Pamela Geller, Mohammed Cartoons and Media Cowards

Last Sunday the war of the Muslim menace against the Western civilization took a new (though not unexpected) turn in Texas. The free speech activist Pamela Geller, who had been on the front line of that war, fighting the Islamization of America, was holding in Garland the long-anticipated Mohammed cartoon drawing competition. Months ago, while fundraising for the event, she mentioned a few times that the funds were important – the organizers needed a little army to ensure security. In a country, where most of the crime is committed by common criminals, hiring such a heavy security to guard a cartoon competition would look excessive to say the least. Unfortunately, the warning turned almost prophetic – shortly before the event ended and the prizes announced, two heavily armed specimens of the Muslim terrorism showed up at the doors with the intention to shoot everybody.

From the information that came out after the attack, it became clear that their goal was to arrive at the moment when the attendees were leaving the hall, then shoot all of them, including Pamela Geller and the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Fortunately, the schedule was delayed, so when the Muslim animals attacked, it was only Pam’s little army that greeted them. Unlike the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year, when the bicycle cops escaped the scene and left one guard to be shot, the grumpy middle-aged guy at the entrance knew exactly what to do – within a few short minutes the two animals were lying dead on the road and only one of the guards was slightly wounded.

2015-05-03 23_58_25-Jobin Panicker on Twitter_ _Packed house as they award cartoonist who won Muhamm2015-05-04 02_39_06-Officer and Two Suspects Down in Gunfight at Islamic Cartoon Contest in Texas, Ppamela geller texasSadly, this attack destroyed the image of the USA as a fortress of free speech – if a group of people is attacked for drawing pictures with the only purpose to be killed, we have a serious problem. The way the public sees such a ground-breaking event reveals the true condition of our society. Judging from the reactions of the last few days, the condition is pathetic. There are a few winners, but the number of the losers and the depth of their depravity are staggering.

Pamela Geller was the big winner – true to her goal to expose Muslim extremism, she managed again to show that there are still people in the West brave enough to oppose the fanatical darkness that Islam has planned for us. Those who were with her in Garland at the event and especially the guards, who faced the Muslim savages, also deserve our admiration; they showed that action beats contemplation when faced with terrorism.

The winning cartoon – angry Mo wields a sword (what else?)

The winning cartoon – angry Mo wields a sword (what else?)

I met Pamela Geller in Toronto in 2013 – her visit had its challenges (to say the least, more on that later), but the event was sold out and a few hundred people showed up to hear her message.


Pamela Geller in Toronto

She is a tiny woman, who pursues her goals with absolute determination – it’s no wonder that the Muslims and those who are too afraid to take a firm position hate her. The cowards dismiss her initiatives as useless stunts maybe because they never have the courage to do what she is doing. The reality is that any event she starts – large rallies, signs on buses or in subways, the latest drawing competition – provokes a strong reaction and reveals the true positions of those who comment on it. And she is doing all of that under severe pressure, fighting with the hostile press and often going to court to defend her right to say the truth, while her opponents have no problem expressing publically even the vilest threats. Under similar circumstances many others would’ve called it quits long time ago, but she is still going strong. Even after the cartoon contest, which could’ve had deadly consequences, journalists are trying to blame her and not the Muslim killers for what happened. And again, at every interview she responds with the voice of reason.

The biggest loser in the Garland shooting is naturally Islam. After such events it becomes more and more difficult to defend that murderous cult. In Canada there is a standard drill – after a terrorist act, an Ahmadiya or Ismaili Muslim with a funny hat and a please-adopt-me face expression shows up on CBC and with a low, but emotional voice tries to convince us that the billion Muslims in the world are more peaceful than lambs (both sects fail to mention that in most Muslim countries they are considered apostates).

What Pamela did in Garland was to flush out the terrorists – they were provoked into action and lost. Soon after that ISIS took responsibility, threatened her again and boasted that they had 71 fighters in 15 states ready to kill (nice to see that the open borders policy of Kenya Barry works). Now finally we may expect the Homeland Security to go beyond frisking old wheelchair ladies and direct its perverts who grope children to some more serious tasks.

Of course, if the terrorists were the only problem (and we were allowed to say that they are Muslim), the whole neutralization operation would be a breeze. The real problem is Islam itself as an aggressive ideology for achieving political supremacism. The evil preached in the Koran (which is always taken literally by its followers) demands that the Muslims engage in violent struggle (jihad) to impose their domination over the world. Anything that could create even the slightest doubt in the doctrine is eradicated mercilessly – maybe it’s because the doctrine is so weak. Few other religions have such pathetic founders (well, maybe Joseph Smith is one). Mohamed was an insecure psychotic tyrant who saw murder as the only effective way of persuasion. The Muslims try to convince us constantly that he was the “perfect man,” but their own records show that he actually was crafty conman with a taste for little girls (he even “married” one).


Toronto Muslims demand blasphemy laws

In Islam the insecurities of its shady founder are passed on to his followers. That’s why most Muslims have the emotional maturity of a 4-year old kindergarten kid, who has lost a donut. Any theological disagreement, which in Christianity would cause long discussions, in Islam is resolved with baseball bats, knives, guns or simply fists, if nothing else is available. With such ridiculous mindset, the Muslims bring their world down to the level of slapstick comedy, but unlike Larry, Curley and Mo, who fight with each other over their ideas without visible consequences, the Muslim slapstick almost always ends up with corpses or body parts on the ground.

In the West it is more difficult to use physical violence for achieving Islamic goals – there are not that many Muslims (yet) and at least for now we have armed police. That makes necessary the “division of labour” in Islam, jihad in the West is fought mostly through blackmail and lawfare. In 2013, before Pamela Geller’s arrival for her event in Toronto, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) organized a nasty campaign to sabotage her appearance. For many years that organization was known as CAIR-Can, the Canadian office of the notorious CAIR, which was founded in 1994 by leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine (Hamas reincarnation in the USA); CAIR’s purpose was to promote the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely making Islam the dominant religion in the world and destroying Israel in the process. CAIR took the task seriously and a few years ago some of its leaders were declared unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation, a scheme designed to provide funds to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Though the Canadian branch changed the name to NCCM, and claimed they had nothing to do with CAIR, they specifically affirmed that their goals remain the same. Apparently, one of the goals was to prevent criticism of the Muslim extremism and Geller was not the only target, they sued for libel an Ottawa writer who criticized their campaign.

Regardless of what the Muslims of different levels of extremism think or do, they wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in the West, if it weren’t for their enablers – the leftist politicians and their Siamese twin, the mainstream media. The Garland shooting showed once again how rotten that pathetic duo is. Within hours they started blaming Geller and the other organizers for the incident – they were supposedly too provocative. In a way, they normalized the Muslim reaction – it was shocking that they found normal that a cartoon contest could be attacked with machine guns and the only way to prevent it is to stop doing anything that offends Mohammed’s cult. It never occurred to those critics that before the arrival of the Muslim savages, it was unthinkable for normal people in the USA to shoot each other over artwork.

And it wasn’t just the lefty political class; even the pompous peacock with bad toupee – Donald Trump – who sells himself as a conservative, found a way to chastise Pamela Geller on Twitter. The cowards working for the media were even worse – the pseudo-conservative Bill O’Reilly found several reasons why what she was doing was absolutely wrong. Those who interviewed her went out of their way to humiliate Geller, which was never successful – she is extremely capable to put in his or her place anybody who confronts her. There was a common denominator in the behaviour of all those journalists – it was the position of the coward, who sees what Pamela sees, but is afraid to act and thinks that if you keep quiet the Muslim threat will miraculously go away, and at the same time is ashamed of his or her cowardice, but tries to cover it up by attacking and putting down those who are brave enough to confront the menace.

The ordinary people see the things as they are – many are supporting what she is doing, because unlike the politicians and the prominent journalists in their gated communities, they face the danger every day. Yesterday I saw on Sean Hannity’s show Pamela Geller’s exchange with the former alcoholic Anjem Choudary, who is now one of the best known Muslim extremists in the world. He openly threatened her with murder and the media when commenting on the dialogue blamed her again. Imagine if she or some other critic of Islam had made similar threats against Muslims – they will receive a very different treatment than that piece of Muslim garbage, Choudary. Yet again the mainstream media found a way to justify his threats.

The American Left is getting more demented by the minute – they are ready to whitewash even the worst Muslim extremism and violence.

© 2015

Mount Carmel Dinner in Honour of Prof. Arnie Aberman

This year’s Mount Carmel Dinner in Toronto took place on April 19 at Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The purpose of the event was to award to Prof. Arnie Aberman the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (honoris causa) in recognition of his lifetime contribution to Canadian medicine, his support of the State of Israel and his outstanding efforts on behalf of the University of Haifa and its Canadian Friends.


Prof. Arnie Aberman speaks


The Mount Carmel Dinner

The event was sold out, with all tables occupied by academics, politicians and other Canadians, who came to honour Prof. Aberman. The dinner started with an introduction by the MC Robert S. Prichard. He was followed by the Consul General of Israel in Toronto D.J. Schneeweiss, who delivered the greetings of his government.


Consul General of Israel D.J. Schneeweiss

The University of Haifa President Amos Shapira talked about the contributions of Prof. Aberman and speech by the President of Canadian Friends of the University Gerry Weiner provided additional details about his work.


The MC – Robert Prichard


Prof. Aberman with Amos Shapira

The confirmation ceremony opened with a tribute to Dr. Aberman by Michael A. Baker, which was followed by hooding and presentation of scroll of the degree and a response by Prof. Aberman.

Among the people present at the event were the previous recipients of the degree Jason Kenney and Bob Rae.


Prof. Aberman with Minister Jason Kenney


Bob Rae at the dinner

Through all the speeches and written materials provided at the diner, it became clear that Prof. Arnie Aberman had a long and distinguished career in the field of medicine, both as a physician and an administrator. He has served as Physician-in-Chief at Mount Sinai, Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals. He also served as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto from 1992 to 1999 and in that period of time he helped improve the coordination among the University’s health facilities. He has a long and distinguished career in medicine, contributing to its advancement for more than 30 years. Through his academic work he helped make Critical Care Medicine its own independent specialty. He has over 60 publications on the management of shock and other problems facing critically ill patients. He has lectured throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries. Finally, a couple of years ago he was made a member of the Order of Canada.


The ceremony starts


Prof. Aberman receives his degree

Another side of his life is his political activism. He has been involved for a long time in political action to support the State of Israel. He is an outspoken critic and opponent of anti-Semitism, the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement, which is just a new shape of the old anti-Semitism. Prof. Aberman has contributed significantly to the fight against the delegitimization of Israel. He has supported the University of Haifa in different ways for many years, especially its Elizabeth and Tony Comper Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism and Racism and its Israel advocacy program – “Ambassadors Online” (the proceeds from that evening went to the Center and its programs as beneficiaries).

And here are a few more photos from the event:



Prof. Aberman with Goldi Steiner


Raheel Raza (left)


Prof. Salim Mansur


The special university cake

© 2015

Friends Remember Mark Harding

As I reported earlier, Mark Harding passed away a few weeks ago. He was a remarkable Christian preacher and evangelist, who dedicated his life to spreading his uplifting faith. His compassion for the suffering of the Christians in many countries in the world helped him see things that few people were aware of in the mid-1990’s, specifically the danger of Muslim extremism. At the time not many knew or were interested in what happens to the few Christians in Sudan or Afghanistan, but Mark saw as his duty to be the messenger of that bad news and help the plight of those martyrs. He also worked on liberating the Muslims from the Koranic deception.

That work brought him into the vortex of religious politics and he became one of the first to experience the rage of Muslim fanaticism in Canada. His work with Muslims and the opposition of introducing daytime Muslim prayers at a Toronto school (in a secular education system, from which Christianity and Judaism have been kicked out long time ago) caused a legal clash – his position was labeled “hate speech” and he was convicted. Not many were aware of the problems he raised and he didn’t receive the support he needed. It is symptomatic that the people who stood by him in that difficult time were the Christians whom he defended – for example, Pakistani Christian churches paid his legal bills after the trial.

He also fought against the corruption of children through age-inappropriate sex education in the 1980’s (a problem we are facing again in Ontario). Mark was a great friend of Israel and worked against the demonization and boycott of the Jewish State. He organized demonstrations in support of businesses selling Israeli products (like his annual stand in front of the Hudson’s Bay Company store in downtown Toronto).

In the video below you can hear him speak about his work. Last year Mark Harding had a presentation of about 2 hours at a Christian church in Mississauga, in which he covered his views on Christianity and Islam and his struggles. The video shows some of the important highlights of that talk.

After millions of people saw the true face of Islam and understood the dangers of its extremism, the work of Mark Harding became more and more popular. He gained many friends willing to help and support him. His untimely death – his health was ruined after years of persecution – left a void that will be hard to fill. To commemorate his life and work, JDL-Canada organized on April 20 a memorial in his honour.

Many friends and supporters of Mark Harding gathered to talk about his shared experiences with him. Meir Weinstein remembered how Mark stood alone against fanaticism and was attacked at the trial by many people (including the former boss of the Canadian Jewish Congress). He emphasized that despite everything, Mark remained a friend of the Jewish people and a staunch supporter of Israel.

The blogger Blazingcatfur recalled how Mark brought up and pushed the issue against the “Mosqueteria” – the introduction of segregated Muslim prayers at a public school in Toronto. In an emotional talk Sharon Isac shared her impressions of him, especially the bond and the beneficial influence Mark had with her family. The next video shows a few highlights from the memorial.

After the speeches, the attendees continued their talks with each other for a while. Here are a few pictures from the event:



Sharon Isac and Meir Weinstein


Bob Chalmers remembers Mark Harding


Julius Suraski with relatives of Mark Harding


Shobie Kapoor and Sharon Isac

© 2015

Brave New Freak Joins the Kardashian Zoo

Had the Kardashians been born about 150 years ago, they could’ve caught the attention of P.T. Barnum to get gainful employment at his three-ring circus or became freaky exhibits to be seen for a quarter at his American Museum. They would be a great addition to the wacky bunch of the Siamese Twins, General Tom Thumb and the various bearded ladies.


The notorious Kardashians before the fame

Today the times are different – while in the age of Barnum insanity and freakiness were curious elements of his sideshows, now insanity is everywhere and it has even become the new normal. Barnum would’ve never imagined that one day the Americans would elect and re-elect a mediocre Kenyan conman as their President. Or that a certain segment of the population would laud as a hero a big fat idiot, who robs a store, attacks a police officer and gets killed in the process.

In this reality nobody would be surprised that a whole family of run-of-the-mill airheads have become some of the most famous people in the crazy nation. Not because they did something remarkable or even worthwhile – it all started with a sex tape, in which the daughter Kim exposed her enormous ass and every other part of her anatomy. It was supposedly “stolen” but allegedly her mother Kris peddled the tape like an Arab pimp to every media she could think of.


“Sex tape Kim” with her soon-to-be step-mom

The trashy beginning gave birth to even trashier universe of reality shows, kitschy fashion lines, babies with odd names and all in-between. Even the signature Kardashian dish – Kloe’s “world-famous macaroni with cheese” – would fit better in a trailer park (but that could be said for the whole Kardashian clan). A few weeks ago, a whole country had to endure the presence of those dimwits, when the Kardashian sisters visited their ancestral home, Armenia.

Unfortunately, with all the competition from people, who are even weirder than the Kardashians (do you remember Honey Boo Boo?), it is very difficult to stay in the news. Decades ago Madonna had to do one or two crazy things per year to stay on top as the most notorious celebrity. Today the Kardashians (or their handlers) need to come up with a new stunt every week to stay ahead.

The latest attention-grabber involved the father of the family – Bruce Jenner. Though he apparently had the gender identity disorder for many years, he only recently decided to act on it and in his 60’s began his transformation into a woman.


Mama Bruce

Apparently, the declining notoriety of the Kardashian Empire was worth that sacrifice. For the last few months we have been assaulted several times a day with more and more news about his “brave” journey into womanhood. Journalists were wondering if he wore makeup or grew breasts or displayed the dressing style of a woman. In Obama’s America being a tranny is more prestigious than being a nuclear physicist. The mental illness truly rules.


The interview with Diane Sawyer

One of the worst parts of that tranny propaganda was the upcoming “tell-all” interview of Diane Sawyer with Bruce Jenner. We were expected to get excited by tiny “leaked” segments. Finally, yesterday the day came – she sat with the new tranny. As usual, she was surrounded by special lights, supposed to make her glow and emphasize her wide-open eyes and smile, expressing her “genuine” interest in her subject. Jenner went on and on about his “journey” while she was listening with fake fascination.

Sawyer’s producers even brought quack-scientists to explain to the unwashed masses how many genders exist; how standard “transgenderism” is, especially when somebody feels he is in the wrong body – he is not crazy, mismatching gender identity and body is absolutely normal. It was pathetic to watch those shysters, ready to lie just to be able to control even more our society with their ridiculous experiments in social engineering. Compared to them, Dr. Mengele was a clumsy amateur.

Jenner even admitted that he is Republican. I guess that confession is expected to stifle the criticism of sex perversion in the conservative circles and maybe even pave the way for the first tranny President of the United States.

Diane Sawyer kept pushing Jenner to show up dressed like a woman to get an idea of his “transition.” The tranny gods had mercy on us and prevented him from accepting the offer, thus sparing us the visual torture of seeing a big guy in a dress (Caucasian and black men make the ugliest trannies).

Maybe that didn’t happen by accident – the dress, high heels and stockings episode will come later, after another dent in the Kardashian popularity. And we will be tortured for weeks with the media preparations of that crazy spectacle.

© 2015

Palestinian Nazis Flaunt Swastika at Pro-Terrorist Rally in Toronto

Nowadays we are bombarded daily with news about the increase of anti-Semitism to levels unseen since World War II. In Europe the harassment and murder of Jews have become almost a normal occurrence; the synagogues and Jewish schools are turning into fortresses, guarded 24/7 to avoid another terrorist attack. In Canada things have not reached that point (yet), but with the lax attitude toward the Muslim extremism, massive Muslim immigration and the open support of the Left for terrorist entities, we are well on our way to become like Europe.

A troubling reminder of that process was the demonstration in support of the People’s Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) held on April 17 in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. Everybody in Canada has a guaranteed freedom of assembly, but the causes rallied for at gatherings sometimes raise questions. It is not a secret that for many years now PFLP has been designated in Canada as a terrorist group– they have in their record hundreds of terrorist attacks with various success rates, as well as many murders. One of their latest deadly terrorist acts was the Har Nof attack in Israel in November 2014, when Rabbis were hacked to death with butcher knives.


Supporters of the Palestinian extremism

The supporters of the Palestinian terrorists gathered to defend a specific figure, the PFLP leader Khalida Jarrar, who was recently arrested by the IDF for terror activities. In a recent interview she made it very clear what kind of activities she condones:

“Let all Palestinians share in the popular resistance. It includes everything, stones, Molotov cocktails, the boycotting Israel, organising yourself in cooperatives. People’s creativity is much richer than anything I will say to you.”

Nice gal! As it is customary in Canada, our government has never found a Muslim extremist it didn’t like – we are “honoured” to have among us Khalida’s daughter Yafa, who lives in Canada and preaches the same anti-Semitism and extremism (she is the second person speaking in the video below).

One can’t help but wonder why, with all the turmoil in the Middle East, the Toronto Arabs and their “progressive” sidekicks defend a terrorist group working against Israel. The Arabs in Israel are safe, while thousands of them are slaughtered in other countries (especially in the Palestinian camps in Syria). Not a single rally has been organized against the Muslim murderers from ISIS and other terrorist groups. Apparently, anti-Semitism trumps everything else in those circles.

As one of the few groups, which confront Muslim extremism on the street, JDL-Canada organized a counter protest at the same place. In the beginning, they had to share the space in front of the Consulate with another mini-rally. Every Friday a small group of kapos (with one or two token Arabs) gathers there with signs calling in different forms for the destruction of Israel. Soon after the JDL-Canada appeared, they crossed the street and joined the pro-terrorist rally.


Sharing the space with Israel-haters


“Israel Is a Terrorist State” – affirmed the kapos on the other side of the street

As the rally gradually swelled to about 100, one of the participants tried to cross the street holding a sign with a swastika. Though the kapos on his side had no problem with it, the other Jews found it offensive and weren’t shy to express their opinions. The young Nazi chose to stand at the corner and taunt the Jews from there. Eventually one of the rally’s marshals took the errant Nazi back to join his comrades. (You can see the exchange and other highlights from the event in the video below.)


The face of Palestinian terrorism


Back among his fellow fascists

Did I mention that the police did nothing about that guy? By now you should know that in Canada Muslim extremists are a protected group.

His presence wasn’t surprising considering the organizers of the pro-terrorist rally. They came from Palestine House, an anti-Semitic organization, which a couple of years ago was defunded by the Canadian government. Last year their supporters attacked and physically assaulted Jews at another rally. One of its leaders – Monira Kitmitto – walked around with a bullhorn cheerleading the crowd. (Just a friendly reminder – you may change the chants, “Viva, viva, Palestina” and “Free, free, Palestine” are getting boring.) Last year Monira posted for a while anti-Semitic propaganda through her Facebook page. You can see her in action in the video.


Monira Kitmitto – a certified Israel-hater

Another “impressive” presence was a guy who was before a director of Palestine House (don’t remember his name). Last year, at an anti-Israeli rally on Dundas Square in downtown Toronto, organized by the public employees’ unions, he was a keynote speaker. He called for terrorist activities against Canada, saying that the Palestinians in Israel and the diaspora should start a third intifada. Nice way to pay back for Canada’s excessive hospitality, which invites such violent parasites.


The intifada guy

When such repugnant extremists organize a rally, the swastika comes out naturally as an expression of their true intentions.

The heavy police presence kept that crowd away from the Jewish side. When the latter played the National Anthem of Canada, the Muslim extremists kept booing and shouting (also a natural reaction). In the end of the event JDL-Canada’s Director Meir Weinstein gave a short speech.


JDL-Canada’s counter-rally


A lone anti-Islamist protester on the other side

Here is the video from the event:

It was a troubling event, showing that in Canada there are more than enough people who are not ashamed to support terrorism openly. With the world descending quickly into anarchy we will probably see them switching from words to weapons to achieve their sinister goals.

© 2015

Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Released from Jail

After spending about nine months in jail, convicted for causing disturbance by criticizing Islam on the Toronto subway, the free speech activist Eric Brazau was released last Friday. Initially, he was sentenced to 18 months – the sentence wasn’t reduced due to the goodness of the Canadian sharia-compliant judicial system. He was released on bail after negotiations between the Crown and his lawyer. He is supposed to work on his appeal. The judge affirmed the conditions imposed at the previous sentencing – Brazau is expected not to get involved in political or any other activities, which may be deemed offensive to Canada’s most sensitive class, the Muslims. He should also stay away from any vehicles or other properties of TTC (the company that runs Toronto’s public transportation).


Eric Brazau (left) with supporters minutes after his release

The criminal court works like an assembly line with an endless gallery of accused and convicted people appearing before the judge. Though Brazau’s hearing was scheduled for 10 a.m., it took over an hour for the judge to proceed to it. As during his court appearance last year, while waiting in the courtroom I had the chance to observe many other people whose cases were being heard.

I saw a guy, who stood there accused of possessing and dealing a rich “collection” of most drugs known to man. He pleaded guilty and got away with an apology and 20-month suspended sentence. Another accused, from Jamaica, was held for a violent crime. His lawyer wanted his sentencing postponed, because an immigration hearing to determine his status in Canada was pending and a criminal conviction could impact negatively that hearing. The most fascinating part of it was that the Crown and the judge agreed to the submission. Apparently, we badly need more violent Jamaican criminals to stay in Canada.

Listening to those cases made me wonder even more why rare people like Brazau, who speak out their minds, are persecuted with the full cruelty of the law and get effective jail sentences, while violent criminals are tolerated. That’s not so different from the fascist or communist states, where the crimes of thought are considered more dangerous than violent crime. In “multicultural” Canada the barbaric cult of Islam is one of the top protected “cultures” and offending it is seen as something more dangerous than an armed robbery.

Eric Brazau’s hearing took about two minutes, because all the details had been already negotiated. The judge just re-affirmed the limitations imposed on his activities. After the release he shared his experiences in jail – it was a depressing place, which he had to share with violent criminals and even accused murderers. In a cell next to his, an inmate stabbed another one with a “home-made” knife-like weapon. At the same time, Brazau wasn’t allowed to work in the kitchen due to the “dangerous” nature of his political views.

His impressions were that even in jail Muslims were privileged. They received better (halal) food and were provided with a special prayer room, where they were taken three times a day. He even saw a Muslim propaganda magazine distributed there.

It’s no wonder that Islam is spreading it dirty tentacles over the corrections institutions – Ontario’s corrections minister Yasir Naqvi is a Muslim born in Pakistan. Couple of years ago he endorsed a Muslim book, which among other things recommended wife beating as an Islamic educational tool. The publishers included his letter of endorsement. Later he said in his defense that he never read the book and didn’t even know what was in it. That excuse, supposed to exonerate him, made him look even more pathetic. It looks like the members of the Muslim propaganda network support each other no matter what repulsive views they promote (if I endorse somebody’s writing, I would at least read it).

And like a cruel joke on the Ontarians, Kathleen Wynne appointed the person, who endorsed such a monstrous violation of the Canadian laws and values, to oversee the institutions where the criminals are held and “rehabilitated”. With such politicians, the only possible result is that we are going to see more people like Brazau being locked up, while Islam will continue its murderous march in Canada.

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Meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Toronto

Last week the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made an official visit to Canada. There was a large event in Toronto (at Exhibition Place) attended by thousands of people, including Stephen Harper and other members of the government (later that night we met in the underground parking the Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, who, as an excessive expression of hospitality, was dressed in traditional Hindu clothes).

As it is the case with any conservative from abroad, the capital of the Canadian progressivism met the guest with hostility. The Toronto Star – the largest lefty rag in the country – published a trashy article against Modi, blaming him for most of what supposedly was wrong with India. The demented social justice warriors of Toronto, who protest anything to the right of Lenin, managed to scrape the usual group of nutty personalities – couple of dozens of supporters from Idle No More, Indian Maoist communists, etc. That didn’t stop the people from going to the event – regardless of what the lefties think, Modi is the new hope of India.

At the same time at another location of the building, the Ontario MPP Patrick Brown organized a meeting with his supporters. As you may know, the orphaned Progressive-Conservative Party of Ontario is looking for a new leader and the two candidates, who reached the finals, are Brown and Christine Elliott. There were rumours that Brown would bring the Indian Prime Minister to his event.


Patrick Brown at the event

That seemed strange to me, but after Brown arrived from the main event and spoke to his supporters, things were sorted out. He met Narendra Modi years ago during his trips to Gujarat, where Modi was Chief Minister for many years. That Indian state has achieved one of the highest levels of economic development in India. Brown explained that Modi’s strategy was to improve the conditions of the people in the state by encouraging business. Modi drastically changed the business climate by reducing the bureaucracy and red tape inherited from the Indian National Congress. While before it took years to get all permits to start a business in Gujarat, under his leadership the process was simplified and in many cases it took just a few days to get an approval.

Modi thought that the role of his government was to create optimal conditions for business – that in his opinion included providing good transportation infrastructure and cheap electricity. That definitely worked, because Gujarat is booming now. Brown compared those simple policies with the gross incompetence of the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne, which consistently destroys the businesses in Ontario.

Later I learned from other attendees (many people were from Hindu background) that in the past Patrick Brown had been discouraged from associating with Modi. The latter was considered too controversial, with no hope to advance politically. His political organization – the Bharatiya Janata Party – supposedly had slim chances of winning the national elections, but the reality proved the naysayers wrong.


Prime Minister Modi at Patrick Brown’s event

We spent over an hour mingling with the other guests, not sure if the Prime Minister was going to show up. Finally, at about 11 p.m. he came in, walking slowly surrounded by bodyguards. He headed toward the stage, smiled and greeted the people around him. Most of them were still surprised; they swarmed Modi, pointing at him cameras and phones. For a few moments it looked like things got out of control – the crowd even managed to knock down a table.


Ready to greet Narendra Modi

Again, he started his exit slowly and his guards had really hard time keeping people at a distance. At that moment I managed to get closer and catch his exit on camera:

The Prime Minister left, but the rest of us remained, still facing Ontario’s problems. Maybe his policy of encouraging the basics, like manufacturing with good jobs, is something that would work in our province. For the current gang of crooks, which rules from Queen’s Park, helping business is at the bottom of the agenda. Incompetence; monstrous corruption; disastrous “green energy” projects; promoting the global warming scam through carbon tax; maintaining an enormous army of lazy and useless bureaucrats – none of these “priorities” is going to help Ontario. Maybe Patrick Brown is the person, who understands what a leader needs to do. A few days ago I received a promotional message from the campaign of Christine Elliott:

Good economic policies enable good social policies. My vision for our Party and Ontario is rooted in the belief that fiscal responsibility and social compassion can, and must, go hand in hand.

Last election, our Party didn’t connect with Ontarians. Voters rejected the politics of division. Party members across Ontario have told me that Patrick Brown’s ideological rejection of a modern and inclusive province will do nothing more than lose the next election and secure another term for Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

Nothing but empty phrases, which came directly from the NDP vocabulary. I am glad of my “division” from the public union parasites. In the political language “social compassion” means wasting billions of dollars on useless government social programs and equally hopeless “social justice” organizations. What does a “modern and inclusive province” mean? The only inclusive thing that the Wynne’s clique has proposed is the new debauched sex-ed curriculum designed by homosexuals, sex perverts and convicted pedophiles. Is this what makes Ontario a “modern province”? With a platform like that, if Christine Elliott wins the leadership, she can just merge her party with the NDP and get over with it. And the rest of us will need to start building something new from the ground up.

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Sarah Noble – the Crazy Liberal Democrat Tranny Who Wants to Kill All Men

Meet Sarah Noble – a prominent activist of the British Liberal Democrat Party and a typical representative of the progressive political elites of the dying kingdom, which once ruled a huge part of the world. That creature attracted wide attention when it was revealed that he/she/it has been involved for quite a while in promoting bloodthirsty violence against men. I find it difficult to find the right pronoun to refer to the critter, because according to the Twitter profile of that person – @sarahlicity – here we are dealing with:

Feminist trans dyke. Motherfucking princess. @LGBTLD exec member, @NUS_LGBT Committee member-elect, sex work & equality campaigner, chilihead. Personal account.

2015-04-18 18_13_34-Sarplex City (@sarahlicity) _ Twitter

What a classy practitioner of the King’s English!

Apparently, here we have a case of a mentally unstable guy, who chopped off his penis and testicles and thought that he became a woman. A eunuch with gender identity disorder is still a man, despite of the lack of penis. That won’t be a big deal, if the guy kept his fantasies to himself – the bad part is that he continues to go deeper into his madness and wants to kill all men. Talk about overcompensation! The bloodthirsty urges of Mr. Sarah found their way on his Twitter account over a long period of time (now he deleted many of them, but they have been saved for posterity):

2015-04-18 18_03_30-Sarah Claus (@sarahlicity) _ TweetSaveNormally, I would’ve put up with those rants, because even the mentally deficient trannies have the right to publish their psychotic rants (though criticizing them may land you in jail in the fascist kingdom of political correctness called Great Britain). Can you imagine what would happen, if not a tranny, but a real man wrote something similar against women? The even worse part is that the tranny is an activist of a major political party. According to Breitbart, which broke the story (based on revelations from HEqual  ) Mr. Sarah:

“…sits on the national committees of the LGBT Liberal Democrats and the Secular & Humanist Liberal Democrats. She has also been elected to the executive committee of the National Union of Students’ LGBT wing, which, like the LGBT Lib Dems, has a zero-tolerance attitude towards hate speech.

She is also a former team member of the “Atheism Plus Block Bot”, a twitter program that allows you to block predefined lists of users. The Block Bot’s creators claimed that the program blocks “trolls, abusers, and bigots”, but it faces growing accusations that this is merely a smokescreen for targeting people who offend them, such as the biologist and author Richard Dawkins. In the wake of Noble’s comments, the question of whether the Block Bot is really against all forms of hatred and bigotry is sure to be raised.”

Is it any wonder than the United Kingdom is going down the drain with lightning speed? If bloodthirsty idiots like this demented creature are allowed to determine the policies of a political party, is it any wonder that the Muslims are taking over the country? When the mentally ill become policy-makers, sharia may look like an improvement.

No Western country has escaped that madness – even in Canada deranged perverts like Mr. Noble want to force a perverted school sex education curriculum, which would make kids easy victims of child molesters or totally confuse their minds so they may actually follow the steps of that sex lunacy.

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