Violent Leftist Mob Clashes with the Police at Queen’s Park in Toronto

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Yesterday a rally organized by Pegida Canada in front of the Ontario Legislative Building in Queen’s Park was attacked by a violent leftist mob.

Pegida originated in Western Europe as a grass-root organization of concerned citizens who refuse to accept their political elites’ surrender to militant Islam. Though constantly vilified by the mainstream media, Pegida raises serious issues that need to be addressed if Europe wants to survive. The recent influx into the old continent of a true tsunami of phony refugees, actually economic migrants mixed with Muslim fanatics and potential terrorists smuggled by ISIS, proved that Pegida’s concerns were correct. That invasion threatens the very survival of the European countries and their “progressive and compassionate” governments have no real plan to deal with it.


Pegida Canada at Queen’s Park


The other side

Canada, at least at this point, had been spared from that invasion. We are blessed by being surrounded by two vast oceans which can’t be crossed on a raft or an inflatable boat. Nevertheless, irresponsible politicians and activist still do their best to flood us with freeloaders from the Middle East. The calls of the NDP and the Liberal Party to open wide the borders to those people, with very little concern for national security, are matched by the initiatives of brainless activists willing to silence the voice of reason.

Most people in Canada are still unaware of the magnitude of the threat. That’s why, unlike the constantly growing mass rallies of Pegida in Germany, the Toronto rally was quite modest with about thirty participants. But even that was too much for the Canadian fascists who expect to have a total control over what Canadians can say or do.

After the event was announced on Facebook, its opponents started organizing a counter-rally at the same location. The main driving force behind it was an extremist group called No One Is Illegal. Though this is a bizarre organization, it is the darling of the mainstream media and especially the Toronto Star. Their ideas are truly bizarre. They believe that Canada doesn’t exist – it is a “colonial project” established on stolen Indian land called “Turtle Island.” The Indian sovereignty has to be restored. The group can easily resolve the issue by packing their junk and leaving “Turtle Island,” but that is not what they propose. In a strange twist they claim that since the federal government is illegitimate, the borders should be open to anyone who wants to move here. How this new wave of colonizers would help Indians recover their lands remains a mystery and an even bigger mystery is who is going to pay for health care and housing for the new invaders. Actually, such questions shouldn’t be asked. Logic is a foreign concept to the demented leftist mind.


Hussan, the leader of No One Is Illegal


“Full Citizenship for all Immigrants! Down with Racist Quotas!” (what about Turtle Island?)

The Pegida rally was to take place in front of the building, while the lefties had to stay at the south end of Queen’s Park. Things took a different course on the day of the rallies. The lefty mob quickly advanced to the building and started to intimidate and harass the main rally.

It was interesting to observe that ragtag bunch of losers. The most common were the truly violent members of the Black Bloc, an anarchist organization which routinely gets involved in violence. Those were the people who smashed windows and burned police cars during the G20 riots in Toronto in 2010. Earlier, in 2000, people like them rioted and threw Molotov cocktails at the Queen’s Park building, supported by the NDP activist Olivia Chow (member of the Police Board at the time).

Along with the anarchists you could see communists, Trotskyists, Bolsheviks and other die-hard backers of totalitarianism. Islmofascists, supporting Palestinian extremism could also be spotted in the crowd. Proud representatives of the public employees’ unions flew their flags, clearly showing who the ultimate backer of that unruly crowd is.


The communist future of Canada


Onward to the final victory of Maoism!


Fascist “anti-fascists” for Palestine


No place for Israel

The police did a dismal job in handling the situation. They should’ve known that crowds of such extreme leftists have engaged consistently in violence over many years. I have no doubt they were aware of the possibility of violence and it would have been wise to keep both groups completely separated as they do in other cases. Yet they didn’t place barricades; even worse, they allowed the violent mob to surround the peaceful rally of Pegida. One can’t help but wonder if that was done on purpose to intimidate the participants (one of them thought so – when expressing concern about possible violence, a police officer allegedly told him that the views of Pegida cause an understandable reaction).

Once they were close enough, the lefties started to do what they do best – yelling and insulting people they disagree with. That was not enough, so their next step was to try to cause physical harm to their opponents. They stormed the rally space trying to destroy the audio equipment. At least at that point the police attempted to stop them. They formed a chain against the raging crowd, but that enraged the lefty fascists even more. The confrontation turned into a full-blown clash and (as the police officer in charge said) several officers and other people sustained injuries.


The riot starts

lefty-terrorists-attack-pegida-toronto-8The police finally realized that due to their initial inaction things had slipped out of control and chose the easiest way out – the peaceful people from Pegida were ordered to move away. Some of the participants were shocked by that treatment – many of them were probably attending such an event for the first time and didn’t know that in Toronto the police always accommodate a violent mob, especially when it includes lefties.

You can see highlights from the clash in the video, but the most valuable part of it is the monologue of the police officer in charge (I think he was the head of the Queen’s Park security). It is disgraceful to hear him admit that when there is a violent gang, any event must be shut down to appease them. I thought that Canada was a democratic country ruled by law. He promised to arrest the perpetrators, but I doubt it that they did; that would mean another wave of rage from the fascist crowd.

When such violent leftists are accommodated and appeased, it is just a matter of time before they start killing their opponents. Once united with the Muslim extremists and terrorists that they want to bring into Canada, our country’s future doesn’t look very bright. What’s even worse, those are the people who support and promote the NDP; they stand behind the efforts to stop the prosecution of domestic and international terrorism.

Here is a video showing the clash plus the confession of the police that they would rather appease a violent crowd than defend peaceful citizens:

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Wayne Gretzky in Toronto

With only one month remaining until Election Day, the campaigns of the three major political parties had intensified in the last few weeks. Last Friday the leader of the Conservative Party made another stop in Toronto. Carlu Hall in downtown was packed with supporters who filled the space early in the evening.

With only one month remaining until Election Day, the campaigns of the three major political parties had intensified in the last few weeks. Last Friday the leader of the Conservative Party made another stop in Toronto. Carlu Hall in downtown was packed with supporters who filled the space early in the evening.When Prime Minister Harper took the stage he was greeted with standing ovation. He delivered a short speech on the plans of the Conservative party for the future and talked in detail about the easing of the tax burden.


Stephen Harper speaks

After that he greeted the special guest for the evening – the Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Both sat down and talked about sports and especially the ups and downs of Canada’s favourite sport. Then the conversation switched briefly to politics. Gretzky expressed his approval for the job that Harper had done and endorsed him – he was confident that Stephen Harper will be a better prime minister than the other candidates.


Stephen Harper and Wayne Gretzky

In the video below you can see highlights from this campaign event:

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Stephen Harper on the Economy and the Syrian Refugees

The election campaign is heating up and the party leaders appear to travel even more frequently. Yesterday I attended another event with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Toronto area called Scarborough. It took place at Variety Village, a centre providing facilities for people with disabilities. The reason Harper picked that venue was because he made an announcement during his speech about the increase of the contribution limits to the tax-free educational savings accounts for families or individuals, who have children with disabilities.


Prime Minister Harper with the audience

The gathering was hosted in the gym of Variety Village and the place was packed. Before Harper showed up, one of his campaign organizers warned the attendees that they should show restraint in their reactions to the questions that the media were going to ask the Prime Minister. They may not like the media attitude, but it would be better to pour their efforts in the campaign, instead of arguing with the reporters.

In his short speech Stephen Harper covered several issues and the most important was the economy. (You can see the entire speech in the video in the end of this post.) He stated that the Canadian economy is working well, with many new jobs created. There is a fiscal surplus of over $5 billion. His government is maintaining a financially prudent policy, which will save money and avoid introducing new taxes. In fact, there have been many tax cuts during the conservative rules, which allowed people to keep more of their money. In contrast, Mulcair and Trudeau have made generous promises for tens of billions of dollars, for which they have no way to pay.


Stephen Harper speaks

The press conference, which followed was quite a bit surprising, not because the media vultures ignored the issues of the economy (they always do that when things are improving under a Conservative government). The surprise part was that they were too timid – I expected more attacks on the issues they were interested in. And those were only two issues – the “urination scandal” and the Syrian refugees.


The Prime Minister plays with disabled kids at the event

Two different reporters asked an identical question about the Conservative MP candidate in Scarborough, who was caught on video a few years ago in somebody’s home peeing in a cup and emptying the content in the sink. For some strange reason that only the pathetic Canadian media hacks could understand, this was considered a “tragic” event that completely undermines the credibility of the Conservative Party. Harper’s answer was short and clear – the people who don’t share the standards of the party are no longer MP candidates.

A few years ago, during the 2011 federal election, the same Canadian media maggots completely ignored a much worse event involving Jack Layton. It was revealed that some time before that the leader of the NDP was caught naked late at night at a Chinatown massage parlour called The Velvet Touch and the “masseuse” disposed of wet tissue during the police raid. At the time Olivia Chow made a public statement that her “health-conscious” husband visited a community massage clinic. Only the lying Olivia, who had to defend the “party honour”, could come up with such a ridiculous explanation. And only the equally shameless liars from the CBC and Toronto Star could spread that lie with a straight face. There was no outrage over the low moral standards of the NDP, even though Layton used the services of an Asian hooker (most likely brought in illegally by her pimps), which is much worse than pissing in a cup. Yet the pissing MP candidate was dismissed and “Whorehouse Jack” Layton was applauded by his party – it’s socialist morality in all of its glory.

Another two questions concerned the Syrian refugees (one in English and one in French). They tried to push Harper into a reaction similar to that of Idiot Boy Trudeau, who promised to open wide the immigration gates. Harper explained that though the situation was difficult, the safety of the Canadians should come first. The refugee policies of the country are not run on “first come, first serve” basis. His government wants to provide protection to the most vulnerable, not to everybody. Since Syria is a war zone, every potential refugee should be screened carefully to avoid bringing terrorists into Canada.

That approach is in stark contrast with the reckless proposals of Mulcair and Trudeau, who want to let as many people as possible immediately, with little screening. Despite the best efforts of the lying Canadian “journalists,” who want to guilt us into accepting some of the most fanatical people on earth, most Canadians clearly see the danger and resist those proposals. The grim news that comes from Europe, attacked by Muslim invaders (the vast majority of whom are men), is something that they don’t want to see in Canada. The violent Muslims are already fighting with each other and the local population in Greece, Hungary and Macedonia. Germany, which opened its borders to them without any screening, already has its citizens attacked and raped and that’s on top of the tens of billions of euros that will be spent to provide welfare benefits to those parasites. However, for Mulcair and Trudeau the safety of the Canadians and saving their money are things of little importance, even at the time when in Quebec the Muslim fanatics openly threaten people with consequences, if they don’t convert to Islam.

This election is very important, if we want Canada to remain a safe country.

© 2015

Yezidis and Rabbis March against Genocide – Rally in Toronto on September 9, 2015

A large rally against the genocidal policies and actions of the radical Islam will take place in front of the US Consulate on September 9, 2015, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event is organized by:

Yezidi Human Rights Org. International (
Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (
Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis (
Jewish Defense League.

It will include the following speakers (listed below):


Rabbi Adam Law – Toronto Lights

Reverand El Shafie – One Free World;

Key Note Speakers:

Mirza Ismail – Yezidi Human Rights Organization International;

Steve Mamann President- C.Y.C.I – The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq

Asaf Romirowsky – Scholars for Peace in the MIddle East and Middle East Forum;

Supporting Speakers:

Geoffrey Clarifield – Mozuud;

Doris Epstein -CIJR;

Norm Gardner – former City Councillor

Renanah Gemeiner – Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis

Mark Vandermaas – Israel Truth Week

Meyer Weinstein – JDL-Canada

Vivienne Ziner – Toronto Activist

The picture in the poster shows a terrified Yezidi child sold as sex-slave by laughing terrorist at Mosul Slave Market.


Toronto Mosque Collected Clothes, Raised Money for ISIS

This is a very disturbing video – a Muslim guy in it casually admits that the nearby mosque was collecting clothes and raising money to support the murderous entity of ISIS. The mosque he refers to is Madinah Masjid, 1015 Danforth Avenue, Toronto. At least he doesn’t plan to go and fight at this point. While in Canada everybody who criticizes Islam could be charged with hate speech (and soon in Quebec such people could be jailed), fanatical Muslims are able to share their support for the terrorist Caliphate with impunity. And under Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcair things could get much worse.

h/t Xanthippa

Justin Trudeau and the Islamofascist Regime in Tehran

The recent nuclear deal with Iran, which Barack Obama barely squeezed through the Senate, is one of the most shameful cases of political surrender in recent history. While it introduces a strange “honour” system of self-control over Iran’s nuclear program, it will release unconditionally billions of dollars to the regime and even Obama admits that the barbaric mullahs in Tehran will use the money to finance terrorism.

Below you will find an open letter to the leader of the Liberal Party and contender for the position of Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau. It was written following an interview of Mr. Trudeau at the CBC, his main cheerleader. The most disturbing parts in it are his views on normalizing the relations with Iran. Mr. Trudeau is not particularly bright and he relies heavily on advisers. One of them is his own brother Alexandre Trudeau.

“Alexandre Trudeau, son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and brother and senior political adviser to Liberal leadership candidate Justin, has been working with the Iranian government to create propaganda to whitewash its nuclear arms program.”

He became well-known for his close ties with Press TV, the propaganda arm of the fascist mullahs, who run the Islamic Republic of Iran (in a similar way Adolf Hitler had his Völkischer Beobachter). He was a co-producer and director of a documentary misrepresenting Iran’s nuclear program as dedicated to peaceful purposes only. Alexandre was also involved in the so-called “Gaza Freedom March.” It is very disturbing to even think what will happen, if Justin Trudeau becomes a Prime Minister and counts on the views and opinions of his misguided brother to make decisions on foreign policy. Canada could easily turn into a hub for Muslim terrorists sent by the islamofascists of Tehran to kill Iranian dissidents, Jews, and other critics of Khomeini-Khamenei’s terrorist regime.

Though the letter was written a couple of months ago, the burning issues raised in it are even more urgent now, during the federal election and after the shameful pact of Obama with Iran. The author of the letter is Narges Ghaffari, a Canadian journalist, who hosts and produces the Farsi/English radio show Radio Irava in Ottawa (broadcasting since 1995). She sees the murderous regime in Tehran as a predecessor and a model – Godfather – of the terrorist entities, which now control large parts of the Middle East.



July 1, 2015

Open letter to Mr. Justin Trudeau the Leader of Liberal Party of Canada

Mr. Justin Trudeau, on June 23, 2015 you went on record on CBC’s “Power & Politics” to say that you would stop bombing ISIS in Iraq and if elected as Prime Minister you would normalize relations with the Iranian regime. As an Iranian-Canadian woman I find your trace of thought to be very dangerous at a time that we need to be tougher on terrorism, not softer. It’s true that Canada has played non-combat roles in conflicts in the past but we have to understand that we’re not facing the same enemy this time around.

Dialogue with ISIS/ISIL will take us nowhere. We cannot give in to this beast that has risen from the dead. I think the rise of ISIS or ISIL is a direct result of appeasement policy with the dictators in Middle East specially the Iranian regime. Normalizing relations with Iran and reopening their embassy in Ottawa a place where truly was a house of terror to Iranian dissidents in Canada, is not in the best interest of Canada. The day we heard of the closure of the Iranian embassy we staged a celebration in front of the Foreign affairs in Ottawa and thanked our government for listening to us after years of advocating for the closure of the Iranian embassy. That day was the day I truly felt as a Canadian Citizen.

Our hard work had paid off and our efforts were recognized by our government. How could anyone have asked for anything more? A Canadian value that is cherished by thousands. Don’t you think normalizing ties with the Iranian regime would undermine our Canadian Values and it would question our advocacy for the voiceless? The Iranian regime is perceived rightfully by so many as the “Godfather” of ISIS. Iranian regime established the first Islamic State in 1979 by its leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

Canada recognized the 1988 mass executions of thousands of Iranian political prisoners as Crime Against Humanity in 2012. It doesn’t seem anything has changed since then. In fact since Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013, some 1800 individuals have been executed. On Saturday June 27, 2015, 90 university students were arrested for celebrating their graduation day in Tabriz! The list of violations of human rights by this regime goes on and on and they are as horrifying as images of ISIS killing machine. The difference is ISIS commits atrocities in front of the world to see, the Iranian regime does it in hiding. The punishment for broadcasting is imprisonment and death. Every time dialogue with the Iranian regime is mentioned, it seems the Iranian people pay the price.

A few months ago, in April 2015 to be exact, the Australian Foreign Minister traveled to Iran and as part of Iran/Australia agreement, which was revealed later on by Iranian dissident group NCRI*, the Australians agreed to deport Iranian refugees back to Iran. The appeasement policy, which tried to keep Hitler in power, as shameless as it is, still runs into the veins of some politicians around the world. When are we going to put human rights and human dignity ahead of business? When are we going to say enough is enough and take a stand against the dictators? Maybe they think it’s not Canada’s problem.

I’d like to remind you of what happened in Ottawa and in our Parliament in October of 2014. Mr. Trudeau, have you heard of Reyhaneh Jabbari who was executed for defending her honor against her rapist who was an agent in the intelligence ministry? Have you heard of Farinaz Khosravani who jumped from the Tara Hotel in Mahabad* to escape rape attempt by another Intelligence Minister? Not to mention the terrorist attacks of June 26, 2015 on 4 different countries. It’s been proven time after time that talking to ISIS or its Godfather the Iranian regime, will take us nowhere.

The Iranian regime was engaged in talks with the West when they increased the number of their centrifuges. They’re still in the middle of talks while sending money and arms to the dictator of Syria, Bashar Assad, killing innocent Iraqis who are fed up with Iran’s meddling in their country’s affair and supporting Houthis is Yemen. The goal of the Godfather of ISIS is to conquer and rule. And the best way to do this is to build the nuclear Bomb. And we must not give them time to reach their evil plan.

As a Canadian woman, permit me to ask you as a representative of a riding in Montreal, how can we ever forget what happened to a Montrealer, the photojournalist Zahra Kazemi? Even purely from a human rights principle and a prerequisite to any even consideration of talks with this brutal regime I would ask you to clarify your position and state that Iran has to respect the rights and wishes of the Canadian family of Zahra Kazemi and return the body of Zahra to Canada immediately. Anything short of that is condoning hostage taking, torture, rape, and murder of our citizens in the hands of fundamentalist mullahs in Iran.

It’s time, Mr. Trudeau, to open your eyes before it’s too late and stop dreaming of sitting down with a regime whose main interest is to build the Nuclear Bomb, a global threat.

Mr. Trudeau, as a Canadian woman I have the right to ask you how would you engage with this regime? What would you talk to them about? And on what common ground? There is a popular saying in Farsi: We can’t hope for your good will, please don’t harm us. I think not only Mr. Trudeau but all Canadian politicians and parties must recognize that what we decide today, will affect our future generations in our little global village and they will hold us to that decision.

Respectfully Yours,

Narges Ghaffari

July 1, 2015

Narges Ghaffari is the host/producer of Radio Irava a Farsi/English radio show in Ottawa since 1995.

* National Council of Resistance of Iran

** Mahabad is in Iran’s Kurdistan province

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