Why Forced Regime Changes Often Bring Unpredictable Consequences

Below you will find a long political essay by a friend of mine. Due to the nature of her job, she wants to be known online as “Fran800”. Her views are provocative and challenge the positions of our official politicians and the mainstream media:

Many have recommended that Canada should keep our jets in Syria, and continue with the U.S.-led mission against the Islamic State. But there are serious reasons to believe that withdrawing from the U.S.-led mission would be the better course, although not any reasons articulated by newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The war in Syria started in 2011 to depose the government of Bashar al-Assad, which was described as “brutal”, but hardly ever what it really was, namely secular and one of the most liberal in the Middle East, particularly noted for its protection of minorities, especially Christians, as well as Assad’s own minority, the peaceable and Westernized Alawites.
Syria is the latest in the U.S.-led regime change projects, which started with the American invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein, and has continued with more devious support of destabilization and insurrection by means of the “Arab Spring” movement, all to promote democracy in the Middle East.

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia, one of the most stable, tourist-friendly nations of the Muslim world, when a vegetable seller immolated himself in December, 2010. Mass protests followed against the 30-year rule of secular President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, leading to his ouster and flight to Saudi Arabia less than a month later. Instead of the dawn of democracy, however, Tunisia sank into five years of instability, power vacuum, violence, unemployment, economic decline and increasing Islamization. In October, 2011, 4,000 Tunisian refugees landed in the Italian island of Lampedusa, beginning the agony of that unfortunate island, still continuing to this day. The year 2015 began with an Islamist attack at a museum and a beach slaughter of British tourists by Islamist fanatics. It ended with the Tunisian “Quartet” receiving the Nobel Peace prize for returning stable government. The Quartet consists of four civil rights organizations of trade unions, civil rights activists and lawyers. Although their award smacks of the kind of encouragement that gave Barack Obama his premature Nobel Peace prize in 2009, still it might help bring an end to instability.

The Arab Spring spread in 2011 to Libya when rebels calling themselves the National Transitional Council attacked long-term whacko President Ghaddafi. In spite of the fact that Ghaddafi had abandoned his nuclear ambitions and released his hostages, the Bulgarian nurses, NATO intervened on the side of the rebels with thrilling air strikes. Thanks to their help, Ghaddafi was captured by the rebels, sodomized and murdered in October, 2011, after which Libya descended in the usual abyss. In September, 2012, American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered in Benghazi by Libyan militiamen in suspicious circumstances that seemed to be part of a weapons trafficking operation to supply the rebels in Syria. Torn by factional violence, Libya has become a den of people smugglers and the launching pad for illegal migrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa to the tormented island of Lampedusa. In 2015, ISIS made its appearance in Libya. Who can forget the gruesome sight of their black-clothed operatives marching doomed Egyptian Copts onto a Libyan beach, ritually slitting their throats, and letting the blood flow into the Mediterranean as a warning to Europe?

The Arab Spring came to Egypt, the most populous Arab country, in January, 2011. Although the 30-year rule of Mubarak had been relatively peaceful, massive protests broke out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The whole world went wild with Tahrir fever. Mubarak’s main opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, was proclaimed by U.S. Intelligence director James Clapper in February to be “largely secular,” so why worry? Enthusiasts in Canada asked why we couldn’t have our own Tahrir Square – it seemed such fun. Remember Michael Ignatieff in April calling for Canadians to “rise up, rise up” against Stephen Harper? By the end of the year, Occupy movements had sprung up from New York and Toronto to hundreds of cities across the world, inspired by the Arab Spring. It’s sort of like Trotskyism. You know, Permanent Revolution for the spread of purple-finger Democracy instead of the Proletariat of the People.

In Egypt, Mubarak resigned and was prosecuted for corruption for years, an aged, ill figure in a cage in a Cairo courtroom. Elections held in June, 2012 were won by Mohammed Morsi, leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact that the first democratically elected president in Egypt’s history was an Islamist was unsettling to many, especially the Israelis, the Americans, and the Coptic Christians (nearly 10% of the population). Morsi promised to rule for all Egyptians, but many Muslims were inspired by the Islamist government to attack Christians on a free-lance basis. Morsi established Sharia law in Egypt, proclaimed solidarity with Hamas, called Jews “sons of pigs and monkeys” (later he said this was taken out of context), and supported the Sunni “opposition” in Syria (i.e. the rebels), calling Assad and his supporters “Infidels”. Egyptian clerics declared jihad against the government of Assad. Morsi criticized the U.S., casting doubt on the causes of the Twin Tower collapse on 9/11, and he had nasty words for Israel. Everyone was on edge.

New protests came to Tahrir Square and there was an army coup led by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Morsi was deposed in July, 2013. In 2014, after outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi was elected president with 96% of the vote. Muslim Brotherhood supporters expressed their anger with violent attacks across the country and things again got worse for the Copts. Civic order was strained after years of instability. Sisi cracked down and his courtrooms filled up with Muslim Brotherhood activists in cages and hundreds were condemned to death, including Morsi for murder of protesters and for breaking out of jail during the first Arab Spring in 2011. He and Mubarak both remain in jail. But many around the world breathed easier. Sisi expressed his horror that the world should live in fear of “the religion that we love.” (I took that to mean that he was horrified too). In spite of his increased authoritarianism, he has been more tolerant and fair to minorities, and more respectful on the world stage – a bit of an embarrassment for the democracy advocates.

The American regime change policy has been applied also in non-Muslim countries, notably former Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, where the U.S. bombing campaigns planted two new Islamist countries, Bosnia and Kosovo, in the heart of Europe where none had been before. Turkey funnelled Muslims into the Balkans, altering the demographic composition of the region. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) had been labelled a terrorist organization until 1998, when the Americans suddenly allied with them against the Serbian government. Muslim Albanians led by the KLA were suddenly portrayed in the media as helpless victims of Serbs, who were demonized as virtual Nazis. KLA rebel fighters were trained by the Americans and the Brits in a secret camp in the mountains.

James Woolsey, former head of the CIA at the time and current chair of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, boasted recently in Toronto of bombing the Serbs for 88 days, pounding them with up to a hundred sorties a day in order to establish the independent state of Kosovo. But retired General Lewis MacKenzie, head of the NATO mission there, can be found on You Tube saying sadly, “We bombed the wrong side.” James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, has been a voice on behalf of the despised Serbs ever since. In northern Kosovo, hundreds of 12th century Serbian churches have been vandalized and destroyed by Muslim Albanians, and the Serbian inhabitants often killed or driven away.

The coup d’état in Kiev, Ukraine of February, 2014 is another example of an American-backed insurrection. The president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych of the pro-Russian Party of the Regions, was elected in 2010 in an election that Canada had monitored and pronounced fair. In the years that followed, the U.S. spent $500 billion on a P.R. campaign to lure Ukrainians away from their pro-Russian orientation, often working through NGO’s such as George Soros’ Open Society Institute. They pressured Yanukovich to reject an upcoming treaty with Putin’s Russia in favour of closer relations with the EU, dangling the glittering promise of future EU membership. Yanukovich prevaricated, then chose the pro-Russian option. All hell broke loose! In the course of the 2013/4 insurrection (oops, I mean peaceful protest that lasted four months), the American Under-Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland, was recorded speaking from the Maidan Square to the American Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on her cell phone, arranging the post-coup government of Ukraine. “Yats the guy”, she said, referring to now Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, who indeed came to power. There are fifteen million ethnic Russians in Ukraine, about a third of the population, concentrated in Crimea, and the south and the east (Donbas). They had voted for Yanukovych and supported his policies and have been effectively disenfranchised by the putsch in Kiev.

Crimea has been Russian for as long as the United States has existed as a country. When Britain and France fought the Crimean War in the 1850’s (foolishly on the side of the Turks in my opinion), it was Russians not Ukrainians that we fought against. Crimea was transferred to Ukraine in 1954 by Nikita Khrushchev, a native of Ukraine, with no grassroots input whatsoever – the Soviet Union was a top-down dictatorship at the time. At the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Crimea was weirdly included in Ukraine with no referendum, mainly due to the weakness and poverty of Russia. Weak, feckless President Boris Yeltsin, in reality an American puppet, allowed Russia to be robbed blind by oligarchs, abetted by a cabal of American bankers and economists, including Soros and Lawrence Summers (more recently an advisor of Justin Trudeau) until it went bankrupt horribly in 1998. Since Vladimir Putin took over, there has been steady economic improvement and a resurgence of the Orthodox religion.

Russia maintained her Black Sea naval base in Crimea, paying rent to Ukraine for what had formerly been hers. With the February, 2014 pro-EU, anti-Russian coup in Kiev, it was clear that the plan was for Ukraine to eventually join the EU and, presto, Crimea would become a NATO base instead. However, Russian military, already stationed there, took over the peninsula peacefully, helped by the defection of many of the Ukrainian military, who were also there. A hasty referendum was arranged and the overwhelmingly ethnic Russian population joyously voted to return to Russia, to howls of protest from Kiev and the West. The predominantly ethnic Russian Donbas in the East also rebelled against Kiev, and the situation there has remained in a state of low-key warfare ever since.

The denouement of these events in Ukraine is well-known. Putin became the world’s pariah with Western politicians calling him a thug and a bully. They instituted crippling sanctions against Russia, and demanded that Putin give back “Ukraine’s Crimea” and get his army out of Donbas. Putin has denied that the Russian army ever invaded Donbas and there is no solid evidence that it did. Rather, the shambolic Ukrainian army has been shelling its own citizens there for almost two years with over 9,000 people killed. The world has been led to believe that, if not for their heroic resistance, Russia would have invaded the Baltic states, Poland, Czech Republic, whatever. (The recent performance of the Russian military in Syria has surely made this claim improbable, for, if the Russians really had invaded Ukraine, they would surely have conquered it in no time.)

A pattern emerges. The Arab countries subjected to “regime change” had all been secular non-Islamist countries, allies of the former Soviet Union (as had former Yugoslavia). Syria is the latest of these. Their leaders have been described as “brutal thugs”– rather like Putin himself. Regime change for them all!

Strangely, no regime change for the truly brutal medievalist Gulf state of Saudi Arabia, where accused adulterous women are stoned and public beheadings take place every Friday after prayers. Nor yet for Turkey, which remains a NATO ally and candidate for EU membership in spite of the little dust-up in Cyprus in 1974 when the Turkish army invaded the north of the island, expelled the 80% Greek population, and re-populated it with Turks from the mainland. One could understand the differential treatment of these two classes of “brutal thugs” during the Cold War when we had to stick up for “our brutal thugs”. But the new policy of widespread regime change started in relative peace time under the Clinton presidency; the goal was to spread democracy around the world because everyone really wants to share our freedoms. But why pick on all the relatively secular states?

Some may remember Syria as the most liberal of all Muslim counties. But according to Western reports, President Assad has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people. He’s the “butcher of Damascus”. He drops “barrel bombs” apparently for no particular reason on populated areas with massive collateral damage. He unleashes chemical attacks on his own people. So the U.S. and other democratic countries have funded the “moderate” opposition to form the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to fight for democracy. The FSA has even been trained in the old KLA training camp in the mountains of Kosovo. When the really horrific Islamic State (or ISIS) appeared in Syria and Iraq, they were so much worse than anything else that the allied coalition had to take on the additional task of fighting them. But U.S. spokespersons still insisted, “We must defeat Assad,” or “Assad must go” as their primary goal.

Saddam Hussein, Ben Ali, Ghaddafi and Mubarak all went pretty quickly – followed by chaos. Yanukovich, democratically elected though he was, was dispatched even faster. Somehow Assad has hung on for over four years. The rhetoric against him grew increasingly hysterical – he had to be even more brutal and thuggish than ISIS. There are reports that he dropped his barrel bombs on minorities and on “innocent children”, as if in the middle of fighting a war against the U.S. and their proxy warriors – about as desperate a situation as anyone could be in – he would continue with his demonic attacks on his own defenseless people, including the most vulnerable amongst them. What a monster! Worse than ISIS! Just as soon as we “contain” ISIS (not really defeat it because it’s too powerful), then we can finish off the real enemy, Assad.

What are barrel bombs? Well, they are primitive home-made bombs that are unguided. They just fall straight down. And they have to be dropped by helicopters or low-flying airplanes, which is more dangerous for the pilots. Why would Assad use these primitive weapons? Why doesn’t he use rocket-propelled bombs guided from a distance by supersonic jets the way the Americans and their allies do? Well, probably because that’s all he’s got. Assad knows the fate of Saddam and Ghaddafi; the Syrian Arab Army (defenders of the Alawite-led regime), know what’s in store for them if the radical Salafist ISIS wins. And if Assad goes, it will be the most fanatic of the Islamist groups who will inevitably take over, not the hopeless U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army (FSA), which keeps melting into the al-Nusra Front or even ISIS itself.

Who are our local allies in this fight? Within Syria, that would be the Kurds and the FSA. Maybe also some “moderate elements” of al-Qaeda, as suggested recently by retired General and former Intelligence Director David Petraeus (actually, al-Nusra is renamed al-Qaeda). Neighbouring states on our side would be Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

Saudi Arabia is probably the world’s leading human rights abuser, head chopper to the world, where women are kept in seclusion and not allowed to drive, and foreign workers cannot receive Christmas cards. The Saudis have been bombing the Shiite rebel Houthis in Yemen, recently knocking out a whole wedding party without anybody really noticing. The shocker is that Saudi Arabia, our ally, has been funding and supplying weapons to ISIS.

And Turkey? Well, they have been bombing our other allies, the Syrian Kurds. The Americans have arranged joint use of the Turkish Incirlik Air Base. American planes fly out of it to bomb ISIS to provide air cover for the Syrian Kurds, while Turkish planes fly out of it to bomb the Syrian Kurds. The Turks have also bombed Kurdish separatist villages within Turkey – bombing their own people, as it were. And Turkey continues to act as the main conduit for Western wannabe jihadis crossing its eastern border into Syria.

Turkey has also been flushing migrants into Europe across its western border for years. Until recently, most of the migrants, while yearning for the rich countries of Western Europe, ended up stuck in Greece because Greece does not have a land border with another EU country. The migrants were mainly from Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia – hardly any from Syria. “Greek society has reached its limits in taking in illegal immigrants,” stated a government official in 2011 as up to 100 a day poured in across the land border from Turkey. The Greeks finished building a land border fence in December, 2012, and the migrants switched to arriving by boat to the Greek islands. The government of Turkey, although one of the most heavily policed and militarized countries on earth, turns a blind eye to people smuggling and even facilitates it. Where do all these boats come from? In Greece, civic deterioration caused by the migrant infestation was one of the main reasons for the growth of the Golden Dawn party, which drove the European elites to heights of hysteria. Although Greece was bankrupt and suffered youth unemployment rates that rose eventually to over 70%, asylum-seekers complained that Greeks “want to keep the jobs for themselves.” By 2013, Greece was paying them to go home.

In summer of 2015, the flood of refugees increased dramatically. Thousands poured across to the Greek islands in inflatable boats, and in September the body of little Aylan Kurdi was found drowned on a Turkish beach. With that, the dam broke. Now, with the help of Frontex (the EU agency that is supposed to control the outer borders of the EU but actually just ushers illegal immigrants in), the migrants/refugees are recorded, shunted by ferry to Athens, then to the border of Macedonia and beyond, while one European country after another throws up fences and tries to keep them out. It’s estimated that 70% are non-Syrians, and mostly males of military age, and their preferred destination is Germany.

In mid-September, Russia started massive military build-up of its base in Latakia, Syria. Russia and Syria have a mutual defense treaty, and Russia, unlike the NATO forces, is there by invitation of the Syrian government, which, while much weakened and vulnerable, has survived the civil war for almost five years. On September 28, Putin spoke at the United Nations, an epochal speech in which he analyzed the entire regime change policy of the American establishment, and he urged united action against ALL terrorists, not just ISIS. His speech climaxed as follows:

“Aggressive intervention has led to the fact that instead of reform, public institutions, and way of life were just unceremoniously destroyed. Instead of triumph of democracy and progress – the violence, poverty, social disaster, and human rights, including the right to life, get lost in the shuffle. I’d like to ask those who created this situation – do you understand now, what you have done?” (emphasis added)

From October, Russia commenced air strikes – but instead of targeting ISIS initially, they struck the “moderate Syrian rebels” and al-Nusra, our anti-Assad allies! Consternation, fear and loathing erupted from John Kerry and others in the West! Next the Russians bombed convoys of oil trucks carrying oil from Iraq stolen by ISIS and on their way to Turkey. Turkey, in fact the family of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, had been running oil out of Syria with the help of local Turkomen and selling it abroad for big bucks. Screams of outrage came from the Islamist president of Turkey. Then a Turkish plane shot down a Russian plane that might have violated Turkey’s air space for 17 seconds. As Erdogan blustered, the Greeks pointed out that Turkey had violated its air space thousands of times in the previous year. Then while the world was paying attention, a Turkish plane violated Greek air space again and Greek jets scrambled to escort it out. That must have been a sweet moment for them.

Since 2014, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party has been urging the West to join with Putin and Assad to fight ISIS – about Ukraine, he says “If you poke the Russian Bear with a stick he will respond”. In the U.S., Donald Trump says he supports Putin as a leader, and he’d even be open to supporting Assad. The world has the vapours. But times just might be a-changing.

Last January, a year ago, when things were very dark for Syria before Russia stepped in, Foreign Affairs Magazine interviewed Assad and asked what message he would have liked to deliver to President Obama. This was his answer:

“I think the normal thing that you ask any official in the world is to work for the interests of his people. And the question I would ask any American is, what do you get from supporting terrorists in our country, in our region? What did you get from supporting the Muslim Brotherhood a few years ago in Egypt and other countries? What did you get from supporting someone like Erdogan?”

All very good questions. Is it a good idea for Canada to continue supporting the U.S.-led coalition? The Americans seem determined to isolate and in fact destroy Russia, at least until it takes place in the regime-change program against the “thug” Putin. NATO forces are moving into positions in various countries on the border of Russia, while at the same time crying havoc if Russia masses a few troops along its own border. It looks like a re-igniting of the Cold War in a hot phase, or the beginning of World War III. At the same time, we are “allies” with Turkey led by a genuine thug, Erdogan, who really is shelling his own people (Kurds), supplying ISIS, and funding it through an illegal oil pipeline from which they also profit. This is our NATO ally?! And our other ally, the comic opera Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is openly funding ISIS as well as conducting a largely ignored war against Shias in Yemen, causing mass starvation of children amongst other atrocities. In the Middle Eastern theatre, it might be more accurate to say we have been part of a Sunni Islamist -led coalition against the moderate, secularized (but loosely Shia) government of Syria backed by Iran and Russia.

Until about a year ago, the war in Syria was all about defeating the monster Assad. But even the U.S. could not ignore the rise of ISIS, even though they were indirectly supplying it through our “allies”. The entry of Russia into the war and Putin’s determination to attack all terrorists has led to some embarrassment and re-alignment. Perhaps Canada should decide if it is terrorism we want to fight, or do we want to be patsies in the U.S. wars of “democratization” (really anarchy) directed against Putin and Assad.

© 2016 Fran800

Concern about Lifting the Sanctions against Iran by the Canadian Government

Letter of concern that I received from the Iranian-Canadian activist Sayeh Hasan:

Dear Friends,

Please find below my Letter to the Editor, on the issue of sanctions against Iran. This issue is of great concern to many Iranian Canadians who are concerned about the systematic human rights violations in Iran, which has become worse since signing the nuclear deal. The Canadian Government needs to take into consideration Iran’s human rights record when making a decision on sanctions on Iran.

As an Iranian-Canadian lawyer and human-rights advocate, I am concerned that those enthused about sanctions relief largely fail to appreciate the role of economic pressure in countering the regime’s horrific abuses of the Iranian people. We cannot forget that Tehran continues to stone women, execute gay citizens, and torture and imprison political opponents and religious minorities.

If our new government is to remain true to liberal values, it must apply targeted sanctions on Iranian officials and entities involved in terrorism abroad or human rights violations in Iran, such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Basij militia. In opposition, the Liberals repeatedly called for Canada to sanction the IRGC. A closed embassy is a far more powerful statement than naive efforts to “engage” brutal theocracies.

Sayeh Hassan, Toronto

Fans of Anti-Israeli Terrorism Clash with Jewish Students at York University

Yesterday I saw another episode of the never-ending saga of the poorly-veiled anti-Semitism at York University. This time the noisy event, which started as a silent protest at Vari Hall and then moved to the food court in the commons area, was promoted as a generic protest against York University’s (YU) investments in arms manufacturers. Such events usually start and end at Vari Hall, but the new twist was designed as a provocation against Israel – there is a large painting in the other area which depicts the Arab fights against Israel. More on that later.

The “noble” goal was reflected in the flyer they distributed at the event. However, a closer look at it raises a few questions:

York-U-divest-event-2016-flyerAs you can see, the organizers have a beef with five large companies. Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems have been on the BDS list for years for their work for Israel’s defense. Northrop Grumman and Amphenol are newcomers in the list, but they are targeted specifically for their involvement in Israel. The only exception is Textron, attacked for its collaboration with Saudi Arabia (organizers should be careful with that – Saudi princes may cut the money for “Islamic studies”). Despite the “new and improved” propaganda, the good old anti-Semitism rears its ugly head behind it.

The list of the sponsors of the event, according to the flyer, also deserves attention: Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), Amnesty International, York Federation of Students (YFS), York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA), and an Alumni organization. SAIA is definitely the leader and I am not sure if the members of the other organizations are aware that thanks to their leadership’s bias they have been involved in something like that (especially the Jewish alumni whose donation money are being used).


The notorious painting or “mural”

When Paul Bronfman decided to withdraw his financial support for certain programs as a protest against that anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli propaganda, the reaction was outrageous. It seems that the Jews are expected to provide money with no questions asked, even when the money finances anti-Semitism.

An article published in the student paper of YU expressed the determination to fight Mr. Bronfman: “Palestinian Roots” here to stay, despite Bronfman withdrawal. By the way, in most writings about the art object, it is called repeatedly “mural” while it is clear that this is a painting (poorly made by somebody who got into art school through affirmative action). If they convince everybody that it is a mural, it might be allowed to stay, because a mural is hard to scrape off the wall, as opposed to a painting that you could simply remove.

Anyway, here is how the Muslim activists, quoted in the article, countered Mr. Bronfman’s boycott of anti-Semitism:

[Hammam] Farah [founder of Students Against Israeli Apartheid] says the mural is not anti-Semitic because targeting the military in a context of occupation is legal under international law.

“We Palestinians have the right, under international law, to target military installations, units, and vehicles that oversee the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Let’s not forget that international law was derived partially from the legitimate resistance of occupied people in Europe during World War II. The painting does not depict an attack on civilians.”

Rawan Habib, a Refugee Aid executive, echoes these statements stating in Canada “we live in a society that looks to international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as important standards in determining what constitutes infringements and what constitutes legal and moral action in issues of global conflict.”

Under international law, in a context of military occupation, people have the legal and moral right to target military vehicles and installations, says Habib.

“Therefore, what the painting depicts is considered a legal and legitimate form of resistance by a Palestinian against an Israeli army bulldozer engaged in the plowing of land and uprooting of trees in territory it occupies.”

I am not going to cover the “occupation” of land that was part of the Mandate for Palestine and until 1967 was occupied by Jordan and how the “Palestinian nation” strangely emerged in the 1970’s. That has been covered extensively. What I find disturbing is the open promotion of anti-Israeli terrorism on the pages of an official newspaper of a major Canadian university.

But wait, there’s more! The cute hijab-wearing Ms. Habib appears to be a big shot in the YU student movement. She runs for a major position in the upcoming student elections, as you can see in the posters below. She must be well-funded, because none of the other candidates has such a big election poster in colour.

One of her platform promises is to “Re-vamp the “No Islamophobia, no Anti-Semitism, no Racism” campaign.” Gee, I wonder how she fights anti-Semitism. Yesterday a young, 19-year-old female soldier was killed in Jerusalem by Arab terrorists. Hadar Cohen was on guard at the Damascus Gate of the Old City (that’s a place where Jews are routinely harassed by Arabs, as I have seen).

According to the point of view of the dimwitted anti-Semite Ms. Habib, Hadar Cohen, who is probably the same age, was a fair target of the “Palestinian resistance.” And she is part of the student elite of York University?

With people like these, York University feels more and more like a stinky sewer.

York-U-divest-event-2016-election-1York-U-divest-event-2016-election-2When faced with such a blatant anti-Semitism, one could expect that mass indignation would be the only logical reaction. That’s not what happened. When JDL-Canada made public its intention to confront the divestment rally, some people and organizations expressed their opposition. The notorious group Independent Jewish Voices that hasn’t found an anti-Israeli initiative they didn’t like, defended the painting as perfectly normal in their response to the criticism by the Facebook group Never Again Canada, which they consider “Islamophobic”. IJV’s spokesman Tyler Levitan trashed several Jewish organizations:

“Using the charge of anti-Semitism is the repeated method used by groups such as Never Again Canada, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies and Hasbara@York to silence legitimate dissent towards Israel’s illegal behaviour,” said Tyler Levitan, spokesperson for IJV.

“Never Again Canada’s Facebook post on the issue is itself a form of incitement to hatred—in this case against Palestinians and Muslims. The Palestinian cultural garb, the keffiyeh, is described by the group as a ‘terrorist scarf’, while the outline of historic Palestine is described as representing ‘Islamic terror against Jews’,” said Levitan. “This organization believes Arabs and Muslims to be inherently violent.”

A Jew must be exceptionally ignorant or devious to say that what is seen on the scarf in the painting is “the outline of historic Palestine.” Historic Palestine was bigger and its map looked quite different. Everybody who has any idea about the demands of the Arabs knows that what’s depicted is the correct map of Israel (with Judea and Samaria) but with the Jews expelled.

The YU paper that published Ms. Habib’s justification of terrorism against Israel wasn’t ashamed to spread another lie about the organization most vocal against the YU anti-Semites:

Pro-Israel groups say the YU Divest campaign is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in disguise, a motion which targets Israel. The JDL sees the campaign as inherently anti-Israel and made their concerns known. The JDL is not supported by pro-Israel and Jewish groups on campus. The JDL is labelled a terrorist group by the FBI in the United States and is banned in Israel.

The terrorist group label is false and it would be wise of JDL-Canada to demand at least an apology and retraction, considering the fact that the accusation of terrorism, even if it is a false charge, could bring serious expenses for the accused victim.

Even people who realize the impact of the campus anti-Semitism were opposed to the presence of JDL-Canada at the rally. A young Jewish man even made the effort to write an open letter stating that the organization is not wanted at YU. In his opinion, it hampered the efforts of the Jewish community at YU to combat anti-Semitism in a “rational way.” Other voices stated that the Israel issue was at the bottom of the demands of the rally, the divestment targeted many other countries. As you saw in the flyer, that was not true.

I met that young man, who now has a high status in the YU Jewish organizations, about 3 years ago, in 2013, at a similar rally at Vari Hall when he was chased and harassed by anti-Semitic Muslims at a BDS rally. The security said they couldn’t protect him because of freedom of speech. Did anything change since then? No, Jews were treated the same way in 2016. And it was the same before – my first encounter with that weird place was in 2010 when the supporter of Palestinian terrorism George Galloway was invited to speak at YU. The Jewish students at the time organized a spectacular disruption rally.

Yet when I covered it with pictures, I received several requests to remove the pics because the students were threatened with expulsion. I suppose that none of those students are at YU anymore, but unfortunately the spirit lives on, despite the fact that different Jews and different anti-Semites dominate the place. Maybe an interference from outside would wake up the swamp, though looking at the newly added halal food joints and the niqab gargoyles roaming all over the place, that could be a hopeless task.

Despite the opposing voices of anti-Semites, modern Jewish kapos and well-meaning but misguided people, the protest materialized. A few JDL-Canada members and supporters made their point at the entrance of YU near the end of the park. Others managed to go inside and witness the rally at the food court. It was protected by plenty of campus police that closed the entrances and virtually isolated the fast food joints in the area (that’s fine, the York University students are against capitalist profits anyway).

When the Jews lost patience and raised their voices, the security (uniformed and plain cloth) did their best to keep them silent. You can see all that in the movie and here are a few pictures showing how the events proceeded.


“Silent rally” at Vari Hall


Moving to a new place and handling the unruly Jews


The victorious crowd


The “mural” in question is still there


The modest counter-protest

Well, in case you think that anti-Semitism is the only problem at YU, I can assure you that the insanity goes much deeper than that. There are groups which could feel much more comfortable in Cuba or North Korea, as the Revolutionary Student Movement’s poster suggests.

York-U-divest-event-2016-revolutionary-commies“Your friendly campus communists: We are the radical and combative anti-capitalist student movement. We are looking to make our campus a site of class struggle! We are revolutionary, not reformist. We maintain our independence from the bourgeois state, and we support the people’s struggles against capitalism, imperialism, and settler-colonialism in Canada and across the world.”

This charming text, along with the Maoist drawing, brings so many memories from my upbringing under communism and remind me of all the baton beating and kicks I have suffered for daring to criticize the communist abomination. It’s great to see that Stalinism and Maoism have found a cozy abode at the shithole called York University, together with Muslim barbarism and anti-Semitism. And of course, the Marxist psychopaths want nothing less than free education (paid by others of course):


Jews have donated countless millions of dollars with the hope that they support a high institution of learning. The reality is that they have financed a hostile anti-Canadian place which more and more resembles Saudi Arabia. After the protest, CIJA, the organization that claims to represent all Jews in Canada, stated that the anti-Israeli activities in Canadian universities are “marginal”. If you consider marginal the event you just read about, supported by all major YU student organizations and strongly tolerated by the administration, you should consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Isn’t is time to stop and ask: is this the kind of university anyone in his right mind would support?

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Mordechai Kedar on Why the Islamic State Is a Real State

It is difficult to get the complete picture of the chaos that reigns today over the Middle East. The opportunity to hear somebody who has first-hand knowledge of the situation should never be missed. Such an opportunity presented itself on January 25 when Prof. Mordechai Kedar delivered a public lecture in Toronto. He is the Chair of Arabic Studies at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He is fluent in several languages, including Arabic, and he travels frequently to the countries in that area and is often invited by Arab TV stations as commentator.

The event was organized by the Hasbara Fellowship Canada and introduced by its Director Robert Walker. Prof. Kedar covered several important topics concerning Israel, its Arab neighbours and the conflicts among them. This article will summarize some of the most important points he made (hopefully a movie with the complete lecture will be coming soon).


Prof. Mordechai Kedar in Toronto

1. Defending Israel.

The first segment of the lecture covered an issue, with which most Jews in the West struggle constantly – the accusations and blackmail against Israel. That makes necessary the advocacy for Israel, but its weak point is that often it is defensive, people just try to brush off the attacks. The successful advocacy for Israel should be assertive, not defensive. If you defend yourself, you may survive, if you attack, you will most likely win. You cannot win by defense. The people in Israel had learned that the hard way. In Israel you don’t call 911, when you are attacked and you need to shoot, you shoot.

He gave specific examples with accusations – like the one that Israel is an apartheid state that occupies foreign territories. You should oppose this by saying the same about the USA – most of its territories are inhabited by settlers. History and archeology show that the Jews have lived in Israel for thousands of years. Another example is the accusation that Israel uses disproportionate force when attacked by the Arabs – you can counter with the same opinion about Afghanistan, where Americans often can shoot a whole wedding if any of the participants shoots. That way of reasoning is more effective in supporting Israel. Of course, it’s important to speak about Israel’s legal rights, which in Canada are covered by organizations like CILR (Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights), led by Goldi Steiner, Salomon Benzimra, and others, but people have to do more and attack hostile opinions.

2. Israel and the chaotic Middle East.

Then Prof. Kedar moved to the positions of Israel in the area. The common claim is that Israel is the main reason for the turmoil in the Middle East. The truth is that most Muslim countries there have been involved in some kind of wars and fights for many years with no influence from Israel. The BDS movement claims that by boycotting Israel they bring peace, which is ridiculous – many boycott Israel, but invest in Western Sahara, which is occupied by Morocco, a country that fights Polisario, an armed group fighting for liberation of the territory.

We shouldn’t forget the civil war in Algeria in the 1990’s when over 100,000 people died in the fights between the army and the Islamists. Tunisia is not peaceful. After the West helped Libya to overthrow Kaddafi there was no peace – a war started between the Eastern and Western tribes and now the country is with two governments. In Egypt after the “Arab spring” the Muslim Brotherhood clashed with the army and the conflict still hasn’t been resolved. Sudan suffered a genocidal war and the country is divided between Muslims in the North and Christians and animists in the South. Somalia is a failed dysfunctional country, which even has its own pirates. Yemen is a battlefield between Saudi Arabia and Iran with thousands killed in the war. Syria is in the state of a humanitarian catastrophe. Iraq is falling apart; Lebanon went through a devastating civil war. Turkey has a serious Kurdish problem. Even if Israel evaporates, the warring Muslim factions won’t start to kiss and hug each other, there will be no peace.

Israel is attacked and blackmailed by journalists because it is an easy target – they can have breakfast in Jerusalem, go to Judea and Samaria and film a fake war staged by Arabs, then go back to Jerusalem for lunch. If they do the same in any other country in the area, they will not survive. That’s how bias is created.

To fight the bias, people should get more actively involved in the universities, where the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiments are strong. They should observe what is taught and object to falsifications and distortions.

3. Why the Islamic State is not a group but a real state.

Moving to the issue of the Islamic State – it was created by the failure of Syria and Iraq, where the Islamists carved out their own territory. Prof. Kedar emphasized that the formation shouldn’t be called ISIS, it is now Islamic State (IS), which has the goal to conquer the world and restore the original Caliphate. The methods of IS deserve special attention.

The Iraqi city of Mosul is inhabited by 4 million people, under normal circumstances, it would be necessary to fight for two to four years, street by street, to take it over with casualties on both sides. IS took it in one day. Why? In the morning the officers of the Iraqi army ran away, and later that day so did the soldiers who were in disarray. They were eventually followed by the police. IS occupied Mosul almost without shots, even though the Iraqi army had American weapons. The soldiers didn’t want to die in a shameful way by being tortured and beheaded, being powerless. That is a consequence from the brutality of IS, which slaughters people in public, films it and spreads widely the footage. This is the best psychological warfare ever implemented – there hasn’t been an army in the world capable of chasing its enemies away in such a quick and effective way.

The IS applies the modus operandi of the 7th century. That’s how the Muslims treated people during their conquests in 7th and 8th centuries and managed to expand their territories. That was the way to “convince” people to surrender and convert to Islam. The purpose of IS is to bring the world back to the 7th century, because that was the most successful and glorious time for Islam. They apply the same methods, as described in the Muslim scriptures, they do the same to Christians, Druze, Yezidis, etc.

Is this a state? It is called now just Islamic State, not Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Why? Because now they are in charge of all Muslims all over the world. They issue passports, have their marked ambulances and other cars with IS license plates. The IS flag’s script is used on the passports. What is on the flag is supposedly a depiction of a ring found in the Arab Peninsula (now in a museum in Turkey) that once belonged to Mohammed. They use a font from the 7th century in order to show that they have the same goals as the old Islam. They reject the use of the term King, used in some Arab countries, because only Allah is the King, the Muslim leader should be called Caliph. They have elaborate government structure, which reproduces the government of the 7th century’s Caliphs, with minister of war, minister of treasury, etc.

There are already numerous states and territories all over the world that pledged allegiance to IS – most in Muslim countries. IS is not just in Syria and Iraq, it is seen as a worldwide Caliphate. Organizations and individuals pledge their allegiance to it.

Then Prof. Kedar showed documents of IS (in Arabic) listing the number of people on its territory by ethnicity – they were mostly people from Saudi Arabia, Palestinians, Sudanese, Kuwaiti. Also, there are many foreigners – the largest number is from France, 1500, Russia, 800, Australia, 400, Spain, Germany, Canada (70 people), Bosnia, Norway, Finland, etc. They also listed many girls from those countries – they have the task to act as police to control women to behave in a modest way; another role is to provide sex services under the disguise of temporary marriages (he showed a document listing two-hour marriages between the mujahedeen and the women).

A picture he showed depicted a sign in a market saying that orphans can take anything they want for free – that’s according to the sharia law. If the merchant is overwhelmed by that taking, he can increase the prices, that’s a type of welfare: “If you are an orphan and don’t have money, take anything without paying.” IS also has clearly defined administrative districts.

They also have their own money – only coins, they don’t recognize paper money. IS issues gold (21 karats, with the weight written on it), silver and copper coins. On them there is a map of the world without borders, expressing the idea of one world under one Caliph, one prophet and one Allah. Their purpose if to erase the borders and impose unity. The borders are considered humiliating to Islam, which should rule the whole world. They don’t believe in paper money, because it has no value, it is just a promissory note from the governments and the banks. The coins have their own value as it was the case in the original Islamic State in the 7th century.

The idea of dominance is expressed by the gesture of lifting one finger, which symbolizes that unity. It could be seen everywhere, even in Jerusalem amongst the Muslims groups of women who harass the Jews on Temple Mount.

Ever since he left the military in 1995, Prof. Kedar dedicated his time to researching Islam and he has never seen before an extremist ideology spreading as quickly as the ideology of the Islamic State.

IS also has inspectors on the markets who check the expiration dates of the goods, the violators could be fined or even executed for cheating. Another picture showed a policeman writing a ticket for violating the rules to an owner of a Chevrolet who used illegally the roads of the Muslims. Since the Chevrolet’s logo resembles a cross, it is considered an infidel car.

All these activities, which are well organized, like policing, punishments, inspections, licence plates, passports, ambulances, etc., show beyond any doubt that this is not an organization, it is a state. For example, the BBC calls it “the organization that calls itself Islamic State” – wrong, they do it not to enrage Muslims. That undermines and distorts the real threat – the later we realize that, the bigger the price we will pay to dismantle it with the blood of our children. The Western governments are blind to the threat.

During the question period Prof. Kedar provided additional information about IS. On the issue of their sources of income, he explained that in addition to oil sales, they benefit greatly from ransom money – most cases remain secret, but in one case friends and relatives paid $50 million to release a hostage, who was eventually killed. They also collect taxes – 10% which is low, but the punishment for tax evasion is usually death.

On the question about how to defeat IS he replied that it will be impossible to do so only with air strikes – they have no visible structures, there are no formations, infantry, etc., they are hiding in cellars. There are no real targets for airstrikes.

That brought another question about how to handle IS. Prof. Kedar thought that the only solution is to kill or send them to jail for life. The same person continued with a new question, if we kill them, the ideology will still live on, convincing Muslims that this is the correct Islam, what should be done? Prof. Kedar replied that the defeat of IS may not kill the ideology, but we shouldn’t forget that the ideology was always there, yet Muslims didn’t act upon it. But here comes IS and convinces them that “Yes, we can!”, they can take over the world. A defeat of IS means that the idea of the power of Islam will be discredited and the goal of Muslim supremacy would be limited again to words on paper.

There was also a question about the Muslims who fight against extremism. Prof. Kedar noted that they should not be underestimated – there are those who fight like the Toronto organization “Muslims Facing Tomorrow” of Raheel Raza. Also, Tarek Fatah has been involved – he even wrote a book “The Jew Is Not My Enemy” in which he took a strong position.

It was an interesting presentation, though not very optimistic. It confirmed something that many of us have thought– the new barbarism can be fought only by force and must be defeated decisively. There is no other way to resolve this problem.

Unfortunately, many politicians don’t see things this way. Our hapless Prime Minister Trudeau still thinks that we can communicate with IS through empathy and inclusivity while looking for the “root causes” of their discontent. Other leaders in Europe are doing worse by opening the borders to millions of unemployable Arabs, among whom there are plenty of fighters and terrorists.

I guess things will become much worse before our politicians wake up.

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Dondo Yaki – Japanese Festival of Fire

Dondo Yaki is a Japanese traditional festival that I had the chance to observe for the first time earlier this month during my trip to Japan. It is related to the festivities surrounding the New Year, so to understand it I will have to provide more information about how the Near Year’s celebrations work in Japan.

Interestingly, the Japanese celebrate Christmas, though the number of Christians in the country is quite small. Unlike the Western countries, where Christmas is pushed away in order not to offend Muslims, atheists or other similar whiny groups, that holiday is big in Japan even though it is not official. There are Christmas decorations everywhere and people exchange gifts, but Christmas is not spiritual. I suspect that it was implanted and popularized by retail companies as another opportunity to sell goods.

The real celebration that reflects the ancient spiritual traditions revolves around the New Year. It is much less flamboyant than the Japanese Christmas and its focus is the family. The coming year is seen as a new beginning and all festivities are focused on the idea of a fresh start in the family, the company or any other group to which individuals belong.

In the weeks before the end of the year companies, institutions and friends hold “bonenkai” parties. Bonenkai means literally “year forgetting” and the event symbolizes the parting with the past, especially with everything bad that happened in the current year, and affirming the hope for the new year. Last December I attended the bonenkai party of a conservative TV channel in Tokyo, which was organized to coincide with Emperor’s Birthday, an official holiday (I’ll write about it later). As it is customary, there was a lot of food and drinks and everybody had a good time.

Interestingly, the Japanese celebrate Christmas, though the number of Christians in the country is quite small. Unlike the Western countries, where Christmas is pushed away in order not to offend Muslims, atheists or other similar whiny groups, that holiday is big in Japan even though it is not official. There are Christmas decorations everywhere and people exchange gifts, but Christmas is not spiritual. I suspect that it was implanted and popularized by retail companies as another opportunity to sell goods.

The real celebration that reflects the ancient spiritual traditions revolves around the New Year. It is much less flamboyant than the Japanese Christmas and its focus is the family. The coming year is seen as a new beginning and all festivities are focused on the idea of a fresh start in the family, the company or any other group to which individuals belong.

In the weeks before the end of the year companies, institutions and friends hold “bonenkai” parties. Bonenkai means literally “year forgetting” and the event symbolizes the parting with the past, especially with everything bad that happened in the current year, and affirming the hope for the new year. Last December I attended the bonenkai party of a conservative TV channel in Tokyo, which was organized to coincide with Emperor’s Birthday, an official holiday (I’ll write about it later). As it is customary, there was a lot of food and drinks and everybody had a good time.

Once the festivities are over, the mochi is eaten and the paper decorations taken down. They are not kept for the next year, but burned in a special ritual called Dondo Yaki. It is a local event involving the whole village or neighbourhood, where the communities build large bonfires. The event is held on January 15. This year I had the chance to see two such events in the prefecture of Ibaraki (not far from Tokyo). The pictures show both, but in the movie you can see the second one.

Now, unlike in old Japan, the event is monitored by firefighters and a fire track is parked nearby to be ready if anything happens. The bonfire is built from hay and light wood in a conic shape with an empty space in the middle. That’s were they place cardboard boxes with New Year’s decorations.

You will see in the video that before the start the people in charge give away a lot of candy and other snacks, which theoretically are only for the children, but everybody else tries to grab some of them as well. The loud voice yelling in the movie announces the names of the individuals and companies that donated the food.

The next step is the lighting of the fire – many people approach the bonfire from several directions to light it. The fire starts quickly and the flames fly high.  Once the most of the bonfire is gone, people are approaching it again. This time they carry long sticks with pieces of mochi attached to the end. They roast the mochi on the embers (that’s quite similar to the marshmallows roasted on camp fire in the West). During the event people wish each other good health and success in the new year.

Here are a few pictures from the first event, which took place in the late afternoon:


The bonfire


Bags and boxes with New Year’s decorations are placed inside


Starting the fire


The flames

The second event we attended happened later that night, so it was already dark:


Preparing for the event


The burning bonfire



Everybody is holding a stick with mochi


Burning the sticks

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German Women’s Right to Be Raped by Muslim Invaders

…appears to be the only “right” that the neo-fascist government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is willing to grant to its subjects.

That is the only conclusion one could make after the horrible events on the New Year’s Eve in Cologne when hundreds of women were attacked and sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants. Thousands of the “newcomers” gathered that evening in the area and it didn’t look like that was a spontaneous event. Later it was reported that similar crowds did the same in Dusseldorf and other German cities, as well as in Helsinki.

The young Muslim men approached and surrounded women passing the railway station. Along with the common verbal abuse, normal in the backward Muslim culture, the women were also physically attacked, mostly by touching and groping but in many situations things escalated even further. Many women and even underage girls had their clothes torn, including their underwear and several of them later reported actual rapes. At the same time, the Muslims entertained themselves by throwing fireworks at the crowd in the station’s hall.

The screams and calls for help had little effect, because the police ignored them. In at least one case they rescued a girl who was pinned down to the ground with her clothes ripped, ready to be raped. Many others were not that lucky and had to go through the rape “process”. The assailants managed to attack even police women.

The ordeal suffered at the hands of those Muslim animals (and “animal” is the only suitable word to describe that savage behaviour) was just part of the torture. The real horror came from the lack of any action from the government and the media. The papers and the TV in Germany cheerfully reported that it was the typical New Years Eve with happy people roaming the street. The war guilt program has worked perfectly to create spineless journalists willing to ignore even the most gruesome attacks against their women.

The cover-up could have worked years ago when the mainstream media held a monopoly on information, but in today’s world the internet changed the situation. Individual reports about assaults started to circulate on the social networks almost immediately, but it took the media behemoths nearly a week to follow up. It was not because they didn’t know; they hoped that the nuisance would go away because in Merkel’s perfect state the cute and suffering “refugees” never do such things.

The police grudgingly reacted only after hundreds of women started filing assault reports, but still kept the truth under the lid. The magnitude of the scandal became clear only about a week after the rapes.

Angered by the inaction, thousands of people took to the streets to demand at least some safety for their women and children. The police were ill prepared to deal with the rampaging Muslim animals a week earlier, but this time they had everything in a perfect German order. The peaceful demonstrators were attacked with water cannons and batons and many were arrested.

The authorities expressed their “concern” for the victims in a peculiar way.

Henriette Reker, lefty mayor of Cologne and a staunch defender of the Muslim invasion, appeared on live TV to discuss the events. As you could expect, she didn’t find the time to condemn the rapists, but had some advice for the raped women:

“The women and young girls have to be more protected in the future so these things don’t happen again. This means, they should go out and have fun, but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up. For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves”.

Since when in a civilized country like Germany the women need special preparations to get out and have fun? The Muslim hordes made Germany as unbearable for women as any other Muslim hellhole and the mayor had no problem with that. A few days later the German Salafist Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf also appeared on live TV and made his points about the turmoil:

Explaining in the view of Salafist Islam why hundreds of women found themselves groped, sexually assaulted and in some cases raped by gangs of migrant men in cities across Germany the Imam said: “the events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire”.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? The lefty mayor of Cologne and a prominent Muslim barbarian have almost identical views about what happened. The girls provoked the horny Muslims by wearing the wrong clothes and not knowing how to have fun properly. It seems that wearing a burqa would be the best way to comply with the “advice” dispersed by the two dimwits.

Their views were echoed by a provincial interior minister who had the nerve to say that the Germans complaining of their wives and daughters being raped are just as bad as the rapists themselves:

Perhaps the most telling comments came from Ralf Jaeger, interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, who said: ‘What happens on right-wing platforms & chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women. This is poisoning the climate of our society.’ One might suggest that importing 1.2m or so people from vastly different cultures – rather than the reaction – was more likely to affect the climate of the society. One might add that internet chatter, however extreme or poisonous, was not comparable to actual sexual assault, and that such a comparison was morally bankrupt.

Of course, all these vocal defenders are just little cogwheels in the German multicultural machine whose architect is Chancellor Angela Merkel. She was the person who opened wide the gates and welcomed the savages.

Merkel is much worse than Hitler. Comparing somebody’s actions to those of Hitler is frowned upon by many on the internet (there was even something called Godwin’s Law stating that long discussions and arguments inevitably end with comparing the opponent with Hitler). In this case, however, the comparison is inevitable because the fiery Austrian occupied exactly the same position that Frau Merkel occupies today and both of them did considerable damage to Germany.

Hitler was misguided in choosing his enemies, blaming the Jews and waging wars, but in a perverse way his actions aimed at helping Germans and expanding their “Lebensraum”. Naturally, when the ways you choose to help are so wrong, things end badly and that’s what happened to him. However, he didn’t invite Russian or American armies to just enter Germany, plunder the country and rape its women (though the Russians did quite a lot of that in 1945).

Merkel, on the other hand, didn’t even fight. She invited hordes of illiterate, fanatical and evil Muslims into the country, even though any low-IQ person could have told her that nothing good would come out of that. Her way of thinking is puzzling because about two years ago she admitted that multiculturalism didn’t work. What happened later? Did some evil globalist Svengali brainwash her? (Maybe that repugnant creature named George Soros had something to do with it.) Even if that mass invasion was allowed for the benefit of the corporations that constantly need cheap labour, it was clear that those people were unemployable and it would take years and billions of euros to make them even moderately civilized.

The information about how incompatible those “refugees” are is hard to obtain in Western Europe, but in other countries they are not that fond of those people and the statistics are published. According to the official numbers provided by the National Refugee Agency of Bulgaria, which is one of the major routes for “refugees” coming from Greece and Turkey, in 2015 the majority of them have been single young men. Only 3% of them had college education (though an Arab college could hardly be considered education) with the rest having lesser schooling and 24% had no education at all. It is safe to assume that the same type of people reaches Germany and there is no special underground tunnel reserved for the proverbial lawyers and doctors. It’s not hard to figure out what a bad match those people are for Germany.

The German elites are beyond any doubt familiar with those facts. It’s unforgivable that people and institutions with access to global intelligence that no ordinary people have can’t see things that are obvious to everybody on the street.

Merkel and her cronies should be reminded that the government’s most important function is to protect its citizens and they failed miserably at that.

Yet, despite that, hordes of barbarians were invited. They were well aware of their privileged position and used it during the assaults in Cologne. Police reports indicated that some “refugees” ripped their ID documents and told the police that the next day they will get new ones; others told the police that Frau Merkel had invited them so the policemen had to be nice to them.

The situation is beyond disturbing. This is an example of how the corporations and the government elites see their people – they are just pawns and consumers that can be easily replaced with outsiders. To them they are interchangeable and the national differences don’t matter. The creation of a faceless society of people who have renounced their culture was probably the purpose of the EU project and the coming world government. Wrong assumptions. It is incomprehensible that the elites don’t see the fact that if the Western culture is wiped out by Muslim invaders, that would spell the end of the elites and the corporations as well. It took centuries to build the Western civilization, but the Muslims can destroy it in a few years with the permission of people like Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel.

Those views explain why, instead of seeing that as a wakeup call and addressing the problems, the elites decided to use the good old totalitarian matrix – pretend that nothing happened and shame or jail anybody who thinks that letting Muslim animals rape his daughters is not a marvellous idea. Instead of cracking down on the Muslim murderers and rapists, they attacked the ordinary Germans, calling them “xenophobes,” “bigots,” and “racists,” trying to silence them in creative ways that Stalin and Hitler would have greatly appreciated. Merkel even made a deal with Mark Zuckerberg to censor the Facebook posts of disgruntled Germans for disagreeing with the government over its pro-invader policies. It’s a shame that a Jew practically became complicit in supporting fanatical invaders one of whose goals is to exterminate the Jews in Europe.

That sorry state of the mainstream media and some of the alternative outlets in Europe brings to mind another parallel between the current situation and Nazi Germany. There is a well-known speech of Dr. Goebbels delivered shortly after Hitler was appointed chancellor. The Propaganda Minister can be seen wagging his finger at the enemy and yelling that his party’s patience will soon run out and they are going to stuff the mouth of the lying Jewish press, which attacks the national socialists. Even at that time Jewish and German journalists had the courage to oppose a totalitarian government, though they probably couldn’t imagine how bad the future would be. Today, in democratic Germany, where the concentration camps were closed long time ago, the journalists and their bosses are nothing but cowards who want to silence the voices of the raped women. And they are allies with militant “feminists” who are just a shadow of the old feminism and are more interested in finding new ways to put down Western men rather than stand for women’s rights. Just like the militant homosexuals, they can’t figure out that the Muslim theocracy they are helping to get established would eliminate them.

In that situation it didn’t take long for “progressive” women to whitewash the rapists:

“There were probably no refugees among the attackers, but of course the characterisations in the media leave a bad impression,” said Petra Mueller, 45, a Cologne native.

Mueller, a secretary, refuses to give in to paranoia and said nothing would stop her from taking part in Carnival.

The way she ignores reality, it is sure that sooner or later she is going to be assaulted. In order to insulate poor Petra even further from the reality, the government wants to make sure that no dissenting political voices would enter the conversation:

The anti-mass immigration Eurosceptic ‘Alternative for Deutschland’ (AfD) party is being banned from televised debates ahead of Germany’s local elections in March. Peter Boudgoust, director of TV station SWR, said his company had taken the decision to exclude the party “through gritted teeth” after the top candidates for the establishment parties had threatened to boycott any debate involving AfD. Instead, only the top candidates of parties already represented in the local parliaments will be allowed to take part, according to Der Spiegel.

That had been tried many times in many places, but the reality has the nasty habit to rear its ugly head and bite such clueless politicians in the ass. Suppressing the dissent instead of solving problems ensures much more violent reaction when things explode. The once democratic Germany is not going to be an exception.

The only good thing that came out of that tragedy was the lifting of the taboo – once the Cologne information came out, the media found many other cases that had been covered up by the police and the government.

Months ago lefty groups organized a welcoming event for refugees, which was supposed to be all about love and solidarity. About 150 Muslims, the stars of the event, probably didn’t get the message, because they started groping the female lefties right away, even though the organizers interrupted the music a few times warning the “refugees” in Arabic to behave.

A girl told the press later that just a few minutes after she showed up with a friend, she got the first Arab hand on her breast. That was followed by many more hands and a forced kiss, which prompted her and many other girls to run away. If German men did that, they would have been jailed, but the feminazis just left without laying charges against the Arabs. A proper lefty way would be to sacrifice her pride and accommodate the poor traumatized “refugees” who are starved for sex.

Der Spiegel reported that the crimes perpetrated in Cologne by foreigners had been significant even before the sex incidents. Within the last three years, people mostly of Moroccan and Algerian background have robbed about 11,000 residents of the city. Things got worse with the new influx of new Muslims.

Even children are not safe from those vicious predators, maybe because they diligently follow the example of the pedophile who founded the Muslim cult. He had a soft spot for little girls. Children are attacked in swimming pools:

Police arrested a 19-year-old Afghan man on Saturday afternoon after they received complaints from four children. The girls, all aged between 11 and 13 years old were swimming at a public bath in Dresden when they were “touched immorally” by the man, reports MOPO24. Two other migrants were also suspected. Remarkably, the arrested man has since been released from police custody.

This is not the only case of young women being attacked by migrants in past days. Breitbart London reported last week on two sisters who were molested at a pool in Munich. Aged 14 and 17, the girls were groped “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees” while enjoying a water-slide at their local pool. Just as in Dresden, the Syrian and Afghan migrants responsible were arrested, but immediately released.

The magnitude of the crime wave is horrific. The Gatestone Institute published a long article about it, which covers in detail with local sources many shocking cases of Muslims raping women and children in Germany.

Following the anti-German directives of Merkel, the police have their hands tied. As we saw, in most cases they are forced to cover up or ignore the Muslim crimes and even to release the perpetrators. A policeman explains what he had to endure:

Referring to abuse and harassment against women, similar to those that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the officer said such cases are widespread in Bavaria as well.

“At the train station, women are sexually harassed and offended on regular basis. When we speak of an entry ban [to the area], they would shout on us: ‘You are not my police. You are a racist’.”

However, when a refugee needs to be controlled, the police cannot arrest him even for a while, the officer said, citing “superior orders” prescribing not to use coercive actions. “Our domestic rule is – better to let him run away.”

So what alternatives does Granny Hitler propose? They certainly don’t include stopping the invasion or deporting the animals who rape German women and children. They are expected to get used to living in fear. The most that the government would do is to try to educate “refugees”. Through picture posters they are taught not to shit in the showers; not to grab girls’ breasts in swimming pools, etc. etc. All these are things that will be ignored because in the perverted Muslim “culture” women (and especially infidel women) are nothing more than chattel and sex toys. The feminazi attitudes that are reluctant to oppose that perversion only convince Muslims that their ways are right. The Swedish feminazis flatly refuse to see this as a Muslim problem and stubbornly defend the point that all men are equal rapists.

Norway, which goes through the same cycle of Muslim rapes, is trying to educate the newcomers by lecturing them on the rules of sex etiquette. Recently Reuters covered such a class, where a female teacher explains to the Muslim invaders the local customs and makes them analyze hypothetical scenarios like this one:

One scenario features Hassan, “a helpful, good man who is well-liked” and who has been in Norway for more than a year. He goes out with Arne, a Norwegian, who says he wants to ply Stine, a Norwegian woman, with alcohol to “soften her up”. What should Hassan do, asks the teacher?

The consensus is that Hassan should try to stop Arne or make sure Stine gets home safely.

At least the feminazi hatred for the Western men is consistent across Western Europe. The evil Norwegian Arne tries to rape Stine and she is saved by the noble Muslim savage Hassan. In reality, in nine cases out of ten, Hassan will be the one to initiate the attack. He won’t bother to get Stine drunk (it’s cheaper that way), but would grab her by her wavy blonde hair and rape her in the parking lot. If Arne overcomes his fear of making a minority guy feel uncomfortable and interrupts the act to save Stine, the outraged Hassan would most likely stab him to death. Then the feminazis will say that it was all Arne’s fault because he didn’t show enough empathy for the poor traumatized refugee.

Eastern Europe flatly refused to admit those savages. Yes, there are facilities with a limited number of those “refugees,” but If Muslims try to repeat the Cologne rape stunt in any of those countries, they’ll be beaten into a bloody pulp shortly after the groping starts. And not just the men, but the women themselves will contribute to the beating. So they stay quiet and fight among themselves. It is sad but the Muslims brought with them the law of the jungle, for which the Westerners are not prepared. What could you expect from people whose cultural icon is Conchita Wurst, a puke-inducing bearded freak in a dress?

If Germans still remember that they are people with dignity, they may check the condition of the old courthouse in Nuremberg. It will be a good place to try the fascist gang of Angela Merkel that once again is destroying Germany. Then they’ll have to rebuild Spandau.


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