The Simpsons in Auschwitz

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Today is the worldwide Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day in 1945 soldiers of the Soviet Army entered for the first time the German concentration camp Auschwitz to be faced with the horrific picture of the survivors of Nazi violence. From that day on, the truth about what happened in those camps (which nobody wanted to take seriously) started its slow march into the hearts and the minds of millions of people.

During the seventy years that followed, every imaginable topic of the Holocaust has been covered from every conceivable position. We have seen documentaries and read testimonies of survivors; there have been others, who tried vigorously to belittle that catastrophe or to completely deny it or even worse – to exploit the Holocaust halo in “promoting” events whose impact is incomparable with the campaign to exterminate the Jews. It is hard to add anything that hasn’t been said before.

What’s even worse, many people are getting desensitized to those events – they see them as something that has happened long time ago, which has no effect on the life today.

Rarely can you see a point of view or interpretation that could shake up the long-established narrative and force us to see things differently. I would like to share such experience. A few days ago, while reading the Android app edition of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, I came across an article about the controversial art of the Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo. He creates stir by drawing well-known cartoon characters in situations and environments that are often unusual or shocking.

The latest controversy involved the Simpsons family from the TV cartoon series. As you can see in the two drawings (published in the article) Palombo placed Homer and Marge, along with their children, in a Nazi concentration camp. I admit that initially I found the drawings too weird and over the top. Yet I kept going back to them – there was something dark and haunting in those images.

simpsons-in-auschwitz-1simpsons-in-auschwitz-2“The Simpsons” is a satirical show. It uses laughter, jokes and ridicule to tackle many serious social issues and problems. Still, the laughter is its main power – just watching Bart or Homer could bring laughter from almost everybody.

Yet when Palombo places those characters in the concentration camp, the laughter disappears and all that remains are five frightened people locked in the horror of hopelessness. He helps us see that horror anew, with intensity that destroys our routine way of thinking about the Holocaust.

After seeing that, even more haunting is the question that comes up time after time: Could this happen again?

We all have heard the phrase “Never Again,” which is supposed to show resolve and decisiveness in preventing anything like the Holocaust from happening again, but too many people are giving just lip service to that promise while failing to take any practical steps. Even in the times of Hitler, most writers and politicians missed the signs of looming disaster either because of naiveté or due to wilful blindness.

In 1938 the anti-Semitic propaganda in Germany dominated the country; the school kids were indoctrinated by books like “The Poisonous Mushroom” by Ernst Hiemer. It gives tips on how to spot Jews and explains the horrible deeds that they do to children. The book is so virulently anti-Semitic that I will probably be accused of anti-Semitism, if I quote it here. Nobody seemed to notice the rampant Jew-hatred, but they noticed the refined tastes of Adolf Hitler.

In the November issue for 1938 of the British magazine Homes and Gardens, we can read an article about Hitler’s mountain home, in the spirit of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous,” where the author can hardly hide his fascination:

“Every morning at nine he goes out for a talk with his gardeners about their day’s work. These men, like the chauffeur and air-pilot, are not so much servants as loyal friends. A life-long vegetarian at table, Hitler’s kitchen plots are both varied and heavy in produce. Even in his meatless diet Hitler is something of a gourmet – as Sir John Simon and Mr. Anthony Eden were surprised to note when they dined with him in the Presidial Palace in Berlin. His Bavarian chef, Herr Kannenberg, contrives an imposing array of vegetarian dishes, savoury and rich, pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate, and all conforming to the dietic standards which Hitler exacts. But at Haus Wachenfeld he keeps a generous table for guests of normal tastes. Here bons viveurs like Field-Marshalls Goering and von Blomberg, and Joachim von Ribbentrop will forgather at dinner. Elaborate dishes like Caneton a la presse and truite saumonée a la Monseignor will then be served, with fine wines and liqueurs of von Ribbentrop’s expert choosing. Cigars and cigarettes are duly lighted at this terrace feast – though Hitler himself never smokes, nor does he take alcohol in any form.”

Herr Hitler the vegetarian and his chaps are truly nice and sophisticated people; they surely will take a good care of Czechoslovakia!

It was easier to be fooled by the Nazis at the time – Hitler was also a connoisseur of classical music, the Wagner festival in Bayreuth had never received more attention than when he was in power. The Auschwitz “angel of death” – Dr. Josef Mengele – was an accomplished violin player.

Nobody suspected (or didn’t want to see) what those people were doing in the rest of their time. Pondering those difficult questions, Hannah Arendt came up with the term “banality of evil,” after observing one of the architects of the Holocaust – Adolf Eichmann – during his trial in Israel. Leonard Cohen managed to express that concept vividly in a short poem (All There is to Know About Adolph Eichmann):

What did you expect?
Oversize incisors?
Green saliva?

(From “Selected Poems, 1956-1968” by Leonard Cohen, published by Bantam Books, 1971.)

Fast-forward to 2015. The promise of “Never Again” looks shakier than ever. The Jews in Western Europe are subjected to persecution, scorn and murders unseen since World War II. This time the enemy is easier to spot. The enemy doesn’t hide behind high musical tastes and gourmet vegetarian food; they don’t promote the worker-friendly program of Hitler’s National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany.

Instead of Caneton a la presse, the new enemy gulps down shawarma and cheap kabobs. They don’t hide that they hate not only classical music, but also everything created by the West (while lying at the same time that they invented almost everything valuable).

They don’t pretend to bring better social programs – they honestly admit that all they want to introduce is a barbaric medieval law called sharia, which plans to make slaves of all of us.

The enemy is Islam (Islam as a political doctrine, not the Muslims themselves, many of them want to get away from that cult, which is harmful to many of them as well). Yet once again the media and politicians are blind, which is much more difficult to accomplish today. The Nazis committed most of their atrocities in camps hidden from human eyes. The Muslims openly attack and kill infidels in the streets of the big Western cities and proudly broadcast the beheadings and any other atrocities they commit.

Still, all we hear from journalists and politicians (with rare exceptions) is that the barbarism has nothing to do with Islam and if we bring more or those savages to the West, our lives will be greatly enriched.

We can’t afford to be wrong again…

© 2015


Je Suis Charlie… or Probably Not



Several weeks have already passed from the horrific Muslim terrorist attack against the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Yet the event, which was initially branded the French 9/11, was quickly sanitized by the European media and the hapless politicians of the European Union and turned into a wishy-washy fest of imaginary multicultural tolerance, from which the only lesson they could derive was that only the empathic acceptance of every culture (no matter how bizarre its nature is) could assure the social harmony.

For starters, every justice defender headed toward the most powerful weapon for making social change and fighting injustice – Twitter. Passionate do-gooders came up with a new “powerful” hashtag – #JeSuisCharlie – to fight the terror. Typing feverishly on their iPhones and computers from the comfort of their warm rooms, the new warriors spread hundreds of thousands of useless 140-letter messages “confronting” the extremist evil.


Wrong: Old Mo never forgives

Twitter is a symptom of the deterioration of our civilization – created as a tool to write short messages, it was quickly appropriated by the social cowards, who are too dumb to engage in a detailed discussion or too scared to face a danger face to face, but still can feel morally superiority over the rest of us because they retweet the right hashtag. They do all that while the Muslim barbarians are killing thousands of Christians and other people they don’t like. Should bringing Twitter awareness to the Muslim world be the next EU project? (Do you remember the hashtag campaign to free the kidnapped Nigerian girls, in which even Mouchelle Obama took part? It surely terrified Boko Haram… not).

At the same time, almost none of the mainstream media outlets re-published Old Mo’s cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. They gave a variety of reasons for having cold feet, from respect for Islam to artistic reasons (seeing the drawings as tasteless), but the sad truth was that they were scared shitless of the Muslim savages, who could go after them with automatic weapons, instead of registering their indignation in 140-letter messages with the correct hashtags.

Another farcical element of the “resistance against extremism” was the demonstration led by the world leaders in Paris. It turned out that the only honest guy, who didn’t want to participate in that farce, was Barry Obama, who preferred to play golf with his sweetheart Reggie Love. And (unintentionally) he was right – nothing came out of that theatrical event. Leaders like Hollande and Merkel kept insisting that the Paris massacre, committed under the battle cry “Allahu Akbar,” had nothing to do with Islam. They preferred to keep their eyes closed until the next attack. The fact that they invited among them the old PLO terrorist Mahmoud Abbas speaks for itself – his organization and “government” are still actively involved in terrorism against Israel. At the same time they felt uneasy having Netanyahu at the event, even though Israel is the only country actively and consistently fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

The always helpful media presented the leaders as leading a massive demonstration of hundreds of thousands of people. The photos published everywhere didn’t leave any doubt about that.

The wise elders lead the masses

The wise elders lead the masses

However, other pictures, though not so widely promoted, showed that from a different angle the march didn’t look that epic at all.


A crowd of fearful “leaders”

That picture is much more believable – a row of statesmen (and the occasional stateswoman) followed by a modest crowd. I bet you that everyone in the crowd is somehow employed in the personal security business or is from the police and the whole photo-op was on a street, where the traffic had been stopped hours in advance and every window of every apartment secured. Nothing displays better the animal fear of Europe’s elites than this charade – the people, who are supposed to fight the Muslim danger, on one hand vigorously deny its existence, but on the other hand still take all necessary precautions during their demonstration of fake courage.

Unlike the cowards, who lead Europe, the journalists of Charlie Hebdo had neither the finances nor the desire to protect themselves from an attack. It has already been written a lot about their courage to confront and ridicule any social and political issue; many have noted the fact that the magazine was an equal-opportunity offender.

I have no problem with that, but when you verbally attack everything with the idea that there is nothing sacred worth defending, except the right to attack and ridicule, you often destroy the society and its ability to defend your right to attack. The reproductions of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons floating in the internet paint a curious picture of the magazine’s positions.

Charlie Hebdo is unapologetically leftist and that’s not unique among the satirists, but they go one step further by daring to make fun of Islam, which is a line the normal lefties won’t cross – after all, Islam is their imaginary ally in the fight against the world imperialism. However, the way they ridicule Islam – by just depicting the “prophet” – is very mild compared to what they say about the other religions. Here is a view on Judaism:

arton13971-4425bThis isn’t like the naked Mo, right? A cartoon like this could fit in any Muslim anti-Semitic publication. The context is not clear, but I could hardly see anything more offensive than showing an Orthodox Jew embraced in almost erotic hug and kiss with an SS officer at the entrance of Auschwitz (as the concentration camp’s logo – “Arbeit macht frei” – shows).

Christianity doesn’t get away easy, either. In a disgusting cartoon ridiculing the Holy Trinity our brave satirists depict the God Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit engaged in a homosexual threesome.

charlie-hebdoNo matter how offensive the image is, one thing is clear – Christians won’t go on a killing spree over the cartoon. Through its more than 2,000 years of history, Christianity has been through much worse than a few blasphemous cartoons by anarchist lefties and it still has survived. The problems begin when those lefties try to push Christianity out of the society whose moral foundations it helped establish.

I am not sure what the moral views of Charlie Hebdo are, other than the desire to eliminate morality. The reality is that people can’t live without some guiding principles in their everyday life. When you destroy the foundations of a civilization and people feel lost, the most violent and pushy doctrines fill the vacuum. In Charlie Hebdo’s world concepts as homeland, nation, and patriotism are dirty words. If the magazine’s position is taken seriously, people will lose their will to resist the well-organized Muslim menace, which is sweeping Europe.

The leftist positions of the magazine were clearly expressed in their fight on behalf of the socialist candidate Francois Hollande during the last presidential election in France. In a series about the ten reasons why Sarkozy must be defeated, they opposed his “austerity” plans:
CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40They didn’t forget to attack Marine Le Pen – showing her as the Gorgon Medusa whom for some strange reason Sarkozy may appoint a minister of the environment. And we are expected to believe that she would destroy that environment (as opposed to the green socialist schemes, which are the real disaster).

CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40And after Hollande won, Charlie Hebdo put him on the cover engaged in the highly humane activity of grinding Sarkozy’s head. Never mind that Hollande turned out to be one of the most unpopular socialist presidents of France (and most of them are socialists). In his half-assed attempts to save the dying welfare state and its main beneficiaries, the parasitic trade unions, he failed miserably and even his own supporters were upset with him.

ch1038In that imaginary socialist world Charlie Hebdo miscalculated the Muslims, seeing them as easy-going victims of the evil state. In the series against Sarkozy, they didn’t miss the chance to mock his immigration policies, which supposedly targeted unfairly the Muslims (I wish the statement were true, Sarkozy should’ve stopped Muslim immigration).

CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40This cartoon deserves a separate post, because it was drawn by none other but Georges Wolinski, one of the victims of the Muslim terrorist attack against the magazine. As you can see, Monsieur Wolinski had no problem with admitting backward fanatical Muslims into France – and the consequences of that policy are already painfully visible.

And in case you thought that the staff of Charlie Hebdo saw the danger of Islam, you will be quickly disproved by cartoons expressing their bland and widely-held position of the average Western coward that the terrorist crimes of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.
BzDJBUoIEAEXGluIt’s all ISIS’s fault – the pure Islam has nothing to do with the atrocities. They would behead even their “prophet” despite his protests and the only reaction is that he is asked to shut up. I am not sure if the cartoonists believed their own crap, but it is hard to avoid the fact, after observing their activities, that they go out of their way to make sure everything complies with the original pure form of Islam. Old Mo’s cult started as a brutal gang, which exterminated and beheaded any opponents, who thought he was out of his mind.

The position on Islam is curiously shared by the “rebellious” Charlie Hebdo and the cowardly European politicians – although we are faced with a vicious enemy, which tries to destroy us, both of them are simply not willing to name it, let alone start a fight against it.

But the resemblance ends here – unlike the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, the politicians are well-equipped to protect themselves (with our own money). The cartoonists are not – and they ended up with Muslim bullets in their bodies.

Despite the importance of the free speech issue, it is difficult to feel compassion for those who want to exercise it, but feel obligated to undermine the very society, which guarantees that right, and ridicule and mock those, who confront the forces (like Islam) which want to turn our world into a sharia-compliant hell with no place for Charlie Hebdo’s satire.

Sorry, Charlie, but I am not you…

© 2015


The Ontario Government and the Wind Energy Cover Up – a Movie Presentation




The Canadian Patriotic Society is proud to invite you to the community screening of a 2014 documentary “Down Wind” at Agincourt Public Library (155 Bonis Ave, Kennedy & Sheppard) in Scarborough on Tuesday, January 20th from 7 to 9:30 pm. The event is free for students and $10 for the general public. Please see attached flyer for more details. Here is the official trailer for the documentary:

“Down Wind” uncovers the devastating real life consequences on Ontarians especially those living in rural communities suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome, having their homes and land devalued, and their very way of life threatened if not altogether destroyed.  It also examines the economic ill effects of wind turbine mega projects that drive Ontario’s manufacturing sector out of province.

You will also learn about the uphill struggle of people in rural Ontario now banding together to push back against the government’s draconian measures, high powered Bay street lawyers and wind turbine corporations.

After the screening, two activists, Sherri Lange (CEO, North American Platform Against Wind Power) and Jessica Annis (President, Toronto Landowners Association) will speak and respond to questions from the audience.

Wind Turbine Questions:
* Why does Ontario have the highest energy costs in all of North America due to wind turbines?
* Why were the research results and expert advice against the turbines not taken into account?
* How can the Provincial government legally impose the Green Energy Act that supersedes 21 acts at local municipal level? Don’t we live in democracy?
* Is Wind Energy really green?

The Canadian Patriotic Society ( is a grassroots Scarborough group which stands for genuinely conservative values including smaller government, personal responsibility, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, individual human rights and rule of law.

We hope you can attend this event. Please spread the word.


Shobhna Kapoor, Founder
Canadian Patriotic Society


Temples and Deer in the Ancient Capital of Japan



A few days ago we visited Nara, an old city, which in 8th century was the capital of Japan. The pictures show our visit to the famous Todaiji Temple. This is a Buddhist temple erected in the 8th century, best known for two things – that it is the world’s largest wooden building and for its giant statue of Buddha. The temple complex occupies a large territory and includes a monastery.

However, the most interesting part of the temple complex is the deer that live there. According to the traditional Japanese beliefs, the deer are messengers of the gods (I guess that is similar to the status of the cow in India). They are allowed to roam free in what is known as a deer park, but actually you can see them in many other parts of the city.

They are quite friendly and curious animals, which are not afraid to approach people and enjoy attention. Another reason for their curiosity is food – they beg shamelessly for it and follow anybody, who could give it to them. Street vendors (mostly old women) sell packs of large rice crackers, which the deer love, for 150 yen (about $1.50). Once you buy a pack, you are almost instantly surrounded by a large group of deer and each one wants a piece. After the pack is eaten, they don’t leave immediately – some try to chew your coat or scarf or even break your plastic bag looking for food. The most impatient of them (especially males) start to bump you lightly with their heads.


A deer communicates with a tourist


Deer roaming the park


Waiting for attention


The rice crackers bring in the deer crowd


In front of the temple gates


The main building of the Todaiji Temple


Approaching the temple


The giant statue of Buddha


Another big statue


Buddha’s hand


Only a person without sins (or too skinny) could pass through that hole


That’s one ugly guy

© 2015

Steam Locomotive Train in Rural Japan 2015



In rural Japan you can escape from the frantic high-paced life in Tokyo or Yokohama, where everybody is in a hurry. The sleepy villages and towns remind us of the old Japan, in which people’s lives revolved around agriculture. We may need to add to that the decrease of the population, which makes some villages look like ghost towns.

We visited the other day such an area, located in the Ibaraki Prefecture, about 60 km north of Tokyo. The area is famous for its pottery and stores selling ceramic plates and cups could be seen all over the place. The main attraction of the town, however, is the old train which uses a steam locomotive. But that’s not a regular train – the regular ones are electrical as everywhere else in Japan.  The Japanese railways operate several steam locomotive trains as tourist attractions (I think there are nine such trains on the island of Honshu, where Ibaraki is located). The train runs only Saturdays and Sundays over only about 40 km long line.The locomotive is C 11 325, built in 1944.

The obsession with photography in Japan is well known. This train is not an exception – the interest about it is high. Following the itinerary,  you can see many photographers waiting for it with their tripods and high-zoom lenses next to their vans or cars, waiting to take their pictures. Once the train is gone, they hop with their equipment into the cars and drive to a new location to photograph the train in new scenery. An unpleasant side effect of being around a steam train is the soot coming from it, which eventually covers your clothes (there is no other way, since coal is the engine’s fuel).

We followed the train with a car for most of the time. At the final station, the locomotive is detached and placed on a special rotating device to change its direction.

The video below and the pictures show that trip.



An old Japanese railway station – from the outside


Inside the station


The steam train


The train at the station


A curious audience


The train is ready to leave


Changing the direction

© 2015

Orthodox Christmas in Japan 2015



In the calendar used by most Orthodox Churches the Christmas Day falls on January 7. Yesterday we marked it by visiting the beautiful St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Tokyo. It is the main place of worship of the Japanese Orthodox Church. Though established only recently (just over one hundred years ago), it has thousands of followers. Ironically, its followers might be more than those in some of the ancient Orthodox Churches in the Middle East, whose members are being systematically exterminated by Muslim barbarians.

The cathedral bears the name of the Russian priest Father Nicholas, who brought Orthodox Christianity to Japan in the 19th century. Although the staff and the administration of the cathedral are Japanese, the place is also visited by many Russians, who now live in Japan (we met some of them during the service). Here are some photos from the outside – this winter is relatively mild in Japan, so there is no snow. (Unfortunately, taking pictures inside the church is not allowed.)


Muslim Savages Kill at Least 11 Charlie Hebdo Journalists in Paris



It is hard to deny that Islam is the most repulsive cult on the face of the earth, owing its “fame” as the world’s fastest growing religion on it throat-cutting “missionaries” (who don’t leave you any other choice) and on the Mafia-like structure, which allows you to leave that rapists’ religion only if you are dead – if you are not, they will take care of that.

Europe is gradually being taken over by those savages with the blessings of the treacherous elites (you may remember how Angela Merkel chastised her subjects for demonstrating against the Muslim menace in Germany). In France, despite the numerous terrorist acts and murders of Jews, the ruling pansies still tried desperately to present that filthy cult as a wonderful religion.

Well, I don’t know if this would be possible to do again, but today’s horrific news of a gang of Muslim animals attacking the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo may change things. I am not talking about the Brussels pansies, who will defend the stinky Muslim menace until their throats are cut by the people they protect. I am talking about the ordinary people, who don’t live in gated communities and have to deal every day with Islamic savages who kill them and rape their children. If France doesn’t wake up after that, it fully deserves its fate.

The details of the massacre are still sketchy, but one thing is clear – letting into Europe those desert savages is not going to end up well.

There is not much we can do at this time, but let’s remember – the people who published the magazine died for daring to ridicule the most powerful criminal syndicate in the world – Islam. We can’t stop now. We can’t surrender. We need to continue the struggle that Charlie Hebdo fought so fiercely.

Below are some of the cartoons published by the magazine. Don’t let their work die. Spread them. Don’t let the barbarian child rapists and mass murderers win.


New Year’s Eve at a Buddhist Temple in Japan



The co-existence of several traditions in Japan creates a unique mix of antiquity and modernity. The majority of the Japanese are followers of Buddhism (and also of the traditional Japanese religion – Shintoism). Buddhism in Japan has adapted to a great degree to modernity – for example, while in many Buddhist countries they still use the lunar calendar, which makes the New Year Day floating, in Japan the New Year always arrives on January 1, even in the temples.

The Buddhist tradition requires the ringing of the temple bell in the night before the first day of the New Year. Every temple has a large bell, but unlike the church bells in the West, which make their sounds by moving the clapper inside, the Japanese bells ring by being hit by a large wooden log attached horizontally with ropes to the roof of the temple bell house.


Bell house at a Buddhist temple in Japan

During that night, starting exactly at midnight, the monks hold a short ceremony and start ringing the bell and then are joined by the visitors who do the same. The bell is supposed to ring over one hundred times, which brings purification and atonement for the transgressions committed during the year. All over the country, millions of people attend that ceremony at thousands of temples.

Last night we attended the bell ringing at a small temple in the university town of Tsukuba. Even though the place was small, it attracted over 100 people. We even spotted a Muslima with hijab in the crowd – it turned out she was an Indonesian physicist studying at the university (at this point it looks like not all Indonesians are extremely fanatical).

Exactly at midnight a group of temple monks showed up and started their prayers and chants. That took about ten minutes and in the end of the ceremony they hit the bell with the large piece of wood. After they finished, it was the visitors turn – they patiently waited in a long line to ring the temple bell.

Here are a few more pictures from that night:


Trees in the temple’s yard


Incense vessel – behind it there are old gravestones


An old statue at the entrance of the temple


People gather for the bell-ringing ceremony


The temple monks arrive for the ceremony


The ceremony begins


The temple visitors ring the bell

© 2015

Fire in Toronto – Flames Destroy Two Landmark Italian Restaurants



A large fire last night – on Christmas Day – claimed two popular Italian restaurants in downtown Toronto. Sotto Sotto and Spuntini Ristorante, located in the same building on Avenue Road, were destroyed. The fire started at about 8 p.m. and dozens of fire trucks were on the scene trying to put it under the control. On the third floor of the building there was an apartment, but it seems nobody was there when the fire started (both restaurants were closed for Christmas).

By the time I arrives, the fire in the building was mostly extinguished, but there was thick smoke coming from the broken windows. Unfortunately, the fire spread to the roof of a neighbouring building  and that took another two hours to extinguish. Here are a few pictures from the disaster.

fire-toronto-christmas-day-2014-1fire-toronto-christmas-day-2014-2fire-toronto-christmas-day-2014-3fire-toronto-christmas-day-2014-4© 2014

Muslim Terrorism in Australia and the Trashy Left That Enables It



The satanic cult has struck again, this time in Australia. After over 16-hour long ordeal, during which a Muslim terrorist held dozens of hostages in a Lindt coffee shop in Sydney, the case was ended after heavily armed police stormed the place. Three people are dead; fortunately the violent Muslim animal is one of them.

As usual, the mainstream media went out of their way to downplay the terrorist attack and present it as some kind of an odd occurrence that is not so important. The independent internet sources followed the crisis diligently. The Canadian blogger Blazingcatfur pointed out early on, while the events were still unravelling, that this was a terrorist attack:

In a blow to the left wing narrative of denial and the MSM in general the Muslim(s) holding hostages at a Sydney cafe has demanded the media call the event an attack by the Islamic state.

The Muslim(s) have further demanded an Islamic State flag be supplied in return for the release of hostages and that a meeting be arranged with the Aussie PM.

That was a classic case of Muslim terrorist attack.

It was quite amazing that the leading papers had “questions” about what was really happening, while one of the first pictures taken after the hostages were trapped inside showed two staffers forced to hold at the window a black Muslim flag with Arabic script.

The supposedly conservative Canadian newspaper National Post released an article with a large headline comforting its readers that that wasn’t actually the ISIS flag, but another type of Muslim banner:

That isn’t an ISIS flag that hostages are forced to hold up in the cafe window. It is the Shahada

What a relief! Don’t you feel great now? It is so much better to know that the hostages are threatened with murder by somebody carrying the Shahada flag, instead of being threatened with murder by somebody who carries the ISIS flag. Wait a minute, aren’t both options the same? Not in the imaginary world of the media…

The article goes further into diminishing the terrorist danger and even praises the craftsmanship of the beautiful flag:

MacQueen said if the siege “was centrally organized from Syria or Iraq” by ISIS, the hostage-taker would not have used the Shabadah.

The people holding hostages “may be young guys, maybe not savvy,” he said. “They’ve got their hands on a bit of paraphernalia to suggest they have aligned themselves with the IS.”

A translation by Australia’s Fairfax Media found the cafe-window flag was remarkable for the precision of the classical Arabic script.

Mass-produced flags typically skip the more complex grammatical notation – such as short vowel signs – because they are hard to reproduce. But this flag was precise in detail, suggesting it was not mass-produced.

Again, it appears that the poor hostages could be grateful for being held by a terrorist knowledgeable in complex Arab grammatical notation, instead of a bunch of ignorant young guys with a hastily made flag. It obviously doesn’t matter that in both cases you would be dead in the end.

The CBC, which defended its own Muslim sex pervert Jian Ghomeshi to the bitter end (the hostage taker in Sydney also turned out to be a sex pervert), also did their best to obfuscate the real nature of the horrible events. A commenter (Solo712) summarized their coverage quite well:

CBC coverage summary of the hostage taking: 1) motives of the kidnapper are unknown, 2) flag displayed in the window is an ‘Islamic declaration’ (in fact it is ‘shahada’, oath of faith saying ‘There is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet’), 3) 90,000 Australian responded to the hashtag “Illridewithyou” offering to act as shields for people dressed as Muslims riding trains against insane Islamophobes, 4) the second group of 5 hostages “has been released”. This contradicts the earlier item that the first five escaped and made the hostage taker “very angry”. You gotta love the CBC spin on this.

The unintended positive effect of the Muslim terrorist attacks on the West is that they reveal weaknesses, omissions, and even scandalous incompetence in the way our countries are governed. The Sydney terror wasn’t an exception. While the events were unfolding, the information about the Muslim terrorist that started to trickle in, revealed a few shocking facts about how the Australian government is dealing with the Muslim extremism.


The Sydney Muslim terrorist in happier times

The Sydney Muslim terrorist in happier times

The terrorist was the 50-year old Iranian “refugee” Man Haron Monis. He was one of the thousands of parasites, who came in 1996 to take advantage of the generous Australian welfare state. He was also a self-styled “Sheikh” and a preacher.

The police revealed that they had been very familiar with that Muslim creature. There was a long laundry list of criminal charges against him, including accessory to murder and sexual assault. According to the information, he was currently out on bail for 47 sexual assaults. The murder charge is related to the death of his wife.

Well, I have never been to Australia, but I know that its judicial system is governed by the British common law, which is also applied in the UK, USA and Canada. Australian precedents are sometimes quoted in Canadian courts. If that is so, how the hell a Muslim sex maniac suspected of 47 assaults could walk out on bail?!

It seems that the Australian courts had been heavily influenced by the sharia rules that are lenient to Muslims, who sexually abuse kaffir women (after all, the Koran says that they are slaves that don’t deserve much respect). Right now, as I wrote before, the free speech activist Eric Brazau is held for a fifth month in Toronto without bail for criticizing Islam on the subway. The difference in treatment is self-evident.

But wait, there’s more! The Iranian Muslim animal is known in Australia for sending hundreds of defamatory letters to families of soldiers, who have died in the war against terror. In full compliance with the sharia law, all he got for that despicable activity was 300 hours of community service.

He also ran an extremist website and used Twitter to preach his barbaric views.

2014-12-15 14_21_10-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS su2014-12-15 14_22_01-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS su2014-12-15 14_22_47-AUSTRALIA_ Tweets from the Muslim terrorist Sheikh Haron, hostage taker, ISIS suThe mainstream Muslim organizations tolerate such behaviour and try to present it as some kind of a harmless, though overzealous passion. The notorious booklet United Against Terrorism, released by the RCMP, the National Council of Canadian Muslims and other organizations, tried to paint jihad (Islam’s terrorist element) as a “noble concept” and suggested that Muslim radicalization is not a big deal (on page 9):


Radicalization is a more advanced form of extremism and can find itself manifesting in the political and social views. Radicalization, just like extremism, does not always necessarily translate into terrorism or other related forms of violence. Radicalism becomes problematic when it causes hatred and manifests itself through violence that can harm individuals or society. In the more common use of the term, radicalization implies the recruiting and brainwashing of individuals (especially youth) to take up such violent narratives.

For more information refer to:


Anyone can hold radical views or opinions on geo-political, economic, environmental, social or religious matters. The challenge is to distinguish them from calls for violence, believing and acting on these calls to violence either against individual civilians, groups or the state and its government. The call for violence includes promoting hate that may lead to violence and inciting violence and hate through the spoken or written word or through one’s actions.

It’s all nice, but with the rampant radicalization, which is so common in Islam, you never know which crazy follower will snap out with tragic consequences for all of us.

However, despite the government support for violent Islam, the latter won’t be able to make serious advances, if it weren’t for the thousands of deranged lefty useful idiots, who hate our civilization and are ready to support anyone who wants to destroy it. They are willing to distort any event and make vile terrorists look like innocent victims. While the hostages were still held and nobody knew what their fate would be, the useful idiots were up in arms defending Islam without a single word of compassion for the real victims.

As it is customary in these crazy times, the main battles for “social justice” are fought with hashtags on Tweeter. (Do you remember the hashtag war against Boko Haram calling for release of the abducted Christian girls? Despite Moochelle Obama’s holding a paper with the hashtag, looking like a wounded puppy, the girls are still being raped by the Muslim savages.)

This time the newly-invented hashtag was “I’ll ride with you,” offering protection to the Muslim fanatics in religious attire, who will supposedly be targeted by violent Australians the next day. The creature below came up with the idea:

2014-12-15 12_25_59-Sir Tessa (@sirtessa) _ TwitterIt is not clear if “Sir Tessa” is a man, woman or a simple tranny, but he/she/it will scare the hell out of any Muslim willing to ride with it. Tessa hasn’t probably bathed since Gillard’s administration. He/she/it made an offer to the Muslims in a tweet:

2014-12-15 12_27_55-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ ToronLater Tessa needed to clarify that it won’t be a pleasant ride, because the creature can communicate in the morning only through a phone. Obviously, the brain activity kicks in late after a regular hangover or too much of coke snorting.

2014-12-15 12_26_46-Sir Tessa (@sirtessa) _ TwitterOf course, if it is something designed to put down Australia, it doesn’t matter if a junkie or a drunk is proposing it. It will be supported by all means. The Twitter army of deranged lefties adored the idea and embraced it:

2014-12-15 12_13_43-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ Toron“Let muslim Australians know you’ve got their back.” (While they are shooting other Australians in the back.)

It is so much better to ignore the ugly truth about the Muslim barbarism and pretend that we are a huge, happy, shiny family.2014-12-15 12_14_21-#illridewithyou_ Australians offer support to Muslims after Sydney siege _ ToronI am sure that most of the idiots supporting the idea would ecstatic to read Sir Tessa’s racist rants against the race that comprises Australia. That person runs a blog, where you can find a long post with the following pearls of racist wisdom:

You are not doing anyone a service. Just as we are never able to not be PoC [Person of Colour], you are never excused from being white. You will always hold the balance of power, and there is nothing in the current circumstances that absolves you from your privilege. You are kicking down.

The message is that people like me are lesser. The message is that you, the hegemony, just like the idea of being progressive. You love the idea of being good and active and part of the rebellion. You love that idea. But you’re not prepared to think of non-white people as anything other than lesser. You’re not even prepared to admit the possibility of this unconscious bias.

To dismiss this as ‘online drama’ is an exercise of white privilege. To call for everyone to ‘get back to work’ is an exercise in white privilege. To ‘stay out of it’ is an exercise in white privilege. I’m repeating myself because for fuck’s sake this is repeating because the problem is not being addressed.

The usual insane orgy of spiritual self-mutilation… That pathetic piece of trash thinks that its self-humiliating ramblings will win the benevolent support of those who invaded Australia. It obviously is impossible to comprehend that the veiled Muslim gargoyle willing to ride with this creature will still hate it – there is no place in her world for somebody like it. And this is the unfortunate truth about those people – they never realize they are being used.

Sir Tessa and the Iranian terrorist are a perfect match. The terrorist despises Tessa but is willing to use his/her/its help to drag down the Western civilization. Then it will be over – there will be no place for such creatures in a Muslim Australia. For starters, there will be nobody to write welfare cheques anymore and in the Mad-Max-like Muslim world, Tessa’s art creativity won’t be a good match to the brutal survival skills of an average Muslim jihadist.

Such useless white trash like Tessa wants nothing less than destroying the only world they can survive in. It is up to us to stop them.

© 2014

Auschwitz Bedding for Sale in Bulgaria



The current moral decay of Europe is a fact that can’t be ignored. In such environment anti-Semitism pops up with inevitable predictability. The surrender of traditional values increases the influence of dark and destructive forces. They are everywhere – killing of Jews in France by Muslim fanatics; persecution of Jews in Sweden by the same people; mass boycott of Israeli goods in Ireland, etc. It all happens due to the reluctance of the governments to get involved.

Another example in that somber string of events comes from Bulgaria. The news site Club Z (h/t I.S.) reports about a strange item placed for sale on one of the large Bulgarian buy and sell websites. The ad was selling “Bedding set for Nazis with swastika and Auschwitz” for 70 Bulgarian leva (that’s about Canadian $52). The item was exactly what it claimed to be.

auschwitz-bedding-in-bulgariaAs you can see in the screenshot, the set includes a pillow with the design of the official German Nazi flag, a comforter depicting the entrance of the Auschwitz concentration camp and a bed sheet whose design can’t be seen. The ad was placed on November 28 and removed shortly after Club Z published the article about it on December 12, meaning that it was kept for two weeks and few people had problem with it.

The ad was posted by someone going under the name “psimeonoov” and offered only one set, but didn’t provide details about its origin. Judging from the quality of the items, it is very unlikely that the seller produced them himself. There is probably someone with industrial capabilities behind it and hopefully the government could get to the bottom of the case (if they desire so).

Club Z also reports that there were comments to the ad displaying the number 88, which they explain as an abbreviated symbol of “Heil Hitler” (H is the 8th letter in the German alphabet). Further in the article they remind the readers that similar displays are punishable under section 108 of the Bulgarian Criminal Code:

“Spreading of fascist or other anti-democratic ideology or involvement in activities to change by force the social and state order established by the Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria are punishable by prison time of up to 3 years or a fine of up to 5,000 leva.”

Unfortunately, that section is rarely applied. Consecutive corrupt governments have neglected the worsening of the conditions in the country. Only after the terrorist act in Burgas two years ago, when 7 Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian driver were killed, they started doing at least something. Now Muslim radicalism is being noticed after ignoring for many years the work of Saudi Islamic foundations among the Bulgarian Turks and gypsies.

Ironically, comments similar to those under the ad also appeared under the Club Z article. It’s troubling that some supported that seller. A “Veselin Markov” observes:

“Now it’s time to send the police dogs after the hundreds of stands selling t-shirts, souvenirs, and all other garbage with the images of the disgusting Lenin, Stalin, stars and other communist symbols, faces and slogans! We are waiting! And… you idiots, when you sell something, you are simply selling it! The supermarkets don’t promote murder of animals, if they sell meat. Do the liquor stores promote alcoholism or the pharmacies drug use???”

It is a confusing statement, but there were worse comments:

“The bedding set is superb, whatever they say, that’s part of history. As we all know, we can’t and we shouldn’t forget it.”

“When Hitler came to power, he introduced a 5-day work week, 8-hour work day, mandatory vacations and resorts for workers. How many of the whining “anti-fascists” here know about that? Even the Discovery History channel admitted it. It’s a fact. And what are the work time and the pay for the workers in the field of tourism at the [Bulgarian] Black Sea cost, do you know? Fascism and exploitation is what is happening here and now.”

Those are the comments they approved. Club Z removed a comment from someone going under the name “Gestapo,” so I can imagine what he or she wrote.

Anti-Semitism has always been present in Eastern Europe. It gets stronger during social turmoil, when it is necessary to find somebody to blame and Bulgaria has been in such turmoil since the fall of communism. Unlike in Russia, in Bulgaria anti-Semitism has always been limited to grumbling and spreading conspiracy theories. There has never been violence or pogroms.

During World War II, despite the fact that Bulgaria was part of the Axis, all the 50,000 Bulgarian Jews were saved from deportation despite Hitler’s constant pressure. It was a joint effort of several forces – King Boris III, the Parliament (especially his speaker Dimitar Peshev), and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, with the overwhelming support of the people. (That fact is often ignored, while the saving of the Danish Jews is widely publicized. The same applies to Japan, which saved over 20,000 Jews in Shanghai, rejecting the demands of Himmler’s emissaries to exterminate them).

That didn’t end up well for the participants – the King died in August 1943, shortly after his last meeting with Hitler in Berlin. He got sick in the airplane on his way back, which started a rumour that he was poisoned by the Nazis. In 1944 the Soviet Union occupied Bulgaria (there was no war and not a single Russian soldier was killed) and installed a communist government. Within the first few years nearly 70,000 people were killed in communist repressions. Peshev survived, but spent many years in jails and concentration camps to die in abject poverty. As of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, well, you know what happens to churches under communism.

The Bulgarian Communist Party, which was a tiny organization during the war, and its even tinier functionary Todor Zhivkov (who later became president), took the credit for saving the Jews. As of the Jews, after the restoration of their state, most of them immigrated to Israel (only about 5,000 remained).

The communist government didn’t contribute much to improving the image of the Jews. On the contrary, after the 1967 war, to accommodate the “progressive” Arab dictators, Bulgaria severed its diplomatic relations with Israel. Later, in 1975, it was instrumental in promoting and adopting the infamous UN resolution, which equates Zionism to racism and racial discrimination. The official newspapers (and they all were official) used to publish anti-Israeli cartoons and propaganda, which nowadays you can see only in Arab newspapers.

After the fall of communism things improved at government level, but the anti-Jewish feelings are still lurking underneath. It didn’t help that organizations promoting globalist values (like the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, the Open Society Institute and others) entered aggressively the public space, often engaging in activities that ignore the reality in the country (whitewashing the rampant gypsy crime, for example). Many of those organizations are generously financed by George Soros and the circle around him, which feeds the flames of anti-Semitism – he is seen as a sinister head of a Zionist plot to destroy the country. Of course, few people in Bulgaria know that his activities harm Israel as well.

Is there any lesson to be learned here?

I guess we should always remember that our world has become much more complicated than it was during the bipolar world order, which dominated it 25 years ago. We must not take anything for granted – even such simple fact that everybody is supposed to know what happened in Auschwitz. In the times of Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians, the worldwide dumbing down of the masses is frightening. The 5-minute attention span makes is necessary to remind everybody about the ugly events in the world history. That may help to prevent them from happening again.

© 2014

Another Pathetic Muslim Convert Threatens Canada



It appears that the militant Islam in Canada has found an elegant way to pursue its sinister goals – instead of using the “pure” Arab Muslims, it now relies on average Canadian suckers, who have had the misfortune to join that questionable cult. Now we have a whole collection of those losers; not only can you spot those converts at any pro-Hamas rally in Toronto – pale girls with hijabs and scrawny red-haired guys in night gowns – but some of them also do the dirty work of the Muslim terrorists.

Last year an Orthodox Greek from London (Ontario) died as a “Muslim martyr” in an attack in Algeria. Another guy from the same city – a Korean – spent time in jail in Africa for terrorism and naturally, when he came back, our compassionate government didn’t bother him at all. Both terrorists, who recently killed Canadian soldiers (in a Quebec town and in Ottawa) were converts, who could be described most accurately as bums.

Nobody knows how many of those converts are fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Some of them emerge from time to time either as deceased martyrs or propaganda tools. The latest specimen to make his existence know in the internet universe is John Maguire. In a video released by ISIS a few days ago, he made numerous threats against the country, where he was born and raised – Canada (h/t BCF).

Despite his attempts to look like a scary warrior of Islam (by using aliases worthy of a first-class PLO terrorist, like Yahya Maguire on Twitter and Abu Anwar al-Canadi in the video), he can’t escape the image of a pathetic loser, who would do anything to make somebody like him, including joining a death cult.

He can’t even grow a normal beard and his effeminate look must be a major turn on for his hairy terrorist comrades of Arab descent. I suspect that he becomes the target of their stormy passion when the number of sensual goats present in the ISIS camp is insufficient.

As one may assume, there was nothing remarkable or traumatic in his upbringing:

Maguire grew up in Kemptville, Ont., about 50 kilometres south of Ottawa. His father was a mechanic who used the family garage as his auto shop, and his mother worked in a nursing home. He was one of two children and had a pet horse. He played guitar in a punk band called the Shackles, which held concerts in church basements. He also played hockey, an experience he references in the ISIS video.

A clue about his transformation could be found in the fact that he attended the University of Ottawa. Universities like it (and York University in Toronto) and specifically their liberal arts departments are breeding ground of militant environmentalism, anti-Semitism, social-justice-ism and other forms of acute leftist insanity. Though many of the affected don’t go that far and eventually (almost) outgrow that phase, those who want to do more continue their “work” and Islam provides a convenient channel.

If it weren’t for Islam, the two terrorist murderers, the London guys and Maguire, all of whom had no purpose in life, would’ve led a boring and lacklustre existence with the occasional screams and curses at anti-Israeli demonstrations. The Muslim jihad gave them a definitive purpose, showed them that they “could be contenders, could be somebody” (if not in this life, then for sure in the next, surrounded by 72 perpetual virgins, hopefully women).

Many Muslims, born into the cult, are aware of its problems and keep their distance, though they don’t oppose it (in Islam apostasy is ruled by the principle of separation of body and head). That leaves the poor suckers, who converted, to do the dirty work of achieving Muslim domination, from which all Muslims will benefit. Isn’t it time to treat Islam as a dangerous supremacist ideology (because that’s what it is)?

© 2014

The Vicar of Baghdad Visits Toronto



The persecution and extermination of Christians, which have plagued the Middle East for the last few years, rarely receive the coverage they deserve in the mainstream media. The attempts to whitewash the most repulsive Muslim barbarism, which causes them, as a phenomenon that somehow has nothing to do with the “real” Islam often distorts that coverage.

It is always a surprise and an unforgettable experience to see in person somebody, who has been in the heart of the events in that turbulent area. On Tuesday night we had the rare chance to meet such a person at St. Paul’s Bloor Street Anglican Church. The Reverend Canon Andrew White, also known as the Vicar of Baghdad was its guest.


The Vicar of Baghdad in Toronto

The name with which he became famous came from his position as the Vicar of the only Anglican Church in Baghdad. He is representing a dwindling and dying congregation and his appearance the other night sadly matched that gloomy reality. He looked as if he was transported from a bygone era – old-fashioned glasses with thick lenses and equally old-fashioned suit with a bow tie and matching pocket square.

For the most of his life he had to fight many challenges that sometimes can crush a weaker person. In his 30’s he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Though the condition has impaired his ability to speak clearly, the Vicar has not allowed the disease to slow him down.

He went to Iraq during Saddam’s years, invited by the only Christian in the dictator’s circle – Tariq Azis. The Vicar became a witness of the dictatorship (which nevertheless guaranteed Christians’ religious rights). Then he saw the destruction of the wars and the emerging Islamic cruelty, rarely seen before. In the beginning of his stay he was able to move freely around, in the recent years the Vicar was forced to go out surrounded by dozens of armed guards, if he wanted to stay alive.

In his message he talked about Mesopotamia, the place so closely related to the events described in the Old Testament. Then the Christianity left its mark there, starting from St. Thomas. It flourished despite the many problems, but the newest forms of Muslim fanaticism are most likely going to put an end to it. The majority of the Christians in Iraq had been chased away, many of them killed, and the remaining don’t see any future there and want to get out.

All that Rev. Canon White hears now are more and more stories of murder and cruelty against Christians most of whom he knew personally. Somebody from his church called him recently crying – the Muslim terrorists gave him a choice to convert to Islam or die. He chose to utter the hated Muslim conversion phrase and now he was devastated, asking: “Will Jesus accept me now?” The Vicar replied that Jesus would always love him and look over him.

Another tragedy he shared with sadness was the similar attempt to convert four Christian Iraqi boys – they refused to indulge the Muslim terrorists and were beheaded. The Vicar saw in that the heroism of the Christian martyrs coming back to life in a new era. (That speaks clearly about the abyss dividing the Christian and Islamic concepts of martyrdom – in Christianity it is about withstanding the challenges against your faith, sometimes to the point of sacrificing your life; in Islam martyrdom is measured by the number of the infidels the faithful could kill with their suicide vest.)


The Vicar sings

Despite the tragic fate of the Christians that he discussed during his presentation, he still didn’t want to give up and abandon the believers in Iraq. He tried to cheer up the audience by asking it to sing “Down in My Heart”. The audience was too depressed to do that, so he had to start singing and even jokingly “chastise” the visitors as being the most boring of all the places he had been to. That finally did the trick and lifted people’s spirits, urging them to sing.

The Vicar’s whole life has been dedicated to his beloved Christian flock and even in those difficult times he was thinking of them. He sold books and posters and it was the only way to keep those people fed and warm in the camps where they had to live.

It was an unforgettable evening strangely dominated by the opposing emotions of hope and despair.

© 2014

Lena Dunham, Rape Allegations and the War on Men



The mantras of “war on women,” along with “systematic institutionalized racism,” have been the cornerstone of Obama’s policy of divide and conquer. Barry the Omega Man has persistently strived to prove that he is just “one of the girls” in order to gain the coveted female vote. His propaganda machine exploits imaginary issues, which are dear to the hearts and minds of the most radical of the radical feminists.

You may remember how Mitt Romney’s phrase “binders of women,” said during a public presentation, was immediately explained as a sinister intent to “dehumanize” women (while all Romney meant was that his office at the time had the information about many women). An even odder choice was Sandra Fluke, a standard-bearer of Obama’s agenda, who became famous for demanding that other people pay for her contraceptives. Anyone who disagreed with her was fighting women. The supporters of that over-aged “student” failed to notice that the amount of contraceptives she demanded was enough to keep a well-staffed whorehouse in Reno running for months.


Now Ms. Fluke is forgotten or at best seen as a fluke in the campaign of an incompetent President. However, the propaganda machine is still running and it needs new heroes. It even becomes more aggressive and from a defender of women from imaginary attacks, it turns into a tool to fight men. The recent disturbing surge in false rape accusations, which are widely circulated as truth by the liberal media, are a proof of that disturbing trend.

Take for example Lena Dunham. She is a celebrity-du-jour, at least one step above the Kardashians, because she has her own real HBO show – “Girls,” which I haven’t seen (and that’s an unintended bonus from cancelling my HBO channel years ago). As it is often the case, the desire of the publishers to milk the fleeting fame of such young “starlets” results in horrible biographies or memoirs of people, who never had a life worth covering (the Olsen Twins and Justin Bieber anyone?). Lena Dunham is not an exception. Random House published recently her “memoirs” Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”.

Soon after that the esteemed author got into trouble with Ben Shapiro from He noticed some disturbing parts in the book describing Lena’s relations with her kid sister. Putting it mildly, she described actions, which could land a person in a court of law defending himself or herself against molestation charges. Despite the fact that Shapiro quoted the exact passages, Lena was still furious and threatened him with a lawsuit. (Looks like the cutting-edge feminists are above the law.)

It turned out there was more – Breitbart revealed that the book also contained accusations of rape, committed by an easily identifiable person:

The man identified as “Barry One” in a Breitbart News investigation debunking Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in college by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry, has made his first official statement since the release of that report. Through his attorney, identified as Aaron Minc, Barry One has set up a legal fund to cover current legal expenses, clear his name, and to potentially file suit against Ms. Dunham…

“All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation,” the statement reads, “including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.”

At that point I decided that I had to read the book to form a fair opinion about Ms. Dunham. I admit – it was a torturous experience. Musings of an empty-minded girl with an empty life. Other than the escapades with her sister, she was involved in eating cold pizza; maintaining a messy room; turning to veganism; kicking out her father regularly from the family bed in the middle of the night to sleep with her mother and many other little things, which could hardly keep the reader’s attention. No matter how hard she tries to look disturbed, her boring privileged life can’t turn her into a new Holden Caulfield; neither can her (or her ghostwriter’s) lackluster writing make her a new Salinger.

She compensates for mediocrity by trying to be shocking, but that doesn’t help either. We are told that she learned about the concept of rape at an early age (sorry, no page numbers, I am quoting the Kindle edition):

When I was seven I learned the word “rape,” but I thought it was “rabe.” I pronounced it like the playwright, not the broccoli, and I used it with reckless abandon. One afternoon as I read on the couch, my two-year-old sister toddled over to me, her balloon-printed pajamas saggy in the butt from a dirty diaper. Oh, the injustice of having to live with a child. Grace, wanting desperately to play, grabbed at my feet and ankles. When that failed to elicit a reaction, she began to climb me like a jungle gym, giggling that baby giggle.

               “Mom! Papa!” I screamed. “She’s rabing me! She’s rabing me!”

The dirty diaper stopped Lena from responding in her proper way. Her obsession with rape rears its ugly head a couple of years later when she is with her Irish nanny Noni coming back from school (Lena feels compelled to tell us that Noni couldn’t open properly her mouth due to jaw damage in a car accident). When a newspaper vendor looks at Lena, she whispers at Noni: “I think he’s trying to rape me.”

Though she claims she is attracted to jerks, they still need to have something “progressive” in their views:

Mike was the first person to go down on me, after a party to benefit Palestine, on my dorm room rug. I felt like I was being chewed on by a child that wasn’t mine.

Who could’ve suspected that a PLO weapon-buying party could induce such a powerful desire for oral sex? Though Lena digs jerks, her positive feelings don’t extend to creepy guys on the wrong political spectrum, like “Barry,” who was already mentioned:

Barry, Audrey and I agreed, was creepy. He had a mustache that rode the line between ironic Williamsburg fashion and big-buck hunter, and he wore the kind of white Reeboks last seen in an ’80s exercise video. He worked part-time at the library, and I would often see him skulking along the aisles, shelving books in the wrong places. In social settings, he commanded attention with his aggressively masculine physicality and a voice that went Barry White low. There was a story about him punching a girl in the boobs at a party. He was a Republican. All reasons to avoid him and to wonder why they let him into the living room of Renson Cottage so much.

I can almost imagine the OTHER Barry – the Oval Office Barry – reading the description and nodding approvingly with a toothy smile.

Still, Lena can’t resist him after a party (just a regular debauched party, not a gathering in the name of a holy social cause):

Barry leads me to the parking lot. I tell him to look away. I pull down my tights to pee, and he jams a few of his fingers inside me, like he’s trying to plug me up. I’m not sure whether I can’t stop it or I don’t want to.

She doesn’t specify whether he jammed his fingers in before or during the peeing process – regardless of the sequence, this is a picture you can’t unsee, no matter how hard you try. Then she brings Barry to her place:

Now Barry’s in my place.

               Now we’re on my floor, doing all the things grown-ups do. I don’t know how we got here, but I refuse to believe it’s an accident.

               Now he’s inside me, but he’s only sort of hard. I look onto the floor, by his pale bent knee, and see he’s taken off the condom. Did I tell him to wear a condom? The condom came from my first-aid kit. I knew where that was, he didn’t, so I must have crawled for it. A choice. Why does he think it’s okay to take it off?

               I come to a little, realize this is not a dream. I tell him he has to put the condom back on. He’s not hard, and now he’s going down on me, and he’s pushing his dick in my face. It feels like a finger without bones.

               I moan, as if to say, I like this, so much.

               He calls me baby. Or says, “Oh baby,” which is different.

               “Do you want to make me come?” I ask.

               “Hunh?” he asks.

The next day Lena shares the experience with her friend Audrey, who expertly whispers: “You were raped.”

Lena is not sure about what exactly happened, but is inclined to find the statement credible (as would be any man-hating radical feminist). Since this is a memoir and her life chronology could be checked easily, the Oberlin Barry can be easily identified. The legion of dimwits, who worship Lena, could make his life miserable (not to mention the authorities that could open a rape investigation). So when Barry starts to fight back, the defamers grudgingly react:

She then goes on to describe the incident in a good deal of detail, and as a Breitbart story by John Nolte notes, there is an easily identifiable Oberlin conservative from that era named Barry; indeed, that Barry has already been identified as the person from Dunham’s book by many people. But the Breitbart story also notes that many other details don’t add up, and that the allegations about Barry may thus be inaccurate…

TheWrap now reports that Random House has put out a statement exonerating this Identifiable Conservative Barry, and saying that the alleged rapist wasn’t really named Barry at all:

“As indicated on the copyright page of Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, some names and identifying details in the book have been changed. The name ‘Barry’ referenced in the book is a pseudonym. Random House, on our own behalf and on behalf of our author, regrets the confusion that has led attorney Aaron Minc to post on GoFundMe on behalf of his client, whose first name is Barry.

We are offering to pay the fees Mr. Minc has billed his client to date. Our offer will allow Mr. Minc and his client to donate all of the crowd-funding raised to not-for-profit organizations assisting survivors of rape and sexual assault.”

Naturally, the publisher will try to keep cashing on the controversy for as long as possible. But the whole thing is confusing – if this actually was a memoir, the events and people (though under different names) need to reflect accurately reality. If Lena’s life was so boring that she had to pad it up with phony stories like the Seinfeld’s J. Peterman, that speaks volumes about her and her publisher’s “integrity.” The big problem is that an innocent person suffers due to the desire of that useless woman to be interesting and original.

The saga continued (h/t BCF):

On November 3, National Review’s Kevin Williamson published a profile of Dunham that included a short interview with Barry One. Williamson writes:

It takes me about two minutes to discover a Republican named Barry whose time at Oberlin coincided with Dunham’s. A few minutes later, I know a great deal about him: Where he works, where he lives, what he majored in, his high-school-prom plans, people we know in common, and other surprising intersections between our lives. When I call him at his office, I get the distinct impression that I am not the first reporter to have done so. “I don’t have anything to say about what I know you’re calling about,” he says. We speak very briefly, and he is concerned that I will use his name.

Dunham was aware of Williamson’s piece. Incredibly, rather than exonerate this man, Dunham took to twitter to attack Williamson.

Lena Duhman knew.

Lena Dunham said nothing.

Instead, she let this poor man twist in the wind for more than six weeks until the threat of a lawsuit finally forced her People to do the right thing. Minc told THR that for two month he’s been asking Dunham’s representatives to clear his client’s name.

Lena Dunham is not an isolated case – she is simply a very public face of the fictitious “war on women” and its equally fictitious main element – the “rape culture.” In the sick mind of the militant feminists, the latter permeates every fibre of our society and is displayed in everything men do. Even the 9-year old Lena felt that the newspaper vendor was trying to rape her with his eyes.

The problem is that those delusions don’t simply reside in their heads – they crawl out and poison everything through imposing absurdities in our daily lives. The obsessive search for micro-rapes in the “oppressive Western patriarchy” blinds us to the horrors of the real dangers. The old-school feminists (yes, they still exist) have been warning us for decades about the plight of Muslim women, but the militants see that as one of the charming features of their culture. In such environment, it is naturally that the systematic rape of 1,400 children in the UK city of Rotherham by Muslim savages would go unnoticed.

It’s no wonder that the typical Western male has no chance in that war. Many still remember the Duke University case, when a psychotic black hooker falsely accused three of its lacrosse team players of rape. The university and the local judiciary turned against the students and it took them years to clear their names. The old racist extortionist Jesse Jackson even promised scholarship to the hooker, whether her story was fabricated or not.

Recently Rolling Stone magazine tried a similar scam, publishing a leading story about “Jackie,” a student, supposedly gang-raped at an UVA fraternity. They didn’t even bother to check the story of the other side, because everything “sounded right.” After publicly humiliating the unfairly accused, the magazine was forced to admit grudgingly that no rape took place. That didn’t stop the warring feminazi – they maintained that every accusation should be taken at face value and the accused men must be considered guilty until proven otherwise, as the following “bright mind” explains (h/t BCF):

This is amazing. Even as Rolling Stone’s alleged gang-rape story falls apart, and The Washington Post published several articles on Saturday putting the facts out that collapse the allegations, the Post website still contains an article titled “No matter what Jackie said, we should automatically believe rape claims. Incredulity hurts victims more than it hurts wrongly-accused perps.”

Feminist and MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell doesn’t care about the facts, only about the quote-unquote larger picture of a rape culture. This is the triumph of ideology over evidence, emotion over science. All these people who lectured about McCarthyism and Arthur Miller’s play on the Salem witch trials are chanting that the evidence is less important than the allegation…

[She said]…This is wrong. We should always believe, as a matter of default, what an accuser says. Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist. Even if Jackie fabricated her account, UVA should have taken her word for it until they could have proved otherwise.

The accused would have a rough period. He might be suspended from his job; friends might de-friend him on Facebook. In the case of Bill Cosby, we might have to stop watching, consuming his books, or buying tickets to his traveling stand-up routine. These errors can be undone by an investigation that clears the accused, especially if it is done quickly.

That stupid woman is beyond salvation (that’s why she works for MSNBC) – she considers Facebook de-friending a harsh effect and fails to notice the devastating consequences from the fake accusations on the accused and their families. People like her practically call for abandonment of the judicial principles established by our civilization. They advocate the return to the worst medieval practices of witch hunting with the only difference being that instead of witches, the targets are men. And in the brave new feminazi world that is perfectly normal.

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Ben Levin’s Trial Continues in Toronto



The trial of the former most powerful person in the Ontario education continued today in the same courthouse. As you are aware, he was arraigned on 7 charges involving child pornography and pleaded not guilty.

Today’s session was dedicated to procedural issues and the case itself wasn’t discussed. Ben Levin and his lawyer Clayton Ruby didn’t show up at all. The defense was represented by Mr. Ruby’s partner G. Chan. After a short conversation with the judge, Mr. Chan and Ms. Garcia, the Crown Attorney, decided that they needed private time to discuss the details. The judge left and both sides went out to work out their differences. The recess continued for nearly an hour.

After they came back, each side explained how much court time they will need to complete the presentations. In the end of the discussion with the judge, it was decided to schedule the next hearing for December 11 at 10 a.m. in the same courthouse (1000 Finch Avenue West).

Maybe because of the publication ban, there were no media representatives. However, the number of the people from the public increased – four people showed up this time. During the recess I had a long conversation with a lady, who was interested in the case. That was her first time to attend court proceedings and she didn’t know what to expect.

She explained that she was there because of the complete media blackout of Levin’s case. It was frustrating to her that such alleged crimes, which affect children, receive so little attention. She mentioned that some of the charges date as far back as 2008 and found it difficult to comprehend that nobody in the government at the time suspected anything. She said that she followed carefully the educational policies in Ontario and especially the dysfunctional Toronto District School Board. She had many questions, but it was very unlikely that anybody in Kathleen Wynne’s government would answer them.

It’s a sad state of the affairs and Ben Levin is probably just the tip of an iceberg. I wonder if we will be allowed to dig deeper and see more of the iceberg or everything would be covered up like every other scam and scandal of McGuinty/Wynne’s clique.


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