Henry Morgentaler – the Death of a Canadian Monster

The Doctor of Death, whom the Canadian Left delicately praised as a “difficult hero,” finally died. It looks fitting that his Wikipedia biography is illustrated with a photo of him with Jack Layton.


Two slimy soulmates


Leftists like Whorehouse Jack, who consistently and ferociously attacked the traditional values, made it possible to benefit from legalized murder. Slimeballs like Morgentaler took a full advantage of the newly established contempt for human life and became millionaires in the process.

Recently the American abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of several murders. The materials of the trials read like a script for a horror movie, but the media chose to ignore the trial. Here in Canada we have no abortion law at all, so obviously anything goes. The media won’t touch that issue, neither will the “conservative” Harper. For now, the horrors lurking in the clinics of Morgentaler and other like him remain hidden.

One of my readers, The Lone Ranger, sent me a piece he wrote about Morgentaler. It deals in part with his shady past. The “Holocaust survivor” angle has always been a huge part of the marketing of Morgentaler’s image. I have always found it repulsive to exploit a catastrophe in order to promote a person with questionable credential and values and make him look like a hero, who is beyond reproach.

Here is The Lone Ranger’s article:


As everyone in Canada now knows, Henry Morgentaler, the man who brought the culture of death called abortion to Canada, died on March 29th at his luxurious home in Toronto from an apparent heart attack.  He was 90 years of age. He became enormously wealthy by establishing several abortion clinics around the country, leading his crusade under “women’s health rights.” An estimated three million or more children are dead because of Morganteler, who had performed at least 80,000 of those abortions personally. And we wonder why we can’t sustain our population?

Yet, in spite of the controversy surrounding this man, he was given the highest civilian award in the land, supported by arch feminists, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Governor General Michaelle Jean. The Order of Canada was designed to reward individual Canadians whose achievements would bring Canadians together. However, this award is now nothing more than a worthless piece of junk, stained with the blood of millions of dead Canadian children, whose lives were snuffed out in the name of ‘choice.’ Morgentaler’s abortion clinics have raked in an estimated $11 million since they started operating in 1988. Needless to say, this is far more money than he could have ever dreamed of making if he had remained a hard working family doctor in Montreal. The man who allegedly survived two Nazi death camps was known as a militant atheist and dyed-in the-wool socialist had only one god; money. But my question is, did he really survive two Nazi death camps?

The Nazis tattooed serial numbers on the arms of all Jewish prisoners as they entered the concentration camps as slave labour.  Morgentaler’s number was apparently 95077, but it wasn’t tattooed on his arm.  Apparently the Nazis were “rushed”, which I find hard to believe.  Yet this number seems to be way too low numerically speaking. According to the Toronto Star and the CBC, Morgentaler spent five years, almost the entire duration of World War Two, in two Nazi concentration camps.

However, according to other published sources, he was first indentured in the Jewish ghetto of Lodz, Poland (where he was born in 1923) from 1939-1944. Morgentaler, his mother and brother are eventually shipped to the Auschwitz concentration camp after the death of the family patriarch. Morgentaler and his brother are eventually moved to Dachau, where they remain until 1945. So his time in actual concentration camps spanned a year and a few months, and not the five years as claimed by his supporters.

Henryk Mandelbaum, another Polish Jew who also arrived at Auschwitz on April 10, 1944, had a tattooed number 181970. This means that Morgentaler did not have his number tattooed on his arm, even though he was an earlier arrival than Mandelbaum and others who were still tattooed by the “rushed” Nazis. During his months in the camp, Mandelbaum witnessed the death of some of the 400,000 Jews brought in transports from Hungary in the summer of 1944, and handled their dead bodies. He does not remember Morgentaler, although he would have been hard to miss in that kind of environment. If Morgentaler was lying, the only way he could have gotten away with this fabrication would be if Germans were to recycle their numbers. However, they did not do so with Jewish prisoners.

Indeed, some records were recovered from Auschwitz and reveal 297 finds of numbers in the 95xxx range. Many entries indicate that those prisoners died in March or April of 1943. Some were shot dead on 19 of February of 1943, others were shot after an escape attempt on 13 February of 1943.

Here’s how the Nazi concentration camp numbers worked:

Henry Morgentaler claims that his prisoner number was 95077. The first (Jewish) name on that list starts with “Ab” and has the assigned number of 95043. Another name started with “Pu” and had number 95103, assigned to it.

Morgentaler starts with “Mo” and he claims that his prisoner number was 95077. It does make sense as M falls between A and P in German alphabet. So was Morgentaler telling the truth about his time at Auschwitz? Here’s what I found:

Thirteen year-old Abramek Morgentaler (no relation to Henry) lost his whole family, including his mother and three sisters in Chelm concentration camp. He was later sent to Auschhwitz as a labourer and survived to see the end of the war. In 2008, when Henry Morgentaler was receiving his Order of Canada, Abramek Morgentaler was 81 years of age and living in Israel.

Morgentaler also claimed to have been a trained and licenced physician. But again, certain facts about his past cast doubt on this:

According to Henry Morgentaler’s self-report to International Red Cross he married Chava Rosenfarb in 1949 in Belgium. Given that Chava Rosenfarb returned to Belgium sometime after March of 1948 it is quite unlikely that Henry Morgentaler showed up in some time after March of 1948 immediately after leaving Marbur/Lahn on August 4, 1947. Henia Reinhartz in her memoir describes the hard economic conditions of her family while waiting in Belgium for immigration to Canada and she never mentions anything about Henry studying medicine while in Belgium. Given Henry Morgentaler’s late arrival in Belgium, his lack of language skills and lack of money it seems impossible that he was in a position to enter University of Brussels supported by his wife’s family working two jobs just to stay afloat.

Henry Morgentaler arrived in Canada in February of 1950 and he graduated from University of Montreal school of Medicine in 1953. It takes six years of medical studies in order to get a medical degree today, and this was no different in 1950. There is no record that can confirm that Henry Morgentaler finished high school in Lodz Ghetto during WWII. Since Henry lied about his studies of medicine in Germany to journalist Heather Mallick, it is more than possible that he also lied to University of Montreal officials in order to obtain academic credits for three years of medical studies he never attended. Worse still, Morgentaler brought a culture of death to Canada that enabled him to destroy the grandchildren of the men who liberated the death camps in 1944.

Going back to Morgentaler’s Order of Canada, I recall when feminist Judy Rebick, the outspoken former president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, described the award to Morgentaler as long overdue and the reaction from the pro-life supporters as “predictable.”

“Dr. Morgentaler has contributed a tremendous amount to Canadian society and the only reason he hasn’t got an Order of Canada until now is because all of the noise that the anti-choice cause,” she told the Toronto Star.

Really? How interesting that feminists like Ms. Rebick remain silent on gendercide, a practice that sees millions of unborn baby girls murdered every year because of their gender. But the feminazis were never really known for their critical thinking skills anyway. And as for women who tell me that a woman’s choice to have an abortion is “none of my business;” well, you’re dead wrong on that one, lady. I work for a living. I pay my taxes. I obey the law.

If some broad gets knocked up without using any kind of birth control, then goes to some house of horror to get the life sucked out of her body paid for via healthcare – and at MY expense – then I have a problem with that. Back in 1980s when people like Morgentaler and his supporters demanded that abortion be legalized specifically for victims of rape and incest, they lied. Big time. Today, Canada has 100,000+ abortions every year, and almost all of those abortion procedures are performed as a form of birth control. Victims of rape and incest don’t even register in those numbers. Perhaps, tellingly, Morgentaler stated publicly that he had an insatiable craving for the affection of women. The Nazi survivor story may have been entirely concocted to elicit sympathy from women, and might cast him in a more respectable light in some eyes, i.e., victim-hero rather than killer-coward.

Morgentaler is dead. His fame, his wealth, his Order of Canada and his gushing extremist-feminist supporters cannot help him now. And I rather doubt that he is in the same place where the countless souls of the precious children whose bodies he tore apart in their mother’s wombs now rest; in the presence of Almighty God.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I should add that it is fitting that Morgentaler is pictured with Jack Layton, one of his biggest supporters. In 1988 when Morgentaler’s first abortuary opened in Toronto, Layton was there heckling peaceful pro-life supporters and demanding to know from the attending police officers why they had not been arrested before he arrived! Such was the arrogance of this so-called “socialist’ who was born into privilege, sent his children to private schools, lived in a three-bedroomed subsidized apartment with Olivia Chow (while they both earned $120,000 per annum between them as city councillors), was caught butt naked in a Chinese whore house (in spite of trying to outlaw touching at lap dancing establishments, and, in spite of presenting himself as a champion of public healthcare, once had hernia surgery at a private facility north of Toronto.

    I dare say that Jack is now with his buddy, Henry Morgetaler. but I don’t think that they are enjoying themselves much at all.

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