Call me Admirath…

I came to North America long time ago. I was born and raised in a European Communist country and had an academic career there until I left.

Why did I leave? Well, like most intellectuals, I was yearning for a place where I can freely live, think, and work. I came to North America with the hope to find here a free society. And I found it: at least initially, everything looked marvellous. It was great to live with such little interference from the government in an environment mostly based on rationality and common sense.

However, with each passing year that euphoria started to wear off and I was seeing deep trends that looked very familiar… In the beginning I was mildly amused by my observations, but later I quickly realized that there was nothing amusing about those undercurrents. If they were ignored, they would gradually destroy this society without any visible cataclysms. It will happen like with an old vase, which gets one little crack after another over the years and one day simply shatters without being touched.

What do I mean? The reason and common sense are replaced little by little by strange ideas that would never work as intended. Bizarre views and totally bankrupt theories are presented as some revelations that will improve the Western society. The thinking individual is subjected to subtle (and often not so subtle) control by organizations and ideas, which are difficult to fight. The treatment of people according to their merits and abilities is replaced by moving them back and forth like chess pieces according to weird “rules” based on political correctness.

If this society is to survive, it should return to its roots of rationality and common sense.

Anyway, I am writing this blog as a humble attempt to revive reason and common sense. As so many people seem to resent both, it may seem that the task is hopeless. Nevertheless, I will try because there is no other way…

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