Better Late Than Never – Charges Laid in Calgary Against Violent Muslims



The events in Calgary last month shocked many people in Canada (other than the mainstream media). As I wrote at the time, violence erupted during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in the downtown area. A small group of peaceful Jewish and Christian counter-demonstrators was attacked and viciously beaten by the Muslims.

After weeks of silence, the only reaction from the authorities, now we are told that some of the perpetrators have finally been arrested:

After a “complex and thorough investigation,” police have charged three men in connection with three assault victims.

Aziz Mohammed Madi, 18, of Calgary, is charged with two counts of assault. A 16-year-old male from Calgary, who cannot be named, is charged with one count of assault. And Arlsan KHAN, 27, of Calgary, is charged with one count of assault.

As the investigation into the rally continues, police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who may have more information.

Police have released a photo of the man, who is described as having an olive skin tone, dark hair, with a slim build and speaks with an accent. He was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with a DULUX logo on it, with white runners and a tan baseball cap. His clothing and hands were stained with white paint.

Though this is supposed to be a happy news, too many questions I was asking myself while watching that debacle, still remain unanswered.

The brave new rulers of Canada (from all political parties), who encouraged indiscriminate immigration from many countries, have always been touting their own horn about how smoothly the Canadian multicultural mishmash works. Now they are strangely silent when faced with an ugly reality of street political violence, which is still a novelty in Canada, but a daily way of life in most Muslim countries. Are Harper, Trudeau or Mulcair going to do anything about it? Or maybe they will postpone their reactions until we reach the level of Western Europe?

Nobody from the mainstream media was interested in the incident when it occurred. The information spread through citizens’ journalism in the social media. If that happened before the invention of the Internet, the incident would’ve been swept quietly under the media rug. The only entity that made an issue of it was Sun News, and specifically Ezra Levant, although making noise and rocking the boat is looked upon with disdain in many circles in Canada (which is supposed to be a “peacekeeping country”). However, when in 2010 Sun News was about to launch, the Canadian Left generously supported by Avaaz (behind which lurked the demonic face of Soros), Margaret Atwood and countless bike-riding, tar-sands-fighting, progressive-justice-peddling little foot-soldiers, did their best to shut down the station before it even started.

The City of Calgary did nothing to prevent the violence. There was no police at the place of the altercations. What is even worse, some of the police treated in a condescending way some of the victims, telling them that they shouldn’t have been there. Is this going to become the standard way of policing in Calgary? I wonder if they are taking lessons from Julian Fantino, who allowed for years Indian terrorists in Caledonia to beat and assault the local people.

Mayor Nenshi has yet to react in any way to the incident. Does he protect his Muslim brethren? With a permanent smile glued to his face (just like the Joker in Jack Nicholson’s edition) he is busy sending heroic tweets about lost cats and dogs. Since non-Muslim people are of lesser concern to him, I can see in his future a breathtaking career as the friendliest animal shelter proprietor in Alberta.

Nenshi’s good friend Saima Jamal, the organizer of the pro-Palestinian demonstration, showed during the events the double face of some “Muslim community organizers”. Writing to her supporters, she expressed her joy that people were beaten and only after she was caught, she made her theatrical apology for the violence. Can’t the Calgary Muslims find better leaders? Or maybe they are a perfect match?

Canada is deteriorating rapidly. Finding politicians (or even police officers) willing to face reality becomes harder and harder. It is up to us to confront barbarity.


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