Muslim Fascists Shout “Heil Hitler” at Calgary Demonstration



After witnessing an ugly scene of Muslims punching and kicking Jews and Christians at a Calgary demonstration last month, we just learned about another repugnant display of Muslim bigotry. At another demonstration a group of faithful Islamists got into an argument with the opposite side. When they ran out of things to say to make their point (logic and persuasion has never been a strong point of Islam), they started shouting “Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!”

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It is hard to believe that this is happening in a Canadian city. The myth of Canada as a country, where we love each other and live in a beautiful multicultural paradise, is being shattered daily and only the mainstream media and the wilfully blind idiots don’t want to notice that. Even the traditional scarecrows, the white supremacists, for whom the hate speech laws were created, haven’t had the courage to shout in public such open praise to Hitler and Nazism.

The white supremacists in Canada have almost disappeared, but it looks like before that, they had successfully passed the torch to the Muslims. Islam and especially the Muslim Brotherhood have been staunch supporters of Adolf Hitler. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was his good friend. Muslims truly admired his anti-Semitism. When you look at the Muslim fascists in the video, you can’t miss the fact that they copied even their haircuts from the anti-Semitic skinheads. That’s probably part of the continuity.

There is something, which is hard to ignore in both events. It’s the lack of police. During the first demonstration they were simply missing, which gave the Muslim terrorists enough time to punch and beat women. Now you can see them in the video, but when the Muslims start shouting, the police are watching them benevolently, as if nothing happened.

If that was a skinhead event with the same chant, we would see batons flying toward their heads. However, Muslims are immune to any hate speech law. No Muslim has even been charged under those laws, regardless of how repugnant his or her views are.

Even Saima Jamal, under whose watch people were kicked and punched at the first demonstration, wants to see herself as an angel of peace, appearing with the Muslim Mayor Nenshi and his lefty friends. She even apologized for the violence, but only after she got caught. Before that she didn’t miss the opportunity to express on Facebook her joy from assaulting the small group of protesters.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMGloating over the Jewish misfortune, she wrote with a true Dr. Evil enthusiasm: “Bahaha… after today, they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live. Atleast [sic] not Merle and his friend.”

So what happens, if they show up again? Are Saima’s goons going to punch and kick them again?

And what happens after “Heil Hitler”? Yellow Stars of David painted on Jewish businesses? Bullets?

In his post about the event Blazingcatfur wrote a bitterly critical piece about our immigration policy. And he’s correct – it seems that the government goes out of its way to bring to Canada people, who don’t have even the slightest intention to adapt or share our values. Islam has always been based on violence and suppression of everybody, who doesn’t agree with that cult.

As a result, we see violence and vitriolic hatred. The Jews, as usual, are just the beginning – the real purpose of Islam is conquering the world. Beatings and “Heil Hitler” chants are just small steps toward achieving the main goal. Calgary is already a major source of Muslims terrorists, who go to fight Christians abroad. In a recent ISIS video, a Muslim from Calgary, fighting in Syria, honestly said that they were coming here to destroy Canada.

There is no reason to doubt his and his cronies’ intentions.

Meanwhile, such events are considered too insignificant to disturb the pleasant slumber of the government, the media, and the mainstream Jewish organizations.

Is there anybody out there?

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I’m sorry I missed this event.

    1. admiwrath says:

      To be fair, the Muslims in Toronto still haven’t reached that point of Hitler worship (at least in public).

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