PC Alberta, Calgary Stampede and a Gay Angel with Pink Umbrella

I have been following the Alberta election campaign closely. Even though the media coverage is biased against the Wildrose Party, the polls consistently show that it has a significant advantage over PC Alberta. Polls are often inaccurate and biased as well, but sometimes a small event in a campaign can reveal the real situation in a very profound way.

Such a “small event” is the ad above. Although it supports PC, it looks like it has been made either by a saboteur within the party or the “Liberal Strategist” Warren Kinsella (the Torontonians may remember his Mafia-style radio ads with a Tony Soprano-like voice for Rocco Rossi’s mayoral campaign, which reduced his popularity from 8% to zero).

However, it appears the ad is not a parody. If it is real, it reveals such a sheer desperation that it proves beyond any doubt that Wildrose will win by a landslide.

It’s hard to believe that those snotty hipsters would change anybody’s mind in Alberta (even with the addition of the foul-mouthed self-proclaimed Latino guy, who for some reason speaks with Pakistani accent). Don’t get me wrong – the ad may work in my part of Toronto, but I live in Mrs. Jack Layton’s bunker and the actors in the ad are the common type you meet in the streets. They would vote in even a chimp, if he runs against the conservatives (yes, we have “progressive conservatives” in Ontario).

It is hard to believe that fans of PC Alberta could support the party by attacking the industry, which provides the money they waste, and ridiculing Albertans and their heritage. An interesting twist is that even the conservative Harper is attacked in that “conservative” ad.

Other than providing some strictly emotional criticism – the Flintstones, the lake of fire and the “homophobia” – the ad doesn’t address any real issues that PC Alberta would resolve better if re-elected. That can appeal to the common contingent of Toronto’s hipsters, who are always present at any ridiculous protest, but again – how many of those can you find in Alberta?

It looks like Alberta is in the initial stage of the self-destructive progressivism that has ruined Ontario. Anything in Ontario’s heritage, which doesn’t meet the standards of the Muslim imams or the progressive homosexuals, is being expurgated mercilessly.

Alberta (at least on the surface) is still keeping its heritage. In June 2009 I went there for an event taking place at the Calgary Stampede site. I saw there that nice girl, who demonstrated some of the traditional riding skills. She even showed me how to use a lasso.


PC Party will get rid of this Alberta


I wonder how much longer this is going to last. Once you have the progressives in charge, PETA will insist on replacing the real horses with robots in the name of fighting animal cruelty. Then maybe the Indians would get the Albertan hat banned as a symbol of colonialism and oppression and replace it with some of the funny hats their tribes use. And most of the riders are white – that could be treated as pure white supremacism, which should be eradicated. What about creating quotas for racialized, aboriginal, transgendered, transvestite, two-spirited or any other imaginable special interest group? And why not just shut down the Stampede as a “relic from the colonial past”?

The same week I saw that the progressives were working on that – I watched the Calgary gay parade. Compared to Toronto it was a meager event, with a few dozen participants and even fewer spectators, but I am sure it will grow.


The bright future of Alberta


Yes, they were nice people as well. A guy, who was following the angels with balloon wings, handed me some gay pamphlets and a free condom.

So what’s the link between the video and the pictures?

It’s actually very simple – if you let the lefty snobs control the province, you’ll see fewer and fewer cowgirls and more and more chubby gay angels with pink umbrellas.

Of course, both of them are only symbols of what may come to Alberta. Gay angels are just a small part of the set of “progressive” values those snobs carry with them. They are like locusts, which devour everything they can and then move to a new land.

They helped elect three times the homophilic David-Suzuki-eco-friendly multiculturalist government of Dalton McGuinty, which is slowly, but surely bankrupting Ontario. They even managed to drive Caterpillar out of Ontario. Apparently many of those hipsters are moving to Alberta, because it offers better opportunities, but they are still carrying their stupidity with them.

Given the chance, they are going to shut down the oil sands through taxation and regulation, distribute billions of dollars among useless interest groups, which don’t work, and litter the province with windmills, which don’t work either.

But here comes the big surprise – once you shut down the most reliable Canadian industry, the natural resources, there will be no land or province left to devour. It’s strange that Alison Redford has chosen such people to advance her cause. If they have their way, Canada won’t be much different than Northern Siberia, where in the man-eat-man environment the debates about the gay marriage are not exactly the most popular topic.

Canada has become a rich and prosperous country because of the hard work of its people, not because of its stand on gay marriage or due to giving away money to lazy and/or crooked people in third-world countries.

The choice is clear – although Wildrose may not be that experienced, at least it gives Alberta the chance to manage itself properly, while voting for Redford’s party, which promises you spending, censorship and support for special interest groups at the expense of the majority, is the sure-fire way to self-destruction.

It’s your move, Alberta…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks for this, Asdmiwrath. My wife and I had a chance to meet Danielle Smith about a month ago here in Calgary. I spoke to her about my own concerns regarding the security & private investigation industry. I want to see patrol vehicles with light bars (yellow & white) for safety purposes, and to allow private investigators to carry concealed handguns for self-defence. She has been pushing for the “liberation”of the concealed carry laws for Alberta for some time now, and I believe that Smith is sincere when she promises to work towards this for those of us who are qualified in every respect to carry a concealed weapon.

    Currently, the polls here predict that the Wildrose Party would win a healthy majority government with 50 to 60 seats, based on the results of a Leger Marketing poll. The so-called “Progressive Conservatives”under Allison Redford would be reduced to somewhere between 23 and 33 seats, down from 72 seats in 2008. The Liberals, the official Opposition in the last legislature, face the possibility of being wiped out with a range of zero to three seats. The NDP faring little better. I often wonder why the latter two parties even bother at all in Alberta?

    Still, if the Wild Rose Alliance becomes our new provincial government, I’ll be meeting with the newly appointed ministers for transportation and Justice to discuss those aforementioned changes that they have agreed to.

    We’ll see!

  2. Matheas says:


    I m not from Alberta, am from the province of Quebec. Please, Albertans, stay the way you are, do not let this new mindset lurk into your land, it is discusting and very destructive. It opens door to satisfying filthy lusts, opens the mind to do whatever you want wihtout any responsabilities while blaming others for your actions, asking for everything while not doing naything, it all leads to that. I know that what I m saying might sound extreme or strange, but if you let this mindset creep and lurk into your land it will lead to what I just mentioned. And be careful becaseu it often comes in nice packages.

    It s a cry form the heart. You guys still have it good and are not infested by all of this garbage. Please keep it this way.

    Please stay the way you are.

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