Time to Make the Calgary Stampede a Drag Queen Event

The political correctness is a humourless and evil destructive force with the ability to ruin anything it touches – people, events and even countries. Its most recent target became the famous Calgary Stampede, the best-known Albertan festival, which commemorates the spirit of the early pioneer days in the province. The life in those days was difficult and rough; strength and perseverance were necessary to survive.

Despite the commercialization, the festivities and competitions still show something from the past. (The stampede was the only place where somebody showed me how to throw a lasso – and it was a pretty girl with a white cowboy hat.) But as it happens to all good events in Canada, the Stampede is also on its way to be destroyed by the diversity harpies. Those are usually miserable self-hating women whose perfect employment is at the humanities department of a university – that position gives them the opportunity to indoctrinate young people into their bizarre views. Often that is not enough and they look for a wider audience.

The Stampede was targeted this year because of the ad that promoted it. Calgary Herald covered the bizarre “incident” (h/t BCF and the news was even picked up by the National Post). It was just an ordinary promotional ad yet the critics saw “sexism” in it:

A new ad for the 2015 Calgary Stampede meant to “represent all Calgarians” is drawing criticism for using a sexist “stereotype” in its portrayal of women.

The ad, a 46-second clip called “Champions Buckle Up,” shows eight people getting ready to go to Stampede. Among the actors are two adult women, one of whom is only shown in one clip while pulling on her jeans. The other woman is wearing “Daisy Duke” shorts and a tied-up plaid shirt.

Just a group of normal people preparing to have some fun. That was what the organizers said they wanted to show. But the university harpies saw it as a monstrous display of injustice:

“It is utterly beyond me what on earth Stampede thinks they’re selling with this ad,” said Rebecca Sullivan, a social sciences professor at the University of Calgary who specializes in cultural studies. She said the ad focuses too much on white, able-bodied men, at the expense of women, visible minorities and the disabled.

“The purpose of the ad is to reflect Stampede’s values,” she added. “The ad reflects some pretty awful values that I don’t think Stampede stands for.”

This is what those useless parasites from the social sciences departments do best – they are very skilled in finding non-existent problems. She is not very popular among her students: the professor rating site has some not very flattering opinions of her – “She emphasizes ‘boundaries’, ‘being safe’ and respectful, but does not lead by example. Snobby and only cares about her own opinions. Continually expressed how her life is better than all of ours (students), that we will ‘never make as much money as her’ and that her ‘childhood was so much better’ than ours. Will NEVER take a class with her again.” Pretty nasty gal, no wonder she hates the Stampede.

As of her “expert opinion,” let me say that first of all, the Stampede is not a church; it has not been designed to promote any values other than providing some fun to people who want to have good time with their kids and get away from their job routines. It takes the exceptional stupidity of a Canadian social sciences professor to see in the ad promotion of “some pretty awful values.”  That woman is barely qualified to clean the Stampede’s stables, let alone commenting on values.

And if we want to follow her advice on diversity, the ad should be probably an hour long parade of every imaginable group that expects to be included in every imaginable promotion. There must be several versions of disabilities; Down syndrome guy (and gal); girls and women of every possible age group; Somalis, Haitians, Chinese, Japanese, Samoans; drag queens; “married” homosexual couple; “divorced” homosexual couple; tranny with fake breasts; liberated tranny without breasts, and everything in-between.

I hate to break it to that ignorant professor, but the white able-bodied men were those who did most of the work during the early pioneer days and they took care of everybody else, including the women and the disabled. And as far as I know, no trannies and dancing drag queens were involved in conquering the West. However, the university feminazis would never admit that, because they hate men more than themselves.

And they even have followers, who agree with them in the comments:

This ad is totally sexist! Shame on the Calgary Stampede!! I’m disgusted. I have two teenage daughters and THAT’S how women who are part of Stampede are portrayed. Brutal.

The diversity psychosis has reached such proportions that it is not even funny anymore. Like a giant python, it slowly but surely suffocates everything that falls into its grip. And this is just the beginning for Alberta – the recent win of the provincial elections by a ragtag gang of community activists, failed students, and unemployable people, doesn’t promise anything good. (It’s no wonder that the NDP deleted the biographies of the “winners” from its site immediately after the party won.)



Other than destroying the natural resources industries, the parasitic NDP, which sees anybody making money above the living wage as a wealthy guy who should be fleeced and considers most businesses “corporate bums,” would double down on social engineering with the help of social campaigners like Prof. Sullivan.

One thing is for sure – in a few short years the oil industry in Alberta might be in shambles, but Calgary will have the biggest, baddest homosexual parade in Canada. It may even get merged with the Stampede and instead of watching those dreadful, sexist able-bodied white men taming real horses, and pretty girls throwing lassos, the local public is going to enjoy trannies and drag queens shaking their fat asses on wooden ponies. That may not attract enough spectators, but it doesn’t matter – diversity is more important than real people and money.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Alberta is finished. Rachel Notley might be an Albertan, but she is still NDP. We can look forward to every fruit, freak, fag, fairy, fake, flake and transgender loon destroying what was once a truly great province.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Now that we have an NDP government, I expect Alberta to be the mirror image of Ontario in a few years.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unfortunately, you are right – unless a major industrial disaster forces the people to wake up.

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