Angelina Jolie’s Bosnian Science Fiction Movie in Jeopardy

According to the latest news (more here and here), the Culture Minister of the Muslim-Croat federation in Bosnia has revoked Angelina Jolie’s permit to shoot a movie in his country. That project was supposed to be her directorial debut.

Her movie would have been another chapter in the anti-Christian propaganda produced to glorify the civil war in that pseudo-country. It turns out that her script wasn’t pro-Muslim enough.

From what is known about the script, the major plot concerns a love story between a Bosnian Muslim woman and her Serbian rapist. Such a story borders on science fiction and it is very unlikely to happen in reality.

However, from Angelina’s proven lefty pojnt of view, it would have been a nice mushy story, which not only glorifies the Muslims, but also shows that they are a bunch of noble and forgiving people.

The real Bosnian Muslims though don’t want to be pictured in such a forgiving light. The coalition of Bosnian women fiercely opposed the movie.  They will be much more satisfied, if Angelina Jolie keeps the tradition of the US and European Left and shows the Serbs as disgusting devils.

Of course, they would be much more satisfied if she shows the love between a Muslim woman and an Arab Mujahedeen. There were thousands of them to fight the Christian infidels (encouraged by the support of the West) and they delivered an exemplary ethnic cleansing by shooting and beheading thousands of Serbs.

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