Convicted Terrorist Omar Khadr’s Canadian “Oscar” and Other Cultural Oddities

Muslim Terrorist Omar Khadr Receives a Canadian… by Blogwrath

The existence of the Canadian Screen Awards, our country’s version of the Oscars, must be one of the best kept secrets in Canada. So far, I haven’t met a person to admit seeing the show. I caught its latest edition purely by chance, while flipping the channels on a boring Sunday night, dominated by replays of news shows.

There was some element of premonition in what I saw at that show. I guess, that’s the bottom to which the US Academy Awards are sliding. The Oscars have been steadily deteriorating, with excessive politicization and promoting causes that no one, outside of Hollywood and the censorship zones known as universities, is supporting. However, the producers still care about money and viewers and try to keep people interested.

Canada’s cultural elites are above commercialism. Most of their movies are produced with government subsidies and tax breaks, so their commercial success is irrelevant. What matters is the cause they are promoting. The result is a flow of unwatchable movies and TV shows, ranging from boring or irritating social or “queer” opuses, through native-themed programs made at high school level, to Quebec-style oddities that at the end make the viewer ask himself: “What the hell did I see?”

The carefully written jokes of the host Howie Mandel were structured to avoid offending anybody. So, they were patently bland. (If I haven’t seen him before, I would think he is the worst comedian in North America.) Equally bland were the jokes of the presenters.

A lesbian won the Canadian public’s award. I am mentioning her sexual orientation because she made sure to declare the award a win for the “queer” community. This explains who watches that obscure show, especially considering the commercial breaks. Each and every one of them promoted an upcoming documentary about how the comedian Colin Mochrie was thrilled that his daughter “transitioned” into a man (or vice versa, I couldn’t get this right).

The same people who clapped at the revelations of the queer actress, clapped with equal enthusiasm when it was announced that a documentary about Omar Khadr, the convicted Muslim terrorist and murderer, titled “Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr”, won the highest award. Queerness and Islamic extremism don’t mix well, but that doesn’t matter to the brainless Canadian cultural elites. The only thing that matters to them is that both destroy traditional Canada from within.

It was another disgraceful episode of the decline of the Canadian culture. You can see this in the short clip, but the makers of the documentary were well aware of what they were doing. One of them boldly stated that she was not deterred by those who considered the movie “fake news”. The second one thanked the CBC and Al-Jazeera for their help and even called the terrorist Omar Khadr a “lovely Muslim Canadian boy”.

He should have also praised his “lovely family” – a bunch of terrorists, murderers and welfare parasites. This morning, it was reported that Omar has been in intensive care after a 19-hour shoulder surgery. It was done to heal the wounds from fighting against Canada and the West on the side of Muslim terrorism.

During the show, many people repeated Justin Trudeau’s platitude about “diversity as our strength”. It looks like bringing to Canada people who want to destroy us is also part of our wonderful diversity.

Talking of diversity, one of the TV shows that received an award, was the CBC’s “Kim’s Convenience”. It is another mediocre show, depicting the life of a Korean family in Canada that runs a convenience store. The funny part is that the CBC is exploiting here the same stereotypes that it regularly fights from the position of political correctness.

And those real stereotypes are the only source of “humour” in the show. The Korean family runs the stereotypical corner store. They speak with stereotypical funny accent. They react with stereotypical bewilderment to people and events that they don’t understand, etc. etc.

Obviously, when the CBC rallies against “cultural insensitivity” or “cultural appropriation”, they consider themselves exempt from attacks.

Here is an idea – when Omar Khadr gets out of hospital, he can make a cameo appearance at “Kim’s Convenience” and discuss the Koran with the family. It would be another display of diversity. And Justin Trudeau may shed a tear watching the episode…

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