Europe Dies with a Whimper – Bearded Lady with a Wurst Wins Eurovision 2014

As a person, who grew up in Europe, I can attest that the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the dullest music shows known to man. The pompous lights and decors cannot mask the talent mediocrity that rules the event. The songs are forgotten minutes after being performed.

None of the singers has achieved any world fame, with rare exceptions like Nana Mouskouri and ABBA. Probably the competition’s structure is to blame for that – every singer presents a country, so instead of being a talent show, the Eurovision has turned into a place where the countries measure their virtual penises. Winning is a matter of national prestige. The songs are selected according to the chance of being liked in other countries that could vote for them.
With the expansion of the European Union, the competition became a tool for promoting the multicultural values of Brussels. Everybody, who has observed the gradual demise of traditional Europe, can get the idea of what kind of “values” are promoted.

As a result of this year’s directive, supported by all juries and some of the voting viewers, a bearded drag queen became the grand winner:

Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with a score of 290 after a grandiose James Bond theme-like ballad, Rise Like a Phoenix, before a TV audience of around 180million people in 45 countries.

The Wurst freak (source: Daily Mail)

The Wurst freak (source: Daily Mail)


The Daily Mail article gives further details:

Austrian drag queen Conchita, the alter ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth, gave one of the most glamorous and sultry performances of the contest, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The singer, who sported a full beard, smouldered like a Bond Girl in a gold embellished fishtail gown.

I suspect that Conchita Wurst, despite the shiny gown, heavy makeup, lipstick, and nail polish still hides a real Wurst underneath “her” dress, so I will refer to “her” as “he”.

I understand that the show business nowadays is very competitive. To stay on the top, Miley Cyrus had to transform her appearance from an adorable girl to a constipated dyke, and she still has to do something insane every few days to stay in the news. Thomas/Conchita went one step further and partially transformed himself into a woman.

Decades ago the bearded lady was a major attraction at circuses and sideshows. I am sure P.T. Barnum would’ve paid generously to have Thomas/Conchita perform at his American Museum.

Thanks to Brussels elites, what was considered a freak at the time is now a role model. It’s the natural process of Europe’s decay – after legalizing the homosexual marriage, now they are working in its Northern countries on decriminalizing pedophilia and incest.

In every country that joins, one of the first things imposed are the gay parades, although they are fiercely resisted in Eastern Europe. Apparently, the Brussels perverts have coached well Thomas/Conchita in their propaganda art. He cheerfully promotes his lifestyle and attempts to make us believe how many followers he has:

Speaking ahead of the semi-final in Copenhagen on Thursday, she added: ‘I have to add that 80 per cent of the autograph requests that I get are from Russia and eastern Europe — and that’s what is important to me’.

Yeah, right, Eastern Europe, where the gay parades look like football riots fought by Klingons, is the new homosexual haven. Once again, by default, Putin looks like a beacon of morality. In a continent, where petty bureaucrats promote perversion and corrupt children, even ordinary dictator towers over them, just because he has some principles.

In contrast, a singing group from Poland, with another mediocre song, received negative vibes (despite being favoured by the British viewers), mostly because it consisted of real women:

The British voting public would have picked Poland’s risque performance featuring buxom young women as the Eurovision Song Contest winner had the choice been theirs alone…

Poland’s eye-opening performance left host Graham Norton, who was commentating for BBC One, speechless. Their entry featured scantily-clad young female performers suggestively dancing to lyrics which included the line “shake what your mama gave you”.

Real women are not welcome...

Real women are not welcome…

How dare they show buxom young women when the Union’s directive is to like a repugnant bearded freak in a dress?!
I am sure that the European Parliament will find a way to condemn the heterosexual aggression of the pretty Polish girls and ban them from further participation. Freaks are going to be the norm. By the way, the audience also booed the Tolmachevy twins, two 17-year old girls who represented Russia.

After watching how Europe tries so hard to erase everything that made it a great civilization, it’s no wonder that the Muslims are so successful in taking it over. The Roman Empire died with a bang fighting barbarians. Western Europe is dying with a whimper, surrendering its civilization to the barbarians.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Europe is finished. Even CTV news referred to this freak as “she.” But never mind Admirwrath, the Muslim hordes will be taking over in the not-too-distant-future, and the Eurovision Song Contest will be banned.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am still inclined to think that when the situation in Europe becomes unbearable, the natural self-defense mechanism will kick in. The Muslims are basically cowards, who can’t exist in any other way than mooching from their host. They are incapable of creating a functioning state under their control.

  2. Apex says:

    I dont think you need to worry about muslims, it isnt them who are bleeding the continent of europe dry by enslaving the populace and their nations with compound interest. It isnt the muslims who are hell-bent on distorting and perverting european values to the point where, despicable humans with not even an iota of morals are given a “hero’s welcome” at airports, a man with a terminal illness rarely occupies himself fearing death by anyother means.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Of course – it’s always Jews’ fault and their evil compound interest. You’re pathetic…

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