Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Colonel Gaddafi – Too Little Too Late

Over the last few days, we have been treated to the highly noble behaviour of three great singing stars. Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce all decided to get rid of the money they wer paid to perform in front of Gaddafi family’s members.

Ain’t that sweet?

Fortunately, they had enough brains not to return the big money (millions of dollars) to the insane Colonel and his dysfunctional family. They decided to give it away to charities.

Their agents decided it was the best way to get more publicity and make them look like benefactors to mankind (the same way the charity crook Bono looks to the ignorant).

So the question is: didn’t they know what bunch of low-life scumbags the Gaddafi family were before they performed for them? Now they can say no, citing the dumb woman defence or their high artistic life, which doesn’t allow them to get involved into the everyday politics. Both excuses wouldn’t fly when you consider the teams of PR people who surround them all the time and are supposed to keep them away from embarrassment.

In the case of Beyonce last year, it was mentioned as a guess that she performed for the sadistic son of Gaddafi on a Caribbean island because of fear for her safety.

Getting rid of the money when Gaddafi is down and kicked by everybody may win them few PR points, but it doesn’t make them less pathetic.

They would’ve shown much more decency if they just refused to sing for the Libyan dictator, knowing what a disgusting creature he is. Or they could have just kept the money, because they were paid for performance and every performer should be paid for his or her art.

But I guess we live in times, where decency and a firm personal stand are thing that are not considered normal…


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  1. Don Sharpe says:

    These 3 whores have lost the respect of all decent people. Their talent for singing not withstanding, they’ve been exposed as human garbage. They have to live with heir own stink, no amount of money is worth that.

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