Abunimah, Barghouti and the Sad End of the Israeli Apartheid Week


Riham Barghouti (far right) and Ali Abunimah (next to her)

The closing event of the Israeli Apartheid Week took place last Friday at OISE. It was probably supposed to be the culmination of the Jew-bashing festivities, but they obviously lost steam.

The same cloth signs about “divestment” they sported on the opening night, were of display again, attached with duct tape to the screen on the stage. They even played the same movie trailer, apparently unable to do better for lack of either money or creativity.

I even saw the same faces in the audience.

The only new, although awful addition was the music – loud and horrible rap, in which they rapped about occupation and divestments. And I thought that the original US rap was bad!

Even behind the bombastic title of the event, State of the Siege, State of the Struggle: The case for Boycott Divestment, Sanctions, they didn’t have any substance to offer. The previous nights they had speakers who could at least pretend that they were social scientists of some substance.

This time they came up with two pathetic Israel-hating activists, who had no other purpose in life other than promoting poorly veiled ant-Semitism. Riham Barghouti was presented as a founding member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. All of her other credentials included participation in groups bound to destroy Israel economically and politically. She had a Masters degree from the Palestinian Birzeit University in Gender, Law and Development (what the hell is that?!).

Ali Abunimah was a writer, published in newspapers and Marxist anthologies. His most recent opus is a book, which advocates the conversion of Israel into one country dominated by Arabs after joining the occupied territories and bringing back all “refugees”.

Just like on the first day, one of the organizers started with bashing Canada for its “apartheid” against Indians. In almost the same words he explained how the South African racists copied the Canadian reservation system. He called for support of the “indigenous resistance” and the fight for “decolonization” of Canada. The idiots in the audience applauded loudly.

Here is a cause that they could easily accomplish – all those lefties can collectively pack their bags and get their red asses out of Canada thus helping the decolonization. Of course, then there would be fewer people left to pay the welfare cheques, buy the cigarettes and play in the Indian casinos.

The hypocrisy is more than amusing – one of the proud sponsors of IAW is No One Is Illegal, an organization that wants to bring into Canada every unemployable Third World person. Wouldn’t that increase the level of colonization? Never mind, they don’t fight for causes, all they want is to extort more money from gullible idiots and government agencies to support their lunacy.

After listening again about the four evil corporations, from which the Canadian universities should “divest”, I felt almost relieved when they introduced the Arab speakers.

Barghouti proudly stated that the IAW should be renamed Israeli Apartheid Month, that’s how many meaningful events it offers. With a gloating voice she described what a horrible headache IAW is for all Jews. It is also the worst week for the Jewish university students. (She is truly a cheery lass, isn’t she?)

She didn’t miss to praise the “Arab revolution” sweeping through North Africa. It is going to create a new world order, where the will of people would dominate and eventually defeat with ferocious power the Israeli colonialism and the puppet Palestinian regime (Yes, anything short of Hamas is a puppet…  Don’t you love those Marxist clichés?)

In her opinion, BDS is a way to get a proactive position against Israel, which evolved from popular movement to a force that influences governments. The reactionary imperialist forces try to delegitimize it by painting it as anti-Semitic, but it actually is anti-Zionist and many Jews support it (So a Jew can’t be an anti-Semite? Riham, do you know what Stalin’s henchman Lazar Kaganovich did to the Soviet Jews in the 1940’s? Probably not, you are way too ignorant.)

She also praised Canada, whose BDS “achievements” outpace the USA by leaps and bounds – here unions, academic groups, Native communities, etc. are heavily involved in the initiative. (That’s right, we have more lefty idiots here…)

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to provide any facts on the “divestment” campaign success. She mentioned some obscure US college that “divested”, but generally the US government continues its policy of diplomatic support for Israel (What a pity, even Barry Hussein Obama didn’t want to turn openly against Israel…)

She was furious about the sneaky way some universities in California distanced themselves from the BDS lunacy – they stated that they would “divest” only from companies that the US government would officially declare “genocidal”. However, that can’t stop the campaign. Everybody who participates must be flexible in opposing Israel. Such a creative approach is the active opposition against the student exchange program between the universities of Haifa and Ottawa (Does anybody have information about whether those lefties are implementing that?)

And of course she didn’t miss to mention the victory in the Sabra Humus war. Don’t those losers have any real achievements and issues to argue about?!

She closed in an optimistic note that the movement has convinced countries like Norway and Denmark to divest (And as a sign of gratitude those countries have been overtaken by Muslim savage extremists who rape their women and in addition to asking for higher welfare cheques want to impose sharia law on everybody.)

Ali Abunimah was an even more entertaining creature.  He started with the bold statement that we must challenge the “constructive collaboration” propaganda, meaning that any “constructive engagement” with Israel must be abolished. BDS is a tool to achieve justice, end the “occupation” and force Israel to take back the 7 million “refugees”.

Such a solution would not jeopardize the safety of the Israeli people, they will be allowed to live in the new country, but won’t be able to occupy or colonize (Ironically, earlier that day Palestinian animals massacred the Fogel family in Samaria, including a 3-month old baby who was decapitated. The organizers chose not to condemn the “event”. Is this the safety they are proposing?)

He continued by defending the academic boycott against Israel, because supposedly the country “boycotts” in its own way the Palestinian academia. For example, they bombed the Islamic University in Gaza and destroyed (He conveniently forgot to mention that that snake pit was used as an important military centre by Hamas).

Israel also caused many factories and workshops in Gaza to shut down, because they can’t get raw materials or export their production (Shutting down the suicide vest industry is not a big loss).

The example which took the cake was something that happened the day before his speech. Allegedly, an Israeli judge in East Jerusalem ordered a Palestinian family to clear a bedroom in their house to accommodate an extreme Zionist family. The supposedly educated audience booed and clapped and nobody asked the most obvious question. If there is an “apartheid” system in Israel, how is it possible to force an Arab and a Jewish family to live together? (If that’s true, the “Zionists” should watch their backs).

Like all other extremists, he made sure that he mentioned the mantra of being anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic. He blamed the “Zionist ideology” for bringing the peace process to a dead end . (Yeah, right, the little bald terrorist Arafat and Hamas made sure to derail it long before that).

One of the most entertaining moments in his speech was the furious condemnation of Michael Ignatieff’s position about the Israeli Apartheid Week. He quoted a statement published on the Liberal Party’s website, where Iggy said that IAW demonizes Israel and directly attacks the country and the Jewish students, thus trampling their freedom of speech. (Go, Iggy, go!) . Abunimah was totally appalled that a person, who could become a Prime Minister of Canada, can have such an opinion. Then he proceeded to discredit Iggy by reading an article of his written in 2002 after a visit to Israel.

Ignatieff described his flight in a helicopter over the border dividing Israel and the West Bank, saying that the Arab villages there reminded him of Bantustans. (Yes, Iggy flip flopping usually doesn’t work, everybody is going to hate you for it).

He concluded that the only solution would be the creation of one decolonized state, which will unite Jews and all Palestinians, including the millions of refugees, who are entitled to restitution. And therein lies the secret goal of all those “revolutionaries” (which the Nazis pursued as well) – the idea is to get the proverbial “Jewish money”.

It is hard to believe that the millions of semi-literate and ignorant “Palestinians” held in camps for over 60 years by their “generous” Arab hosts would contribute anything to the new country. The money of the Jews would be confiscated and most of them killed. And when the money is spent for weapons and food, there would be nobody around to earn new money. But what’s the problem?  The UN might still be around…

 Something ominous happened while they were speaking. During Barghouti’s speech one of the “divest” signs on the stage fell to the floor. Then the Palestinian flag and the second sign fell while Abunimah was fuming.

Maybe even the duct tape didn’t like what they had to say…

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Thank you for posting this article. I’ve yet to develop a strong enough stomach and thick enough skin to sit through the garbage being spewed. I’m working on it though as I strongly believe and am committed to exposing the lies, hatred, perservity, and hypocrisy, in all their ugliness. Keep up the good work!! We are at war.

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