Anti-Semitic Gay Pride March Scheduled for July 2 in Toronto

It didn’t take long, did it?

During the last month’s balagan at City Hall, a long row of gay activists were trying to convince the Council how important it is to fund their parade. Most of them even promised not to let the anti-Semites from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid take part in the event.

It took just a month for the gay leaders to pull off the same swindle they did last year – once they were sure about getting the funding, they let the anti-Semites take part in their “festivities”.

Here is the official announcement for the July 2 event (h/t JDL and BCF):

Dyke March – Palestine Solidarity Contingent

Saturday, July 2 · 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Norman Jewison Parkette (East of Yonge St., between Gloucester & Isabella)

Please join Dykes & Trans People for Palestine (DTPP) as we march together in solidarity with Queers in Palestine & against Israeli Apartheid!

Bring your noisemakers, signs, banners, & spirit of peaceful protest – but most especially, bring yourself! We will congregate in the Parkette at 1:30 pm on Saturday July 2, prior to the start of the Dyke March which leaves at 2 pm.

If it’s a hot day, be sure to bring lots of water, a hat, & sun screen.

So the “dumb” Torontonian taxpayer is left with no choice, but to finance the hatred flaunted by a group of idiots, who attack the only country in the Middle East where gays have real rights.

At City Hall last month, Francisco Alvarez, one of Pride’s leaders, while whining and begging for money, promised that the anti-Israeli group is not going to take part. He said that the police would be notified, if QuAIA show up.

Now not only do they show up, but they are at the centre of a major Pride event. Yet, I don’t see any hint of condemnation from the gay community.

For many years, the Pride organizers have been pounding into us the idea that their event is about love and inclusiveness. Now we are supposed to finance their Jew-hatred.

Does that mean that he gay community at large supports hatred and anti-Semitism?

We’ll see tomorrow…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    “Does that mean that he gay community at large supports hatred and anti-Semitism?”

    it means that, as we have all seen before, homosexuals and other assorted sexual degenerates can be as mean spirited, as hateful and as vile as they like. But because they are “gay” they can get away with it every time.

  2. Interested Citizen says:

    Interesting, so happy here looks like QuAIA QueersAgainstIsrealiAppartheid has now been labeld for the racist anti-semites they are, THEY LOST FUNDING AND BRING SHAME TO THEMSELVES!, The City Councilers the Jewish community ENRAGED, how dare they intimidate jews and jewish families in Toronto, sick bigots, look like whining fools on TV, silly Toronto anti semitic leftist jew hating fools, there group was created by a palestinian/midle east youth group at the ” Univeristy of Toronto” 5 yrs back now?. Very Leftist liberal though, almost Marxist, this Chinses chick hated white people with a passion that jioned, and Israel!, she was hot and got lots of 40 and 50 yr old LEsbians to join, she was good, she wanted to go into POLITICS hahaha Many of their group were more leftist, anti-west, pro Hamas but would date guys on the down low, so there parents dont disown them, or kill them, they woould party in the vilalge at clubs all that, on the down low, very anti-white, thought all white boys were good for was to have sex with, but he wanted a wife, very anti-rural, anti western thought, and this went along perfectly with the Univerosty group, and the NDP leftist anti israel population in Toronto, and they decided to use some of the Gay leftist usefool tools and idiots in the gay village to HATE on JEWS, only it backfired, and QuAIA were shown for being mean cruel anti semite brats. SO DONT BLAME THE greater gay community! I dated a middle eastern guy by cahnce from this group, they would “Play with some of the older gross gay dudes to get there support so they would march and wear HATE remarks on there clothes, and SWASTIKA’s on their cloths, was disgusting, it was sick, he was racist towards jews, canadian white people, anything western, i overlooked at at first and he almost organized further anti-semtic marchs in Toronto? WHAT IS UP with the Canadian Political system that allows this? thank God those fools have been tongue lashed. taught a lesson, many of them have left their organization, they have figured out they were supporting Hamas

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