Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Thornhill and the Jewish “Peace Solution”



Anti-Semitism is spreading rapidly in Canada. The neo-Nazis have long ago become museum rarities, but their place is already filled by thousands of Muslims, sharing a Jew-hating religion, and the New Left, which sees Jewish bankers and

Mossad agents at the bottom of all misfortunes of mankind.
Earlier today I received two pics (h/t Meir Weinstein) of anti-Semitic graffiti. The photos had been taken at a bus stop in Thornhill, Ontario, at the intersection of Bathurst and Atkinson.


The perfect combination – Nazi swastika and “Fuck Israel.” No matter how threatening they seem, the grim new realities in Canada, where Muslim fanaticism is encouraged as a healthy expression of our “cultural diversity,” would most likely make that type of anti-Semitism more common. Canada, and especially Toronto, is no longer a place ruled by common law, but a stinky hub of repulsive and intolerant third-world religions and ideologies, which are protected by our human rights industry.

I don’t know what coverage the graffiti are going to receive. However, a similar event that happened a few days ago was covered extensively in our mainstream media. Somebody wrote something on a sign in front of the Jaffari Centre in the same area. We don’t know what, but it was something offensive to Islam.

Writing anything offensive on signs, walls, windows or public property is to be condemned. Normally, it is a good idea to wait for the investigation to be completed before expressing a major reaction. This approach is valid especially when a Muslim entity is involved – there had been many cases where graffiti and vandalism had been the work of the Muslims themselves as a futile attempt to prove “Islamophobia.” Such caution is necessary especially when a sinister and anti-Semitic organization like the Jaffari Centre is involved.

But for the brave new Jews of Thornhill caution is a foreign word.

A few of them started an initiative to prove to the Jaffari Muslims what nice and wonderful people the Jews are. The esteemed Mr. Bernie M. Farber is promoting the initiative with passion.

2014-07-23 14_28_21-(5) Bernie M Farber

What a touching compassion! I’m gonna cry! But wait, it gets better – the organizers outline in an additional letter, shared by Mr. Farber, what exactly they are going to do:

Many of you will have by now heard of the hate crime committed outside the Jafari Centre in Richmond Hill. While I feel mostly powerless against the devastating bloodshed happening overseas, I cannot allow that hatred to spill over into our communities here. I have spoken to some friends at the Jafari Centre and I have suggested that a group of us could come out to show solidarity with community and send a strong message that such horrifying racist acts will not be tolerated here.

It was suggested that we could meet outside the mosque around 7:00 and perhaps bring flowers from Shoresh’s nearby Kavanah garden, containers of dates and other packaged goods that the community could partake of at iftar. This mosque hosts about 2,000 every evening for iftar, so it was suggested that it would be less chaotic and our presence would be more noticeable if we arrived earlier in the evening to present our ‘gifts’ to the mosque administration. I was also thinking it would be great if some of us could arrive with posters with messages like “Conflict will not divide us”, “In the GTA, we celebrate diversity” or perhaps even the golden rule in multiple languages (I know it is a bit of a cliché, but Love thy Neighbour seems particularly apt here!).

Anyway, please feel free to circulate this through your networks! The more people we are able to get out to show support the better…

The Jafari Centre is located at 9000 Bathurst, Thornhill, ON L4J 8A7.

Thanks so much in advance for your help with this…



How stupid can you get?

If those people ever controlled the government of Israel, the country would’ve been wiped out from the map long time ago.

The Jaffari Centre is not your corner Christadelphian church with its sweet old ladies (the United Church also comes to mind but its crazy old ladies are far from sweet). The Centre is hostile against Jews – they have been investigated for using anti-Jewish teaching materials and publications.

They also wanted to build a Muslim-only housing development, which would bring irreversible changes to the demographics of Thornhill and multiply the anti-Semitism in the area.

Is it possible that Shari and Bernie never heard of all that?!

And what’s the deal with “the containers of dates and other packaged goods that the community could partake of at iftar”? Is it some kind of dhimmi tax?

Long time ago, when the Turkish Empire occupied and pillaged the Balkan countries, the local Christian leaders were supposed (on top of all other taxes they paid) to go every year to Istanbul with generous gifts for the sultan. Their loyalty was measured by the size of the gifts. Are the Thornhill Jews resurrecting that disgusting custom?

I can guarantee you that the Jaffari Centre is not going to knock on any synagogue’s door with gifts to show “solidarity” with the Jews over the bus stop graffiti. Most likely they’ll be laughing behind your backs. As of the Jewish gifts – they even may dump them into the garbage for not being halal.

The most hilarious part is that the Muslim asskissing is going to take place on Thursday and two days later, on Saturday, the Jaffari Centre is going to hold (along with other Muslim organizations) the annual Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park.

This is an event, which every year calls for the destruction of Israel and Arab occupation of Jerusalem, complete with anti-Semitic signs and Hezbollah flags. Last year a keynote speaker from Palestine House called for shooting the Jews of Jerusalem. And this year they are doing it again.

So Shari and Bernie think that such people deserve full support and free gifts. If the majority of the Thornhill Jews shares that way of thinking, the best course of action would be to turn all synagogues into mosques and get over with it.


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  2. IHateTerrorism says:

    Bernie seems to have a bad case of leftism and a messiah complex. I am told that he runs to the cops and his lawyer almost every time someone says something about him that makes him sad. He especially does not like people who speak up for Israel. Bern has moved on to new causes – anti-Semitism is so passé for a man who now sees himself as saviour to the entire world, not merely the Jewish nation. They pushed him off the throne and now he inhabits greener pastures in the pursuit of justice. He appears to have sunk to a new low by speaking up for Islamist groups (at the Jafari Center) while his own community suffers attacks from Islamists. Maybe he is trying to impress Justin Trudeau with his multicultural and self-sacrificial bona fides. In case Bernie did not notice, some new Canadians are using violence against Jews in Canada for being Jews. Perhaps that does not weigh too heavily on Bern’s conscience because he so busy pretending he is Henry Kissinger doing shuttle diplomacy in Toronto, but it bothers me and many others who are witnessing many on the left prostrating themselves in front of Islamic haters and making asses out of both themselves and the community. Bern does not speak for anyone other than himself but when you have a herculean ego, the person attached to that ego is forever overstepping his bounds.

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  4. Ted says:

    Bernie Farber is quisling and a jackass.

    He should be shunned by the entire jewish community.

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