Comrade David McNally and His Jew-Hating Friends from York University


At this week’s rally at York University, which was organized to celebrate the decision to destroy Israel by economic means, Professor David McNally was one of the keynote speakers. You can enjoy his speech in the video above.

He is well known leftist, who sincerely believes that his prescriptions to resolve the world’s problems by applying the mouldy Marxist tools, could really make all of us live better.

At the same time, he finds pleasure in hanging out at events with such devout fans of the Iranian Muslim extremism like Ali Mallah and Zafar Bangash.

While socializing with those people, he promotes heavily in his teaching issues and fields, which his Muslim buddies may find disturbing:

“I am teaching four courses this academic year. In the Fall Term 2012, I’ll be teaching a fourth-year and M.A. seminar entitled, “Marxism, Feminism and Poststructuralism” and a graduate seminar on volume one of Marx’s Capital entitled, “Appropriating Marx’s Capital, 1” (In Winter Term 2013 I will teach a third-year course, “The Political Culture of Race and Racism” and a graduate seminar, “Appropriating Marx’s Capital, 2” on volumes 2 and 3 of Capital.)”

McNally is a curious case, because even in the times of Brezhnev it was hard to find scholars from the communist countries, who truly believed in Marx’s hodgepodge. Most of those were in the field to get easy money from lectures delivered and books published with the understanding that it was illegal to criticize them.

Islam is not big on feminism and poststructuralism, yet Muslims value McNally. It may look like a paradox, but the answer is simple – both sides have a pathological hatred for Israel that unites them (at least temporarily).

It’s delightful to see that McNally is loved by his students, who give him high ratings. So what is the basis of those ratings?

“This Guy Rocks!!! Awesome Prof, Awesome Lectures.., No Exams!!! Easy to approach and talk to.. Total Lefty which is cool in my books”

“great prof. heavily leaning towards the left, but it’s possible to live with that. no tests or exams!”

If we leave aside the spelling, which shows that the York University education is hard to trust, the main attraction of Prof. McNally’s courses appears to be the lack of tests and exams. (The lectures apparently don’t enrich the students intellectually, because they still express themselves at a grade-two level.)

That’s the dream of the lazy lefty. A useless subject like political science is easy enough, but the “prof” makes it even easier by letting everybody pass. It’s the ultimate communist fairness, where everybody is equal; everybody deserves the same regardless of work or ability. And why not? That degree is useless anyway, unless you get some parasitic government job, like a Human Rights inquisitor with a license to hunt Christians.

Why are we paying for all that?


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