Deported Canadian Pro-Hamas Losers Greeted by JDL-Canada at Toronto Airport

The anti-Semitic scumbags, who participated in the latest campaign to provoke and discredit Israel by boarding boats destined for Gaza, ended up in the same way as the other “missions” from previous years. Their attempt to express their support for the terrorist entity Hamas was met again with the presence of the Israeli border authorities. Unlike the Turkish terrorists, who tried to kill the Israeli border guards with metal bars and knives, causing a real fight, this time the boats were staffed with the wimpy protesters that you can see at most pro-Hamas demonstrations in Toronto. They are good when they have to shout obscenities in front of the Israeli Consulate, but lose their speech when confronted with real people while attempting to enter a country illegally. That made the situation much more manageable than at the time of the Turkish confrontation. Their boats were captured and redirected to the port of Ashkelon and Prime Minister Netanyahu jokingly told them that they might have taken the wrong turn.

Soon after that the sorry group of armchair revolutionaries was deported to Canada. Expecting a hero’s welcome (that they’ll surely receive from the numerous supporters of Hamas in Toronto), at the airport they were met by a group, which wasn’t very impressed with those Israel-haters. JDL-Canada was waiting for them. Unaccustomed to such reception, the Hamas fans had to use the services of the airport guards, who did their best to silence the members of JDL-Canada. Here is a short video of the confrontation:

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  1. GK says:

    Awesome. We need more people in the west to stand up to these vapid terrorist supporters.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Were they security guards at the airport or cops of some kind?

    1. admiwrath says:

      They look like police, but I haven’t seen them before at the Toronto airport – maybe they show up in such “emergencies”. By the way, it is shocking to see how many hijabs and bearded Muslims are employed at that airport as security staff.

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