Fans of Anti-Israeli Terrorism Clash with Jewish Students at York University

Yesterday I saw another episode of the never-ending saga of the poorly-veiled anti-Semitism at York University. This time the noisy event, which started as a silent protest at Vari Hall and then moved to the food court in the commons area, was promoted as a generic protest against York University’s (YU) investments in arms manufacturers. Such events usually start and end at Vari Hall, but the new twist was designed as a provocation against Israel – there is a large painting in the other area which depicts the Arab fights against Israel. More on that later.

The “noble” goal was reflected in the flyer they distributed at the event. However, a closer look at it raises a few questions:

York-U-divest-event-2016-flyerAs you can see, the organizers have a beef with five large companies. Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems have been on the BDS list for years for their work for Israel’s defense. Northrop Grumman and Amphenol are newcomers in the list, but they are targeted specifically for their involvement in Israel. The only exception is Textron, attacked for its collaboration with Saudi Arabia (organizers should be careful with that – Saudi princes may cut the money for “Islamic studies”). Despite the “new and improved” propaganda, the good old anti-Semitism rears its ugly head behind it.

The list of the sponsors of the event, according to the flyer, also deserves attention: Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), Amnesty International, York Federation of Students (YFS), York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA), and an Alumni organization. SAIA is definitely the leader and I am not sure if the members of the other organizations are aware that thanks to their leadership’s bias they have been involved in something like that (especially the Jewish alumni whose donation money are being used).


The notorious painting or “mural”

When Paul Bronfman decided to withdraw his financial support for certain programs as a protest against that anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli propaganda, the reaction was outrageous. It seems that the Jews are expected to provide money with no questions asked, even when the money finances anti-Semitism.

An article published in the student paper of YU expressed the determination to fight Mr. Bronfman: “Palestinian Roots” here to stay, despite Bronfman withdrawal. By the way, in most writings about the art object, it is called repeatedly “mural” while it is clear that this is a painting (poorly made by somebody who got into art school through affirmative action). If they convince everybody that it is a mural, it might be allowed to stay, because a mural is hard to scrape off the wall, as opposed to a painting that you could simply remove.

Anyway, here is how the Muslim activists, quoted in the article, countered Mr. Bronfman’s boycott of anti-Semitism:

[Hammam] Farah [founder of Students Against Israeli Apartheid] says the mural is not anti-Semitic because targeting the military in a context of occupation is legal under international law.

“We Palestinians have the right, under international law, to target military installations, units, and vehicles that oversee the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Let’s not forget that international law was derived partially from the legitimate resistance of occupied people in Europe during World War II. The painting does not depict an attack on civilians.”

Rawan Habib, a Refugee Aid executive, echoes these statements stating in Canada “we live in a society that looks to international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as important standards in determining what constitutes infringements and what constitutes legal and moral action in issues of global conflict.”

Under international law, in a context of military occupation, people have the legal and moral right to target military vehicles and installations, says Habib.

“Therefore, what the painting depicts is considered a legal and legitimate form of resistance by a Palestinian against an Israeli army bulldozer engaged in the plowing of land and uprooting of trees in territory it occupies.”

I am not going to cover the “occupation” of land that was part of the Mandate for Palestine and until 1967 was occupied by Jordan and how the “Palestinian nation” strangely emerged in the 1970’s. That has been covered extensively. What I find disturbing is the open promotion of anti-Israeli terrorism on the pages of an official newspaper of a major Canadian university.

But wait, there’s more! The cute hijab-wearing Ms. Habib appears to be a big shot in the YU student movement. She runs for a major position in the upcoming student elections, as you can see in the posters below. She must be well-funded, because none of the other candidates has such a big election poster in colour.

One of her platform promises is to “Re-vamp the “No Islamophobia, no Anti-Semitism, no Racism” campaign.” Gee, I wonder how she fights anti-Semitism. Yesterday a young, 19-year-old female soldier was killed in Jerusalem by Arab terrorists. Hadar Cohen was on guard at the Damascus Gate of the Old City (that’s a place where Jews are routinely harassed by Arabs, as I have seen).

According to the point of view of the dimwitted anti-Semite Ms. Habib, Hadar Cohen, who is probably the same age, was a fair target of the “Palestinian resistance.” And she is part of the student elite of York University?

With people like these, York University feels more and more like a stinky sewer.

York-U-divest-event-2016-election-1York-U-divest-event-2016-election-2When faced with such a blatant anti-Semitism, one could expect that mass indignation would be the only logical reaction. That’s not what happened. When JDL-Canada made public its intention to confront the divestment rally, some people and organizations expressed their opposition. The notorious group Independent Jewish Voices that hasn’t found an anti-Israeli initiative they didn’t like, defended the painting as perfectly normal in their response to the criticism by the Facebook group Never Again Canada, which they consider “Islamophobic”. IJV’s spokesman Tyler Levitan trashed several Jewish organizations:

“Using the charge of anti-Semitism is the repeated method used by groups such as Never Again Canada, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies and Hasbara@York to silence legitimate dissent towards Israel’s illegal behaviour,” said Tyler Levitan, spokesperson for IJV.

“Never Again Canada’s Facebook post on the issue is itself a form of incitement to hatred—in this case against Palestinians and Muslims. The Palestinian cultural garb, the keffiyeh, is described by the group as a ‘terrorist scarf’, while the outline of historic Palestine is described as representing ‘Islamic terror against Jews’,” said Levitan. “This organization believes Arabs and Muslims to be inherently violent.”

A Jew must be exceptionally ignorant or devious to say that what is seen on the scarf in the painting is “the outline of historic Palestine.” Historic Palestine was bigger and its map looked quite different. Everybody who has any idea about the demands of the Arabs knows that what’s depicted is the correct map of Israel (with Judea and Samaria) but with the Jews expelled.

The YU paper that published Ms. Habib’s justification of terrorism against Israel wasn’t ashamed to spread another lie about the organization most vocal against the YU anti-Semites:

Pro-Israel groups say the YU Divest campaign is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in disguise, a motion which targets Israel. The JDL sees the campaign as inherently anti-Israel and made their concerns known. The JDL is not supported by pro-Israel and Jewish groups on campus. The JDL is labelled a terrorist group by the FBI in the United States and is banned in Israel.

The terrorist group label is false and it would be wise of JDL-Canada to demand at least an apology and retraction, considering the fact that the accusation of terrorism, even if it is a false charge, could bring serious expenses for the accused victim.

Even people who realize the impact of the campus anti-Semitism were opposed to the presence of JDL-Canada at the rally. A young Jewish man even made the effort to write an open letter stating that the organization is not wanted at YU. In his opinion, it hampered the efforts of the Jewish community at YU to combat anti-Semitism in a “rational way.” Other voices stated that the Israel issue was at the bottom of the demands of the rally, the divestment targeted many other countries. As you saw in the flyer, that was not true.

I met that young man, who now has a high status in the YU Jewish organizations, about 3 years ago, in 2013, at a similar rally at Vari Hall when he was chased and harassed by anti-Semitic Muslims at a BDS rally. The security said they couldn’t protect him because of freedom of speech. Did anything change since then? No, Jews were treated the same way in 2016. And it was the same before – my first encounter with that weird place was in 2010 when the supporter of Palestinian terrorism George Galloway was invited to speak at YU. The Jewish students at the time organized a spectacular disruption rally.

Yet when I covered it with pictures, I received several requests to remove the pics because the students were threatened with expulsion. I suppose that none of those students are at YU anymore, but unfortunately the spirit lives on, despite the fact that different Jews and different anti-Semites dominate the place. Maybe an interference from outside would wake up the swamp, though looking at the newly added halal food joints and the niqab gargoyles roaming all over the place, that could be a hopeless task.

Despite the opposing voices of anti-Semites, modern Jewish kapos and well-meaning but misguided people, the protest materialized. A few JDL-Canada members and supporters made their point at the entrance of YU near the end of the park. Others managed to go inside and witness the rally at the food court. It was protected by plenty of campus police that closed the entrances and virtually isolated the fast food joints in the area (that’s fine, the York University students are against capitalist profits anyway).

When the Jews lost patience and raised their voices, the security (uniformed and plain cloth) did their best to keep them silent. You can see all that in the movie and here are a few pictures showing how the events proceeded.


“Silent rally” at Vari Hall


Moving to a new place and handling the unruly Jews


The victorious crowd


The “mural” in question is still there


The modest counter-protest

Well, in case you think that anti-Semitism is the only problem at YU, I can assure you that the insanity goes much deeper than that. There are groups which could feel much more comfortable in Cuba or North Korea, as the Revolutionary Student Movement’s poster suggests.

York-U-divest-event-2016-revolutionary-commies“Your friendly campus communists: We are the radical and combative anti-capitalist student movement. We are looking to make our campus a site of class struggle! We are revolutionary, not reformist. We maintain our independence from the bourgeois state, and we support the people’s struggles against capitalism, imperialism, and settler-colonialism in Canada and across the world.”

This charming text, along with the Maoist drawing, brings so many memories from my upbringing under communism and remind me of all the baton beating and kicks I have suffered for daring to criticize the communist abomination. It’s great to see that Stalinism and Maoism have found a cozy abode at the shithole called York University, together with Muslim barbarism and anti-Semitism. And of course, the Marxist psychopaths want nothing less than free education (paid by others of course):


Jews have donated countless millions of dollars with the hope that they support a high institution of learning. The reality is that they have financed a hostile anti-Canadian place which more and more resembles Saudi Arabia. After the protest, CIJA, the organization that claims to represent all Jews in Canada, stated that the anti-Israeli activities in Canadian universities are “marginal”. If you consider marginal the event you just read about, supported by all major YU student organizations and strongly tolerated by the administration, you should consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Isn’t is time to stop and ask: is this the kind of university anyone in his right mind would support?

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  1. Lowa says:

    Well, my kids are DEFINITELY NOT going to apply to YORK. SHERIDAN COLLEGE and WESTERN, WATERLOO U’s are more reputable and pro-Israel.

  2. Alan Kellogg says:

    Actually,the FBI did describe the JDL as a terrorist organization in its 2001 report due to its plot to bomb an LA mosque and assassinate a congressman.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Educate yourself – it is a slander to apply that “definition” to JDL-Canada. A couple of years ago the CBC had to apologize publically for calling JDL-Canada “terrorist group” during a TV broadcast.

  3. Hasti says:

    “Maybe an interference from outside would wake up the swamp, though looking at the newly added halal food joints and the niqab gargoyles roaming all over the place, that could be a hopeless task.”

    You incite the same hatred that you seem to detest. How can you be so furious about anti-Semitism when it is clear that you are anti-Muslim? They are both evils cut from the same cloth. There’s nothing “reasonable” about this article, or your blog.

  4. Rehmat says:

    Did you meet Tommy Corbyn, son of so-called “pro-Hamas” Jeremy Corbyn, leader of UK’s Labour Party? He studies engineering at the York University. My son received MBA degree at York.

  5. Jane says:

    American college counselors, who guide an increasing number of American high school applicants to Canadian universities, are NOT recommending York. It is and has been, for years, a hotbed of anti-Semitism!

  6. Paddy says:

    If you are a reasonable person, then why do you refer to your fellow jews who support palestinians, as “modern Jewish kapos”? Seems to me that’s pretty incendiary from someone who supports rational discussion.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The problem is that they support vile extremist Arab movements, which have as their goal the destruction of Israel. That makes them not that different from the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

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