Hamas Fans Who Hate Canada to Rally at the Israeli Consulate

As Israel is trying to stop hundreds of rockets sent by the Hamas murderers against towns, villages, and even the capital Jerusalem, the faithful servants of that terrorist organization plan to fight for it from downtown Toronto. They are planning a demonstration tomorrow. As they announced on the event’s Facebook page: “In Toronto, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA), together with Palestine House, are calling on all supporters of Palestinian human rights to join us at a rally in front of the Israeli consulate.”

It’s not a surprise to see the racists from Palestine House organize this event. A few days ago they attacked Jewish people, who gathered for a peaceful vigil to mark the death of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and killed by Hamas activists. Jews were beaten with sticks and had to be taken to hospital. The Arab racists even attacked an Asian woman with disgusting slurs:

Reading the Facebook page, it is not difficult to see that plenty of those anti-Semites will be attending the demonstration. Some of them promote on the page the upcoming Al-Quds rally, one of the main anti-Semitic events in Toronto:

2014-07-09 14_28_38-(3) Take action_ Protest the assault on PalestiniansSure – the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is their priority and they are willing to destroy Israel because of that. At last year’s Al-Quds rally many participants proudly carried Hezbollah terrorist flags. One of the leaders of Palestine House even called in his speech for the extermination of the Jews in Jerusalem:

They even posted an Aljazeera cartoon slandering Israel:

2014-07-10 16_52_48-(1) Take action_ Protest the assault on PalestiniansSome semi-literate idiot didn’t forget to bash the Jews for all ills in the world:

2014-07-10 16_47_12-(1) Take action_ Protest the assault on Palestinians

Iordan Nikolov: genocide by the Zionist bankers. they own the mainstream, good luck getting what little help there is from the few humans that aren’t brainwashed and asleep from the mainstream propaganda. the world is zombies that will likely never understand what is happeneing. you can thank the jews for creating sociology.

Why he credited Jews for creating sociology and what that has to do with anything is a mystery. However, that type of primitive anti-Semitism flourishes in Eastern Europe and is well-received by the “Palestinian” terrorists.

The real fun started when some girl going to the event suggested that they bring Canadian flags. (The organizers wanted only “Palestinian” flags.) That simple suggestion started a lengthy discussion (the longest one on the page), which revealed the true colours of the supporters of Hamas. Just like venomous snakes smoked out of their holes, they admitted that they don’t hate only Israel, but Canada as well.

Here is the discussion:

Farah Al Hasso says: It would be good to bring the Canadian flag as well if people have one

Saïd Ghandour If Canada wasn’t so pro Israel it would be

(Definitely – the Muslims and their servants are expected to hate Canada.)

Farah Al Hasso: The government is but not the citizens and thats what we need to also voice

Herme Deowish: There are israeli citizens against the occupation of WB and the bombing of gaza, and there are Canadian citizens who support it and vice versa. And there are plenty of Canadian citizens who don’t know anything about it or don’t understand it.

Amani Ahmed: We need to play this political media smart enough and showing Canadian Flags is smart idea

(Of course – it’s all show to make the violence look like peace.)

Farah Al Hasso: If u r israeli and against whatbis happening to Palestine then by all means people should bring thr Israeli flag. Bringing the Canadian flag represents the Canadians who are against it.

(I am not sure if a guy with an Israeli flag is going to survive their demonstration.)

Rae Lee: Canada is also a stolen land, taken through genocide.

(Same old, same old.)

Zahra Haidari: ^As shameful as our Canadian history is, it’s wrong to let past mistakes take place in our present.

Vere-Vere Carr: The Canadian flag is drenched in crimes against First Nations people. The irony could induce gagging

(Arabs and their friends don’t hide their hatred for Canada.)

Herme Deowish: Our? That flag represents and honors the shameful past.

Herme Deowish Farah: except that flag doesn’t represent a lot people, but rather it represents the state and the ruling class.

(We may need to replace the Canadian flag with the ISIS banner to make them happy.)

Farah Al Hasso: I think thats very subjective Herme. It represents identity to me. I dont identify with Harper’s politics but with the canadian values of peace and basic human rights. I know that when people were protesting against the war in Iraq that it meant alot to see canadians and even americans protesting against it. During any protest it is nice to see a variety of individuals showing their disdain/support of the issue, not just one group of people from the same background or ethnicity. If people feel strongly against canada or our flag then they are free to feel that way but need to remember that their feelings arent neccessarily the same as all other Canadians. The government rarely represents the ideologies and values of its people and its important to keep that distinction in mind.

Herme Deowish: I guess flags are absorbant signifiers. The government raises the flag, and people carry the same flag when voicing opposition o the government.

Farah Al Hasso: Herme you deleted your earlier comment..now my israeli flag comment seems so random lol

Syed Hussan: People have argued for why already — I am just going to echo my opposition to bringing the flag.

Rae Lee: I didn’t mean to start any arguments and I probably should have just kept my mouth shut (or fingers off the keyboard), since I have no idea what it’s like to experience my land being taken from me and my people being systematically murdered. As someone with Western European ancestry, I have no authority in this conversation and I apologize if I took up space that wasn’t mine. I commented to point out that we can oppose the Israeli regime without ignoring what has been (and continues to be done) on Turtle Island and to the indigenous people of this land. I totally get the idea of powerful symbolism and I think people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities holding Palestinian flags is just as powerful. I look forward to standing with all of you.

(The self-hating white girl, who desperately tries to fit in.)

Vere-Vere Carr: Whether or not to bring a flag is not subjective. Arguing to bring one means proposing it is ok to display erasure of what has unfolded here, on this stolen land. There are other ways to quickly signify that you support a cause and where you are from. That South Africa came to Canada to get information on how to enact apartheid, because we’d so successfully oppressed the indigenous culture here, speaks to whether we can lay claim to an identity of peace keeping. Especially since the following decades have shown no real redress to the harms caused by the formation of this country on stolen land. That is just one example. Better to find another way to show solidarity. This country has an insidious relationship with genocide glossed over by faux-peacefulness.

Vere-Vere Carr: It’s good to acknowledge our privilege and be conscious about not taking up too much talk time. But we also need to speak up when an oppressed group is being further harmed. Flags harm oppressed groups. I’ll go away now, though. I’m a white, cis female who doesn’t need to overtake a thread.

(The self-hate never goes away.)

Farah Al Hasso: Rae Lee dont apologize for voicing your opinion. This thread or cause is for all people against what is happening in Palestine, it has nothing to do with someone’s background. I didnt think a simple suggestion would cause such a reaction from people. I can see how it can discourage people from expressing their ideas and/or thoughts. In the end whats really important is not whether you bring this flag or that flag but whether people put their words into action and do something about whats happening to those oppressed regardless of where they are.

Suzanne Weiss: Palestinian flags are more important as they have a strong message. Palestine will be free! We also lots of signs that say Boycott Divestment Sanctions. That’s why Israel is gearing up the fight, because BDS has won the hearts and minds of the world’s peoples.

(The inevitable Jewish kapo, who would gladly assist in the destruction of Israel.)

Aruna Zehra: Canada is a colonial state. Israel has based its apartheid on how they have (and continue) to attempt genocide onto Indigenous people here in Canada. You are living in the blueprint for attempted genocide right now. For you to bring a Canadian flag is …

2014-07-08 15_01_21-(3) Take action_ Protest the assault on Palestinians2014-07-08 15_02_04-(3) Take action_ Protest the assault on Palestinians2014-07-08 15_02_36-(3) Take action_ Protest the assault on Palestinians

These are the people we are dealing with.

This is not just about Israel. I understand that for many Jews, especially the J Street types, that tiny country is a nuisance with its constant attempts to survive and fight back. It stands on the way of the vision for universal multicultural love that those enlightened people dream of.

But when you read the discussion above, it is not hard to notice that Israel is just a small part of the equation. The real essence of those people’s minds is based on unabashed hatred for any type of success and actual progress. Their deranged utopism would gladly put the future of Canada in the hands of Stone Age tribes, which haven’t contributed anything in centuries, other than their ability to collect cheques, in exactly the same way they want to see Israel under the heel of the terrorist twins Hamas and PLO.

They simply don’t want to understand that when somebody destroys the industries in Canada or Israel, one of the first things to dry up would be the welfare cheques.

Defending Israel is a defense of the civilization against barbaric usurpers, who see it simply as the first step toward global domination.


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  1. R says:

    If they hate Canada so much, why do they live in this country? Why did they even decide to immigrate here in the first place?

    Meanwhile they carry flags drenched with Jewish blood on it (including Hezbollah flag, which is a recognized terrorist organization).

    Hope Canada deports these scumbags.

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