Israel Haters Chant in Toronto: From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free


JDL-Canada protest at the Al-Quds rally



United against the Khomeinists

Yesterday the annual Al-Quds rally took place in Toronto. It drew large crowds of supporters and opponents. Although the tensions ran high, the event was generally peaceful, although the obvious bias of the police against the Jewish protestors was disturbing (you’ll see more pictures of that later).

Started in 1979 by Ayatollah Khomeini, the world-renowned expert on bestiality and sex with babies, the event is a (not so) clever way of promoting the idea of taking over Jerusalem and turning it into a Muslim-dominated city.

Every year thousands of anti-Semites march all over the world with the demand to get rid of the Jews in Jerusalem. The peculiar thing about the Toronto event is that it takes place on government property – right in front of the Ontario Parliament. That is a good reason to scrutinize the event, because the ideas expressed in speeches in signs for the most part disagree with the official position of Canada and the opinions of the most people.

Thanks to the efforts of certain Jewish organizations and a few bloggers (especially Blazingcatfur), last year’s rally received a decent coverage, revealing the calls for eliminating Israel as a “cancer”; we also saw how many fans of Khomeini and Hezbollah live among us.

This year even more organizations, critical of the event, got involved. JDL-Canada vowed to organize a counter-protest during the Al-Quds rally. Faced with such strong opposition, the organizers tried very hard to look like noble humanists, but that is a very hard task to accomplish when the main point of your event is the violent Arab takeover of Jerusalem.


Hijabs united against Israel


While the Muslim leaders attempted to improve their image, they still tried to push their old ideas, but this time they found a few Jews to do the dirty work. It’s a fact that you can always find a few scumbags to do things that are contrary to their own interests (the Jewish police employed by the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto come to mind). While in the ghetto the urge to survive could justify such acts (to a very limited degree), in democratic Canada there is no excuse to serve the anti-Semites.


Miss Gaza Boat – Sandra Ruch


Sandra Ruch, a Gaza boat activist, talked about her attempts to get into Gaza and break the blockade. She announced that now they are changing their tactics – the gang is going to build a boat IN Gaza, which is supposed to break the blockade from within by exporting goods. I wonder who’ll be interested in home-made rockets and suicide vests, because that’s what Gaza produces.

A guy from “Independent Jewish Voices” (a group that organizes tiny demonstrations in front of the Israeli Consulate) didn’t even want to mention the name “Israel”. He referred to it as the “Zionist project” expressing confidence that the Palestinians and the “progressive” people will put an end to that project. His organization strongly supported the return of all the phony refugees, which will create one Palestinian-dominated country, where both Jews and Arabs will live in harmony (yeah, right…).


Jewish Voices for self-destruction


That sad picture was completed with two rabbis from Neturei Karta, the organization, which simply wants to get rid of Israel. Their presence was so important, that the organizers flew them all the way from Montreal. The rabbis apparently enjoyed the “Down with Israel” sign. Later on, when the participants marched to the US Consulate, the Neturei Karta guys led the people. It was actually a pathetic sight – two exotic rabbis paraded like circus animals to show how open-minded the Muslims are (I am sure under other circumstances, the rabbis would get a totally different kind of treatment).


Rabbis against Israel


Neturei Karta’s travelling circus


The useful Jewish idiots made the task of their Muslim masters much easier. Now the notorious Zafar Bangash looked like a humanist, when he boasted that so many people from different faiths attended the rally (the truth was that the vast majority were Pakistani Muslims). He didn’t miss the chance to attack Tarek Fatah, although he refused to mention his name, because during the Ramadan he is not supposed to utter obscene words (what a shining example of inter-Muslim tolerance!). He thundered against the “fascist” mainstream media, which tried to shut down his rally. Later, when the crowd moved to the US Consulate, we were treated to a second speech, in which he said that the USA is deeply in debt that it would collapse soon and so will Israel. Then the Arab countries could unite and attack Israel to “liberate” Palestine. Nice program… Didn’t they try the same scenario a few times?


Comrade Ali Mallah


Comrade Ali Mallah, the union activist and an NDP star, didn’t forget to attack JDL and other Jewish “hate groups” for criticizing the event. He made the crowd chant: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” All Muslims were very happy to oblige.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the majority of those who protested against the rally were Jewish. It’s no wonder considering what fate the Khomeinists are preparing for them. However, there was also a large number of Iranians, who knew first-hand what the Iranian shia regime means. Unfortunately, those people get very little attention in the mainstream media.


He said to me: “This is the real flag of Iran!”



Surprise, surprise – not all communists love Islam



The Iranian umbrella



“Stop Islamic Racism”



He quickly found out that Christianity is not welcome here…


Iran and Israel – a different view



Shobie found McGuinty’s spine


Apparently, the impact of the sea of hijabs at the rally had to be softened by bringing in more “diversity”. That brought in a large collection of misfits and strange people. There was a guy from the occupy movement:


The hat occupies an empty head


More self-hating Jews:



The boycott and divestment “crowd”:


How’s that working for you?


One could see may “works” of Muslim art depicting the evil Jews:


Approved by Dr. Goebbels…


I hear that Che Guevara was the greatest friend that the Torah, the Bible and the Koran could ever have:


The most messed-up guy at the rally


We even saw a guy from the tranny community. He said he was here to support his brothers and sisters from Palestine. I wonder for how many minutes he would survive in Gaza in this outfit:


Tranny power for Al-Quds


And then there was the communist lady, who is at every event selling her propaganda for a buck a piece:


Commie propaganda for a buck…


The guy who proudly displayed Khomeini’s picture:


I’m lovin’ him…


The racial “superamacy” sign:


Hey, lady, don’t they teach spelling at the madrasah?


And just like in Gaza, the Muslim hate indoctrination is in full force in Ontario:


Kids explain to the Menzoid what will happen to Al-Quds


No Muslim rally would be complete without the “Palestinian genocide” propaganda:


The mythical Palestinian genocide


As I mentioned in the beginning, the police took the right of the Muslims to spew hate very seriously. They turned a blind eye on several attempts by anti-Israeli haters to provoke confrontation. I saw a few women (some Muslim) trying to start a fight. Each and every time JDL had to handle the situation by inviting them to leave in a very polite manner. At the same time, the police were very rude to the anti-Khomeini side.

A very disgusting case involved a dog. There was that gentleman, who brought a beautiful mastiff to the park. Despite its huge size, the dog was friendly and gentle. Yet, as we all know, one of the most barbaric features of Islam is the hatred for dogs. In Western Europe Muslims often poison dogs. Obviously, the police were eager to please the Muslims. They arrested the man, even though as of this writing it is still legal to walk dogs (on a leash) in public parks in Canada.


The mastiff takes a walk

Later I learned that the dog owner was given a choice to be charged or to leave the event immediately without charge. He left, which was a victory for Dalton McGuinty’s sharia police.


The dog criminal has been apprehended



“It’s good they didn’t arrest me as well…”

Later on, when the Khomeinists marched toward the US Consulate, I spotted a lone cyclist carrying the Israeli flag. He was also wearing an IDF t-shirt, which made him suspicious to the sharia police. They followed him and stopped him several times. In language that wasn’t exactly polite, they demanded that he get away from the road, although he wasn’t doing anything illegal.


Get out of here or else…


At the Consulate, a few people interviewed him about what happened.


Telling his story…

To show who is in charge, the Muslims used the old Gaza tactics by bringing a shield of kids with signs to surround “the Jews”, while the adults kept taunting them from behind.


The Gaza tactics never fail…


The rally ended with a warning from the leader that the Muslims should leave orderly in groups, because the Jewish “thugs” may try to get them.

It’s “nice” to know that anti-Semitism is live and well in Canada and nobody gives a damn about that…


© 2012


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  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for photos and write-up. The dog episode was unreal and seems to be generating many irate comments at BCF. Thank-you, citizen journalists!

    1. SM ISAC says:

      SUNNEWS played videotape(thank God for another blogger?) of the incident with this man just walking his dog on leash among the protesters and several cops converging on him and the dog. I hope this gets bigger, same with that Jewish high school teacher who was just carrying an Israeli flag, and was threatened to arrest by cops. They and their chief need to look themselves in the mirror. We need to demand civil and professional accountability of the Toronto police.

  2. Michael Devolin says:

    ‘It’s “nice” to know that anti-Semitism is live and well in Canada and nobody gives a damn about that…’

    I was there with the JDL security team. I travelled over 200 miles to be there as did my friends the Cohen family. So don’t tell your readers that “nobody gives a damn about that” because every Jew who was there was there because he/she loves Canada and Israel both. Why would you write such a bullshit statement after all the hard work Meir Weinstein and the JDL team put into exposing this ugly Islamist event? Kiss my Canadian ass.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Obviously figuring out sarcasm is not your strong point. If you have followed the mainstream media, you might have seen that the anti-Jewish bias of the media in Canada is getting worse by the day.

      For the last two years I have covered every protest, every initiative of JDL, being next to them in cold, snow, or rain and taking the verbal abuse of religious fanatics and lefties. Often I have been the only person, who provides information about some of those events. And just like the JDL members I have done that to fight the injustive perpetrated against the Jewish people and just like them I have never been paid a penny for what I do. And here you come with your better-than-thou rudeness. Before making your ignorant remarks, you should’ve at least made the effort to learn more. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Barzel says:

      Dear Michael,

      Your efforts to come from so far away and provide security for our community was greatly appreciated. I mean that sincerely.

      Sadly, you mis-read, misunderstood who posted this summary of the Al Quds Day at Queen’s Park and did not take the time to learn about the person who you wrote such a nasty reply.

      BlogWrath, a CANADIAN, is a true CANADIAN. His support of Canadian Values and the Jewish Defence League has been awe inspiring with his countless hours of writing to ensure many others are aware of the islamic forces here and beyond.

      I am deeply embarrassed by your comment and truly hope you will re-read and understand the hard work and dedication of the work being done by the person writing this blog.

      The following statement is TRUE,

      ………”‘It’s “nice” to know that anti-Semitism is live and well in Canada and nobody gives a damn about that…”

      When you put into perspective the number of people who live in Canada and compare it with the negligible number of people who will travel 200 miles to ‘stand on guard for thee’ your efforts along with the efforts of the JDL are honourable but sadly, meaningless, since Anti Semitism is alive and well in Canada and beyond…

      We are here in the Diaspora and must continue to do our part to stop the wave of evil that has already consumed so much of our civilized world already. We will continue, regardless of the sad reality of Anti Semitism that remains in the heart of MOST people of the world.

      JDL Blog Administor

      1. Michael Devolin says:

        Point taken. I apologize. You’re right: we’re in this together.

    3. C.R. says:

      Living according to the seven Noahide laws worked for the people in that time–it doesn’t apply to anyone now!

  3. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Great article. As far as I know, Blogwrath, Toronto was the only city which had a counter-demonstration. Hopefully we can inspire other cities to 1. start their own counter-demonstrations,; 2. try to shut this rally down; or 3.ban Hezbollah as a terrorist group in that country if H. isn’t already banned.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. I hope that the wide covereage of the event would make people realize what they are dealing with and start taking action.

  4. SM ISAC says:

    CTV coverage was brief and superficial. They made it a “pro Palestinian vs Jewish” event. They didn’t even mention the Iranian group for democracy. If it were not for bloggers who get right in there on the ground, we will never hear the whole story.

    I took the opportunity on my trip to Queen’s Park on TTC to talk to people about the event. We need to keep informing and educating general public, and kept up my little activities today. One person at a time, we will make the difference.

    Thanks for the great coverage, Blogwrath!

  5. Michael Devolin says:

    “For the last two years”

    I’ve got no problem with your dedication. I have a problem with you saying nobody cares. It’s pretty simple rhetoric. I’ve been a member of the JDL since the 80s. I was Meir’s personal bodyguard at the Jim Keegstra trial in Calgary and at the Imra Finta trial in Toronto, to name two events I have been at. This isn’t a pissing contest. It’s about slandering my country and my fellow Canadians. So don’t write that nobody cares, because there are many Canadians who do care. And don’t preach to me about your dedication. I was doing this when you were still breast feeding.

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  7. Randy says:

    I would like to Take the Time out and Thank All the Zionist and Right Wing Media for the Propaganda against the Al-Quds Rally.

    You people truly brought great exposure towards our Rally… And Help us Create History… This was the Biggest Al-Quds Rally in North America and Europe ! 😀

    Thank U…

    Hope u keep up the good work… And I pray to God that he keep increasing the numbers of participants at Al-Quds rallies all around the world.

    As BlazingCatFire or what ever that name is… Said “And I thought to my self, was all this lies and propaganda really that necesarry ? After all this Al-Quds protest was 10 TIMES BIGGER than all the years in the past”

    And as God has said in the Quran “They Plan and I Plan, And I am the best of Planners”

    With Love,
    A person Who Wants Justice 4 All !

    1. admiwrath says:

      What and excellent comment! (Note to Mr. Devolin – I’m being (almost) sarcastic here)

      I am grateful to “Randy” (or maybe Zafar or Ali) for articulating so well the problem we are facing. Last Saturday we saw a rally, where:

      …they had a flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah
      …a keynote speaker yelled that “Palestine” will be freed “from the river to the sea” (thus eliminating Israel) and the whole crowd enthusiastically chanted the slogan with him…
      …they displayed portraits of Khomeini, a mass murderer and sponsor of terrorism…
      …a dog on a leash was kicked by a Muslim, his owner assaulted and then arrested by the police…
      …Muslim fanatics taunted and verbally abused the Jews and the other peaceful counter-protestors…
      …most people carried signs demonizing Israel…

      And “Randy” calls this a victory and historical event. In a way he is right – although the preparation for the Al-Quds day got some attention in the media, the rally itself received very little coverage (except by SUN News). JDL was the only organization to stage a counter-protest, supported by ordinary citizens, many of whom travelled long distances at their own expense (as it was already mentioned in the comments).

      On the other hand, the original small Al-Quds crowd swell to a few hundred thanks to the free school buses provided by Muslim “charities”, which brought people from the mosques.

      So it was kind of a victory – the well organized Muslim fanatics (with a few deluded Jews and a tranny thrown in for good measure) against a small Jewish organization comprised by volunteers. Thus, I have no other choice, but to state again that “nobody gives damn” about the danger.

      “Randy” also says that the Al-Quds rallies around the world are increasing in size and then adds that his Koranic moon god is “the best of planners”. Observing Europe, we can see what he has planned for us – the Jews in France are being killed and routinely beaten; in the UK the Muslims want to establish emirates; there are already sharia-governed areas in many cities in Europe; the homosexuals in Amsterdam are rapidly losing ground; the once peaceful Sweden and Norway have become rape capitals; when in the USA a Muslim terrorist kills 13 military men and women, it is considered a “work-related incident”, and so on, and so on…

      In Canada this process is still in its infancy, but the indifference of the media and the majority of the people guarantees that the Islamic fanaticism would continue its march without any significant resistance.

      So yes, “Randy”, at least for now you’re winning. And if we don’t wake up soon, in a few decades we may live in a Canada that is not much different than shitholes like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran.

    2. SM ISAC says:

      So Randy is really proud of having brought bus loads of families with so many placard carrying children and babies in strollers. The counter protesters had several groups, but mostly concerned individual citizens not mindless mob. I met many people who, like myself didn’t know that this hateful event was taking place in our city. Having witnessed it, though it was reportedly diluted, we will not stay silent. My son saw the you tube clip from the last year and asked me, “Is this (happening in) Toronto?”

      Thank God for the media coverage this year. We will continue to expose their ugly faces, inform and educate the public, in order to uphold our values.

    3. Barzel says:

      To: “Randy”

      Wow… what a perfect name you have assigned to yourself.

      randy [?rænd?]
      adj randier, randiest
      1. Informal chiefly Brit
      a. sexually excited or aroused
      b. sexually eager or lustful
      2. Chiefly Scot lacking any sense of propriety or restraint; reckless
      n pl randies
      Chiefly Scot
      a. a rude or reckless person
      b. a coarse rowdy woman
      [probably from obsolete rand to rant]

      Man or woman, islam excites you but your support of BARBARISM, is not wanted here in our decent and just society.

  8. Michael Devolin says:

    note to admiwrath: Got that. I apologize for my disrespect. And I appreciate your hard work. Sorry I spoke imprudently.

    1. admiwrath says:

      No offense taken – I understand that those are highly emotionally charged issues, which often bring out strong emotional responses. That’s how the human nature works…

  9. Michael Devolin says:

    “…the Jews in France are being killed and routinely beaten; in the UK the Muslims want to establish emirates; there are already sharia-governed areas in many cities in Europe”

    As is so obvious with this Randy’s statement: these animals don’t care that most everyone (except their fellow jihadists) knows they’re crazies and religiously retarded, nor are they ashamed of their violent behaviour. The game is up for them, but they don’t care. They seem to be unaware of the fact that their religion, because of the terrorists and violence and bloodshed it has produced, will never be again redeemable in the eyes of mankind: it is judged by even the most simple-minded as nothing more than a mental virus and worthy of contempt.

  10. Michael Devolin says:

    “in a few decades we may live in a Canada that is not much different than shitholes like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran”

    Very true. Why Muslims want to live in shitholes like these is beyond me. These Islamic androcracies cannot exist without Western dollars, and their regular working men (and women, when they’re not being beaten and murdered in honour killings) are living in poverty. This disaster is a direct manifestation of Islam.

  11. The Lone Ranger says:

    Blimey, now a dog owner is arrested for doing – nothing illegal? I’d like to see what charge they will have him up on, if they have the balls to go through with it.

    Shame on Toronto police.

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