Israel Truth Week Vigil at York University – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Israel Truth Week Vigil at York University. Scheduled to begin after the Israeli Apartheid Week (which actually never ends in that institution infested with anti-Semitism) the vigil’s purpose is to focus our attention to the problems at YU and express solidarity with the Jewish students.


The Israel Truth Week Vigil


The miserable weather – it was cold and rainy most of the time – didn’t stop people from different organizations to show their support for Israel. The signs, which the organizer Mark Vandermaas brought, explained in clear and laconic way why the idea of “Israeli apartheid” is such a laughable concept, which is designed to provide cover for anti-Semitism.


Ted Harlson (Freedom Party)


Of course, that kind of inconvenient truth is not welcome at York University, so the event took place outside of the compound (at the Steeles sidewalk). I should mention again that while such an event is viewed with suspicion, about two years ago the university had no problem whatsoever hosting George Galloway, an anti-Semite and supporter of the Hamas terrorism.

The university security kept watching us the whole time and even took pictures. Other than a few dirty looks from Muslims and lefties driving by, there were no incidents. Mark even established contact with a representative of Hasbara, the Israel advocacy group, which has a chapter at YU.


A man with a hat and umbrella


Tomorrow the vigil continues (with the participation of the Canadian Patriotic Society and other groups). Let’s hope that more people show up to make their stand against the hate.


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  1. Thanks for coming out. The weather was indeed miserable but not nearly as miserable as some of the extremists trying to leave comments on the short video I posted.


    Jeff Parkinson
    Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

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