JDL-Canada Confronts anti-Israeli Idiots at the Walk with Israel Event (video)

I have always been amazed at the strange ways the Canadian multiculturalism works. Its adepts often demand from us to worship primitive and often barbaric cultures, which deserve very little respect. Israel and the Jews are not exactly welcome into that protective multicultural bubble.

After having been to many of the numerous ethnic festivals in Toronto (paid in part by my taxes) I don’t recall a single time when hostile demonstrations had been allowed during the festivities. That obviously doesn’t apply to the Jewish state and culture. Anti-Semites can now freely parade their views in front of Jews, as long as they are presented under the thin disguise of “legitimate criticism of Israel” (and they are the only arbiters on what the term “legitimate” means).

The fact that Jews often participate in such events doesn’t make things better. We all know what some Jews did under German occupation.

Yesterday’s Walk for Israel event wasn’t an exception. This peaceful celebration was attended by thousands of people with many children. Even the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne showed up.

Yet the authorities had no problem alowing a bunch of anti-Semitic idiots to provoke and disrupt the event, placing them right in the way of the walk.



It was funny to see the “rabbis” from Neturei Karta, proudly waving the Palestinian flag. Their signs were very clear – Israel should be destroyed. “Jews in exile are forbidden to have their own state” and “All Palestine to be returned to Palestinian Sovereignty.”

It’s no wonder that they are the most highly valued group of useful idiots that help Arab terrorism, because Neturei Karta and the terrorists have the same goal, only their tools are different. At last year’s Al-Quds anti-Semitic Khomeinist rally (for which Premier McGuinty generously provided a government park) two of those “rabbis” were walked around like a pair of gypsy dancing bears to show the Jewish support for the destruction of Israel.



Further in the itinerary of the walk we encountered another group. A crowd of lefties of unidentifiable gender made a good use of another non-existent Jewish crime – the “Israeli apartheid”. They had the clever idea to target children – one of them held a sign “Ask your parents about the wall.” I bet the guy who came up with the idea was a TDSB teacher.

That was a good suggestion, because it would give the parents the chance to explain how the wall stopped the killings of Jewish children by terrorists sent by the criminal Arab gang now known as the “Palestinian Authority”.

Many of the people who walked tried to ignore those groups, following the principle “if you ignore them, they’ll go away.” On the other hand, JDL-Canada, which took part in the walk, followed a different principle, that if you ignore the enemy, it will only become stronger.

As you can see in the video, they had no problem confronting those anti-Semitic psychopaths:


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