JDL-Canada Confronts the Anti-Semite Ken O’Keefe

It seems that in the newly-minted “inclusive” Canada of Justin Trudeau things are turning upside down – criticism of extremist views is condemned, while extremism is tolerated. A united front of the old Muslim fanatic Syed Soharwardy and a few gullible rabbis tried to ban a Calgary talk by the prominent scholar and critic of radical Islam Robert Spencer. At the same time, in Toronto we “enjoyed” the appearance of Ken O’Keefe, a textbook case of an anti-Semite who hates Jews and wants Israel destroyed. There were no official protests against him. His talks were widely promoted and hosted by important venues, the “Palestinian” club Beit Zatoun and the University of Toronto. The only organization that had the guts to confront him was JDL-Canada.


Ken O’Keefe arrives at Beit Zatoun

ken o'keefe in torontoUnlike the armchair anti-Semites who are satisfied to trash Jews and Israel online, O’Keefe adds to the usual cocktail of Jewish conspiracies his resolve to physically attack his enemies. Beit Zatoun promoted his “achievements” on the event’s page:

His style of activism is characterized by his involvement in disarming two Israeli commandos as nine of his fellow Mavi Marmara passengers were executed. The Israeli military later claimed O’Keefe was a “terrorist operative of Hamas.” O’Keefe has repeatedly stated that Israeli Mossad and its assets, along with traitorous elements within the USA, are directly responsible for the “false flag” 9/11 attacks.

Ken’s over-arching goal is to promote realistic World Citizenship. He will reveal more details about that. Find his weblog at Ken’s original marine conservation work has been somewhat overshadowed by his non-violent, but fully confrontational work for human rights.  O’Keefe is a published author and lecturer who now holds Irish, Hawaiian and Palestinian citizenship, but his ultimate allegiance is to his “entire human family” and “Planet Earth.”

Impressive resume, if you are applying for Waffen SS. A few years ago he renounced his US citizenship, but he seems to have compensated for that by acquiring the imaginary citizenships of Hawaii, “Palestine” and the World. Let’s hope that next year he adds to his collection passports of the Inter-Galactic Federation and the Klingon Empire.

While many people like him try to find some acceptable form for expressing their offensive views, O’Keefe is not shy to declare his disgust for the Jews and their state in a blunt and open way. A few years ago he was one of the keynote speakers at the Israeli Apartheid Week in London, where he stated:

“If Israel is inherently a racist, apartheid state, then I want no part of it. Israel has no place in this world and it must, in its current form, if you want me to use some inflammatory language, be destroyed.

“The Jewish state is acting on behalf of the Jewish people. You [the Jewish people], like the Nazis, now have a special obligation. The decent Germans of World War Two, what did they do when the Nazis came to power and instituted their policies? Did they do enough to stop the Nazis? No, they didn’t.

“What are the Jewish people doing right now? Are you doing enough to stop your racist, apartheid, genocidal state?”

You can’t say it more clear than that – to him the Jews are the new Nazis. His zeal has been highly appreciated by the terrorists from Hamas and along with the “Palestinian” citizenship, he was also awarded with the “key to Gaza”.

o'keefe-hamasBut that’s not all. Last year he had the opportunity to share his views on the imminent death of Zionism with his fellow anti-Semites from the London Forum. In the description of the video with his talk they didn’t miss the chance to mention that he appeared on the radio show of the infamous KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, for which he was criticized by “the Marxist-Jewish cliques”.

ken-o'keefe-london-forum-videoIt is hard to find more obvious example of double standard and hypocrisy. The University of Toronto cheerfully provides platform for the offensive views of O’Keefe, while organizations like men’s rights groups have to struggle to get recognition. Robert Spencer has never said or done anything that even remotely resembles the rants of the anti-Semite O’Keefe, yet he has to fight for the right to speak in Canada.

As I said, JDL-Canada was the only group that confronted him at his first event at Beit Zatoun on Thursday. About 30 people showed up, met by heavy police presence.

jdl-canada-confronts-ken-o'keefe-2jdl-canada-confronts-ken-okeefe-3The protest was peaceful. The police made sure that the fans of the prominent anti-Semite had an unobstructed access to the building. The thoughts and feelings of the protesters were expressed in a short speech of the Director of JDL-Canada Meir Weinstein.

jdl-canada-confronts-ken-okeefe-4Things became more complicated when Ken O’Keefe showed up shortly before 7 p.m. While he was walking on the sidewalk, several protesters rushed to confront him. The police were quick to interfere and separated both sides. They grabbed O’Keefe to escort him to the door, which he for some reason didn’t like. He even yelled at the police. You can see that moment in the video below.

Near the end of the footage you can also see Hussan from No One Is Illegal, who came to enjoy the event. This is a strange organization, which claims that only Indians have sovereignty over Canada, but at the same time wants to open the borders to anyone who wants to settle down here. It’s a schizophrenic view, but that’s how the lefties think. The fact that Hussan came to support an anti-Semitic event tells you all you want to know about such leftist groups.

O’Keefe’s talk at the University of Toronto showed the sad state of the higher education in Toronto. A student who attended the event shared with me her impressions. The friend of Hamas managed to attract about 500 people in the large auditorium. O’Keefe’s showed that he meant everything mentioned above. Jews were the conspirators behind the total control of the media and the financial system of the world. He pictured Israel as the major enemy of mankind that must be destroyed. Nobody objected to his views. The audience wasn’t limited to the usual ragtag crowd that desires a new world revolution. It included well-dressed educated people. And all of them clapped enthusiastically.

Years ago that crowd always made sure that they hid behind the slogan of “anti-Zionism” when attacking Jews. Now they don’t feel they need to do it anymore. Anti-Semitism is turning mainstream and O’Keefe’s popularity is one of the proofs of that trend.

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  1. JR says:

    Hassan didn’t go into the meeting according to your own video so your claim that he did is false.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Prove it, you anti-semitic loser. He was there.

  2. Ray Songtree says:

    Your post is confusing. O’Keefe pities Jews who are lied to by the Israeli government, as do orthodox Jewish protestors. He is not anti-semite at all! Your post does not address the issues he raises, and sounds blind. You seem to be oblivious that many Jews are ashamed at the genocide now occurring against the Palestinian natives. Does the writer here understand who the Rothschilds really are and that they created Israel, beginning in 1882? O’Keefe is a hero that might save Jews from their sympathy for crime. He is the opposite of an anti-Semite, and lets remember, 90% of Jews are not Semites, they are Ashkenazi as am I.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s easy for a person like you, living in Hawaii (IP, to claim that he likes the Muslim animals that want to destroy Israel. If Israel listened to psychopath of your kind, it would have been destroyed long time ago. Isn’t that what your phony Hawaiian president Barry wants?

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    They all desire peace – once Israel has been destroyed.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unfortunately, that’s the truth.

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