JDL-Canada Confronts the Muslim Hatemonger Conference at ISNA


Protesting the Islamist hatemongers


Last Sunday JDL-Canada organized a protest against a conference, which took place at ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) in Mississauga.

The “stars” of the conference were several Islamic “scholars”, who openly opposed gays and Jews. I am not going into details, because the case was extensively covered by Blazingcatfur. What I want to say is that, like many other events organized by Muslim fundamentalists, this one went unnoticed by the mainstream media until a few bloggers made it public.

Even the gays took a day off from bashing the Israeli “apartheid” to confront this travelling circus – because of them, the Montreal appearance of the “scholars” was cancelled. In Toronto, the conference was initially supposed to take place at Sheraton Hotel. After they realized it wasn’t something that would improve their reputation, they cancelled it as well (despite the Muslim protests).

ISNA was more than willing to accommodate the “scholars”. That’s not a surprise – ISNA claims to represent all Muslims in North America, yet fundamentalism is their preferred form of Islam. The US branch of the organization was involved in a terrorist-supporting scheme, the Holy Land Foundation, determined to be an unindicted co-conspirator. The Canadian branch, although not involved in that case, is eager to support Islamist events. And they have their financial troubles as well – last year an audit revealed that they misappropriated over $600,000 of the donated money.

ISNA is also an indoctrination centre – this is the place where Mark Harding was sent for Muslim re-education after being sentenced for criticizing Islam. They even threatened him that they would send him back to jail, if he says anything bad about the “prophet”.

As you can see, that’s a lovely organization. The trouble is that it’s not the only one. There are dozens of Muslim centres like this one, which receive generous government grants, despite their anti-Canadian policies. Palestine House (located in the same city) recently openly celebrated the release of 1000 Arab murderers and terrorists from Israeli prisons in exchange for Corporal Shalit. Yet the organization is not held accountable – it even gets over one million dollars in grants from the federal government.

At the same time, the organizations, which confront Islamism, are not supported at all, they are even persecuted. Last month JDL-Canada was framed for supposedly planning to bomb Palestine House. Nine members were interviewed by the police without being presented with any evidence or explanations. It’s not hard to figure out who benefits from that intimidation.

That was the meaning of the protest – regardless of any intimidation, JDL-Canada and the other organizations fighting Islamism are determined to make their point and make it clear that the fanatics don’t have a free pass in Canada.

When we arrived, there was a short chat with the police on the technicalities:


The police were already there


As we approached the building, our friends from ISNA were already waiting for us:


What a bunch of moderate Muslims!


Only SUN News covered the event (what else did you expect?)


The SUN News crew interviews Meir Weinstein


Through signs and flags the participants clearly conveyed their message:


"Stop Islamic Racism"



A view of the minaret



The four flags...


Even two dogs took part in the protest. I suppose the Muslims would see this as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.


Dog power...



Double dog power...


Meir Weinstein (JDL-Canada Director) and Ron Banerjee (from Canadian Hindu Advocacy) gave short speeches. They both emphasized the hypocrisy of Muslim organizations like ISNA, which claim to be moderate and at the same support Islamic fundamentalism.


Meir Weinstein speaks



Ron Banerjee


That definitely wasn’t a dull event. At certain point, a large group of Muslims approached the protestors. It happened very fast, so I am not sure what they wanted, but that was enough to bring in several riot police officers. After a talk, the crowd retreated.


The Muslim crowd is approaching


Making a point?



Parting our ways...


Then a SUV with several young Muslim men with shaved heads approached the building. While turning toward the parking, two of them leaned out shouting obscenities. As soon as they parked, a bunch of mosque people ran toward them, probably to make them shut up (after all, the police were watching).


The not-so-moderate Muslims


When the conference ended, I saw several hijab girls yelling and showing fingers to the protestors (they were too far to hear what they were saying). We also got a few fingers and swearing words from moderate Muslims passing us by in their cars.

There was even an attempt for interfaith dialogue. A hijab girl (probably a recent convert, she was whiter than Conan O’Brien) came to the protestors smiling and started a conversation. She was able to say only a few words about a thesis she wrote, when the angry mosque people ushered her back to her flock. I suppose they warned her that the Jews were going to eat her alive.


The interfaith dialogue...



Don't ever talk to Jews again!


On our way back, one of the police cars at the protest followed our bus for a while. I guess if they did that to a Muslim bus, it would have been considered Islamophobia, but when somebody deals with Jews apparently anything goes…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Glad to see that none of our guys were arrested for an “Islamaphobic incident.”

  2. Hardy Weinberg says:

    Glad to see such a successful event by the JDL and hindu canadian advocacy. Lets hope the so called “interfaith” dialogue was successful and the recent convert converts away from islam.

    1. admiwrath says:

      As opposed to Islam, whose conversion rate is so pathetic that they must celebrate every converted girl with looks above gargoyle with a separate Youtube video. The rest of the “increase” relies on the Mulims multiplying like locust. By the way “Hardy”, thank you for dropping by. I am not sure if your Jewish mask is going to full anyone.

    2. admiwrath says:

      No way, if she tries to convert back, the punishment in Islam is death.

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