JDL-Canada Pickets the CBC Headquarters

Earlier today JDL-Canada organized a picket in front of the CBC headquarters in Toronto. It is self-evident that the generously funded by the government “national broadcaster” is expected to show impartiality in its news coverage. However, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been frequently caught misleading the public, showing ignorance or displaying bias that is hard to justify.


In 2011 after the Breivik murders, at a CBC discussion of the event, the Corporation featured Bill Gillespie, presented as their “security expert”. Trying to picture the Norwegian mass murderer as an element of a wider “right-wing” conspiracy, Mr. Gillespie touched the subject of extremist groups.

He stated with the confidence of an “expert” that: “The Jewish Defence League is a banned terrorist organization in Canada.” Not only was that a lie, but it showed how much of an “effort” CBC puts into the objective coverage of the news.

Today’s event was also a reaction to such casual bias. The CBC anchor Evan Solomon was discussing recently with the Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird the appointment of Vivian Bercovici as Canada’s new ambassador to Israel. The appointment was just announced that day.

As a faithful soldier of CBC, Solomon thought that one of the biggest problems with sending Bercovici to Israel was that she was Jewish:

“Vivian Bercovici is Jewish, so there are going to be some questions. Why not appoint someone who doesn’t even have the perception of any kind of bias (in favor of Israel)?”

Other than showing stunning stupidity, Solomon wasn’t afraid to advocate discrimination against Bercovici, who had to be excluded from that field solely on the basis of her ethnicity. Solomon didn’t elaborate on who should replace her, but following his logic, somebody who hates Israel would be a much more suitable candidate. What about Omar Khadr?

The picketing event took place during the lunch break, so many CBC employees saw the JDL-Canada members and sympathizers standing in front of the building.



JDL-Canada and Never Again Group picket CBC


Rick and Strombo watch Meir Weinstein

There was sign that was difficult to miss:


Yet they all pretended that they didn’t see anything, which was not surprising – the inhabitants of the ivory CBC tower don’t care that much what the masses think, especially when the mainstream Jewish organizations shun the street protests.


Unfortunately, there are times when nothing could replace the street protest. Acting behind the scenes with the hope to change minds is not an effective strategy when working with people convinced that their twisted and biased views are the ultimate truth. Showing up in person and openly stating your disagreement, the way JDL-Canada does, is often the only way to get organizations like CBC out of their self-righteous nirvana and prove to them that not everybody shares their opinions.

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  1. A Najberger says:


  2. Vardit says:

    The best part of your write up, in my opinion was when you questioned whether Omar Khadr would be a more suitable applicant…hahahahahahaha!
    Excellent write up and pics… as always!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Khadr may not become an ambassador to Israel, but he definitely will have a position in a Trudeau government.

  3. Victor Redlick says:

    To unfairly single out Omar Khadr as a candidate for Ambassador, is, if nothing else, highly discriminatory. There are other stunted children from a treasure trove of pride-filled mothers who were curiously omitted. Haroon Siddiqui, Bernie Farber and Sid Ryan frequently come to mind… and for good reason.

    1. admiwrath says:

      There are too many of them.

  4. martin potashner says:

    please don’t give the stupid govt any ideas they might pick khadr as an ambassador

  5. John says:

    Great work JDL. Solomon and the other useful idiots at the dhimmi news corp
    can all take their show to Gaza

    Let’s see how much they embrace Solomon there.

  6. Don Sharpe says:

    Well done, JDL, BlogWrath et al.
    WELL DONE calling out the CBC!

  7. Leon Kushner says:

    I’m so proud of the JDL and anyone else who helped protest the 2 faced, anti-Semitic CBC. I hope to make it to the next one.

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