JDL Canada Protest Against the Sea Hitler (Canada Boat To Gaza)

On Friday, June 17, 2011, the Jewish Defense League (Canada) is organizing a protest against a shameful anti-Semitic initiative – the Canadian boat to Gaza (a.k.a. the Sea Hitler), which is supposed to deliver goods to the terrorists from Hamas.

The boat has been sponsored and paid for by wacky labour unions, Muslim fanatics, and rabid leftists, among whom are prominent members of NDP.

Despite the fact that Jack Layton has become the leader of “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”, he still hasn’t condemned that “adventure”, which is in direct violation of Canada’s anti-terrorist laws and is supported by leading members of his party.

The protest’s purpose is to remind him that regardless of his socialist ideals, he, as a Canadian parliamentarian, is supposed to defend the interests of Canada and not those of the Hamas butchers.

The protest will take place from 12:00pm to 1:00pm at his office in Toronto:

Hon. NDP Leader Jack Layton Toronto Office

221 Broadview Avenue , Suite 100 (Main Office)
Toronto, ON
You can get more information at JDL’s Facebook page.
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