JDL-Canada to Confront the Queen’s Park Al Quds Rally

bangash-3 copy

Zafar Bangash


Just like they did it last year, next week a bunch of Muslim fanatics and terrorist supporters are going to hold their “Al Quds” rally on government property. The whoring government of Dalton McGuinty obviously enjoys the extremists’ love – despite the videos of the last year’s event, showing people openly preaching hatred and anti-Semitism, nobody in his gang found it necessary to object to a second round of hatred.

It’s not just McGuinty – the so-called “conservative leader” Tim Hudak also diligently keeps his vow of silence over this issue. What adds even more mystery to the event is the fact that the identities of the organizers are kept secret.

However, you don’t need to be a psychic to tell who is going to attend the rally. The gentleman pictured above would surely attend. Zafar Bangash is one of Canada’s most faithful fans of the murderous Iranian mullahs. He is convinced that the Iranian theocracy is the perfect Muslim state. I am sure he’ll be there in the “good” company of like-minded fanatics.

JDL-Canada invites everybody, who is against the spread of the Iranian brand of Muslim extremism in Canada, to attend their counter-protest:

JDL Counter Protest

 Expose and Confront the Al Quds Day Terror Supporters

Saturday (Shabbat) August 18,

2 pm- 4 pm

Queens Park, (University Avenue and College Street) Downtown Toronto

Join the JDL Counter Protest to Expose and Confront the Al Quds Day Terror Supporters. These are the groups that support Al Queda Terrorist Omar Khadr.   Now is the time to take a strong stand. It should be understood thatAl Queda is a banned Terror group in Canada and all persons and groups that stand with Omar Khadr have disregarded that Terror listing. We must demand that support for Al Quedais a criminal offence in Canada.

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