JDL-Canada to Picket CBC for Spreading Hatred of Jews

The Jewish Defence League of Canada announced that they will picket CBC  on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:00 noon.

The event will take place at the  CBC HEADQUARTERS, 250 Front St. West, Toronto.

The reason for the picket id that the  Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) Anchor Evan Solomon sparked outrage in questioning the appointment of Vivian Bercovici as Canada’s new ambassador to Israel, due to Bercovici being Jewish. Solomon’s comments came during a live interview with Foreign Minister John Baird on Thursday.

In the interview, mere hours after Bercovici was appointed to her new post, Solomon said to Baird….

“Vivian Bercovici is Jewish, so there are going to be some questions. Why not appoint someone who doesn’t even have the perception of any kind of bias (in favor of Israel)?”

Baird defended the choice, further clearly stating Canada’s position on it’s relationship with Israel and the PA.


Join the JDL-Canada at noon time to express the protest against that outrageous statement, spread by CBC.

For more information, please contact:

JDL Canada | (416) 736-7000 | jdl@jdl-canada.com | http://jdl-canada.com/

788 Marlee Ave., Suite 207

Toronto, M6B 3K1


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