JDL, Nakba and the Kilted Scotsman with Kafiya


JDL and its supporters protest the Nakba demonstration




Meir Weinstaein speaks




Yes, we still remember what happened to the Jews

A Scotsman wearing a kilt with kafiya (the Arafat scarf) wrapped around his neck waves a Palestinian flag attached to a bamboo pole…


The progressive Scotsman...


A strange guy with a Steelworkers Toronto jacket waves the Cuban flag with a tiny Palestinian banner on top of it…


Taking Castro's flag out of mothballs...


A crowd of hijab women protesting Nakba, an imaginary event that took place in 1948…


Not very impressive...


Cursing Israel...


Unfortunately, that’s not a Monty Python sketch – it was a very real event that took place today in Toronto. The Arab demonstration was supposed to commemorate Nakba, the so-called “catastrophe” that happened in 1948. According to the mythology, on May 15 of that year, after Israel was founded, the evil Jews kicked out 750,000 “Palestinians” from the Israeli land to have the whole territory for themselves.


Stick the Nakba up your wazoo



Nakba - just another Arab myth


As with many made up events in the Arab history, that’s not exactly what happened. The next day after the independence of Israel was declared, all of her Arab neighbours attacked it from all sides. The Arabs living there were urged by the invaders to leave temporarily in order to make the extermination of the Jews easier.

As it usually happens with people who have nothing to lose, the Jews fought back and won. The Muslims, who were duped into leaving, still reside in camps on the territories of their Arab “benefactors” in conditions not much better than a human zoo. The zoo conditions didn’t prevent them from breeding to the point that their number increased to over 7 million.

At the same time in the late 1940’s as an act of revenge for their defeat, the Arab countries kicked out over 900,000 Jews, who eventually settled in Israel.

Fast forward to modern times – now Israel is a highly developed country with enormous achievements in science (with over 100 Nobel Prize winners) and many branches of industry and agriculture. Most of the Arab countries are still cesspools of ignorance and fanaticism, with one Nobel Prize winner – the terrorist Arafat.


What's wrong with Hollywood and Pallywood?



That's why we can't trust Abbas



Nothing new under the sun...


It is customary that the losers scheme to take away what the winner has achieved. This situation is not an exception – not only do the “Palestinians” want their state, but they also want the 7 million descendants to return to Israel. That’s a neat way to wipe out the Jews, destroy their achievements and confiscate everything they have.

That was the purpose of the Arab rally today – to show the world that they want everything and they want it now (although the number of participants wasn’t that impressive). Unfortunately, people on the other side are not dumb. JDL-Canada organized a counter-rally in front of the Israeli consulate on Bloor Street.

The turnout was great – it was nice to see people of different ages, races and nationalities gathered to confront the madness. They made their point in a peaceful, but firm way. The Toronto Police made sure that everything went on smoothly – both demonstrations took place on opposite sides of the street.


A Blue Beret for peace



United we stand...


But even they couldn’t predict all the variables – at certain point, near the end of the event, three Muslims crossed the street to start confrontation and possibly a fight. The police quickly interfered to neutralize them. It’s interesting that during the anti-Galloway rally at York University last year, the Muslims attempted exactly the same type of provocation.


Things are under control...



They have some explaining to do...



The revolutionaries are escorted to the other side...


If there is a lesson to be learned from the event – it is that not all people are mindless Chomsky zombies, most of us think and remember history. The lefties
can’t dupe everybody into believing their mythology. We know the truth and we are not afraid to stand for it.



The students are here...



Making a point loud and clear


The call of the shofar...







The truth hurts...

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  1. Sassy says:

    Excellent work BW.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s nice to hear.

  2. Don Sharpe says:

    Terrific reporting! Pics, narrative and related events . . … I feel even worse now about not being there! It looks like we can chock one up for the good guys, the ‘Nakba Fantasy’ got crushed.

  3. Haim Barak says:

    Thank you JDL and Meir like you say WITH LOVE TO ISRAEL !!!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you, we need to support Israel.

  4. Ms. Doubt says:

    fabulous and thank you so much for the work you put into this. Much appreciated!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you very much.

  5. Hi BW,

    Thanks for the pictures and story (especially for reminding me I really have to lose some weight!).

    I wore my blue beret to remind people that Israel was created by a vote of the UN General Assembly in 1947, one of the many ‘inconvenient truths’ that anti-Semites who are trying to rewrite history neglect to mention in their propaganda.

    Also, in 2006 the UN denounced the Hamas Charter:

    United Nations Human Rights Council, July 06/06, A/HRC/S-1/NGO/4: Joint Statement on Hamas Charter

    [UN DOWNLOAD, html] – http://unispal.un.org/unispal.nsf/eed216406b50bf6485256ce10072f637/f35f56d79c729663852571ca006c0f4e?OpenDocument


    [VoiceofCanada DOWNLOAD, PDF] –

    If you will allow me, I would like to suggest that readers not familiar with the basic history of Israel and the attempts by Arabs to destroy it might find this reference of help in sorting out truth from propaganda:

    Israel’s fight for survival: a short history

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Frmr peacekeeper, Canadian Contingent, UNEF II, Egypt, 1978

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your service and the valuable sources in your comment.

  6. marit says:

    Thank you so much for your report. I alwasy enjoy your work!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

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