JDL vs. Palestinian Clockwork Orange

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Jewish Defense League – Canada decided to counter the Israeli Apartheid Week with its own event, the Islamic States Apartheid Week.

Tonight the first event took place at the Ryerson University in Toronto. The student union sponsored screening of a documentary titled The Orange’s Clockwork. The JDL members and supporters turned up earlier in front of the building and made their position very clear.

By handing out leaflets, carrying signs and talking to passersby, they stated that was going on was not good, especially in Canada.

As of the movie, it kept me in the same twilight zone to which Judy Rebick dragged me last night. It takes the story of the “Jaffa orange” and twists it into a bizarre fantasy. The fruit, which was developed in mid-19th century in Palestine, is shown as a symbol of the great achievements of the Palestinian people, which were stolen by the evil Jews. Of course, nobody would notice that there were no Palestinians at the time; the term was invented much later.

Don’t the Palestinians have some real achievements they can talk about? I am sick and tired of those fights over who came first with oranges, humus or falafel…

It’s a weird way of thinking to which the term “clockwork orange” fits perfectly.

Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality, but it was dark and all the wrong lights were in the background…


JDL demonstration in front of the movie theatre



Explaining why Islam is not always right



The dialogue continues



The police are watching



Flags and signs



Meir Weinsten takes a break



More flags, but the background light is terrible



Back to work



"Stop Islamic State Sponsored Gender Arartheid"


Braving the cold...



We have an understanding...

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