Jews Kicked Out of a Syrian “Peace and Democracy” Rally in Toronto

Yesterday, on May Day, in a small space in downtown Toronto we witnessed again our city’s political diversity, which Justin Trudeau always finds so fascinating. On Dundas Square an assorted multitude of socialists, plain communists, communists (Marxist-Leninists), Bolsheviks, Iranian revolutionaries, Maoists, fans of the terrorist Kurdish Worker’s Party, etc., came out with their colourful banners to demand a communist revolution in Canada. A few hundred meters to the south, at the Old City Hall, a large group of noisy Syrians demanded peace and democracy in their country (and that wasn’t Canada). Not far from them, in front of Toronto City Hall, a smaller rally opposed campus anti-Semitism in Canada.


The Syrian rally


Signs against the fighting in Aleppo

After the Jewish rally finished, a few students passed by the Syrians and decided to join their rally to show support. After all, the demands revolved around peace and justice, values that all Canadians supposedly share. Besides, Israel has been the only country in the region, which did its best to stay out of the conflict.


Jews attempt to join the Syrian rally

The attempt turned into another illustration of the old proverb that no good deed remains unpunished. As soon as they noticed the Jews, the organizers took care of the situation by kicking them out. You can see in the video below how a woman shows up right away to tell the invading do-gooders that they are not wanted because their presence is against the “mandate” of the rally.

Then other people swarm the Jews and they are escorted out of the rally area. I probably need to give some credit to the Syrians for trying to adopt the famous Canadian politeness. The Jews were kicked out with a cheerful smile, while normally such an action could involve fists and knives.

It wasn’t a surprise to see something like that happen. Trudeau’s government has flooded Canada with tens of thousands of Syrian freeloaders who will cost us billions in the near future. An unknown number of gullible Canadians has contributed their money to finance that madness. An organization I belong to, with quite a few Jewish members, has pestered me for months for a donation to sponsor a Syrian Muslim family. Bringing in so many people who hate Jews defies reason. Those newcomers have no intention to integrate.

We spoke with some of the participants in the rally. They were against Assad, ISIS (though they considered it a minor threat), Israel, and the Americans. They wanted peace but had no idea who can bring it and under what conditions. When a friend suggested that the young Syrian men flooding Europe should stay in their country and fight for freedom, a hijab woman became agitated and accused her of ignorance. She clarified that those were very poor people who had no weapons and couldn’t fight. But holding signs and kicking out Jewish supporters won’t help either.

The disastrous immigration policies of Trudeau’s government will ensure that the Syrians will bring with them all of their problems. In a recent interview the Immigration Minister McCallum admitted that most Syrian “refugees” speak neither English no French, have little or no education, while their families are very big. Even the mainstream press reports that our limited resources allocated to help Canadians in need have to be re-directed to finance thousands of unemployable Syrians.

It is only a matter of time to see the diversity cherished by Justin Trudeau turn into open hostility and fights against Canada.


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  1. Vardit says:

    I am really wondering what that red haired lady had to say because she was the one who acknowledged to me that Syrians really appreciates what Israeli doctors have done to heal Syrian children.. Did she also want the Jewish people to leave?.I was there maybe 1/2 hour before those Jewish kids were kicked out.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I posted what I saw and the Muslims acted in a disgusting way.

  2. daddyhominum says:

    A more sensible and realistic view is that the people from the anti-semitism rally tried to hijack the rally for peace in Syria to the anti-semitism cause. Note that the newcomers kept their flag of Israel and did not raise the flag of Syria when they changed protests. By the way, the protest against anti-semitism was directed toward events in Canada. Both rallies had legitimate and reasonable goals, were peaceful and, thus, evidence for the success of multicultural policies of the Trudeau government, the Harper government, and all Canadian governments back to the fifties. You need to learn some Canadian history.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. Two people with a flag are not in the position to hijack a Muslim rally. You don’t need be an Einstein to figure out that most Muslim hate Jews.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    A friend of mine told me of an acquaintance who is an immigration lawyer, hired by the Trudeau to process Syrian “refugees.” Rather than encountering frightened, disheveled people who were tearful and grateful for being rescued from a war zone, the applicants were mainly men), were arrogant, pushy, loud, and demanded government financial assistance, fully furnished homes, wifi (yes, really), and even laptops. The lawyer was not allowed to address the women or children, as these were kept out of the way. Not all refugees are like this, but Trudeau is royally screwing Canada with this mess.

    1. admiwrath says:

      This is a huge scam that will eventually backfire after the next economic crisis when the welfare money dries up.

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