Lawsuit against the Jew-Hating Canadian Boat Bound for Fatland

Fatland is Gaza. I gave it that name because of its dubious fame for being one of the fattest places in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 42.5% of the women there are obese (number 3 among all countries) and 23.9% of the men have the same condition (number 8 in this category).



It’s not necessary to go through statistics to get that impression – it’s enough to see footage from a Gaza Hamas rally.

At the same time, Gaza is supposed to be the world’s largest concentration camp. That’s according to the lefty idiots from the West, who are always on the lookout for new absurd causes to defend. It is hard to imagine that the evil Zionist “guards” would allow luxury hotels, malls, and stores in a concentration camp.

Yet the stores abound, especially the candy stores.

Gaza candy store

Gaza candy store


That must be a new development, because as far as I remember, nobody found candy stores in Auschwitz. Maybe the photographers have been looking in the wrong areas of the camp?


No candy stores in Auschwitz...


The Arabs adore candy and all other kinds of sweets (although the way they make them they are too sweet for my taste, I hope that doesn’t make me an Islamophob).

In the Palestinian culture candy plays an important role – it is always given away to celebrate heroic events, such as Hamas rocket hitting an Israeli school bus or an Arab coward slitting a baby’s throat. But we shouldn’t complain – going against the customs of those barbarians would be a violation of the sacred rules of multiculturalism.

Despite all that, Fatland is the number one darling of the Canadian Left. Now they are ready to send a boat to break the blockade imposed by Israel to stop weapon smuggling. Tahrir (a.k.a. The Sea Hitler) is ready to sail off in the end of this month. One may wonder about their short attention span – most of us still remember what hit the Turkish wannabe terrorists when they tried the same stunt last year.

Make no mistake – this is not about the “poor Palestinians” who get hundreds of millions of dollars from various international agencies for doing nothing.

It’s all about poorly veiled anti-Semitism and blatant self-interest. Statistics Canada just released its figures about the number of reported hate crimes (h/t BCF). The Jews, again, hold the sad record of the most hate crimes committed against them at 283; the Muslims are far behind with 36 crimes. Despite the blatant lies spread by some Canadian Muslim organizations about an apocalyptic wave of Islamophobia sweeping the country, the cold facts tell us something else. Not only are the Muslims not victims, but now they can successfully defeat gay politicians in Canada.

Here is a question for my lefty friends: a Canadian minority group is attacked nearly 8 times more than the Muslims, why don’t you rise up in its defence? I know why – the Jews are boring, they don’t fit the romantic leftist agenda. They work, they contribute to the arts and sciences, and they don’t collect welfare. On the other hand, the Palestinians whose main objective is to find more and more international agencies from which they can squeeze out a few more dollars, fit perfectly with the Marxist idea of the victim that needs to be liberated.

On the other hand, it’s lucrative to get a piece of the Palestinian action – all those leftist groups are making a pretty penny from the subsidies and donations
provided by UN, individual governments and charity organizations.  The Fatland boat organizers don’t rely solely on dumb donors, they get the big bucks from unions (like CUPW) or government-sponsored charities like Alternatives.

It would be naïve to think that all the money begged or donated are going for buying the supplies to be delivered – the crafty lefties deduct their share for “administrative” expenses, guaranteeing that they won’t need to get a real job.

It’s no wonder that somebody finally called the bluff of those self-righteous idiots. No, it wasn’t the government, which should be concerned about how those ant-Semites spend the taxpayers’ money.

Cherna Rosenberg, an ordinary Canadian Jewish woman had the courage to stand up. It’s an act of courage, because I know very well how viciously the Left attacks anybody who opposes their worldview.

You can read the text of the lawsuit here. It’s an eye-opening story of a person who, together with her family, has suffered the Palestinian savagery for years. She explains how the constant terror of Hamas has cost lost lives, property damage and mental suffering to thousands of Israelis. Despite them being elected, Hamas is still a terrorist organization bound on destroying Israel (don’t forget that Hitler was also lawfully elected).

In her lawsuit she dares to ask the question our government should’ve asked long time ago – why do authorities in Canada allow the open aiding and abetting of a murderous and terrorist organization? After all, we have laws that clearly prohibit that.

It’s a shame that a person had to do that through the court system. The whole boat issue is such a blatant violation of the Canadian laws that our “dear leaders” should’ve closed down that terror-supporting venture long time ago.

Now it will be up to the courts to decide on the issue. Are we going to get a “progressive judge” who would throw out the lawsuit, thinking that Palestinian terrorism doesn’t get enough support? Or maybe we will deal with somebody who, unlike the government, takes Canada’s laws seriously?

Let’s wait and see…

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  1. Dr. Stephen Avrington says:

    Congratulations to this righteous and honorable lady. I similar efforts can be taken against the Islamic texts numerous violations of our Hate Legislation, Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is very sad that Israel, like America and the rest of the Western “multicultural” and “progressively” “diversified” nations become ball-lessly and corrupt near achieving total societally bankrupt atrophy. There should not be one Muslim or Jew hating Communist/Socialist slug living in all of Israel’s lands including the so-called “West Bank”, “East Jerusalem” or Gaza. The fact that these Ishmaelite vermin are still there is solely due to the West being lead by “globalist” criminals, Israel’s anti-and un-Jewish leaderships and their more “enlightened” despotic supreme court. Israel, like Greece-Turkey, Eastern Europe-Turkey, Cyprus-Turkey, Germany-Europe, Russia-Europe, Turkey-Russia, Japan-China, India-Pakistan and numerous others; TRANSFER all of their Arabian-Islamic, sold to the dopes like “Global Warming” as “Palestinians” OUT! The Jews’ Rabbi Meir Kahane and David ben Gurion were entirely correct: “They Must Go!” – Regards and keep up the good work. SRA

  2. robin says:

    Muslim efforts to defeat gay Canadian pols has backfired to some extent..yup,they helped beat Smitherman….but got ROB FORD, who is pro Israel.

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