Michael Coren Interviews Mark Vandermaas and Stuart Laughton

Yesterday the Sun TV talk show host Michael Coren interviewed Mark Vandermaas and Stuart Laughton, focusing on their initiative named “Israel Truth Week”. Other than being very articulate and speaking with a true conviction, they impressed me with their sophisticated suit look. I said sophisticated, because so far I had seen them wear only the bare minimum of simple clothes that would make it easier to get into the police van when they get arrested.

I guess if they appear in those suits at DCE, the OPP and Ruby “The Red Riding Hat” would be less willing to detain them (don’t mind me, I am just fantasizing).

The point is that from all gentiles confronting the Israeli Apartheid Week, those two are some of the most qualified. Being on the receiving end of police indifference and aboriginal brutality, they have a first hand experience of apartheid – in Caledonia, where McGuinty the Coward gifted government land to a gang of junkies, banning everybody else – whites, Jews, Blacks – from setting foot on it, access based on race is a painful reality.

Comparing Mark and Stuart’s experience with the experience of the Arab citizens in Israel, who can go wherever they want, may show the absurdity of the IAW. Unfortunately, the idiots who maintain that event are far beyond saving, so let’s hope that the remaining rational people in Canada learn from Mark and Stuart what real apartheid looks like.


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  1. Thanks for the coverage BW. Much appreciated.

    Mark Vandermaas
    Israel Truth Week
    Caledonia Victims Project

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