Muslim Anti-Semites March in Toronto on Al-Quds Day 2015

This year’s Al-Quds Day was a disappointment in many ways. The holiday was established by the bloodthirsty Ayatollah Khomeini with the purpose to provide an annual venue to the Muslims to demonstrate their determination to re-conquer the capital of Israel – Jerusalem (Al-Quds) – and get rid of the Jews in it. A final solution to the problem was proposed at Toronto Al-Quds 2013, when the keynote speaker Elias Hazineh recommended that the Jews be given a two-minute notice and then shot (he wasn’t criminally charged and got away with incitement thank to the Muslim-pandering government of Kathleen Wynne). I covered the previous rallies here and here.

Last year at Queen’s Park they received a permit for the anti-Semitic event and managed to bring a few thousand noisy Muslims by mobilizing the mosques. The organizers even boasted that they attracted 30,000 people, which is physically impossible, if you are familiar with the size of the park (but lying in Islam is perfectly acceptable to impress or defeat the infidels).

2015-07-06 13_14_18-(76) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto-aThis year the turnout was far below 2,000 and the enthusiasm wasn’t that high. They didn’t get a permit for Queen’s Park – the provincial government didn’t have the guts to call them on their anti-Semitism, so the excuse was the Pan-Am Games. They assembled in front of the US Consulate and after a few hours of shouting marched to the park behind the Parliament building. When Blazingcatfur wrote about the event, the issue of the low turnout was discussed by the readers.

There were different theories – from the traffic mess that the games caused in Toronto, through the Ramadan fast (still going on) to the guess that many previous participants have gone to fight in Syria. The low interest was reflected even in their Facebook page for the event – disappointingly, they managed to throw in only one Jewish conspiracy, about the Jews owning everything, as you can see in the screenshot below.

2015-07-06 13_23_32-(76) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoAnother reason for the decline that I can see is the difference that a year could make in history. Last year Israel was fighting against the Hamas terrorists, which is always used in the anti-Semitic propaganda. However, over the course of a year, many people learned about Islam things they didn’t know. The ISIS Caliphate expanded the frontiers of the Muslim methods for dealing with infidels and disobedient Muslims. They kindly televised their activities and we learned that just like the Nazis, Muslims can shoot in ditches nearly 2,000 people in one day. They throw homosexuals from high buildings; conduct mass beheadings; let their children behead people; burn alive their enemies of drown them in cages; use anaesthesia humanely to cut off the limbs of criminals; use kids as suicide bombers, and, naturally, stone adulterers. And all that is done in strict compliance with the Koran and the Hadiths, which shows once again the depravity of that violent religion.

No matter how hard the Muslims try to censor the coverage through courts and the fascist Human Rights Commissions, it becomes more and more difficult to hide the barbaric nature of that death cult. They can’t even pretend to be united anymore, because right now the ISIS animals are locked in a bitter fight with the equally barbaric mullahs from Tehran. There was nothing uplifting to be said at the Al-Quds rally this year, so they recycled the old anti-Israeli “genocide” posters from the last year, even though now Israel is the only place where the “Palestinians” can live in peace (as opposed to their slaughter in Syria at the hands of their fellow Muslims).

Before going into the details, let me just mention that the organizers tried to present the event as if there was no decline. The notorious anti-Israeli activist Zafar Bangash published on his website a cheery article about Al-Quds 2015 (some points in it were already covered by Eye on a Crazy Planet).

Zafar’s fiery speeches and screeds are a prime example of unintended humour. He looks to me like a Muslim version of the stone-faced Buster Keaton – Zafar never smiles, but many of his points are absolutely hilarious. When commenting on the counter-protest, organized by JDL-Canada, that opposed the Al-Quds rally, he writes:

This stood in sharp contrast to the Zionist thugs, the erroneously named Jewish Defence League (JDL)—actually the Jewish Offence League—that shouted obscenities at Quds Day rally participants. They had even brought some scantily clad Zionist sluts thinking this would detract committed Muslims. What these enemies of humanity do not realize is that committed Muslims are not attracted to such filth.

I should give him some credit here – this is a new bit in his repertoire, before Bangash has never accused JDL-Canada of running a team of Judith’s to seduce the virtuous Muslim head-bangers and divert them from their mission to blow themselves up and meet the 72 virgins. The day was very hot (over 30 degrees Celsius, nearly 90 Fahrenheit) and in such conditions the free Canadian women, especially the younger ones, wear shorts and skirts, as opposed to the Al-Quds female squads who showed up with headbags and winter clothes.


Culture clash: headbags vs. shorts

Of course, repulsive Muslim fanatics like Zafar Bangash and his fellow Al-Qudnics dream of the day when they’ll be able to lock all Canadian women into the body bags worn by the average devout Muslim gargoyle. His points also show how obsessed Islam is with sex – the Muslims must be guarded from any, even the slightest, temptations, otherwise they will start acting like bonobo chimps, raping every “exposed” woman – and such reaction in that demented religion is a perfectly acceptable excuse. (No wonder you can’t see any Muslims at the feminist Slut Walks.)

A few paragraphs later, Bangash delivers another comic bit:

It must, however, be stated that some Queen’s Park politicians have become Zionist puppets and try desperately to prevent any criticism of its atrocious record. Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario premier and an apology for a woman, is an arch-Zionist. She has become a regular fixture at the ‘Walk for Israel’ march.

To define Kathleen Wynne as “Zionist puppet” and “arch-Zionist” is as credible as calling Madonna virgin (especially after all the Muslim pandering that Wynne has done). Calling her “an apology for a woman” may refer to her sex orientation, but in her defense I should say that Wynne proved that a lesbian politician can be just as mean, incompetent and corrupt as any “straight” one (though there is a bonus – she can silence her critics by calling them “homophobes”).

Despite the big words in Bangash’s article, the rally wasn’t very exciting – the starving attendees were yelling apathetically “Shame, shame, Israel!” and “From the river to the see Palestine will be free!” but had no desire to confront Blazingcatfur, who entered their “compound” and roamed around for a while (though they recognized him).


Fried Muslim girls


The men resist the Jewish temptresses


“Free Al-Aqsa Mosque” by kicking out the Jews

Among the organizers and activists, it was hard to miss the same old faces.


Trade union and NDP activist Ali Mallah (left)


One of the leaders of the anti-Semitic Palestine House

A Muslim Nazi, who flaunted a swastika at the rally in support of the terrorists from the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, held last April in front of the Israeli Consulate, tried something similar this time as well, but the police neutralized him quickly.


Swastika in April


Nothing this time

Unlike the last year, we didn’t see any Hezbollah flags, but the portrait of the wild Ayatollah Khomeini was a favourite accessory.


Loving the shia monster


Another Khomeini fan


Smiley face eclipses the grumpy Muslims

Contrary to Zafar’s opinion, the opposite camp didn’t include any thugs and didn’t have many “scantily clad” Jewish temptresses. The signs promoted various “achievements” of the Muslim extremists in the field of terror.



“CSIS Is Watching!!!” (Zionist project of Jon Hammond)

In addition to the members of JDL-Canada, the counter-protest was attended by many other supporters.


Meir Weinstein (National Director JDL-Canada)


The cool look of Julius Suraski


Mark Vandermaas (Israel Truth Week) gives a speech


Yazidi Sheikh Mirza Ismail (centre) and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Though not part of the counter-protest, a few people stopped by on the sidewalk to make their point with cartoons of Mohammed.

al-quds-rally-toronto-2015-19al-quds-rally-toronto-2015-20After all the speeches and the shouting, the Al-Quds people marched to the park behind Queen’s Park. As it is customary in the misogynist cult of Islam, the march was gender-segregated, with the men walking first, followed by the inferior group of the women. In front of the march were again the quasi-rabbis from Neturei Karta, who never miss any anti-Semitic rallies. They probably make a pretty shekel through their Rent-a-Kapo program.


The march


Zaid Hamid – Pakistani Taliban supporter jailed in Saudi Arabia


The two groups in confrontation

The march brought the two groups together and they took the chance to make their points, mostly by yelling at each other, so the police had to keep them separated. You can see the whole march in the video (it wasn’t that long). They lost quite a few of the participants on the way, while the enthusiasm for shouting “Free Palestine” gradually disappeared.


The rally dies in the park

And here is a short movie, covering some highlights from the event (especially the clash during the march).

Though the police stopped the JDL-Canada supporters from following the marchers, I still managed to get to the park. It was even more boring with a few more speeches. The last speaker said that now they can go back to the Consulate to board the buses, but should be careful, because the Zionist thugs might be waiting around to ambush them (nice fearmongering).

Let’s wait and see what they are going to do next – especially after the treacherous Barack Obama struck a deal with the mad mullah of Tehran, giving them carte blanche to build their bomb.

© 2015

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  1. Richard says:

    Poor Buster Keaton. What did that wonderful comedian from the Silent Era ever do to be compared, even in jest, to that slimy creep Zafar Bangash?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, maybe that’s not fair to Keaton – his face was expressionless, while Bangash looks more like a constantly angry constipated man.

  2. SM ISAC says:

    FYI, the man with swastika had his sign, however police made him take it down. He was surrounded by several police officers and looked completely disoriented for a while. I bet he was shocked that the police this time didn’t give him a free pass.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for the clarification – it was unusual that the police would interfere so quickly.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    Love your contrasting photos of the girls. JDL girls look WAY COOLER in every way.

    1. Man with Hat says:

      And you’re one of them, looking angelic in a picture I saw on cijnews.

      1. admiwrath says:

        Maybe, maybe not.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks for the excellent report (as always) Admiwrath. Now, I don’t want to get all Biblical on you, I just finished reading a book called the ‘Islamic Anti-Christ’ by Joel Richardson (his assumed name). It’s a real eye-opener on how “moderate” Muslims will quickly unit under the rule of one charismatic Islamic leader to turn on the West – and the world. The book is a New York Times best seller, and is extremely well researched.

    See the reviews here;

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for the information, though I am still struggling with the concept of Muslims uniting under one charismatic leader – they are so divided into different tribes that I don’t see (at least at this point how they may select one personality to follow).

  5. Jon Hammond says:

    Thank you, BlogWrath, for another outstanding and thorough article regarding the disgusting Al-Quds Day Jew-hating Muslims that may as well be declared as enemies of the state since they revere the late Ayatollah Khomeini, they support Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime, ISIS, and other Islamo-fascist terrorist organizations, and they even brought very young children, many in buggies (prams), which proves that they are nothing more than Islamo-fascist savages that have no place in Canada!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thanks. As usual, I have the eerie feeling that we will see more of those savages in near future.

  6. Reader says:

    Eye, what do you think of the counterprotesters who yelled things like “fuck your Mohammed”, “Go fuck your mother”, “suck my cock” and similar sentiments? You can see all that and more in this video that Blogwraith posted at in the clearly delusional view that this video somehow bolstered the reputation of the JDL and its hangers on rather than making them look like infantile fools and bullies. You were at the protest. Did you do anything to stop the JDL idiots from yelling this nonsense? Did you at least object to them yelling it in the presence of children? If not, why not? I know you’re not going to publish this comment since your allergic to rational criticism but at least think about it.

  7. The Lone Ranger says:

    Hi Admiwrath,

    I’m guessing that the antichrist, who will be accompanied by the Islamic (false) Jesus will be followed by false signs and wonders, uniting the Muslim world. However, there will be Muslims who will resist him, and they will be conquered and put to death by beheading if they do nor submit (sound familiar?)

    Still, let’s see what comes our way in another five years. As for the savages marching in Toronto, we are still taking in far too many of them as “immigrants.” The Trojan Horse of multiculturalism will be the end of us all.

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