Muslims Against Jews – Toronto Al-Quds Day 2014

Yesterday’s Al-Quds rally in Toronto was another sad proof of how rapidly Canada is deteriorating. Twenty years ago nobody in boring Toronto could’ve imagined that we will see a huge crowd of Muslim fanatics right in front of the Provincial Parliament carrying terrorist flags and photos of terrorist leaders while chanting anti-Semitic slogans.

They didn’t occupy the park illegally – they received an official permit, though the government knew that last year they did the same and called for shooting the Jews in Jerusalem. All attempts to cancel the rally were rejected on the ground that it contributes to our “diversity.”


The flag of Hezbollah


Below is the picture of the leader of Hezbollah


Mullah with a Neturei Karta “rabbi”

Fifteen school buses from different parts of Ontario brought in tons of screaming hijabs. They yelled and cursed at everything Jewish. Their signs were talking about non-existent genocides; boycotting Israel; condemning Harper and even chastising the Rothschilds.

The Toronto Police did a better job compared to the previous rallies. The Muslim and the Jewish groups were completely separated, but the Muslims still tried to infiltrate our group and cause trouble. They even succeeded a few times. In the video below you can see a few of those clashes:



Nazi Jew



“America Great Satan” (Khomeini would love it)


The Rothschild conspiracy

The Muslim side got a few kapo enforcements – the notorious Neturei Karta; the Independent Jewish Voices; communists; a fake Indian chief and a few hysterical lesbians. The Muslims had to pretend that they liked the support in order to sound more open-minded.


“Zionism is Racism”


“Boycott Apartheid Israel”


Another terrorist flag


The fake Indian chief with the Mohawk flag


Ali Mallah

The Jewish group was quite large. The counter-rally was organized by JDL-Canada and attracted many students and other supporters of the state of Israel. There was a speech delivered by Julius Suraski. (That part of the rally will be shown in a separate video). Here are some of the people, who came to support Israel.


Goldi Steiner from CILR


A Japanese supporter




Supportive dogs

Today, at 2 p.m. there will be another rally in support of Israel at the same place.

For more coverage of the Al-Quds rally in pictures and videos see BCF.


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  1. Angel says:

    Orwellian is a masterpiece of understatement Bless you for all you do..):-)

  2. Ted says:

    Wynne is already elected so there is no need for her to hide her Antisemitism now.

  3. The Hammer says:

    At 2:48 of the video is that Zack Ruiter?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, that was him. Now he is a pretend journalist. He was today at the Israeli rally at the Consulate trying to “interview” people.

  4. ScreamiMimi says:

    I never ever imagined this level of antisemitism being condoned in my lifetime. No other group could get away with this kind of rabid demonstration of hatred against another. How this is allowed boggles the mind and wants to send me hiding under the covers. God bless.

  5. Dean says:

    Thanks, Blogwrath, you always do an excellent job and are always at the right places at the right time (or perhaps the wrong places at the wrong time which is always more interesting).

    This event shows once again that the world is divided into a few broad categories: Those who want to create unrest, war, terrorism and anarchy,; imbeciles going along with the anarchists for the cool high they get from supporting murderous, genocidal totalitarians from the comfort of their democratic free countries and homes; and those who (I think) are now in the minority fighting against the Islamism, anarchy, and totalitarianism that is invading our Western countries.

    Israel, of course, has experience in defending itself but what it is finding increasingly difficult is fighting the US, the UN and Europe who are appeasing Islam because they a) fear the growing numbers they have allowed to explode in the West, b) have leaders like Obama with deep roots in Islam and use their offices to roll out the red carpet to jihad and sharia, c) are leftists who are using the Islamists and the natives in Canada to radicalize their agenda of destroying democracy and freedom with a violent boost.

    They will all find themselves as dhimmis to those who think nothing of cutting off heads, mutilating and enslaving women, hanging and crucifying Christians, and making the rest of us servants to Allah and paymasters to their murderous mullahs and religious cult freaks.

    If Israel does not say no to Oabam and the UN who want to empower Hamas terrorists for yet another round of war against Jews, then we will all be a lot less safe from the exploitation carried out by people like Wynne and Trudeau who really want more power to flow to terrorists both here and abroad – as they drain our coffers of all the tax money they can get their hands on and give it to terrorists and thugs.

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