Omar Barghouti is Tutti-Frutti


Omar Barghouti, one of the founders of the BDS movement and the initiative for academic boycott of Israel, was invited to speak at the University of Toronto on July 4. This modern-day fascist wants to destroy Israel through forcing a boycott on its economy for its alleged “apartheid” system.

Yet, despite of being a Jew-hating Arab, he has no problem enrolling as a Ph.D. student at the Tel Aviv University. To have such an inconsistent person lead a “resistance” movement is beyond comprehension – so, as one of the protest posters stated, he is really “tutti-frutti”.


Omar Barghouti is Tutti-Frutti


Irony is always lost on that type of people. Like many others throughout history, he wants to rise to prominence by attacking a group that he considers an easy target. Nothing new here – all losers, who are incapable of achieving anything on their own, usually blame their stupidity and lack of abilities on the Jews.

That’s why it’s important to remind those people that the times when the Jews were taking the suffering without a peep have long passed.

I am sure Barghouti will remember for years his encounter with JDL on July 4.


JDL on its way to the protest


At this event, JDL decided to make its position more visible – several supporters entered the hall where he was speaking to express their opinions straight into his face.


Meir Weinstein and a blogger who shall remain unnamed are about to enter the hall


The rest of us stayed outside, expressing opinions with posters and flags.


The difference between U of T and Israel



An honest opinion about Omar


It was interesting to observe Barghouti’s supporters charged with the duty to keep the dangerous Jews in check. Here are three of them:


Watching JDL


The sweet-looking female person (I’m trying to be politically correct) on the far left is a prominent activist in the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions movement. She had the questionable “honour” to kick off this year’s Israeli Apartheid Week, along with Judy Rebick and the super-lefty Professor Bakan. Here they are on March 9 (Judy Rebick is obscured):


The opening of the Israeli Apartheid Week on March 9


Great kafiya… On that night she explained in detail how we should boycott Hewlett Packard, Lockheed and two other companies for doing business with Israel.

At a certain point, she and other Barghouti folks decided to provoke the Jews with a visual demonstration (although I am not sure if anybody from JDL noticed that). One of them took out a stack of small stickers and passed them to the others:


Passing a sticker with the image of an anti-Semitic poster


Then they attached them to their shirts:



Now you can see that the BDS diva is wearing one:



In case you wonder what that is – it’s a miniature version of the most disgusting and repulsive Israeli Apartheid Week poster, which was designed for the 2009 week:


IAW's opinion - Israel deliberately targets children


It slanderously depicts the IDF as a blood-thirsty entity, which deliberately targets children. Apparently, that blatantly anti-Semitic creation was banned. However, during the last Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto, the organizers were selling this poster at a higher price ($2) than the other posters telling everybody it was banned, the rest were going for a dollar each. Clearly, even the anti-Semitic memorabilia have their value.

Am I the only one who thinks it is odd that they used that particular poster to express their position on the sticker? They can’t get more anti-Semitic than that.

While I was observing that little Jew-hating demonstration, somebody came out of the building running toward the campus police cars standing nearby. The police ran into the building – obviously, something was already happening.

Shortly after that Julius came out proudly displaying the message that might have offended Tutti-Frutti Barghouti:


The first Barghouti "victim"


After him, Meir Weinstein showed up:


And here are some of the rest of the disruptors:


You can see everything that happened inside in Blazingcatfur’s video. What is good about the event is that JDL confronted directly the forces attacking Israel.




Meir Weinstein said in the talk captured in the pictures above that this is how things should work – the passive confrontation should stop. We have been through so many cases when Israeli politicians and scholars are totally deprived from their right to speak. Anti-Semitic speakers, whose purpose is to delegitimize and eventually destroy Israel, should not be left to preach their hate unobstructed.

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