Palestinian Nakba Mini-Rally in Toronto (with the Usual Suspects)


Fine Palestinian propaganda (I paid a buck for this pin)


The pin above (sold at the event) summarizes the nature of today’s nakba rally, which took place across the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. I had no idea it was scheduled for Tuesday.  Compared to the last year’s noisy event, the attendance was much more modest.

As usual, the event was organized by the usual strange bedfellows –the International Socialists (who are actually hard-core communists), Palestine House, the Israeli Apartheid Week crowd, and the Hamas-supporting “celebrities”.

I saw the weird lady, who always carries a stack her comrades’ publications at such events. As always, she tried to sell me a communist paper for a buck:


The communist sales lady


The organizers brought a lot of signs (among which I saw “Zionism=Racism” and another one condemning the “racist state of Israel”) but they were wise enough to leave them near the benches in front of the museum and stick to their immediate demands:


Freedom for our terrorists!


Of course, the Palestine House guys were there. At far left you see one of their officials, who, at the opening night of this year’s IAW, delivered a speech promising that they are going to march next year into Israel and “liberate” Jerusalem and the whole Palestine:


The big crowd...


Soon after him arrived the incredible Khaled Mouammar, the former president of the Canadian Arab Federation. He was definitely happy to be among his lefty buddies:


Shiny Khaled is happy


I also spotted in the small crowd Ali Mallah, the anti-Israeli activist (and BCF nemesis). He managed to combine in his demeanor both the pride of his influence over the movement…


Ali Mallah - king of the rally


…and irresistible charm:


Ali charms the commie babes


As I was standing there, an aging communist lady next to me pointed at a young woman and explained with excitement that she was Eva Bartlett, Canada’s Rachel Corey, who often travels to Gaza to protest against the Jews and serve as a human shield when they attack the Palestinians (her husband is a Gaza Arab).


Canada's Rachel Corey (still alive)


Eva’s face looked strangely familiar – only later I realized that I saw her at the opening night of this year’s IAW.

She was one the main speakers, who brought some videos depicting the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Those films were some of the crudest examples of Palliwood’s fake propaganda, which showed false confrontations and shootings conceived and executed so clumsily that they could make an impression only on the die-hard lefty dimwits.

Miss Israeli Apartheid Week herself opened the event:


Miss IAW


Then Khaled grabbed the microphone and switched to his usual repertoire of Israel bashing and Jew-hate rhetoric thinly disguised as an attack against Zionism.


Those damn Zionists...


At that point I left. I think it wasn’t only me who felt disappointed – maybe if Miss IAW, NDP Ali, anti-Zionist Khaled and Hamas Eva had something of value to say, they would have attracted many more people of their own kind. Hopefully, next year they may come up with something more entertaining…


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  1. Richard says:

    Excellent report BW. I was thinking of going down to check it out, but Nakba Day in Canada is becoming so boring and predictable, with the same old usual idiots, it didn’t seem worth the effort.

    When have clowns like Ali Mallah, Kkalled Muammar, Mary Jo Nadeau and the aged, irrelevant Deutch couple had anything new or interesting to say?

    But I’m glad you were there to record how pathetic and out-of-touch these lingering fools are. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

  2. Clara says:

    Your coverage of these lackluster, repetitive, racist gatherings is great Blograth. I just don’t understand how you can stand there and not punch someone in the face. Good work!

  3. SM ISAC says:

    “Support the Intifada”??!!
    That’s incitement to violence. Call the police!!!!

    Must admit it does make an interesting souvenir.

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