Palestinian Nazis Flaunt Swastika at Pro-Terrorist Rally in Toronto

Nowadays we are bombarded daily with news about the increase of anti-Semitism to levels unseen since World War II. In Europe the harassment and murder of Jews have become almost a normal occurrence; the synagogues and Jewish schools are turning into fortresses, guarded 24/7 to avoid another terrorist attack. In Canada things have not reached that point (yet), but with the lax attitude toward the Muslim extremism, massive Muslim immigration and the open support of the Left for terrorist entities, we are well on our way to become like Europe.

A troubling reminder of that process was the demonstration in support of the People’s Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) held on April 17 in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. Everybody in Canada has a guaranteed freedom of assembly, but the causes rallied for at gatherings sometimes raise questions. It is not a secret that for many years now PFLP has been designated in Canada as a terrorist group– they have in their record hundreds of terrorist attacks with various success rates, as well as many murders. One of their latest deadly terrorist acts was the Har Nof attack in Israel in November 2014, when Rabbis were hacked to death with butcher knives.


Supporters of the Palestinian extremism

The supporters of the Palestinian terrorists gathered to defend a specific figure, the PFLP leader Khalida Jarrar, who was recently arrested by the IDF for terror activities. In a recent interview she made it very clear what kind of activities she condones:

“Let all Palestinians share in the popular resistance. It includes everything, stones, Molotov cocktails, the boycotting Israel, organising yourself in cooperatives. People’s creativity is much richer than anything I will say to you.”

Nice gal! As it is customary in Canada, our government has never found a Muslim extremist it didn’t like – we are “honoured” to have among us Khalida’s daughter Yafa, who lives in Canada and preaches the same anti-Semitism and extremism (she is the second person speaking in the video below).

One can’t help but wonder why, with all the turmoil in the Middle East, the Toronto Arabs and their “progressive” sidekicks defend a terrorist group working against Israel. The Arabs in Israel are safe, while thousands of them are slaughtered in other countries (especially in the Palestinian camps in Syria). Not a single rally has been organized against the Muslim murderers from ISIS and other terrorist groups. Apparently, anti-Semitism trumps everything else in those circles.

As one of the few groups, which confront Muslim extremism on the street, JDL-Canada organized a counter protest at the same place. In the beginning, they had to share the space in front of the Consulate with another mini-rally. Every Friday a small group of kapos (with one or two token Arabs) gathers there with signs calling in different forms for the destruction of Israel. Soon after the JDL-Canada appeared, they crossed the street and joined the pro-terrorist rally.


Sharing the space with Israel-haters


“Israel Is a Terrorist State” – affirmed the kapos on the other side of the street

As the rally gradually swelled to about 100, one of the participants tried to cross the street holding a sign with a swastika. Though the kapos on his side had no problem with it, the other Jews found it offensive and weren’t shy to express their opinions. The young Nazi chose to stand at the corner and taunt the Jews from there. Eventually one of the rally’s marshals took the errant Nazi back to join his comrades. (You can see the exchange and other highlights from the event in the video below.)


The face of Palestinian terrorism


Back among his fellow fascists

Did I mention that the police did nothing about that guy? By now you should know that in Canada Muslim extremists are a protected group.

His presence wasn’t surprising considering the organizers of the pro-terrorist rally. They came from Palestine House, an anti-Semitic organization, which a couple of years ago was defunded by the Canadian government. Last year their supporters attacked and physically assaulted Jews at another rally. One of its leaders – Monira Kitmitto – walked around with a bullhorn cheerleading the crowd. (Just a friendly reminder – you may change the chants, “Viva, viva, Palestina” and “Free, free, Palestine” are getting boring.) Last year Monira posted for a while anti-Semitic propaganda through her Facebook page. You can see her in action in the video.


Monira Kitmitto – a certified Israel-hater

Another “impressive” presence was a guy who was before a director of Palestine House (don’t remember his name). Last year, at an anti-Israeli rally on Dundas Square in downtown Toronto, organized by the public employees’ unions, he was a keynote speaker. He called for terrorist activities against Canada, saying that the Palestinians in Israel and the diaspora should start a third intifada. Nice way to pay back for Canada’s excessive hospitality, which invites such violent parasites.


The intifada guy

When such repugnant extremists organize a rally, the swastika comes out naturally as an expression of their true intentions.

The heavy police presence kept that crowd away from the Jewish side. When the latter played the National Anthem of Canada, the Muslim extremists kept booing and shouting (also a natural reaction). In the end of the event JDL-Canada’s Director Meir Weinstein gave a short speech.


JDL-Canada’s counter-rally


A lone anti-Islamist protester on the other side

Here is the video from the event:

It was a troubling event, showing that in Canada there are more than enough people who are not ashamed to support terrorism openly. With the world descending quickly into anarchy we will probably see them switching from words to weapons to achieve their sinister goals.

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