Press Release of JDL Canada on a Recent Anti-Jewish Statement at York University

Yesterday, the blog Sassy Wire broke the story about an appalling anti-Semitic remark  allegedly made by a York University professor during his class.

That doesn’t surprise me – I’ve had the questionable “honour” of observing how the Jewish students were treated when the psychotic terrorist supporter George Galloway was invited to speak at York U.


Muslims try to start a fight with the Jewish students during the Galloway appearance at York last year


Today JDL Canada issued a press release concerning this issue:

JDL Canada demands York University remove Professor Cameron Johnston from Campus



September 13, 2011


During the past 24 hours, a controversy has erupted over the comments of York University Assistant Professor Cameron Johnston who stated in his class that “Jews need to be sterilized.” York University has evolved into a campus that tolerates anti semitism. It is within this climate that a Professor was able to utter such vile hate. Below are some recent examples of anti semitism on campus:

New agreement extends York University’s collaboration with Hamas U

Jewish student files anti-Semitism complaint against York U

George Galloway invited to speak at York U

University workers in the Canadian Union of Public Employees have passed a controversial motion calling for an academic boycott of Israel

York University Paper Justifies Jerusalem Terror Attack

Anti-semitism on campus in Toronto

York University anti-Israel fanatic targets Justin Bieber with tacky video

Michael Coren Has Fun At York University With A Deranged Leftist

York U Iranium screening forced to reschedule/change venues over security threats

The Jewish Defence League of Canada calls on York University to remove Professor Johnston from their campus.

For more information call 416-736-7000

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Blimey, imagine if he had made an anti-Muslim remark? he would have been suspended pending a full enquiry into how this “Islamaphobic” professor slipped past their background checks!

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