Protest to Counter the Pro-Terrorist Al-Quds Rally in Toronto

The annual Al-Quds rally, which attracts thousands of extremist Muslims demanding the destruction of Israel and placing Jerusalem (Al-Quds) under full Arab control, is one of the main anti-Semitic events in Toronto.  This year it will be held on July 11 at 3 p.m. in front of the US Consulate (360 University Avenue). JDL-Canada is organizing a counter-protest at the same place and time. It is important to confront the people, who want to turn Canada into a sharia-control Caliphate, where only the extremists will have rights.

For more information and to find ways to help in organizing the protest against the anti-Semitic event, please call 416-736-7000 or visit JDL-Canada’s site:



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