QuAIA Is Not Going Away and Neither Is JDL


We are here, despite the rain.


In mid-April, JDL-Canada organized a protest against the stubborn decision of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade to include an anti-Israeli organization with poorly hidden anti-Semitic agenda – Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).

The blatant hate promoted by that organization attracted scrutiny, which was not desired by the Pride Parade management. The controversy that the issue caused forced them to cut their losses by changing tactics.

Shortly after the protest, it was stated that QuAIA is withdrawing from this year’s Parade. So far, so good. Many people opposed to that organization took the statement at face value. Bernie Farber from CJC stated that it was good enough and the case was closed.

But can you trust them? At the heart of the issue is the city funding for the parade – it will include over $100,000 in direct subsidies plus several hundred thousand in services by the city (like cleaning). Last year the Pride management made exactly the same promise, the gullible (or pro-lefty) Mayor Miller gave them the money and the parade let the anti-Semites march anyway.

If any other organization had done something like this, they would’ve been sued for fraud, but that obviously doesn’t apply to the darlings of the Human Rights Commission. The new Mayor, Rob Ford, appears to be much smarter and he wants guarantees about the promise – in return he is smeared and accused of “homophobia”.


The final decision by the city is yet to be made, but the Pride Parade is still trying to weasel its way out, hoping that they’ll be able to swindle the taxpayers again.  They let the door open by stating that even though QuAIA would not be marching, they will still organize few events and some of their members may appear at the parade. The people who run the parade are either totally clueless about how to control their event or think that the public is exceptionally dumb.

There is only one problem – the people are watching. That’s why the Jewish Defence League organized another protest on May 6. If you remember the protest in April, the Pride diligently prepared itself to intimidate the nasty Jews – they hired the losers from the Black Bloc to stand in front of their building waving their black flag (what a perfect fit for their hateful agenda).


The Pride Parade building (far left)

This time there was nobody in front of their building. The JDL members and supporters showed up and stood there to make their point despite the rain.


Meir Weinstein speakings


Meir Weinstein pointed out again the absurdity of the “Israeli apartheid” idea. The whole “BDS” movement aims at weakening and eventually destroying Israel by turning the Jews into a minority in their own country, which would be at the mercy of fanatical Arabs. Trying to create a fake “Palestinian history” by twisting and misrepresenting the thousands of years of rich Jewish history in the Middle East, the modern anti-Semites are giving legitimacy to terrorists.

The idea of apartheid in Israel borders on insanity and it’s far away from reality. There are Arab parties in Israel, who have representatives in the parliament. Israeli hospitals’ staffs consist of Jews and Arabs and they accept patients regardless of their religion or nationality. There isn’t a single place in Israel, where Arabs and Jews are not allowed to mix in public. Arabs serve in the Israeli Army; there is even an Arab General in the army. Israel has Arab judges, including one on the Supreme Court of Israel.

As of the gay issue – Israel is far ahead of its Arab neighbours. Gays are not discriminated against, they even have their own Parade there. They are allowed to serve in the army and are not persecuted at all. On the other hand, they are routinely persecuted and killed by Hamas in Gaza.



Of course, these are all facts – and facts are meaningless to the extremists who control the Pride Parade in Toronto. They are ready to hide and distort the truth to promote their anti-Israeli agenda. Somehow they are missing the point that if their dream of wiping out Israel ever comes true, the Muslim barbarians after taking over, will make sure that all gays are promptly exterminated.

I fully understand that no matter how much information I provide those blockheads are not going to change their minds. They justify their hatred as “free speech”. Again, they fail to notice that their opponents have exactly the same right of free speech, especially Jews, who have seen such “speech” turn into pogroms and concentration camps. Yes, they can preach their anti-Semitism, but not on the taxpayer’s dime.

Here is free piece of advice for the Pride Parade. Its organizers claim that the event brings in tens of millions of dollars in Toronto. Then how come they can’t get a piece of that yummy pie? Is it because they are a bunch of capitalism-hating and ignorant lefties, who can’t run even a lemonade stand without piling up a deficit in the thousands? The gay community claims that they are more affluent than other groups – I have no doubt about that. Then the solution is very simple – get those talented people to run the Parade and you’ll make millions of dollars. It won’t be necessary to haggle with the city over one hundred thousand measly dollars. And then you would be able to let anybody you want to march (it would be your money after all), even KKK, because they make a much better anti-Israeli case than QuAIA. I wonder why you can’t get those talented people run your hate fest (it’s actually very clear why).

The bottom line is that your actions always have consequences. If you don’t care about the latter, there are always people who do. Don’t forget it – you don’t own our city…



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