Rooting for Hamas in Toronto (with Judy Rebick)



This afternoon downtown Toronto witnessed the second installment of screams and chants in defense of Hamas’ “right” to attack and harass Israel without any consequences. Today’s rally differed from the previous one because this time there were no Jews to kick around in front of the Israeli Consulate.

The crowd, which gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum, was smaller but that fact didn’t reduce the noise they were making. The lack of originality and innovation in their message was clearly displayed again – the anti-Semitic slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” was being repeated ad nauseam along with the equally unoriginal “Harper, Harper, you will see, Palestine will be free!”


Same old, same old

Even the majority of the durable signs had been displayed at many protests before.

Since this was a pro-Hamas rally, the main target was Israel and the Jews. The ridiculous accusation of genocide against Gaza was prominently shown in the signs. I wish the idiots at the rally had the same zeal in defending Muslims and Christians slaughtered by the thousands every day by organizations similar to Hamas.


The usual “genocide” with fake pics

According to the Facebook listing, the event was supposed to start at 2 p.m. and finish at 4 p.m. It started late and finished at 3 p.m. Looks like they couldn’t keep shouting longer than that. It appeared that the lefties at this demonstration outnumbered the “victimized” Arabs. The kapos from Independent Jewish Voices were present as always and in the end they were even recommended as an organization that could help those who are against Israel.


Jewish Voices for Hamas

The communist underbelly of Toronto didn’t miss the rally either – they dispatched the International Socialists:


International Idiots for Hamas

As with any public event, this one was enriched by the presence of celebrities. True, those were just the unglamorous lefty celebrities, but they still deserve coverage. On the event’s Facebook page I spotted the name of Judy Rebick – the Jewish super-feminist, who considers Israel a racist state declared her intention to attend the event. I was wondering how I was going to find her in the crowd, but suddenly she popped up in front of me – she crossed the street to take a few pictures of her people.


Judy Rebick with Zach Ruiter (she is the person who looks like a woman)

The person who joined her was Zach Ruiter – another lefty activist, who played a major role in intimidating and bullying Jewish students in York University last year.

Another unannounced surprise was Naseem Mithoowani – if the name doesn’t ring a bell, let me remind you that she was one of the three Muslim “students” who, with the help of the anti-Semites from the Canadian Islamic Congress, started a few years ago a vicious extortion campaign against Maclean’s Magazine for publishing an article by Mark Steyn about the potential threat of Islam to the West.


Naseem Mithoowani (the “shame on Harper” gal)

This “lovely young woman,” as the lovely mainstream journalist Christie Blatchford described her when she appeared to testify against Ezra Levant during the libel trial started by one of the other “students” – Khurrum Awan – has gone through an enviable evolution. From the naïve young girl defending the noble Islam (as the equally naïve Christie saw her) Naseem has transformed herself into a full-fledged anti-government activist, who sees the support for Israel’s right to defend itself as a shameful act. Nothing new here – people who go out of their way to suppress freedom of speech often end up supporting much worse causes.

This is the way Islam is ready and willing to ruin Canada. Seeing this totalitarian cult being supported by misguided Jews, lefties and other outcasts doesn’t make its cause more credible.

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