Satanic Israel and Other Acts of Refined Anti-Semitism at York University

Tonight, at York University, I attended a lecture on campus anti-Semitism. The speaker, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin (University of California) shared many facts, supported by photos, videos and documents. Most of them dealt with the realities in the USA, but York University is a living proof that Jew-hate is quite vibrant here as well.

I love the place – it resembles a bottomless Pandora’s Box, which generously supplies every imaginable leftist insanity. A short stroll usually provides me with more material than I can use. This time I saw in the student centre a bearded young communist selling books from a table. Among the old Trotskyite junk, one could spot volumes cheering the imminent demise of capitalism and books lamenting the equally imminent destruction of the planet by the global warming.

In the big hall, hosting all those halal-inspired restaurants, where they usually display the flags of the world (including that of the Tamil terrorists) this time they had a large exhibition of paintings hanging from the walls.

What caught my attention, among the lackluster art, was a political picture obviously depicting Israel… oops… Palestine/Israel. An Arab guy is apparently ready to throw two rocks.


My first impression was that if that guy/gal has paid York University to teach him/her to paint, he should get a refund right away. The education didn’t work. The muscles on the left shoulder look overdeveloped. Unless the artist wanted to depict an inbred freak, he should’ve paid more attention during the figure painting lessons.

I can’t figure out the structure in the middle – is it a three-storey bulldozer driven by a steam engine? Or is it a traveling apartment building that Mossad uses to destroy olive trees? And what about the tree? It looks like mutant baobab with olive tree branches. Of course, the back of the Arab guy tells us why that horrific art has been displayed. Below the keffiyeh, we see a map of Israel the way it looks in the wet Arab dreams, all under Arab control, with no Jews. That’s a map, which you can see on almost every one of the tchotchkes the Arabs sell in East Jerusalem.

The guy is definitely determined to destroy whatever he sees. Some Jewish students felt the painting was threatening and offensive, but the administration responded that the artist has written “peace” and “justice” underneath, so the work has a positive message (by the way, “justice” in Chinese is misspelled). Only at York University could anybody defend an anti-Semitic painting in such a bizarre way.

Then I saw a press release, plastered all over the place, announcing that Satan has donated $25 million to York University, signed by Gloria Suhasini, Senior Media Relations Officer at York University. Normally, I would think that something like this is a bad joke, but at this notorious university you can’t dismiss any possibility.


So what exactly did Satan do?

“Satan has donated $25 million to York University and is being celebrated at the Schulich School of Business with his name on the Donor’s List on Monday.

“I was so pleased to see my good work being continued at York,” said Satan. “The administration’s outstanding efforts to exploit contract workers by introducing more teaching stream appointments, their investments in military corporations, their eradication of frivolous rights as free speech, and their unwavering support for Israeli apartheid are consistent with my vision as one of the world’s great philanthropists.

Among the things Satan likes (one that I highlighted) is the Israeli apartheid. I bet Tammi Rossman-Benjamin has never seen anything like that. In addition to being an evil Zionist entity, Israel now is considered at York also a satanic entity. That brings down the York University anti-Semitism to below medieval level. But I already told you – no insanity peddled here could surprise me.

Then, in Excalibur, the local student newspaper, out of all letters they receive, they chose to publish the letter of an anti-Semite from Students Against Israeli Apartheid. Hammam Farah writes:

Last year, we at Students Against Israeli Apartheid made a conscious decision to fight back by finally taking on the issue of student space as a crucial component of our activism. We chose Vari Hall as the site of our well-attended March 27 “Rally for Divestment and Change” precisely because of the issues Adem touches on and for Vari Hall’s symbolic location at the heart of student life.


Then he whines that their status was revoked, which was a freedom of speech violation. I was at that rally – it could hardly be considered free speech when some rabid Muslim or lefty shouts in your face “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” But that’s how they twist things at York University.

I was worried that I won’t be able to end my report with a positive message, when I spotted this ad:


Asexuality 101 Workshop! Of course! York University has been plagued for years by all kinds of sexual crimes. The students even had a rally to oppose the presence of the police on campus, called by the administration to deal with crime. It was considered another oppression attempt. Nice to see that they had found a solution: if they interest everybody in asexuality, that would kill their sexual drive, so there will be no more sex crimes. This is the unmatched genius of York University.

Back in March I wrote another article about the place, titled “A Madhouse Called York University.”

I see no reason to change that definition.

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  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    York “University” sounds more like a lunatic asylum.

  3. Andrew says:

    Lol, it sounds more like an anarchist chimp house than a “school.”What’s more that asexuality flier is a shinning example of why Muslim demography is the problem that it is.

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