Secret Islamic History of the Jewish Women according to Queen’s University

Richard K., one of Canada’s “bully bloggers,” posted a few days ago an article about a course offered at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Thanks to him, many times before we have been alerted about some questionable and even outright bizarre ideas promoted by the education system in Ontario. This course is not an exception.

Its purpose is to present the Jewish women in a historical perspective. It’s all good and noble and the university should be proud of that initiative. But they are not that willing to share what that course teaches. When you go through the syllabus, one of the conditions that stands out is that the university doesn’t feel like sharing.

In the beginning we are warned that everybody attending should keep secret everything that’s going on:

To build an atmosphere of civility, trust, and participation, and afford reasonable privacy it is necessary and you are requested to abide by the following:

no recording

no cells, Internet, texting

no visitors, no auditors

It seems odd that an educational institution, which operates with public funds, would keep in the dark the public that provides the money about what exactly they are teaching. A closer look at the syllabus explains why this is happening.

For some strange reason all the lecturers teaching the course are hardcore supporters of the Palestinian extremism and not that fond of the right of Israel to exist as a separate state. In his article Richard provides the background of those speakers. I just want to add a few points.

As I said, the course is taught by several people who speak on different topics, which are not even linked to each other. There is not much of systematic thinking taught throughout (if you ignore the systematic Jew-bashing). It looks like the administration patched up something ugly in order to provide money for speakers who otherwise won’t be able to get any gainful employment.

The lecture by Sylvat Aziz scheduled for Week 1 on September 11 is supposed to provide an introduction to the course:

• Intro, The Hijra in Islamic Imagination: Current realities and Context

Documentary: Transgenders (Intersex Communities)

I am totally lost about the connection between hijra and transgenders. Unless there are some secret verses in the Koran, I don’t recall any trannies accompanying Old Mo on his flight from Mecca to Medina. Obviously, the academic idiots who run our universities, have very little concern about the facts.

One of the stars of the course is Prof. Abbie Bakan. Her contribution:

• Considerations of ‘Anti-semitism’, Racialization, and Power”

Readings: Abigail B. Bakan and Yasmeen Abu-Laban, “The Racial Contract: Israel/Palestine and Canada” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, vol. 14, no.5 (September, 2008), 637-660.

That woman doesn’t even want to call Israel by its name and thinks that anti-Semitism is just a social construct. She can contribute nothing but hatred to a course on the Jewish women. I saw her for the first time in 2011. At the opening night of the Israeli Apartheid Week 2011 her speech was entirely filled with bashing of Israel and the “Zionists”.


Abbie Bakan divesting from Israel



Abbie cozying up with Judy Rebick


Compared to the other star of the opening night – Judy Rebick – Abbie Bakan is not a very pleasant person. While Judy delivers her Jew-bashing with the bubbly enthusiasm of a village idiot, Abbie looks and speaks like a guy forced to speak after eating a case of lemons.

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve pitied the students who had to endure her presence in the classroom. However, after learning what is really going on at Queen’s University, I am convinced that Abbie Bakan is exactly what many students want.

Her course is just one of the pathetic results caused by imposing of the policy of “diversity”. That once great university has turned into a stinky cesspool, where they are supposed to take seriously and with respect any weird culture or worldview.

Your friendly Muslim destroyer


Thus Islamization has paved the way for the poorly veiled attack on the Western values. One of the issues of their magazine – onQ – for 2010, which creates the impression that only the minorities are worth writing about, opens with an article by a smiley hijab Muslima.

She casually states that the Scottish tradition of the university is not good and has to be changed. After whining about her Muslim “prayer space” being defaced, she pompously states she joined an organization willing to change Queen’s. (Was that the Muslim Brotherhood?) Of course, all those changes are in the name of building a “better community”.

Apparently, the advancement of the Islamic ferociousness on the Queen’s campus has been unstoppable since then. Recently a student attempted to exercise his right to free speech by placing a “wall”, where students could write whatever they wanted.

The free speech wall at Queen’s University


He quickly found out that there is no such thing as free speech at Queen’s University. The administration promptly shut down the “wall” and the security removed it.

They refused to provide their reasons, other than vaguely stating that it happened because of “hate speech”. Since “Free Palestine!” is probably not considered hate speech at that place, we may take a look at another statement.

Somebody wrote:

“Mohammad was a pedophile; he fucked 9-year olds.”

Regardless of the crude language, this is a factual statement. All Muslim scriptures proudly state that he married a 6-year old girl and had sex with her when she turned 9. From most points of view he was a repulsive pedophile. Islam is the only religion, which won’t condemn that pedophilia.

It looks like the Mohammad remark pissed off the Muslim fanatics on campus. They started discussing ways to take away the free speech wall, as their Facebook conversation shows:



Those rabid Muslimas have no problem shutting down anything that disagrees with their cult. And they are proud of that:

“I vandalized it as best as I could. Tearing it down and the campus cons will turn this on our head and make it seem like we are violent activists that university will take action against – not effective, unfortunately.”

And it seems that they managed to get the Human Rights Commission involved. There is no way to lose, because the human rights inquisitors are the most trusted ass-lickers of the Muslim fanaticism.

And I see that the campus “cons” are the only ones expected to confront a bunch of fanatics, who have respect for nothing but their stone-age cult. But even the “cons” couldn’t do anything, because the administration took the side of the cultists.

So that’s it, folks – if you thought that the course was some kind of an aberration, think again. In the current atmosphere, which defines Queen’s University, every anti-Jewish and pro-terrorist speaker will have a large and  very attentive audience.

When you think that the same is going on in York University in Toronto (among other places), it’s hard to ignore the fact that the people who run and attend those universities (supposed to be the brightest) make all possible efforts to undermine our civilization by supporting destructive ideologies.

With such “bright” people in charge our future doesn’t look very bright.


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