Shocking Pics – Calgary Police Let Arab Savages Kick and Punch Jews and Christians



The weird cult of Islam finds itself more and more often in the spotlight of the world’s attention. Unlike other religions, which are known for their boring theological discourses, Islam is famous for its complete intolerance to different opinions. I have always tried very hard to believe that its extremism is caused by a few wack jobs, but it becomes more and more difficult for the Muslims to maintain that lie.

The horrific atrocities that Muslims perpetrate against Christians, Hindus and Buddhists (but most often against each other) are hard to blame on an unruly minority within the religion. The silent support of the “moderate” Muslims make those atrocities possible. Those horrors are already coming to Canada, because of the idiotic immigration system, which floods us with fanatics, who have no place here. Things are deteriorating with a horrifying speed.

Over the last few months I witnessed how a person was almost lynched by Muslims for holding the satirical “Draw Mohammed Day” in Toronto. Then there was a rally in support of the terrorist Omar Khadr. Muslims in Mississauga filed a human rights complaint for the right to park illegally on private property to attend ISNA, their extremist mosque. Earlier this month a gang of “Palestinians” attacked and assaulted Jews at a peaceful vigil in Mississauga.

Last Friday the city of Calgary became the new target of Muslim rage. At a mass pro-Hamas demonstration, a handful of Jewish and Christian counter-protesters were attacked, punched and beaten by Muslim savages. The event was completely ignored by the mainstream media – if it weren’t for the activists, who contacted a few bloggers, nobody would’ve known about the incident.

By today, Sun News has already publicized the case, bringing to light many disturbing details. Despite the fact that the event took place near City Hall, no police were present. The police and the Mayor of Calgary tried to cover up the incident. Because of the undesired publicity, the police were finally forced to say that they are investigating. The organizers of the anti-Semitic event are frantically trying to save their image by stating that none of them took part in the violence (they forget the fact that they are responsible for controlling the people invited to their event).

Saima Jamal, the main honcho, stated that she was going to issue an apology to the victims (at yesterday’s coverage of the events at Sun News, the Jewish activist Sarah Bergamoff said that no apology was received; that is not a surprising Muslim behaviour). It looks like the promise was done to keep the Jews quiet.

The purpose of this article is to make the readers aware of what happened, who organized the event and why everything went so wrong. I am going to introduce Saima Jamal and then show you in pictures how the tiny group of counter-protesters were assaulted.

All pictures are stills extracted from movies posted by participants – all Muslims. You never know when movies could disappear from YouTube or other sides – it’s better to make them into pictures. Sorry for the “Zapruder film” quality, but none of the people was a professional photographer.

I thank Muslims for posting them; their narcissism still forces them to post things that can incriminate them. Since there were so many people with phones and cameras, there is probably more footage. If you wish, you can provide links or pictures to the contact address of this blog.

As many enemies of Israel, Saima is a prominent lefty, working at a university in Calgary. She was ecstatic when Barry Hussein Obama got re-elected:

2014-07-22 13_30_45-(3) Saima Jamal

She attends important functions, including at City Hall:

Nenshi’s hippy gang

Nenshi’s hippy gang

It’s great to see her next to Nenshi. With his big face resembling an apple pie with a smile permanently etched in it, he looks almost likable, if it weren’t for his anti-Christian bigotry and the dead silence about the Muslims assault I am writing about.

When I was looking at Saima’s public profile, I had the premonition that I was going to see there Canada’s Goon Number One. I was right – Justin Trudeau popped up with her at a Muslim Eid event at Calgary City Hall:

Saima and Justin – love at first sight

Saima and Justin – love at first sight

Trudeau has the uncanny ability to appear at the strangest events with the most questionable people. Below he is with Darshan Kang, a Liberal MP candidate from Calgary, who incidentally was a keynote speaker at the pro-Hamas event organized by Saima. Small world.


As you may expect, Kang’s turban in the red party colour looks as phony on him as the cowboy hat on Justin’s head.

A few days before the rally, Saima inspired the troops with a disturbing dispatch from Gaza:

2014-07-22 13_17_08-(3) Saima Jamal

I almost saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse – the evil Israel is going to bomb Gaza out of its existence. And the horror – Israeli soldiers are shooting Muslims on Temple Mount! I know that the “Palestinians” and their supporters are some of the most shameless liars on earth, but Saima’s idiotic propaganda is beyond anything seen before.

It’s no wonder that a liar like Saima is going to attract to her event mostly violent kooks, who believe that dead Muslims bodies have littered Al Aqsa Mosque. It is even less surprising that they’ll be looking for Jews to punch.

The rally started with the usual deranged Arabs, who chant in different ways their basic intention to destroy Israel. Any Jew in the vicinity would have on them the effect of red cloth on a bull. It didn’t take long for a Muslim to run to the Jews and snatch an Israeli flag. The person, who tried to retrieve it got a punch in the neck and was kicked to the ground.


One of the interesting things to watch at such events is that Muslims always bring kids – in their circles violence is seen as a wholesome entertainment, which would make the children act in the same way in the future. Take a look at the little girls below, who watch attentively how the Muslim idiot with the shaved head rips the Israeli flag. Also, when the Christian gets up, another deranged Muslim laughs as if this was superb fun.


What can you do – this is the standard level of the barbaric religious cult.

After finishing off this group, the Muslims crossed the street, where they found another group, which naively thought that they were attending a peaceful protest.


Jake Birrel and Samantha Hamilton

Jake Birrel and Samantha Hamilton


The smiles didn’t last very long – after seeing the defenseless group, the rabid Muslims decided to act.

The guy with the red t-shirt was quickly attacked and punched:


Then the Muslims moved to a more worthy target – a girl. The followers of the Islamic cult have never created anything in science worth mentioning, but they are the world’s best-know specialists in the field of wife-beating, expertly outlined in the Koran by Old Mo. Sam happened to be on the receiving end of the beating.

Muslim concentration

Muslim concentration



The target is hit

The target is hit

Another try

Another try

The result

The result


Sarah Bergamoff and Sam Hamilton (right) in better times in Toronto

Isn’t Islam the most repugnant religion, worthy of inspiring only the worst savages?

Next they went after Jake. He had an Israeli flag on his back, attached to his neck. The Muslims made a good use of that. A creepy little Arab, who looked like a pedophile in a cartoon, approached him sneakily from behind and pulled the flag.


Inspired by that, a fatso resembling Muslim villain from a James Bond movie, rushed in to get a piece of the action.


The target is hit

The target is hit

His next move was an attempt to strangle Jake with his flag.



Pull harder – another guy getting involved

Pull harder – another guy getting involved

Strangled and about to get another punch

Strangled and about to get another punch


Going to the ground

Going to the ground

But they were not finished with Jake yet – a small black guy, acting like a Chihuahua dying of rabies, managed to kick him a few times.


Did I say that Islam is the most repugnant religion, worthy of inspiring only the worst savages?

The black guy then joined another group, busy with beating women and kicking a guy, who was dragged to the ground.


To finish with the Jew-hunting fun, the Muslim savages then chased a guy with an Israeli flag across the street.

PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall30PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall31The goal was accomplished – they didn’t kill the enemy as Hamas would do, but in the end the small group of Jews and Christians were standing there, humiliated, injured, bruised, with ripped clothes.

PalestinePeaceRallyCalgaryCityHall29It looks like the Muslim thugs have significant influence in Calgary – after all, the Mayor, who refused to acknowledge the incident, is one of their own. For several days the victims couldn’t get the attention of the police and were unable to retain a lawyer. Any action against Muslims probably scares the authorities. Only after the coverage and intervention of Sun News and Ezra Levant, they could finally get a criminal lawyer to lay charges.

The whole incident is disturbing – Canada is no longer the country, where everybody can express an opinion and be protected. Flooding the country with intolerant savages, whose idea of discussion is to punch their opponent, makes it a horrible place, not different from the third-world Muslim shitholes, from which most of the people in the pictures crawled out.

This is just the beginning – it is only a matter of time before Muslims start slaughtering people in the streets, the way they do it in Europe. Do any of our politicians actually care about that?

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  1. George Mircea says:

    All religions are stupid. Looks like the islam is in top of them all. I did not get yet way muslims are so violent.
    Christians were like that 500 years ago. Now, we have to wait 500 more for muslims to get were some of us are today. We should close all borders with those countries.

    1. WayneC says:

      Some similarities to what is happening today, as compared to that triggered the crusades of days gone by. Interesting reading.

      1. C J Chester says:

        Don’t use the Crusades as an excuse! Back then NOBODY could read, they were all a bunch of ignorant, starving, crusaders. What the hell is the comparison to islamist today? Are they a bunch of ignorant, illiterate, starving crusaders? NO! They are just jealous, ignorant, fearful haters. WAY MORE dangerous than the Crusaders!

  2. Dave N says:

    Thank you for your great work!!!

  3. Joy says:

    Thanks Ezra, for keeping us updated and informed.
    We are standing with you! Shalom

  4. SM ISAC says:

    Calgary apparently has the highest concentration of Muslims in Canadian city and Menshi, like most politicians, would not dare alienate his strongest supporter base.

    Whose decision was it NOT to send the police when they were advised of the event in front of the busy City Hall? As a man from the “Palestine” House bragged that there would have been massacres (of Jews and Jewish supporters) had it not been for the police presence at the Toronto rally, the same rabid savages fill our street. The police needs to start enforcing the law before their number increases to the point of no return.

  5. Louise says:

    Siama Jamal publicly apologized, so it’s only fair to acknowledge that.

    1. admiwrath says:

      She did it only after she got caught – and after the event she made a disgusting comment on Facebook about the victims (it will be published). If she is such a peace-loving person, she shouldn’t associate with criminals – it is much easier than making apologies.

  6. Fran says:

    We live in a very quiet part of Scotland and never thought to see such things happening in Canada, of all places… Makes us sick to see that even in a “free Country” like yours, Muslims can take the law in their own hands and thrash peaceful people like that.
    Shame on the Police and the Government and thanks to those who reports these awful things online and on other ways!

  7. Kent Malm says:

    First come the punches while the so called authorities look the other way. The next thing you will see are the butchers with their swords hacking off peoples heads while the authorities are trying to look busy looking after what they claim are the peoples best interests. Not in Canada you say. Well guess what? Nazi Germany went through something just like this and we bear witness to the results of the holocost. If nobody stands up for decency in this wonderful nation of ours I wonder how long before it will be our turn. Something to think about.

  8. Zach says:

    I think that when you said, “Isn’t Islam the most repugnant religion, worthy of inspiring only the worst savages?”

    You meant to say, “don’t bother listening to my opinions, my views are biased and obscured with hatred and here’s more proof.”

    1. admiwrath says:

      Right – and because of useful idiots like you Muslims are raping your children in England and taking over your schools. Keep calm and bend over.

  9. A. Decent Human says:

    You fucking shitstain. The world doesn’t need paranoid bigots like you. Kill yourself.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Another rabid Muslim from Edmonton shows his colours:

      A. Decent Human

  10. Hank says:

    they should play O Canada, and any that don’t stop and put there right hand over their heart should be shot.

    1. Adam says:

      I’ve never seen anyone sing O Canada with their hand over their heart.

      You are next level stupid.

  11. Sharon Greer says:

    It is so hard to comprehend why the Law is not there to prevent such barbaric uncivilized behaviour. All I can think of is the saying that the only thing it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

  12. Mickey says:

    There was no fight that I could see. I did see a swarm though. You do know that one on one is fair fight and sometimes two on one is almost fair. A swarm of what looks like 4 against 10 to 20 is hard to call a fight, unless your muslim maybe.
    Gentlemen, you need a plan. But first get rid of the mayor. Don’t bother the cops. They are just here for the pension.

  13. really says:

    Wtf. This has to stop and stop now. I just came a where of this.

  14. Ladyhawke says:

    What we have to realize too is that our laws are being changed right in front of our eyes to favour the Muslims. Did you know, for example, they have put into debate the fact they want to make it ok to illegally park on private property to attend a mosque, This mosque, from I have read, is one of the more violent oriented mosques in the country. We sit here with our Bill of Rights being used against us in order to ferment and aid radical organizations to flourish and crush what our blood has purchased through war in the last century. Thank you Mr. P. Trudeau for the Bill of Rights you wrote that allows them to do this. And his son is now running for Prime Minister. I for one do not want radicals in my country, if they want that they can go back home. God help us in the future.

  15. Colm Ivers says:

    This is some insane, rambling shit..

    Islam has never accomplished anything in science? Are you for real?

    What’s truly sad here is that there are clearly some issues here worth investigation and reporting but when you wrap it up in madness it only appeals to the mad.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Many Muslims push the imaginary achievements of Islam based on the idea that if you repeat a lie many times, people would believe it.

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