The Anti-Semitic Al-Quds Rally Attracts Thousands of Muslims in Toronto

The 2016 edition of Canada’s largest anti-Semitic fest, the Al-Quds Day, took place in Toronto last Saturday. Named after the Arab word for Jerusalem (Al-Quds), the event has a simple and straightforward message: Jerusalem must be conquered by Muslims to “liberate” the Al-Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount and in the process the whole State of Israel should be wiped out.

Started years ago by the bloody Ayatollah Khomeini, the Al-Quds Day has grown in popularity. It is odd that such an anti-Semitic event is tolerated by the police and the Provincial Government, while they will go out of their way to condemn any phony anti-Muslim “hate crime” or even legitimate criticism of Muslim extremism. Speakers at the rally have been known for expressing extreme anti-Jewish views. One of them, the Palestine House’s Elias Hazineh, called two years ago for shooting the Jews in Jerusalem, yet Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Attorney General somehow found that acceptable and refused to file hate crime charges.

Here is a video with some highlights from last Saturday’s Al-Quds event:

This year’s rally promoted the same extremism. The participants, heavily guarded by the police, gathered in the park north of the Parliament Building of Ontario. A few hundred meters away, a counter-rally took place. It was organized by JDL-Canada and attended by their members and supporters.


Al-Quds rally in the park


JDL-Canada’s counter-rally in the same park


The police keep a distance between the rallies


The counter-rally was also attended by a few opponents of the Al-Quds propaganda. There were a few Iranian dissidents, vocal critics of the Islamist regime in their country. Also, I noticed Sheikh Mirza Ismail, leader of the local Yezidi community. Yezidis have been one of the main targets of the genocide perpetrated by the Muslim terrorists from ISIS, yet that fact has so far escaped the attention of the Canadian Government. Raheel Raza and her husband Suhail, from Muslims Facing Tomorrow, were also at the rally.


Mirza Ismail and Raheel Raza

Also present was a group carrying signs “Queers against Islamic Apartheid” that brought attention to the mistreatment of homosexuals in the Muslim countries. Ironically, the notorious anti-Semitic group “Queers against Israeli Apartheid” was marching at the same time in the Dyke March a few blocks away.

It was nice to see at the event the famous scholar and critic of Islamism Robert Spencer. He came to show his support and oppose the anti-Semitic Al-Quds message. His speech, which will be presented in a separate post, covered the history of the Islamist fight against Jews and Israel.


Robert Spencer speaks

After about two hours, the Muslim group marched to the US Consulate. The Jewish group was held for a while by the police before it was allowed to follow the same route. As you can see in the video, the Muslims kept yelling about the destruction of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” The bystanders could also get their propaganda leaflets and even Al-Quds Water – bottles with labels promoting the anti-Semitic message.


Muslim fanatics against Israel


The new Canadian flag


Clash of cultures



Al-Quds Water


The Jewish group

At the consulate, the Al-Quds event continued with more chanting and speeches. A keynote speaker was Ken Stone from Independent Jewish Voices. Despite the soothing name of his organization, he didn’t leave any doubt that he fully supported the rally’s platform. He called Israel a Zionist project that ruined the tranquility in the Middle East, where, before the country was established, Jews and Arabs lived for centuries in peace. Therefore, Israel had to be destroyed to restore the balance.

The participant yelled in agreement while flying Palestinian flags and displaying signs equating Israel with ISIS. Quite a few of them carried portraits of the murderous Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei.



Fans of the murderous Ayatollahs


Cranky Al-Quds beauties


“Liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque”



“Swastika Guy” (left) with the union activist Ali Mallah

Needless to say, there were no representatives of the CBC or the Toronto Star to cover the event. The Muslim barbarians and their open anti-Semitism didn’t fit into the multicultural narrative of the lefty mainstream media, so the media took the only way out they knew: they pretended the event never happened.

A few days ago, a small rally of Pegida Canada was demonized and labelled racist by both the CBC and the Toronto Star for daring to point out the Islamist danger to Canada. It is the same danger that was so clearly on display in this Al-Quds rally.

The media and Trudeau’s government condone and cover up for the Muslim extremism. It is not hard to see that the Muslim Jew-hating fanatics, who meet no resistance to their extremism, are ready to transform Canada to accommodate their murderous cult.

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