The Blue Beret and the London Not-So-Free Press

Nearly 20 days ago, when the Blue Beret Mark Vandermaas began his vigil against London Mosque’s involvement in the Sea Hitler project, I was concerned that he would spend the good part of the summer standing there.

His pledge was to continue until Heap and Hamou, two prominent London loons sailing on the ship, are back in London. I calculated that after an altercation with the Israeli coast guards, they may need to spend some time and jail before being shipped back to Canada. So I expected to see Mark next to the mosque with his UN flag even as the first snow was falling.

The reality turned out to be completely different. It looks like Heap and Hamou will be heading home pretty soon. The whole “flotilla” project turned out to be a colossal failure, which was facilitated by the utter stupidity of the progressive people involved in it.

It is amusing that those people, who have such grand plans about making all of us slaves to their Muslim, environmental or vegetarian agenda, are so bad in dealing with reality. It took only the coast guards of the cash-strapped Greece and a group of merciless Israeli lawyers to ground them.

In a peculiar way, I feel sorry for Hamas. There were times when the left counted for something – Lenin and his rag-tag gang managed to take over a country. Even the camel-faced little terrorist Arafat knew how to pull off a murderous spectacle.

Now Hamas has to deal with a bunch of Western sissies, who have no idea about how maritime laws work, and who believe that the whole world shares their delusions. This year Hamas couldn’t even get a few Turkish criminals to “martyr” themselves.

With Mark standing at the mosque, the whole issue of the Canadian leftist psychopaths supporting Hamas is hard to ignore. You can consider him an embodiment of the conscience, which the mosque and the progressives lack.

His lonely stand has been supported by people passing by, by bloggers, even The Jewish Tribune and Toronto Sun wrote about him.

In his column,  Toronto Sun’s founder  Peter Worthington says that Mark Vandermaas’s protest has been largely ignored. That might be partially true – the local media in London doesn’t care that much about him. They even refused to write about his vigil for the lack of “readers’ interest”.

Yet, as a person who has spent most of his life under communism, I can tell when a person is attacked indirectly to reduce his publicity (that accusation made between the lines was a favourite communist trick).

On July 4, the local newspaper London Free Press published a very revealing article titled London area supporters raise more than $60,000 in aid . Although it doesn’t mention Mark or his vigil even once, it’s written to make him look terrible for opposing the “noble” Palestinian cause. What makes it worse is that the author Patrick Maloney has almost exactly the same name as the founder of one of my favourite bands – The Chieftains’ Paddy Moloney (that’s fine, I know the world is not fair).

The article starts with the bombastic statement that people in London have raised $60,000 to finance the Canadian boat to Gaza. It is hard to believe that here are so many idiots in the area willing to pay that much.

The “people of Canada” collected over $400,000, most of which, according to the article, went to buy the boat; another chunk went to funding the extended vacation of the lefties sailing to Gaza. A relatively small part of the money was spent on the real medical supplies. The funny part is that, if the organizers didn’t
want to go through that ridiculous Hamas provocation of “breaking” the Gaza blockade, they could have bought supplies for all the money and delivered them to Gaza through Israel.

Last week, during his visit to Bulgaria, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly stated that all kinds of real humanitarian aid could be delivered to Gaza through the Israeli ports. Of course, such statements don’t fit the London Free Press pro-Arab agenda.

In order not to sound too anti-Semitic, the article mentions briefly B’nai Brith, which is opposed to the scheme, but then immediately goes into the last year’s incident with the Turkish terrorists. In order to keep the mosque happy, Paddy says:

On May 31, 2010, a Gaza-bound flotilla from Turkey was boarded in international waters by Israeli commandos — and nine Turkish activists aboard were killed. Both sides accused the other of sparking the violence.

Not a word about the Israeli soldiers being attacked and beaten by the Turkish criminals, which caused the Israeli reaction in the first place. Not a word about the overwhelming film evidence for that.

The next paragraph takes the cake. When the article discusses the motivation of the “progressive professor” David Heap to take part in this anti-Semitic venture, it quotes him comparing his mission with his father’s decision to leave Toronto to Alabama in order to take part in Martin Luther King’s civil rights march in 1965.

Forgive my question, Lefty Boy Heap, but can you tell me how many missiles did Dr. King launch against Washington? How many people did his suicidal supporters kill? You know that the answer is NONE.

I have never seen a more disgusting insult of the memory of the civil rights leader printed in a Canadian newspaper. To compare your father’s decision to support Dr. King to your decision to conduct a provocation, which benefits Hamas, one of the most disgusting terrorist organizations in the world, is a monstrosity beyond belief. That’s why today’s Canadian Left consists of a mob of pathetic losers, who can’t get any significant support.

A paper, which prints such thinly veiled anti-Semitic pieces, deserves all the attacks and protests they can get.

Apparently, Mark Vandermaas is at the same opinion.

Tomorrow, July 12, he invites everybody who supports truth and honesty, to express their point of view in front of the London Free Press editorial offices. It would be good to show them that the opinions of the mosque are not those of the people from London.

Please see Mark’s website  for directions and details.

Mark, I hope they’ll finally hear your voice loud and clear…

© 2011

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