The Case for Boycotting York University

The Jewish Defence League of Canada has called for a boycott of York University.

Many prominent members of the Jewish Community have donated over the years large sums of money to York University and many continue to do so.  The JDL plans to picket outside the offices of such high profile members of the Jewish community to demand that they no longer provide material support to York University.  The JDL boycott campaign against York University will start in two weeks.

It’s understandable why so many Jewish donors support that university – they still have the fond memories of it as a quiet place of high learning, which provided education to countless Jewish students. However, the transformation of York University into a place dominated by groups supporting radical leftism, Muslim extremism and Tamil Tigers terrorism, somehow escaped the attention of most of those donors.

While they still live in the past, trying to help, the current Jewish students are those who get the short end of the stick, being intimidated by the assorted idiots who control the student organizations.

It is hard to deny the contributions of the Jews to York University. If you take a look at the map of the campus, it’s hard not to notice that some of their donations were high enough to get buildings renamed in their honour.



I don’t know how much the Goldfarbs donated, but it is a well-known fact that thanks to Seymour Schulich’s generosity $27 million poured into York’s business school. That’s more money than what all the lefties graduating from York University will be able to earn during their lifetimes.



Here you see the Sherman Health Science Research Centre – it exists because another rich Jew, whose name is Barry Sherman, provided $5 million to start it. And there are many more like them, who have contributed tens of millions of dollars of combined donations.

You may get an idea about the problems here when you see that just a few blocks south of Sherman Centre is located the Norman Bethune College. Bethune didn’t contribute anything – he supported the forces of destruction. In the mid-1930’s he helped the communists in Spain in their attempt to establish a Stalinist dictatorship. Later on he switched to an even more despicable career, helping the murderous army of Chairman Mao to take over China.

Bethune’s heirs at York University are worthy of his legacy, betting on the PLO terrorism. And when the issues of Israel and PLO become central in the leftist worldview, all the Jews around them inevitably suffer, except the clueless ones who keep giving money.

The intimidation of Jewish students has been going on for years. Of course, it is clumsily disguised as “criticism of Zionism”, but anybody who has even the faintest idea about those people, can see that the term encompasses everything related to Israel and its culture. Every Jew, who doesn’t loudly condemn his or her culture (the way the weirdos from “Independent Jewish Voices” or “Neturei Karta” do) is presumed guilty.

In 2008 Dave Gordon, fed up with that intimidation, published an article in National Postoutlining the problems. He called the Jewish donors to reconsider their donations to York University, because their money financed anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli events.

The examples he referred to, painted a grim picture of the university:

“In November, 2007, York University saw several hate-filled incidents. Hasbara Fellowships organized an informational table campaign about Noam Chomsky. The table was swarmed by anti-Israel students, shouting “that Hizbullah is not a terrorist organization. The real terrorists are Zionists and the Americans.” A faculty member shouted “Gestapo!” at Jewish students. That same month the Campus Coalition of Zionists put on an Iran Awareness Campaign. Anti-Israel students mobbed the table. They then began ripping materials down, shouting and pushing students. These mini-riots were posted on YouTube.”

Even some of the learning materials reflected that hostility:

“In a York University course, “Introduction Critical Concepts: An Introduction to Politics” the textbook says, “Israel continues to use state terrorism in an attempt to subvert the Palestinians’ quest for nationhood.” This is a small sample of what happens regularly on just one campus.”

It was ironic that at the time the anti-Jewish groups operated as part of the student institutions, financed in part by the donors, while the organizations that were fighting anti-Semitism, like Hasbara and Betar had to rely on modest community support.

The publicity was enough to bring more scrutiny. The next year a commission composed of several Jewish organizations, among which were the United Jewish Appeal, Hillel, and Hasbara, prepared a report about the situation at York University.

It relied on “hundreds of submissions from students, faculty and Jewish community members after recent events at York have left many members of our community shocked and shaken,” the commission stated.

Their final report listed many cases of “intimidation, harassment, ridicule and virulent anti-Israel sentiment on the York campus over the past year.”

“We’re talking about offhand comments or scurrilous comments…unwarranted or unjustified political personal opinion that is not based on fact or is unrelated to the course that an instructor is teaching… We had one case of a [teaching assistant] who told a student who was wearing an Israel Defence Forces T-shirt to never come into his class again with that T-shirt on.” 

The commission requested that York University establish a confidential hotline for students to report incidents of intimidating and offensive statements made by the academics. The interruptions of conferences and other events were also to be addressed properly by the security staff. The report also recommended that the University should no longer allow Vari Hall, a central meeting place for students, to be booked for political purposes (that didn’t work – the two major Jew-hate fests this year took place in Vari Hall).

Needless to say, none of the recommendations of the commission were implemented. The intimidation continued and in 2010 the university proudly hosted the Israeli Apartheid Week.

In the fall of the same year York University hosted an event, which made its anti-Semitism national news.

In November the notorious British MP George Galloway toured Canada speaking to crowds of his lefty fans. Other than being a Marxist scumbag who speaks with fake Scottish accent, he is a virulent anti-Semite and staunch supporter of the Palestinian terrorism. He even personally delivered wads of cash to Hamas.  York’s student organization and its president Krisna Saravanamuttu were happy to invite him.

Naturally, the Jewish community was outraged. A local rabbi named Aaron Hoch condemned the event and urged his congregation to protest against it. Swift reaction came from the highest place – none other than the University President himself – Mamdouh Shoukri – came to the rescue of his pet anti-Semites. He threatened the rabbi with court action if he tried to interfere with the event.

Mr.  Shoukri loves donors – in the publicity shots he always grins like a Cairo bazaar merchant who just managed to swindle a hapless Swedish tourist. But the grin disappears when he deals with ordinary Jews.

The Galloway lecture went on as scheduled, but due to the publicity, the Jewish students organized a large protest, supported by many people from the outside.


Students protest against Galloway at YU



More protesters


All the people who protested were squeezed in a small space (not unlike a ghetto) surrounded by police and university security. However, at certain point the people, supposed to guard the order, let inside Krisna and a few of his Muslim and Tamil thugs, who tried to start a fight with the Jewish students.


Krisna Saravanamuttu leaves after insulting the Jews


After I posted my coverage of the event, I was contacted by students with the request to remove some of the pictures. There were rumours that the administration would try to expel those who protested against Galloway. The anti-Semites won.

A few months later the news site of York University proudly announced that one of their major benefactors – Seymour Schulich – the guy who donated $27 million, was to be inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.

On this occasion Mamdouh Shoukri congratulated him saying:

“For more than two decades, Seymour Schulich has been an incredible friend and ambassador of York University. He is a tireless advocate for students, and is committed to providing Canada’s future leaders with a world-class education.”

Looks like it is not that hard to be a hypocritical ass-kisser at York University – after helping a major anti-Semite to organize an event, which intimidated the Jewish students, Mamdouh shamelessly praises a Jew, who has no idea for what purpose his money is really used by the university. Probably that’s how things work in Egypt, from where Mamdouh came.

Still no implementation of the measures recommended by the commission…

The systematic intimidation continued.  Earlier this year at another large rally in Vari Hall student organizations demanded that the police leave their campus. York University has been plagued for years by sexual assaults and other crimes, but the way to combat them (as the speakers said) is through fighting poverty and decolonization of “native lands”.

Such an approach is insane enough, but even weirder was the participation in the rally of the Jew-hating club “Students against Israeli Apartheid”. They were one of the key organizers and even displayed a huge sign.


The sign of the SAIA idiots


I still can’t figure out what “Israeli apartheid” has to do with a campaign to get police off campus. I didn’t see any Israeli police officers there. It is not necessary to look for logic – the whole event was used just as another opportunity to stick it up to the Jews and show them they will always be the target.

Then in March came the decision of the student federation to demand boycott of companies, which deal with Israel.

At an even larger rally in Vari Hall, PLO supporters, fans of Tamil terrorism and ordinary commies celebrated that decision. Israel was openly called a racist state.


Their slogan: Zionism – Israel – Racism



More idiots


The very few Jewish students, who had the courage to show up and make their point, were pushed around and intimidated by both the security and the anti-Semitic participants (you can see the video here).

A very good insight into the mindset of those people came from one of the speakers. A Filipino girl in hijab gave a fiery speech against Israel. Obviously she wasn’t that bright, because she read the whole thing from a few sheets of paper and the only phrase uttered on her own was: “Free, free, Palestine!”

In the parts of the speech where she wanted to express emotion, her voice turned into hissing (similar to the reaction of a cranky cat when you try to steal a piece of fish from her bowl). It was a clever approach on behalf of the organizers to select a minority speaker, because in Canada you are automatically considered racist, if you criticize the views of a “visible minority”, no matter how vile or stupid they are.

And her views were beyond stupid. Her main point, which she repeated a few times, was that she didn’t feel safe on campus until the BDS measures were voted. It’s hard to understand that – there are no IDF patrols in York University and Israel has no presence whatsoever on campus. How can she be threatened?

If she has a clinical case of Israel paranoia, she may need to see a psychiatrist, but judging from the applauses, most of the participants shared her views. And that’s the problem – those people get worked up over a faraway country, which is barely noticeable on the map and has very limited opportunities of influencing anything in the world.

As a Filipina she may have to feel indignation over the actions of the Muslim terrorists in Mindanao, who have been slaughtering Christians for decades. Or maybe she and her friends could focus on China, whose genocidal actions in Tibet and Xingjian dwarf anything that Israel and the Arabs have ever done to each other. Instead, they choose to blackmail a country they have never been to, deriving their information from lefty propaganda, PLO pamphlets and Pallywood movie crap.

There is no law against being stupid and ignorant. The problem starts when those stupid and ignorant people are students expected to become Canada’s “future leaders” (in Mamdouh Shoukri’s words). When somebody forms an opinion, which is based on wilful disregard for all facts, it is not difficult to imagine what kind of a leader he or she would become.

And that’s the problem with anti-Semitism – regardless of the forms it takes, it is always based on irrational premises, which wilfully ignore the reality. Those people are afraid of a real discussion and the best thing they can do after running out of arguments is to shout: “Free, free, Palestine!” or other similar nonsense.

The worst part of this is that the ignorant young people have been always used by crafty politicians as pawns in their games. The devastating “Cultural Revolution” in China became possible because Chairman Mao convinced millions of young people that their ignorance is superior to the traditions of their country.

The same happens in York University. Today they voted to boycott Israel, tomorrow they may vote to expel all the “Zionists” who disagree with the boycott. Where have we seen this before?

Those idiots have the right to be stupid, but the Jewish donors have no obligation to finance their anti-Semitic stupidity.

It’s time to boycott York University.


© 2013

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    JDL. Always to the point. Hope to be there. Thanks for this in depth report, Blogwrath.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    No doubt the Israel haters are celebrating Justin Trudeau’s Liberal leadership win. Considering he is cut from the same cloth as they are, the future leadership of Canada is a nightmare waiting to happen.

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