The Hamas Fan Club Prepares for Al-Quds Rally 2014 in Toronto



The anti-Semitic Al-Quds rally, established by Ayatollah Khomeini many years ago, takes place every year in many cities in the world inhabited by Muslim fanatics. Its purpose is to call for the liberation of Al-Quds – the capital of Israel Jerusalem – by pushing the Jews out of Israel.

Its Toronto edition is held in the downtown area, where shady organizations like Palestine House, the Jaffari Centre and many others bring school buses with fanatics to the park in front of the Ontario government building. They openly display terrorist flags and call for the destruction of Israel. To avoid the accusations of anti-Semitism, they also bring a few “rabbis” from Netrurei Karta, who make good money by being paraded like dancing bears at various pro-terrorist rallies, while chanting that Israel should be destroyed.

This year’s Al-Quds rally is scheduled for tomorrow. Let’s see how psyched the participants are, according to their opinions shared on Facebook. The event page, created by Siraj Ali (an employee of the high-tech Cycom Canada Corporation), calls for the liberation of the Al-Aqsa mosque (the structure on Temple Mount).

2014-07-09 15_12_03-(3) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto

The participants enthusiastically praise Hezbollah, the terrorist organization, which they hope would help finish Israel. You can watch an inspirational speech of Sayyed Nasrallah, the chief terrorist in that gang:

2014-07-16 13_48_20-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoAnother shia cleric is quoted: “Israel is Absolute Evil”:

2014-07-22 01_15_56-(3) International Day of Al-Quds musa sadr- TorontoOne of the organizers is very pleased that the terrorists from Hezbollah are going to help Hamas in its quest to defeat Israel:

2014-07-22 00_51_53-(14) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto2014-07-22 00_52_31-(14) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThat even inspired a semi-literate Muslim (Ahmar Abbas) to imply that the Jews are cannibals: “Nafte… U actually nehisty! No matter what u say or what u necrosis goats do ultimately people are Just… And we know the real culprit are Zionist… Lover of innocent Human flesh!”

Shiraz Dhanani hopes to exterminate the Jews: “Mr Nasrallah please help these Palestinian and Hamas to finish off the israhell”

The Hamas fans, just like communists or Nazis, are fond of visual propaganda – cartoons and posters.

2014-07-16 13_45_20-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto2014-07-16 13_55_33-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThe same boring stuff – the Jews control the press. There are new propaganda twists though – ISIS, the bloodthirsty Muslim organization, was created by Mossad:

2014-07-22 00_06_58-(3) Zee HyderStill on the Mossad note, another idiot warns his Muslim brethren that sexy Mossad vixens will try to seduce them for their sinister purposes. The funny part in the warning is the statement “our people are not raised to be deceptive” – this coming from a religion, in which lies and deception are embedded in its “holy” book (taqiyya).

2014-07-23 23_35_54-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThe posters prove almost immediately how deceptive the Muslims are. A video shot in Lebanon, showing two Arabs kids beating each other encouraged by their elders, is presented on the Al-Quds page as something else. The Muslim liar says that it shows how Jewish settlers captured a Palestinian boy and made their daughter beat him. “We do NOT know what happened to the boy” – did the settlers eat him?

2014-07-22 00_09_47-(13) Aamir SheerazHere is a phony attack on the Temple Mount mosque:

2014-07-24 00_06_47-Heba Abu-ShaabanThen a race specialist weighs on what Jews should look like:

2014-07-22 00_55_40-(14) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThe Hamas rockets are as harmless as firecrackers:

2014-07-22 00_38_19-(3) Sarah SaleemAnd of course, the help of the baby-sex expert Ayatollah Khomeini is also enlisted to inspire the Al-Quds troops:

2014-07-22 01_32_34-(3) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThe fans of the Arab terrorism can’t stand the fact that the Canadian government doesn’t support their cause. Waji Rahmani wonders whether Stephen Harper is a human being – apparently only the Muslims murderers qualify as human beings. The organizer of the event promotes the petition of a lefty idiot to arrest Harper on hate speech charges – I wish we had a better mental care for such people.

2014-07-21 23_41_56-(12) International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto2014-07-24 00_22_45-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThe Canadian government is not the sole target of attack. JDL-Canada, an organization, which has been consistently opposed to the Muslim extremism, is also slandered. The Muslim criminals, who attacked and punched peaceful people during recent events in Toronto and Calgary, have the nerve to call that JDL-Canada be reported to CSIS and even the United Nations as a “terrorist organization.” Maybe the UN would be interested – after all, their agency UNWRA is a major supporter of the Hamas terrorists.

2014-07-21 23_51_31-(13) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoIt’s not just about reporting – the Hamas fans want to take pictures of the JDL-Canada members because “a time will come when we can hold court and put them on trial for their war crimes and collusion amongst many other crimes they are complicit in.” I don’t recall JDL-Canada starting or participating in a war. Is this the new sharia court that will be established under Justin Trudeau?

Here we have a very clear and open threat against everybody, who disagrees with the Muslim terrorists in Canada. Maybe in their wet dreams they see their opponents hanging from cranes all over Toronto, the same way they do it in Iran.

Those, who doubt the intentions of those bloodthirsty people, are wilfully blind.

2014-07-22 00_50_01-(14) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoWhat kind of people are going to attend the rally? They all are good Muslims. Ali Ahmed is one of them:

Ali Ahmed 2014-07-16 14_03_10-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoHe has a lovely jihadist header on his Facebook page. He likes the Muslim Brotherhood and that love is obviously shared by his family.

Ali Ahmed 2014-07-16 14_04_02-(1) Ali AhmedAli Ahmed 2014-07-16 14_13_33-(1) Ali Ahmed2014-07-16 14_15_44-(1) Ali AhmedAnother one – a Muslim convert – shared his pictures from the Hezbollah rally at the Israeli Consulate:

2014-07-16 14_21_28-Al-Quds posting Jeremy DavidsonHe also loves the Jaffari Centre:

2014-07-16 14_25_17-(1) Jeremy James DavidsonIt was heartwarming to see among the participants Naseem Mithoowani, one of the three Muslim “students,” who launched together with the anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress one of the most vicious attacks against the freedom of the Canadian press (the Maclean’s – Mark Steyn case). At least she is consistent.

2014-07-23 23_37_50-(1) International Day of Al-Quds - TorontoThese promoters of Muslim fanaticism and terrorism are not harmless peaceful protesters. They have very clear agenda, whose results are not going to benefit anybody, but those who want to destroy our civilization. Tomorrow they are going to make another push to bring Canada to the level of decay that is dominant in most Muslim countries. Ignoring them would be perilous and irresponsible, if we want our country to survive.


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  1. Steve Robinson says:

    Oh Canada what have you done letting in Islamic invaders disguised as immigrants? I fear the muslim 5th column is growing.

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