The Saddest Anti-Israeli Rally in Toronto


Mass rally at the Israeli Consulate


This was a busy week for the anti-Israeli “forces” in Toronto. Last Tuesday I stumbled upon their “nakba” rally, whose attendance was nothing to brag about, considering all the pro-Palestinian “luminaries” who spoke at it. It was painful to watch such a lacklustre event organized by a movement that claims millions of supporters in the civilized countries.

I thought things could not get worse, but the reality proved me wrong. Earlier today I came across another protest event at the Israeli Consulate, which was beyond sad. Unlike the “nakba” event, which included quite a few Arabs, this one was dominated by white Westerners (probably a good part of them Jewish), with just one token Arab guy holding a “Canada Recognize Palestine!” sign (I had to use my phone to take the pictures, sorry for the quality).


Yes, the Israeli Consulate is here...


Other than calling for an end to “Israeli apartheid”, they also had a sign announcing: “Israeli Consulate Is Here”, needed just in case if the terrorists or the revolutionary masses of the world want to storm it. However, at the time nobody looked interested in that information.

It was really sad to look at those people, who wandered around like zombies, who have long ago outlived their glorious years, the 1960’s. Now they desperately try to find another cause that could make them feel alive again. I would suggest to them that boycott and destroy Israel is not that cause – recycling old Fatah terrorist clichés and tired communist propaganda is not going to create a mass movement. Those elderly ladies would be much better off if they retire the revolutionary rhetoric and concentrate on raising their grandkids (little bit of knitting and crocheting on the side won’t be bad either).


Like zombies who are trying to bring back their past's "glory"


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  1. Anne says:

    Great job, Blogwrath!

  2. shmeelshiya says:

    Love the Blog, thank you and keep up the great work.

    My one quibble with this one is the advice for these grandmothers to focus more on raising their grandchildren. Rather, for the sake of their grandchildren, please let them stay away, ideally have no contact with anyone, and die as soon as possible.

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