Toronto Anti-Israeli Rally with Swastikas, Saudi Flags and Mockery of the Holocaust


The spirit of the rally summarized in just one swastika


Yesterday the ragtag crowd of anti-Semites and Israel-haters gathered again in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto to make their opinions heard. Frankly, I expected many more people, but it looked like about 100 showed up. It was the usual mess of people with totally incompatible views united by their common hatred for the “Zionists”.

The messy spirit apparently affected some of those who covered the event, because Toronto Sun erroneously attributed an anti-Israeli speech to Bernie Farber (the former chief of the CJC). It turned out he wasn’t there and somebody looking like him was to blame for the mishap.

JDL-Canada organized a counter-rally on the opposite side. Unlike the hysterical supporters of the Arab terrorism, which displayed only Palestinian and other Muslims countries’ flags, the other group proudly waved Canadian flags along with those of Israel.


The counter-protest in front of the Consulate


The most popular sign among the pro-Hamas crowd was the anti-Semitic poster of Latuff, which they recycle for almost every event.


United Rabid Bitches for Palestine


Years ago they used the same poster for the Israeli Apartheid Week going back to at least 2009 (from where I got my copy shown below). Isn’t it time to become more creative?


This is how they see Israel

Actually, some of the participants in the hate fest tried to be creative, bringing signs and posters they made themselves. With the good intention to document their creativity, I crossed the street to take a few pictures. I didn’t go too far, because that idiot Ali Mallah, who was obviously one of the organizers, approached me with one of his assistants (dressed like a roadside worker) and told me in no uncertain terms that my place is not here and I must leave immediately.

Looks like I have bad reputation among that crowd. I didn’t want to get into a discussion about freedom of speech and assembly, so I left, taking only one picture:


The picture I took before Ali Mallah kicked me out


I also managed to get a leaflet with a declaration of the “Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada” condemning the “bombardment of Gaza”. It brought fond memories of my old country, where people like Mallah and his commies were in power, deciding who would live and who would die. I’ll never forget how after every Israel war we had to gather in the school gym to condemn the “Zionists” and vote for sending a vitriolic telegram to the Knesset and the Israeli Prime Minister…

Unbeknownst to Old Ali, there was another person who crossed the street with me and since he didn’t know her, she managed to sneak in. Ilana took several pictures and kindly allowed me to use them in this post. All the people with signs proudly posed for her. She took the picture at the top, and here are three more. Somebody tried to equate the Holocaust with the Palestinian question:


Nice try…


Then there was another somber girl with hijab telling us with two swastikas that Israel and the Nazis are one and the same (This looks like Hebrew, does anybody of the readers know what the sign means?):


She looks like her husband and the senior wife sent her to the protest…


And no anti-Israeli rally is complete without the obligatory embarrassed Jewish individual:


A blonde joke would be very appropriate in her case…


They also had jihadi signs, which matched beautifully with the swastikas and the Latuff poster:


Natural allies


At certain point the organizational genius of Ali Mallah figured out that walking around with swastikas won’t make a good case for the “liberation of Palestine”, so the signs were quickly “fixed”.


The case of the disappearing swastika…


Another curious artifact was the call for both Israel and Assad to stop “targeting children”. How you can compare the self-defense of Israel with the deliberate murder by Assad’s troops of over 20,000 people (mostly Muslims) is nearly impossible to understand. However, rational thinking has never been a part of the worldview of the idiots who go to those events.


Vile stupidity on display…


The anti-Israeli crowd had every imaginable flag, except the Canadian. You could see Turkish, Iranian, new Libyan, Azerbaijani, and of course Palestinian flags.


No Canadian flags allowed…


A curious addition were the Saudi flags, which I haven’t seen before at such events.


Saudi flag among the commies…


How the communists and socialists at the rally could co-exist with the citadel of Muslim barbarism, which treats women like animals, is beyond comprehension. The most hilarious moment of the rally was to see the blonde Jewish girl standing with her sign next to the veiled woman holding the Saudi flag:


O sancta simplicitas!


Nothing says more loudly “I am a dumb self-hating Jew” than standing calmly next to the flag of a country, which was the first to exterminate its Jews and into which no Jew is ever allowed.

At the same level of monumental stupidity were the homosexual activists, who showed up to condemn the “Israeli apartheid”, although they wouldn’t last ten minutes in any of the Muslim countries whose flags we saw at the rally, including Gaza and the PLO areas.


“Dumb Queers for Mass Suicide”

Another funny episode was to see the Turkish flag carried by a veiled gargoyle. About 100 years ago Mustafa Kemal Ataturk risked his life to free the country from the backward Muslim barbarism and banned those ridiculous outfits. Now they are back under the fanatical clown Erdogan. And the Canadian government is more than willing to bring those fanatics here.


Is Muslim barbarism the future of Turkey?

The other side was well organized, even though fewer people attended the counter-protest. Unlike the Saudi commies, they had a simple and coherent message, telling everybody that Israel is a country, which is there to stay and has no intention to self-destruct for the pleasure of the psychopaths, who hate it.


Braving the cold…



JDL among the supporters of Israel


The Man with Hat is a proud Canadian


A big hit among the participants became the signs that Mark Vandermaas brought (the founder of the Israel Truth Week). After going through the news reports and videos about the Gaza clashes, he designed signs, which exposed the lies that the other side was more than willing to sell as truth.


Exposing the fake atrocities



Mark among friends…



She definitely liked the signs


So that was it – in a few hours the odd crowd of Jew haters slowly started to walk out of the space in front of the museum, still shouting obscenities at us. They were preparing for some kind of a march, which we didn’t follow.

Was it worth it to confront those idiots? I would say yes. At the CIJR conference last week (where Tarek Fatah distinguished himself in a peculiar way) one of the attendees said that such counter-protests don’t make sense because they are embarrassing. I think they are important – no matter how absurd the position of the anti-Semites is, it should be confronted, otherwise they will win, following the old maxim that if a lie is repeated many times many people will believe it.

© 2012

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  1. oigevalt says:

    A wonderful observation of the lunacy that goes on at these rallies. Thank you for making me laugh. It’s not as funny when you are there, staring down a veiled gargoyle (to use your expression) with a swastika, but it is quite humorous to see Islamists, anarchists, self-hating Jews and homosexuals (who wouldn’t so much as say hello to one another if they were to bump into each in a supermarket) coming together to foam at the mouth in one big hysterical unison.

    Oy vey, as they say in Yiddish.

  2. oigevalt says:

    Sorry, almost forgot. The hijabbed Muslima’s sign with the two swastikas says “Israeli government is a terrorist government”.

  3. George says:

    the Hebrew reads “The government of Israel (equals) government of terrorism” The equal sign between the Star of David and the swastika is obvious for all to see

  4. Chad says:

    What a joke, insulting people who express their rights to oppose Israeli terrorism… you are what is wrong with humanity! Get out of my country, and go live in your beloved terrorist state of Israel. Also, keep throwing around your “anti-semetic” SLANDER, and soon enough it will become a badge of honour. P.S. I was at the rally, there were plenty of Canadian flags, along with many other countries flags including European countries. So how about not manipulating the facts to support your view, we get enough of that from media. Are you capable of that, you piece of shit? And just to clarify the meaning of those flags, for a simpleton like your self, its shows solidarity in the international community. Which is exactly what you saw at UN vote. P.P.S. If you could actually pull your head out of your ass for 5 minutes and reflected on Germany’s history in the 1930’s, you would see Israel is right on par with their old buddies the Nazis.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Normally I wouldn’t approve such a comment, but I am letting this one go through to show you the moral and intellectual level of the people, who attend the pro-Palestinian rallies. A semi-literate anti-Semitic bully from Thorold (ON) wants to kick me out of Canada and accuses me of manipulation, even though the photographs speak for themselves. And I won’t even mention the language he uses.

      Do you think that these are idealistic people, who care most about the “solidarity in the international community”? They are much worse – with role models like Hamas and PLO they’ll soon put their horrible threats into action.

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